Material Type in Material & Chapter ID combination_J1ID

Dear Guru's,
While entering the material & Chapter ID combination in J1ID, we have a tab material type with options as, Raw materials, Assets, Tools,Consumables, Noncenvatable & RG1.
For ERSA(Stores & Spares) mat type, what i need to select here ?
Pls suggest

Any inputs Guru's ?

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  • LSMW_Uploading Material & Chapter ID Combn

    Dear All,
    We are uploading material & chapter ID combn template thro' lsmw, but while uploading the system is not taking 2 fields 1. material type which we have mentioned as Raw materials 2. GR-xref, which we have mentioned as Multiple Goods receipts, Multiple credits
    As we have more data, its not possible to change after wards manually
    Pls suggest me what i need to enter there to avoid this problem ?

    Can you brief ur requirement in detail.
    As per my understanding by words,you need to give for material type either ROH or any other material type of 4 character and for 2 nd case only 'X' as it is activating check box.
    You need to give data as you create manually.
    If some other error is there please explain

  • Need Material-Chapter ID check while PO creation

    I want implement check in PO creation, for perticular doc type, whether item material has maintained with chapter ID.
    If material- chapter ID not maintained (through J1ID), system should throw error.
    Please suggest any user exit/ BADI available?

    In the standard, this warning message at PO creation is redundant. The system will simply not calculate any excise duty if the material is not maintained in J1ID. Also this error is triggered in MIGO/J1IEX before the excise invoice is actually captured to avoid any errors.

  • Material- chapter ID is not maintained system should give error message

    Dear All
    Requirement is as that while creating the sale order & if the material- chapter id is not maintained then system should give error message saying that the combination is not maintained.
    Client is using the TAXINN procedure.
    I think in TAXINJ it works well.
    Whether it can be done in TAXINN also through SD Module itself.cleint is using the automatic creation of excise invoice.
    Kindly help .
    with regards

    hi rohit,
    For TAXINN procedure system will not throw it as an error.
    if you want it to throw:
    say your SAP system to compare  and check for the values in J_1IVCHID-J_1ICHID
    if it is not equal to.
    then throw an ERROR message against it when saving the document.

  • Material chapter ID combination

    Hai Gurus
    thers a confusion.. Do we have to maintain all materials for "material chapter ID combination" or should we avoid non excisable materials from that??

    Chapter ID is applicable only excisable goods /  material

  • Consumable Material type tax register updation

    Dear friends
    When to capture and post the excise invoice for Consumable material type,
    Material need to update on 23 A register. But its is updating on 23C register.
    How to rectify this error?  Where we can assign the consumable material type with 23 A register?

    Check the Material & Chapter ID combination in J1ID transaction
    If you assign the material type as Raw Material in the above settings for your Material, Plant & Chapter ID combination, RG23A Register will be updated.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Chapter ID and material table

    I wanted know in which table material and chapter ID will get store in CIN

    Material & chapter ID combination are store in the table J_1IMTCHID with filed name MATNR for material & J_1ICHID for chapterid.

  • Material and chapter id combination in PO

    While creation of PO system will give a warning or error message that the partilcular material does not have material and chapter id combination in J1ID.
    is it possible if yes how to set this?
    Intention is Buyer should not release the PO, if material does not have any chapter ID combination.
    sapman man

    We are maintainted the tax code in PO.
    Buyer has no authorization to maintain the J1ID. But he should know in creation PO, for this material chapter ID is not mainatined (Through error message or warning message). Then he will contact the excise person to maintain the chapter id.
    sapman man

  • One material 4 chapter - ID

    In excise one material is having more than one chapter ID . How to decide which chapterID we should pick in J1ID as there is provision to maintain only one chapter-ID in material - Chapter-ID combination.
    A quick reply will be highly appreciated.

    It is not possible to maintain the chapter ID for a material twice in the same plant. The same material can have the same chapter id's but only in different plants.
    Please check the same.
    Hope this helps.
    Award pls if helpful.

  • Excise Invoice cannot be captured for RG1(Finished Goods) material

    Dear Friends,
    While creating GR and choosing the option only capture Excise Invoice system showing error as follows:
    Excise Invoice cannot be captured for RG1(Finished Goods) material
    Message no. 4F276
    The Material is a Raw Material(ROH) and Price control is "V".Pl tell me and earlier 3 times GR is done on this material w/o error.
    Pl help me how to get rid of this error.

    In GR check in Excise item tab under excise item whether it is showing Raw Material or Finished goods?
    Simulteneously check in J1ID for the said material & chapter-id combination what material type has been maintained?

  • Excise Duties should be added to the material cost

    Hi all,
    Here my Client place comes under excise exception.  Here they are not going to avail excise credit. Also there is no utilization.  If the material is procured from outside then the vendor will charge the excise amount as he comes under excisable place.  So in this case my client wants to track the excise duties paid on the materials and they want the register updation also. Meanwhile they want the excise duties to be added on the Material cost. So I have maintained J1ID settings for the materials & vendors also I have maintained FV11. Here in this case the excise duties are not adding up to material cost.
    For Ex: I am procuring a Material ABC from a Vendor. My PO price will be 100.
    PO Price=100
    In Normal case my Inventory cost of the material will be 100.
    In this case my client wants to be 116.48 should be the material price and at the same time the 16,0.32&0.16 should post to the respective CENVAT Clearing account at the time of MIGO & MIRO.
    Can anyone please suggest me how to handle this issue?

    hi Manju
    As i understood that your plant is in the area which is under Tax exempted. See you have two option from excise point of view.
    1. Either mantain the conditions through FV11 and call the same in your PO through Tax code and country combination.
    Mantain the J1ID and manatain material chapter id combination material type and the no of gr and credit allowed it will hit your excise register in migo while you do GR as per the material type mantained in J1ID. But here you cant add the duty amount to be get added on Material Value.
    2. You mantain the condtion in the FV11 go for key combination tax code and country, inventorised condition type for   eg JMIP inv BED condtion mantain the desirable rate their which would be 14% from now. Create PO with the suitable tax code and mantain J1ID AND DO THE GR IT WILL GET ADDED TO YOUR MATERIAL VALUE.
    Also if you cant avail the credit on the output material you cant accumalate credit in your register also accumulated credit can't be carry forward in the next financial year.
    Reward if usefull

  • Excise duty and material coding

    hai all
              how will you map excise duty in sap R/3 ?
      clearly explain whether we can maintain it simply in condition type and assign it to a calculation schemas while raising PO?
      how is material coding done in MM?

    You will have to maintain the material number in Excise Rate Maintenance Table (T Code - J1ID). Here, maintain proper material & chapter ID combinatinon & if you want to avail MODVAT benefit, also maintain Input Output mateial at CENVAT details. Then the proper excise duty will be populated in conditions tab of PO depending upon your plant & vendor details. The excise duty fields also have to be maintained at your tax code.
    Material coding is done in MM as per your business requirement
    Prashant Kolhatkar

  • Trading material procurement with CIN

    Hi Friends,
    Can any one explain how the trading materials can be purchased? what registers will update?

         create material master with HAWA material type..
         maintain material chapter id combination in J1ID
        create tax code with zero excise and some vat/cst in FTXP
        maintain condition records for tax code in FV11
        Assign tax code to company code in tax on goods movement
       create PO in ME21N with the tax code created.
      During MIGO change the base amount
                 Base amount = Base amount(PO) - Excise(bed, ecess, secess)
                 enter the bed ecess secess in excise item details
                In excise header tab click on additional data (pencil icon) there in miscellaneous tab check mrp indicator
    post the document.
             in MIRO  change the base amount to base amount - excise.
    During Purchase the RG23 A reg will Update..
    During Sales RG1 willl update..

  • Material Assessable value in Purchase and Sales order.

    Dear Experts ,
    Case A : How Can we pass on material assessable value from PO to Sales order when Assessable value varies dynamically from one vendor to another vendor for same material.
    For Example :
    Let say we are procuring material X , Quantity 1 from Vendor A at the cost of Rs.1000 and the excise duty on the same will be 10% i.e 100 Rs.
    Same material X procured , quantity 1 from Vendor B at the cost of Rs.2000 and the excise duty on the same will be 10% i.e 200 Rs.
    Now when I create a sales order for two quantity for material X and SP is 5000 Rs. So which value I have to base on for calculating excise Duty and how can we justify for two quantities.
    Case B : I have been to J1id screen and there we can maintain one assessable value but in actual Assessable value is getting varied and using this technique how can we make sure that , Particular vendor stock which is holding XXX and YYY assessable value stock to be picked in sales order.
    Request you all to advice me on the above mentioned requirement.
    Warm regards

    based on my knowledge ,  your process is job work process, in job work process maintain the this flow,
    first case : please check your sale order customer details , because on one vendor can assign to your customer ,
    goto xd02 , check general data- at control tab, here assign vendor, based on you requirement ,
    will take vendor A stock ,  you assign vendor for you sale customer,
    and you want vendor B STOCK , you can assign for vendor to your sale order customer,
    and also check you vendor details(XK03)  , their is any customer,
    CASE2: TAKE yyy stock  it means ( the second vendor it can assign  you customer), in j1id you maintain the material assemble value , based on date please check, and also check , in j1id at material and  chapter id based , based on you material and chapter id combination , it activate subcontr's  icon check ,
    so please check you xd02 for vendor, xk03 for customer , j1id  assemble value material chapter id subcontr's icon ,
    please try

  • Assessable value not maintained for the material X

    Dear all,
    i have maintained material chapter ID,Plant and materialchapter id  combination ,assessable value , cenvat determination, and vendor excise details in the transaction J1ID .
    Even after maintaining all these conditions , i am not able to save the po,while saving the po i got a error message that assessable value not maintained for the material X..
    Points will be rewarded for useful suggestions.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Search using approriate keywords in SDN, u get most of the details, i have now done the same searched and have pasted below .
    Try ME2N.
    Click on the "dynamic selections" icon and add the release indicator as an additional selection. Enter the release indicators that you class as "awaiting approval" and you will then have your list.
    The ME2* series of transactions are not that much use prior to 4.7, the layout is poor. But if you have 4.7 or later you can get the screen to use the ALV format and this transforms the ME2* (i.e. ME2L, ME2M, ME2N etc.) transactions into VERY useful reports.

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