MBP goes sleep mode when ext. monitor turns off

Hi, sorry I couldn't find the exact answer, so I opened up a new topic. My MBP is connected to an external monitor with HDMI and I am using MBP with lid closed. But when I turn off the monitor, MBP goes to sleep mode. Can I prevent this? I need to let MBP work while external monitor is turned off. I tried Insomnia software but couldn't make it.

I have exactly this issue. I closed the lid last night and woke this morning to a very hot machine. It had not entered sleep mode.
When you close the lid, my Macbook enters sleep mode for a few seconds, then the external monitor wakes up.
If you 'force' sleep by on/off button it seems OK. Help!
PS: Should have said all this happened after upgrade to Lion yesterday.

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  • After resuming Sleep Mode WIFI Must Be turned off and on to work

    I have an IPad 2, 64GB, WIFI 3G. EverytTime I resume Sleep mode, I have to restart WIFI to get a connection. It runs perfectly, until the next sleep mode resume. This is ennoying. Does somebody have an idea?

    I saw a thread like this a few weeks ago but don't remember if they reached a solution.  I'd do a search of the iPad forum and see what comes up and read through them.
    Good luck.

  • M93p dual monitor problems; monitor turns off and cannot be turned on again

    we have multiple M93p tiny computers causing problems in dual monitor setup (VGA / Displayport->DVI). Our users (already >5)  keep telling us, they leave their workplace, return, then DVI attached monitor if off and they do not find a way to turn it on. This is true; the only workaround that has been found by our users is to bring Win7/32bit into standby mode and awaking it again.
    Needless to say, we turned all windows energy saving options off (computer standby/hibernate, monitor turn off). Still the problem appears.
    Maybe there is something wrong with DVI power/DVI signal?
    - Monitor independent, as far as I can see
    - Independent from Windows energy saving modes
    - BIOS updates did not help
    [todo]: Try Intel/(AMD?) drivers, let users test.
    I haven't seen exactly when the monitor turns off because it is reported by users. I had a testing machine, but was not able to reproduce.
    http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/A-M-and-Edge-Series-Th​inkCentre/Dual-monitors-problem-VGA-and-Displaypor​... is related.

    Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store to have the machine tested.
    Back up all data on the internal drive(s) before you hand over your computer to anyone. If privacy is a concern, erase the data partition(s) with the option to write zeros* (do this only if you have at least two complete, independent backups, and you know how to restore to an empty drive from any of them.) Don’t erase the recovery partition, if present.
    Keeping your confidential data secure during hardware repair
    *An SSD doesn't need to be zeroed.

  • Turn off sleep mode when closing MacBook

    I used my flat screen TV as a monitor for the MacBook, but each time I closed the cover the MacBook goes into sleep mode. How do I shut this off, so it does not go to sleep mode when the cover is closed ?

    There is no system setting for that. You can use an external keyboard and mouse and wake the MBP back up with the lid closed, that's 'clamshell mode'.
    The only alternative would be a 3rd party hack like InsomniaX or SleepLess.

  • (early 2014) rMBP abruptly goes black (sleep mode) when computer is tilted at certain angles or lifted.

    My (early 2014) rMBP abruptly goes black (sleep mode) when computer is tilted at certain angles or lifted. Ive reset Energy saver mode to factory defaults and the problem still occurs.

    Please make a Genius Appointment and take it in for service.

  • Not detecting external display after waking up MBP from sleep mode

    I am a recent owner of a MBP and enjoying it. However, one problem that I can't seem to find a solution to is the external display problem after sleep mode.
    When I first boot up the Mac and plug in my Dell external monitor via the mini adapter, there is no problem with detection or display. However, every time I put the MBP in sleep mode and then wake it up again, the external monitor does not "wake" up and my MBP only displays my normal screen on the Mac.
    I tried to 'Detect Displays' to no avail and the only solution is unplugging the mini connection and plugging it back into the MBP for the MBP to re-detect the external monitor.
    Although this is a quick fix in itself, I do not want to wear out the mini port by doing this every timeI come out of sleep mode. Any solutions so that the external monitor will detect the MBP waking up from sleep and display properly? Thanks!

    And same problem here.
    Using a MBP 2.66 i7 with a Dell 3008WFP that's connected to the MBP through DisplayPort. It works some of the time but once in a while (only been using the new MBP for a couple of days now) the monitor won't come out of sleep mode. Turning it off/on causes OS X to completely ignore the monitor. I was able to get this setup to work again by pressing 'Detect Displays' in the System Preferences pane but most of the times that doesn't help. The only sure way to get the monitor working again is by booting into Windows through Bootcamp, Windows is able to use the monitor, if I reboot after that OS X sees the monitor again.
    Also saw a magenta line/stripe on the left side of my monitor and the monitor sometimes makes a buzzing sound when connected to the MBP through DisplayPort. That's what you get by using bleeding edge tech I guess :\ Only alternative is buying the mini-DP to dual-DVI connector but paying $99 just to be able to use an external monitor is rather insane. Besides that lots of users are having problems with this adapter.

  • All-in-one 6830 printer Does not enter sleep mode when connected to a phone line

    HP staff  help. HP all-in-one printer 6830 does not enter sleep mode when conntected to a phone line via 1-Line jack.  The Firmware is PNP1CN1521AR. On August 1, 2015,  I purchased an HP all-in-one 6830  printer and upgraded to firmware PNP1CN1521AR.When a phone line is connected to 1-Line jack of 6830, the printer will no longer enter  sleep mode and the display remains on indefinitly.Removing the phone connection either from the wall outlet or from the printer causes the sleep mode to work correctly again where the control panel display turns off after 5 minutes (or optionally  after 10 or 15 minutes).This problem was previously reported by a user and has not been resolved, see:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Printing-Questions/Sleep-mode-of-Officejet-Pro-6830/td-p/4772182 The user did not receive a resolution to this problem according to the thread.
    There seems to be a  6830 printer firmware or hardware problem causing this. HP  should be able to confirm this problem on 6830 easily.
    Please advise ASAP.

    It's a regular analog phone line. I've tested it with other phone lines. No difference. I have another all-in-one printer which works fine (goes to sleep mode) when plugged into the same phone line.
    The 6830 works ok in other aspects. The only problem is the sleep mode. Any 6830 with the firmware I mentioned should replicate the same result, regardless of anything else. The previous firmware to PNP1CN1521AR also created this problem according to the original report of this problem by another user.
    I'm sure there's a bug in the firmware. A subroutine in the firmware monitoring the incoming fax ringing, mistakenly, sees the voltage across the phone jack pins as an event and wakes up the printer instantly even though there's no ringing. As the previous user also suspected, there seems to be an error in the phone line voltage threshold used by the firmware. The present firmware always sees a ringing at the phone line which causes it to never stay in sleep mode.

  • Never carry your MBP in sleep mode

    Little story to tell you.
    Yesterday I went to my brothers and decided to take my 2.8Ghz 15" MBP with me.
    Its in a speck case with a Moshi keypad cover. I slipped it into my Targa laptop case and off I went. What I didnt realise was I had left it in sleep mode.
    After being over my brothers for about 3 hours I grabbed the Targa case to get the MBP out... Wow it was really hot. I quickly unzipped it and the MBP in side was extremely hot with the fans running flat out. I reckon I could of fried an egg on it no joking. I mean the whole thing was very very hot and no response from it. The poor old Moshi cover was like melted plastic.
    Any way I popped it out the Speck case and put it on a cool surface. The flashing sleep light was off and all seemed dead apart from the fans howling.
    After about 2 mins I pressed the power button and up it came. It cooled very quickly and the fans soon stabilised back to normal. The battery was at 5% and was fully charged when I left home.
    All seems well now.
    My advise is to never travel with your MBP in sleep mode and also remember that a Moshi Keyboard skin stops the heat dissipating as does the Speck case.
    So you guys who are worried about a 100 degrees temperature, thats peanuts against how hot mine was.

    I don't agree with this advice. I routinely carry various Apple laptops in sleep mode, only shutting down/restarting every couple weeks. I go on long-distance trips this way, never shutting down during the trip itself.
    I'll tell you what the advice should really be: When you close the lid, wait until the sleep light begins to pulse. If it does not, you know that it has not successfully entered sleep and you need to find out why.
    Yes, there can be a problem with the pre-unibody MacBook Pros (I'm typing on a 2008 model right now) where the mechanical latch releases while the laptop is inside a case and it turns on and heats up in the enclosed space. To minimize the possibility of this happening, I have turned off the "lidwake" feature, which you can easily do as described here. If you do this, after opening the lid the Mac won't wake up until a key is pressed.
    The new unibody MacBook Pros are unlikely to pop open in a bag, because their spring loading works the other way, to keep the lid closed. You really have to yank them open.

  • How do I get My IPHone 5c to go into sleep mode when not using

    How do I set my IPhone 5c to go into sleep mode when not using

    Are you saying the screen never turns off?  That is controlled with auto lock in general settings.
    IF your screen turns off, your phone is going to reduced power state, but still looking for events. This is standby, and you see published standby times for the different iPhones. 
    There is no other setting between this and turning off.  So slightly different than a PC.

  • Prevent Macbook/Cinema display sleep mode when switching from plugged-in/off

    Hello, I've a macbook connected to a Cinema Display. On Energy Saver, all is set to never go to sleep. I'm trying to prevent my macbook going to sleep mode when I plugged off it. Do you have any solution for this?

    KinoBillie wrote:
    Hi tjk,
    Yes I mean when I disconnect the power supply (that comes from the Cinema Display) the macbook pro goes into sleep mode until i press a button on the keyboard, then it returns into running mode (even if in energy saver all is set to never go to sleep).
    I would like that, if there is a power cut in my house, the mbp does not go into sleep mode but continue to be in execution (by means of battery) avoiding sleep mode.
    Looks like someone already cut in to try answering, but I'll answer the question you asked me anyway. You can read Apple's directions http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3131 and see that unplugging is the cause. It's not really an issue, it's just the way it works.
    Contrary to the statement "There's no way around it." you may want to look into UPS (uninterrupted power supply) if it's important enough to you. I have never used one so I am not familiar with them, but by their very nature/purpose, I would think they'd do what you need.

  • My macbook pro 2.0 early 2011 will not go to sleep with the power source connected. only enters sleep mode when running on battery. Someone did this happen, and it could solve?

    Alo, my Macbook pro i7 2 GHz Intel Core i7 (early 2011) will not go to sleep with the power source connected. only enters sleep mode when running on battery. Someone did this happen, and it could solve?

    There is no output from that command line?   Maybe the pid changed.
    I'll repeat what I am trying to find out...
    1. You do a pmset -g on the terminal.
    2. The output from that pmset should have a line that says "sleep 0 (imposed by n)" where n is some number.
    3. The ps ax | grep n is supposed to display what the process associated with n is.
    It's the output from step 3 that should indicate what is causing you not to sleep.
    But speaking of sleep, that's where I am going.

  • Mac mini didn't go into sleep mode when i am conect my thunderbolt display whit an optical thunderbolt cable

    hello my mac mini didn't go into sleep mode when i am using an optical thunderbolt cable to my thunderbolt display
    has any body els this problem

    Hello josfromkerkade.  Please contact me so that I can get more details. 
    We'd like to understand which monitor you're using, how old it is, which Thunderbolt port you're using (tethered cable or TB port), & the version of firmware. 
    [email protected]
    Thanks, Mitch

  • I am running OSX Lion 10.7.4 and the computer no longer will go into sleep mode when I close the cover What happened with this option?

    I am running OSX Lion 10.78.4 and the computer will no longer go into sleep mode when I close the cover. In system preferences I can no longer find the option that allows for this energy saving feature. What happened to this option and why is this no longer happening with the latest version of Lion?

    No external monitors or devices attached. When you mention that this function only works when devices are attached that is true when you set up your preferences that way. Up until my upgrade to Lion the computer would always go into sleep mode when I closed the lid. There also used to be an option to check in system preferences that allowed you to choose this option. My question for the discussion is what happened to that option and how do you get the computer to sleep or at least the display to sleep when you close the lid as we have been able to do in the past. Thanks.

  • I have a MAC OSX 10.6.8 Is it better to keep it in sleep mode when not in use or shutting down?

    Mac OSX 10.6.8  Should I keep it in sleep mode when not in use to shut down?

    My experience with electronic tends to revolve around thermo stress, and removing all power vs going to sleep tends to be more or less the same.  Many components have power totally taken away, and others use so little power they cool off.
    However, I found thermo stress occurs a lot more with discrete electronic components  (like back in the '80s and our VAX-11/780's which had lot more discrete components) and less with integrated circuits.  NOTE: I'm not talking about overheating components, just normal heating/cooling cycles.
    All in all I would not worry about it.  The OP (Grace 1) should use whatever method is most convent for her.  And I would say if she is using a Macbook Air or the new Macbook Pro Retna display (or any other Mac with a solid state drive (SSD)), then booting from shutdown may not take all that long anyway.

  • Deactivate the sleep mode when closing the laptop cover

    Hello Everyone
    I was wondering if there's any way to deactive the sleep mode when I close the cover of my laptop.
    In Windows, we can do that.
    So, Is There any Way to close the cover and open it up without going in sleep mode? Because in sleep mode, it deactivates internet.
    Thank You !
    MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.4.6)

    Try using an application such as InsomniaX for this purpose.

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