Maximum File size of Attachments

Hi All,
I would like to know if there is a size limit (maximum) when it comes to attachments that can be attached within OCOD?

Per Release 18 Patch Release Notes 018.020.005FP (1220.0.05), it is 20 MB.
File Size Limit Increase
The file size limit for Oracle CRM ON Demand has been increased from 9 MB to 20 MB. The 9 MB limit
referenced in the following Release 18 Online Help topics should be 20 MB.
• Attaching Files and URLs to Records
• Attaching Files to Records through Attachment Fields
• Importing Your contacts
• Import and Export Tools

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  • Maximum file-size for HR EIC emails

    Hi folks
    We currently use EIC in ERP, and have an issue with sending large emails/attachments as the maximum file-size appears to be only 2MB. This is set in the IMG activity Employee Interaction Center (EIC) -> Interaction Center Web-Client -> Communication Channels ->E-Mail -> Define E-Mail Profiles, the attachment maximum size is set to a maximum of 2,147,483 bytes.
    I have tried searching for anyone else having a similar problem, but haven't found anything. I would imagine many customers would have EIC users in a Shared Services environment sending attachments over 2 meg; so before we log a call with SAP, has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it?
    Thanks very much.

    The maximum value is 2,147,483 bytes, which is what the config is set to. This seems pretty low, especially in this day and age.

  • What is an idea of maximum file size for a film in Captivate?

    Hi there,
    I'm creating an elearning course in Captivate 7, and it is being published as HTML5. This means the films I've imported are being converted to MP4s, and they are around 10-20mb in size once they've converted. They seem very slow to load on some computers - do you think the file size is too big? Or could it be another issue? Does anyone have a recommendation for maximum file size for films? They are 572 x 322px and around 1-2 mins in length.
    Thanks in advance

    Probably better guidelines that dictates 'size' of a vi are:
    typically no more than 1 video screen in size
    is it legible
    and is it's function and operation clear.
    I have seen examples of '1 vi does it all' that were many screens wide and tall, totally a flustercuck, and nearly 1 MB in size.
    Globals and local variables (except for LV2 style) are typcially shunned for they can create a host of problems (race conditions, indeterminant data).
    Use connector pane to wire controls and indicators to. Then use wires between vi's to transfer data. I tend to use clusters to hold shared data.
    "It’s the questions that drive us.”

  • Maximum file size exceeded?

    Recently I've bought curve 9300 - so far it looks to be the best phoned I had so far.
    But yesterday I finally decided to install desktop software and check some other functions of the phone. And that's when I found a problem. I haven't installed ny media card, but there's some free space showing on the built memory. I've wanted to upload a couple of multimedia files ( .mp3 - using "file" button, I'm not using Itunes, Windows media etc) . I got an info that maximum allowed file size has been exceeded (I'm not sure it's excat phrase as I had to translate it from Polish). What's wrong? I'm pretty darn sure that file I wanted to upload is smaller than free space (mp3 of around 5MB).

    Hi and Welcome to the Community!
    Here is a KB that discusses that error:
    KB26221 "File exceeds the maximum file size of the destination or is too large for the system" appears when saving attachment files on the BlackBerry smartphone
    Hopefully it contains something useful! While it is written for the 9700, I suspect it applies to your BB as well.
    Good luck and let us know!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • Maximum File Size on Import?

    Hello all, been a ghost reader here but this is my first question (love the forums, btw, super helpful).
    I've been editing a feature film on Premiere Pro. We are nearing the end and I received a DPX sequence back from coloring. Upon importing into Premiere (Intermediate Media Timebase set to the appropriate framerate), the importer hangs up. If I click on anything, the program crashes.
    Here are my questions:
    Is a 2TB DPX sequence a "normal" size for any project? This seems insanely large to me, but this is also my first feature so I could just be ignorant.
    If 2TB is normal, is there a maximum file size Premiere can import?If not, should my system be able to handle a 2TB file?
    The 2TB file is on an external drive, connected via USB3. Potential to connect via eSATA.
    System Specs:
    3770k CPU
    SSD for OS (256GB)
    External Raid 10 - 6TB
    32gb RAM
    GTX 580 GPU
    All help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for the reply, Jim.
    Just to clarify, a file this size (or sequence of files) is common? But generally the only way to handle them is with a RAID 3 setup?
    My next question would be, isn't there a lossless format the color people could give me that isn't 2TB? The file I gave them was just over 800GB so it seems really unnecessary for it to be this large.

  • Maximum file size for export into MP4?

    I am not able to export 2 hour HD video into standard MP4 file. It seems that reaching 100% export algorithm gets into loop. I was waiting for hours and still had seen progress at exactly 100% with final file size on hard disk to be 0 bytes. I am using CS5 on MAC OS X. I had to split my timeline to 2 parts and to export them separately (which is embarrasing). Is there something like maximum file size for export? I guess that 2h video would have about 25-35GB.
    Thank you

    You are right.
    So I am running AP Pro 5.0.4, Adobe Media Encoder (64bit). Operating system Mac OS X ver 10.7.3. All applications are up to date.
    MacBook Pro Intel i5 2.53GB, 8GB RAM, nVidia GT 330M 256 MB, 500GB HDD
    Video is 1920x1080 (AVCHD) 25fps in a .MTS container  (major part of timeline), 1280x720 30fps in .MOV container (2mins), Still images 4000x3000 in .JPG
    No error message is generated during export - everything finishes without any problem...just file created has 0 byte size (as described above).
    This is my largest video project (1h 54min) I dont have any other problem with other projects.
    I dont run any other special software, at the moment of export all usual applications are closed so that MacBook "power" can go to Media Encoder. No codecs installed, using VLC Player or Quick Time.
    Attached please find printscreen from Export settings (AP Pro). Writing this ppost I tried to export only the first 4mins from timeline where all kind of media is used...and it was OK.
    As a next step I will try to export (same settings) 1h 30mins as I still believe problem comes with length of video exported.
    Let me know your opinion

  • Maximum file size that can be ulpoaded at one time

    Hi All,
    I have an issue in which user is uploading 200 MB file in to KM. But she is getting "IisProxy.dll: 502 Bad Gateway" error.
    I have tried uploading a document and was successfull in uploading 93 MB document and while uploading above this (93MB) i was getting Page cannot be found error.
    I have found in refrences of same as in SAP note 820028 and on
    Please advice  me what shoud be the maximum file size that can be uploaded at one time.
    Thanks in advance.

    By default the maximum file size is 128 MB. You can configure that in visual administrator.
    If you as administrator need to upload a file with larger size, you can use km file repository like etc. and can upload file from OS.

  • Maximum file size of 2 GB exceeded please choose a shorter bounce time

    I have done a thorough search online (w/google) trying several combinations of words but I seem to be the only person on the planet with this error. I guess I will try to remake the project but I don't think it will fix the problem. I also will update my OS to 10.4.10, anyways here is the the error message.
    "Maximum file size of 2 GB exceeded please choose a shorter bounce time"
    I just bought and installed iLife 08 and the 8.1 update for Garageband. I have a 3 hr and 50 track on the time line and I have added chapter marks with 16k pics. The original combined track size (wav files) did exceed 2GB but I edited the files in itunes (to mono wav files) and swapped in the new files so that the max file size should only be 1.5GB. I still get the error message above when I try to export the podcast to disk using AAC w/Mono Podcast setting. Your help is appreciated.
    Message was edited by: Thad

    I am now the third person in the world to get this error message, except my GB project is a mere 1 hour and 45 minutes long. I've outputted longer projects before and never got this error before. It's a new one to me, and frustrating. How exactly am I supposed to choose a "shorter bounce time" if there is no explanation anywhere in Appleworld of what a bounce time is or how to set it shorter?
    Again, I'm not doing anything different with this project than others that shared successfully, and the dialog box estimates my outputted file size to be approx. 100 MB.
    Can anybody help me get through this error blockage? Please?

  • Maximum file size of 2,0 Gb exceeded

    Searched all over the place and found one thread with no solutions, so I´ll try again..
    I have a project with two mono recordings, each aiff and 530 mb big. Thats 2 hours and 24 minutes. When I try to bounce this in logic 8 (to mp3), I get the message "maximum file size of 2,0 Gb exceeded - please choose a shorter bounce time". ??? If anyone knows how to get around this, pleeaase let me know.
    I imported the aiff files to garageband, and garageband had no trouble bouncing it to mp3, so if garageband is able to bounce it, surely logic should be!? The reason I need to bounce it from logic is because of the editing features there, so doesn´t really help that garageband is able to bounce it....also tried importing the mp3 to logic and then bounce, but same problem occured. I´ve also tried turning down the quality to lowest, but doesn´t help. Please help!

    Just some thoughts on this...
    If the OP is saving to a Mac formatted drive it's not a problem with creating a file on the drive. Might try saving to different location.
    It's possible this may is an internal error from Logic and. It probably has little to do with the actual file size as much as it does with the overall length of time of the bounce.
    In other words... if Logic sees a certain length of time for a bounce, no matter the file type, it thinks the bounced file will exceed the 2GB file limit, which is leftover programming from earlier version of Mac & PC Logic when both operating systems imposed a 2GB file size restriction.

  • Maximum File Size for a Captivate file before the graphics begin to get replaced with rectangles

    I have Captivate 6
    I published a 39 slide file with audio to an .exe.
    It was 130 mb.
    The first part of the course was fine, but when I got to slide 20, the graphics were replaced with a bright red rectangle.
    What is the maximum file size before this happens?
    (I ended up converting each audio file to mp3. That reduced the file size to 88 MB)

    That red rectangle is usually due to the slide needing to be set to High Quality 24bit.  I don't believe it has anything to do with the filesize.

  • Maximum file size for Adobe air for Androind and iOS compiled apps

    Hi All
    I am working on a project which has a few videos which I need to bundle into my mobile app for an Ipad app I am creating using Adobe Air for iOS. My question is simple is there a maximum file size limit on apps compiled using Adobe air for iOS? And if so what is it? Any help would be great.
    regards Mike

    Hi.  Im not a 100% sure this is correct.  I am able to make a large .IPA file (200+Mb) and it will go onto my iPad 1, but it does not work - Just quicts after a few secs.  If I run the same IPA on my iPad 2 it works.
    When I take out some of the assets so its a smalelr size then it does run on the iPad.

  • Maximum file size for importing into Premiere Pro CS6

    I'm considering recording raw video, no compression at 720p, 30 fps for 20-30 min.  This woudl result in a file that is close to 80 Gbytes.  I'm wondering what the maximum file size for importing into premiere Pro is and if I need to split this file up into smaller pieces.  Any recommendations on how I may deal with uncompressed raw video that is pretty long in length?

    There is bound to be some limit somewhere in the program, but you should be well below that. The biggest issue might be whether your computer is up to the task of handling it. If you will post your computer specs., someone will give you comments on that aspect.
    Good luck,

  • Maximum file size that OSB can handle for JMS

    We have a requirement to process 60MB xml files over JMS in Oracle Service Bus. While prototyping this we are facing heap space errors.
    Can somebody let me know what is the maximum file size that we can process? The scenario is as below.
    JMS --> OSB --> JMS --> OSB --> JMS

    if you don't need to access the entire content of the message, you can try using content streaming
    (see this OSB - Iterating over large XML files with content streaming discussion)
    See also here for best practices.
    Otherwise I have noticed myself that OSB is very hungry in memory when loading large messages. I had trouble even with a 5 MB binary file being loaded - this would take 500 MB RAM. in these cases I would rather look for ETL tools such as Oracle Data Integrator or Open Source Pentaho.

  • Maximum file size for itunes

    I want to know the maximum number of sings how many songs I can store in my itunes so may I ask if anyone can inform me if there's a maximum file size limit for itunes? Many thanks.

    elmo2008 wrote:
    I want to know the maximum number of sings how many songs I can store in my itunes
    There is a guy with 170,000 songs. There may be even bigger libraries out there.

  • Maximum file size using htmlb:fileUpload

    Hello Gurus,
    in a bsp application we are using htmlb:fileUpload. It was possible to upload a 43 MB file without problem. But our maximum file size is about 220 MB. We made a test with a 190 MB file. After we hit the post button, the browser disconnects immediately (without timedelay) with the message: page cannot be displayed.
    for me it looks like we hit some restriction.
    any idears how to manage the 220 MB file in the browser beside splitting it into smaller files would be greatly appreciated.
    thx a lot in advance and regards from

    Hello again,
    could it be this parameter which is for the limitation responsible ?
    icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB   = 102400
    thx and best regards from Michael

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