Mavericks does not recognize audio CD's on iMac

Mavericks does not recognize audio CD's on iMac. Is there a solution for this?
My first time on this platform as could not find a solution on net.

+1 here
iMac with OS X 10.9.5 does not recognize CDs on external superdrive. Tested with two separate external drives. CDs not defective. No issues with DVDs. Any solution available?

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  • TS3276 How do I open Microsoft word documents in a Email since Maverick does not recognize MS Word?

    How do I open a Microsoft Word cocument in a Email since I upgraded to Maverick. Maverick does not recognize MS Word, Excel and Power Point.

    MS Office 2008 and 2011 work fine in Mavericks. What version are you using? You can always use a program such as Open Office to open the docs.

  • Maverick does not recognize my Phonic Firefly 302 Firewire. One year waiting for a fix.

    Maverick does not recognize my Phonic Firefly 302 Firewire. One year waiting for a fix.

    in September 2012, following the release of Mountain Lion, Phonic advised Firefly owners that their products’ support ended with Lion — with the possible exception of the Firefly 302 USB. Since they didn’t support the Firefly 302 FireWire under Mountain Lion, they’re not going to support it under Mavericks either. (Note that Mavericks was first released eight months ago, not one year ago.)

  • Time Machine in Mavericks does not recognize previous backups

    I've just installed Mavericks and Time Machine does not recognize my previously existing backups. Tried reconnecting to my backups and nothing changed (I have used this successfully in the past with Lion). Decided to do a full new backup in another drive, which worked fine, and after deselecting that drive in TM preferences and selecting it again it also does not recognize the new backup and indicates it is going to do a full new backup... Any suggestions?
    Besides the problem of not recognizing previous backups, this is problematic for me because I am used to do 2 different TM backups in 2 different locations and it was very easy just to select the corresponding disk in each location and TM would recognize the existing backups and just follow on the incremental backup. Now this seems to be impossible in Mavericks...
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    FireWire or thunderbolt?
    FireWire and thunderbolt HD interfaces seem to be universally affected.   I've seen no exemptions yet to same
    There is no resolution to this yet, techs are working on it
    Its happening on 80% WD Raid My Book on this board and others, and happening entirely on Firewire and Thunderbolt drives and apparently all WD Mybooks
    Its seen on O Raid and 1 Raid both alike.
    also occurring on LaCie (Seagate) FW drives.
    until resolution , use external USB drives proven to work with Mavericks.

  • Lync does not recognize audio device.

    I have a Dell E6540 and Lync (office365) gives a message that it does not recognize an audio device.
    things I have tried
    1) update Bios
    2) update all drivers using Dell command update and Dell drivers update page
    3) delete drivers so that it has to reload them
    4) check microphone settings under sound
    5) make sure power management is not turning the audio device off
    6) plug in external head set (I would prefer if the factory installed microphone worked instead)

    Hi jakesz28,
    Please check if there’s a
    WiDi USB Intel Wireless card is installed.
    If this is the case, open Device Manager then disable the
    Intel UoIP Bus and Host Controller.
    Have a look at this article,
    Note: Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. The sites are not controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft cannot make any representations regarding the quality, safety, or suitability
    of any software or information found there. Please make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any suggestions from the above link.
    Best regards,

  • Photoshop CC on a Mac running Mavericks does not recognize Epson 3880

    This is my first post to this forum so I hope that I am following protocol and presenting my issue clearly.
    I am running Photoshop CC (on a Mac Retina with an Epson 3880). It has worked fine for months but it crashed twice yesterday while I was in print mode as I was playing with configurations – switching from Epson to Adobe and playing with color management. (I have an Epson 3880.) Now when I open a file and click File/Print or File/Print One Copy, the printer selection menu does not appear and instead I get a message "There was an error opening your printer. Printing functions will not be available until you have selected a printer and reopened any documents." After that the print and print one copy commands are greyed out on the File dropdown menu for that image file, but if I open another, the print function appears to be available but the same thing happens
    I have downloaded the latest printer driver from Epson, deleted the printer from System Preferences, installed it again and rebooted. I have done all this twice to no avail. (The OS, the printer drivers and Photoshop CC are all up to date.)
    I can use the print command from Lightroom 5 but not from Photoshop CC.
    How can I reset Photoshop’s print function to recognize the printer?

    Epson has had a LOT of problems with drivers on MacOS 10.9.
    Contact Epson for driver updates that work correctly on MacOS 10.9.

  • OS X Mavericks does not recognize my hard drive as start up disk. What can i do? I own an iMac early 2009

    I recently downloaded OX Mavericks and run the installer. But at the moment of choosing the start up disk, it didn't allow me to use my internal drive as start up. Any ideas how to fix this issue?
    Your comments are most welmcome. Thank you

    Thank you. That's what I thought will need to happen.
    One more question. I tried using the Apple install disk that came with the computer. It's an OS 10.5.6 disk. It does not see my 10.6.8 system internal hard drive to repair. All it see's is itself 10.5.6 disk. Do you think I can use a 10.8+ disk utillity since that is a higher system it will see the 10.6.8. Where the 10.5.6 does not?
    I don't want to turn the computer off for fear I'll get the question mark again. P-Ram got me going last time but for how long I don't know?  It would be nice to be able to turn the computer off for the night and startup as usual to give it a rest and try to reset itself.
    Thanks for your help, I know I will eventually need to re-install. But I am in the middle of a project with tight deadlines and all I can do right now is back-up. Trying to migrate to another computer temporarily to finish the job. That's a lot of extra work in the short time also.
    Just trying to put a band-aid on it for another couple weeks.

  • Audition does not recognize audio from Lifecam Cinema

    I just connected my new cam but when I go into Audition's audio set up I cannot get it to work as the default input device.  It is listed in the control panel as an input device but even when I move it to the top and check it the default input device designation is greyed out.  Any ideas?

    Are you running Vista?  You might need to enable the device's audio input in the Sound Properties tool in Vista.  (You can get there by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the Vista system tray, and selecting Properties.)  Once enabled at the system level, Audition should be able to access it as an input.
    That would be my first guess as to the problem, since Audition sees the device okay, but doesn't recognize any input channels.  If that's not the case or if it still fails to work, please reply and we can continue to troubleshoot.

  • Premiere Pro CS6 does not recognize USB PnP Sound device connected  to iMac OSX even when activated in Audio MIDI setup. The iMac(i-7 processor,16 GB)   is working with this USB device without any problem

    Premiere Pro CS6 does not recognize the USB PnP Sound device in order to produce a commentary sound track. The USB device has been activated on the iMac OSX by using the Audio-MIDI-setup and is working correctly with the iMac. When opening > presets >audio hardware I can only select between >standard >out  integrated > digital input integrated >microphone integrated. USB PnP is not indicated at this place.
    With the built-in microphone of the iMac I can produce the commentary sound track, but I would prefer a stand alone version for better quality.
    Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Annemarie!

    I'm using a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 (which has a microphone on the side). I have several other devices plugged into separate USB slots: a keyboard, a mouse, my iPhone, and a Roland keyboard midi controller.
    I've considered that maybe the webcam/mic combo is the culprit. If USB doesn't work at a constant speed, that could very well be causing the issue! The sound begins to lag badly sometimes when it's working properly, so that there's a multisecond delay between speaking and hearing my voice repeated back over the mic which is another sign that something is wrong. I've also caught it making a strange electronic sound during its "hang" time once it stops taking sound input correctly.
    Maybe I should try to use line-in and forgo USB altogether then. I think I'd need a preamp and some sort of converter for that since the Mac Mini lacks a powered mic jack. I'm only a newbie musician so I've never set up such a system but it might be a better solution in the long run.
    I'll check to see if it hangs before or after my computer enters suspend mode, that's a good suggestion too. Thank you for your help!

  • HT1338 Im trying to watch a film downloaded from Bit Lord, I'm getting 'Error Dolby AC3 Audio". Player does not recognize the audio in this video, how do I fix this?

    Im trying to watch a film downloaded from Bit Lord, I'm getting 'Error Dolby AC3 Audio". Player does not recognize the audio in this video, how do I fix this?

    Download VLC and try playing the video...

  • After OS X Maverick download my mac book air does not recognize my external hd

    after OS X Maverick download my mac book air does not recognize my external hd

    Finder > Preferences > General
    Make sure External Disks is selected.

  • Mavericks on my late 2013 Mac Mini (8gb RAM) does not recognize my APC650CI UPS as a UPS

    I have a late 2013 model Mac  Mini running Macvericks.
    I just bought a an APC Back-UPS XS 650CI for it (I have 3 other Back-UPS 650CI for other systems - Windows 7 and 2x Netgear NAS setups).
    In the Energy Saver panel of System Preferences the Back-UPS 650CI is not recognized, but it IS correctly listed in the USB section of System Profiler.
    I have tried other UPS monitor programs: PowerSave UPS does NOT recognize it, but apscupsd DOES recognize it.
    The Netgear ReadyNAs DOES recognize the new unit (I tried swapping the two Back-UPS XS 650CI's around)
    I have reset the UPS - still not recognized.
    I have tried on of the other Back-UPS XS 650CI's that I have around - not recocognised.
    I have reset the Mac's Pram - still not recognized
    I have reset the Mac's SMC - still not recognized
    I have reset the - still not recognized
    My ancient Macmini1.1/Intel Core Duo DOES recognize the Back-UPS 650CI in the Energy Saver panel of System Preferences.
    Thanks for your help

    Answering myself
    Had long conversations with APC/Schneider (quite helpful once you get past the drones)
    They weren't aware of the problem but it does seem that Apple have removed/omitted the code that used to recognize the APC Back-UPS XS650CI at some point after Snow Leopard - Lord knows why.  This despite the fact that it is correctly listed in the USB section of System Profiler.
    The only solutions that I can see is either for APC/Schneider to get Apple to reinstate the relevant code (unlikely) and/or for APC/Schneider to issue an updated version of PowerChute for Mac (long overdue), which is possible but don't hold your breath.
    I bought the (rather expensive) PowerSaveUPS app from the Apple Store but that doesn't work either ( - I've emailed them to grumble but no reply yet.
    In the meantime best bet is to use apcupsd for Mac - it isn't ideal but it works - RTFM. 
    The latest iteration is available on

  • MSI x48c platinum does not recognize 2 PCIe boards

    I had the same recycling boot problem as others have noted.
    It occured with the Antec Phantom 500 power supply and the Antec Signature 850.
    Swtiched to a Cool Master Pro 650 and no more recyling boots.
    However, I have 2 PCIe cards that this system board does not recognize in the POST (quick boot disabled) and no new hardware is found under win XP.
    Boards are:
    Black Magic Design Intensity (HDMI board)
    United Audio UAD-2 Quad (audio DSP)
    Does not matter if they are together, alone or which PCIe slot.
    These bpards are needed for my work.
    anybody else have baords that the x48c can't see?
    These same boards are fine with other motherboards.

    i just remember     i had once similar problem with a sata driver. the issue is this you can not adjust everything in bios in one go and expect mobo to know about it. what i mean is this for instance you disable the raid then you save it and exit and then when it reboot you go back to bios and reset another another parameter,  you save and exit and on reboot you go back to bios and reset another parameter. i got round the prob that way and it worked and mobo saw the sata HDD. give this a shoot good luck and finally make sure raid is disabled
    this is what i would do
    1- make sure the jumper setting on your IDE Hdd is correct (Y may have to try this twice as there are two different setting on jumper setting for Master)
    2- connect the sata HDD
    3-click on power
    4-go to bios and disable raid save exit
    5-on reboot go back to bios
    6--on first option click on it then you should see all devices that can be seen by mobo if you do not see sata HDD you have to click on enable for the auto to see the device once it sees the device save and exit. REMEMBER THE JUMPER SETTING  ON IDE HDD CAN CAUSE PROB . SO try the other jumper setting for master, repeat this procedure once more hopefully you get it right

  • After sleep, retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2014) does not recognize usb connected mouse movement

    After sleep, retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2014, on 10.9.4) does not recognize usb connected mouse movement. I have tried a generic usb mouse and my Razer Deathadder usb mouse. Both mice work before sleep; but after sleep, the computer no longer recognizes mouse movement while still recognizing the mouse buttons when pressed. Any idea why this is occurring?

    Hello, chocotac0.  
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    Here are some troubleshooting steps that I would recommend when experiencing this issue.
    OS X Mavericks: Reset your computer’s PRAM
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)
    OS X Mavericks: If a USB device isn’t working
    Jason H.

  • LR 4 on OSX 10.8 does not recognize iPhone

    Ever since upgrading my Macbook Pro to 10.8 LR 4 does not recognize my iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1) on the import menue.
    No problem with iTunes, same problem with iPhoto. Help anyone?

    Just saw your reply. I am not sure what you are suggesting.
    I have the following in my Mac Harddrive/Library/Image Capture/Devices folder:
    Canon IJScanner2
    Canon IJScanner4
    EPSON Scanner
    HP M1130_M1210 Scanner
    However, the icon for the last mentioned is different. It does not have the Image Capture icon. It simply has the generic application icon (two white papers with an "A" formed out of a ruler, a pencil and a brush). I doubt that the icon makes a difference, but it is what I observe.
    The permissions for the first three and the last are identical.
    The file sizes for all the files are in the same size range (except for EPSON, which is much bigger).
    I should reiterate that I am using the Lion version drivers on Mavericks (just upgraded from Mountain Lion yesterday). Those are the newest drivers for this MFP.

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