MBP not detecting video camera via FireWire 800

Hey all,
I bought a MacBook Pro late 2008 mainly for video editing. Also, I purchased a 3rd-party FireWire cable because Apple doesn't distribute them here in Singapore (-_-).
I've tried many times to connect my 2 video cameras to my Mac and NONE of them turn up in iMovie. It can't possibly be the cable because the store sells them to many people because Apple doesnt distribute them and none came back complaining it doesn't work. And us Singaporeans will go to lengthy methods to get back our money if products we bought don't work.
My 2 video cameras are both Panasonic and they are
The first one is a small one while the second one is a professional camera.
If the cameras can't connect then my whole purpose of purchasing the Mac is defeated. I called Panasonic and they said that it should work fine with the Mac, no drivers needed (Applecare told me to check with them for drivers).
Anyone can provide a solution? T-T

While you were in the store, did you connect any other FireWire devices to your computer to find out whether or not your FireWire port is working? You should certainly do that at the first opportunity, now that you've effectively eliminated a bad cable as a possible cause of your problem.
You may also want to run the Apple Hardware Test that you'll find on one of the discs that were shipped with your MBP. That may be able to identify a problem with your FireWire port.
Apple generally doesn't make or sell cables — there's not enough money in them. Apple leaves that market to third-party vendors, who supply them at lower prices than Apple could or would. And FireWire 800 is far from new: all or most new Macs have had FW800 ports for more than five years now.

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    I have a mac book pro and i have connected my panasonic mini dv video camera via firewire 9 to 4 pin connector but imovie doesnt recognize. please help.

    Hello twrate,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    iMovie '11: If iMovie doesn’t recognize your camcorder
    Best of luck,

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    I had forgotten I'd posted this and I need to make a clarification.
    At the time of this posting, I'd been assured by Blackmagic Designs that Color would preview externally through their Intensity Pro card although in 8-bit video. Since the time of this posting and upon further query with BM tech support, I was told the Intensity Pro could not be used in this function.
    Sorry if there has been any confusion caused by my statement.

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    I have 4 drives connected inline and it happens to any one of them, whichever I attach the firewire to.
    I trashed FCP permissions, but that didn't help. I'm running FCPHD 4.5.
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    PowerBook G4 15 Titanium   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Its the canon camera. Firewire and canon cameras apparently don't play in the same sandbox very well. All macs have only one firewire bus. For a macbook pro you can use an express card slot, but the imac's you are kinda stuck. The best course of action is to copy to hard drive and then move it within imovie. I read this in Tom Wolksy's book on FCE. It is weird. I have a Sony HDV and an older imac and i can use one firewire port for importing and go straight to an external firewire drive--no problem. However, in his book on page 56. It states the firewire issue. I know this is an imovie forum, but i can assume its also the same for imovie.

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    My new MacBook Pro and Imac can't recognize my digital video cameras (Canon GL2 or Sony) via FireWire 800 9 pin to 4 pin cable. I've tried two different cables.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    Is your DV camera plugged in to AC power (not batteries only)? When you step down from 9 pins to 4 pins, you lose the "power" pins.

  • HT4124 Macbook Pro 10.6.8 Imovie will not recognize Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 via Firewire 800-9pin cable. Is it not compatible? It worked with previous Macbook (black) with prev. firewire version.

    Have tried to connect Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 to Macbook Pro via Firewire 800-9pin to 4-pin cable. I Movie will not recognize camera. I have transferred media on old Macbook (black version) with different firewire. Does the new IMovie not support this product?

    Did you solved this problem?
    I have the same situation here...

  • Can I use the new Apple Thunderbolt  to Firewire adapter to download video from a video camera by firewire to my Macbook Air ?

    Can I use the new Apple Thunderbolt  to Firewire adapter to download video from a video camera by firewire to my Macbook Air ?

    Yes, you can use the 85 watt adaptor. You cannot use the new adaptors because your computer is not equipped with the proper MagSafe connector. But you can use the older MBP adaptors as well as a 60 watt replacement adaptor. All can be found at Apple's Online Store.

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    gdgmacguy asked for the OS your computer is running, why exactly did you think anyone wanted to know the version of iTunes on the computer?
    Seems like there may be a user issue here.  Try replacing the user, see if that resolves the problem.

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    i would really appreciate your help.

    Go to the control panel and then add/remove programs.
    Sorry, i´m not a user of windows, but this might help.
    http://www.google.se/search?gcx=w&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=how+to+remove+progr ams+windows+xp

  • IPad2 won't sync with iMac...only my iphone4 shows in the device window on my iMac.  For some reason it will not detect my iPad via my wireless network!

    iPad2 won't sync with iMac and only my iphone4 shows in the devices window on my iMac.  For some reason it will not detect my iPad via my wireless network!   The iPad will sync when plugged into the Mac however looses connection and disappears from the device window when unplugged.

    Jayplus wrote:
    I have a D-Link WBR-2310 and already bought an external antenna which cost me additional. Besides moving my iMac, what options do I have?
    You already have a wireless router or have just bought one, or do you have an ad hoc connection from iMac to AppleTV?
    If things worked in the other location this all point to poor network performance/connectivity. It may be the connection is intermittently lost - small files transfer ok, but interruptions during longer transfers scupper the process.
    Interference from cordless phone bases or microwaves (and neighbours devices) might also cause connectivity issues.
    Signal strength bars are often not that useful, but will indicate connection to the main wireless device they connect to - so AppleTv may have a good connection to the router but a poor iMac connection to router is not displayed by AppleTV which only shows the connection to the first device in the chain.
    You could consider some home mains newtorking plugs such as those made by Devolo but they usually have to be on the same mains ring.

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    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    I would need more information regarding what devices you are having an issue with to provide a better answer. However, most devices need to be placed in pairing mode before you will see them.  Try going through the article below as it may help with this scenario.
    iOS: Troubleshooting Bluetooth connections
    Jason H.

  • H55m-e23 not detecting video card

    Hello i recently upgraded my pc with new video card (asus engtx570 directcu ii gtx 570) the problem is that main board(MSI H55M-E23) is not detecting video card, so here is what happens when i turn the pc on it starts to beep 1long beep and 2 short beeps. First i thought it might be power suply so i bought new power suply with 700w and still the same thing happens, then i tryed with LC850w and same thing so i guess the power supply is not the problem. I removed rams and tryed with 1 stick, i have 4 different sticks and same thing happened with each stick. i tested the videocard on different mainboard (ASUS P5Q PRO and ASUS P8H67-M PRO REV. 3.0) and videocard worked fine. i tested my mainboard H55M-E23 with sapphire ATI HD 6950 and it worked too so the pci slot is ok, and now i dont know what to do more i tested all things possible. So what is the problem? my mainboard does not want to detect videocard (asus engtx570 directcu ii gtx 570) 3beeps ( 1long and 2 short) PLEASE HELP!

    CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-760 Processor Clock Speed 2.8 GHz Max Turbo Frequency 3.33 GHz
    Main Board: Msi h55m-e23 Bios: AMI BIOS Version 17.4
    Video Card: Asus GeForce ENGTX 570 Direct Cu II
    Memory: Kingston 1x2GB 1333MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM 1.5V
                Apacer 1x2GB 1333Mhz DDR3 CL9 1.5V
    PSU: LC 850W Arkangel LC8850, 140mm FAN, V2.2
    850W max., ATX V2.2, Free-Plug cable-Management, Active-PFC, 3 x PCI-Express, 4 x +12V: 60A, S-ATA,
    +3,3V: 30A
    +5V: 28A
    +12V1: 18A
    +12V2: 18A
    +12V3: 18A
    +12V4: 18A
    HD: Seagate Baracuda 7200 - 320GB
    Windows 7 x64
    For the memory ( i did try with only 1 stick at the time... they go well together with my other card Sapphire ATI HD 6950)

  • I have the new macbook pro from late 2011. when i try plugging my cannon gl2 into the mac via firewire 800 it does not show up in iMovie as an option to import from. i even have gone into my settings on the camera and changed it to vcr.

    I have the new MacBook Pro from late 2011. "the one before the new ritina display" i have a cannon gl2 video camera which is mini dv. when i plug it into my mac via firwire 800 it does not show up in the iMovie. i have set the settings on the camera to vcr mode and changed it to av->dv out. when i click on the import from camera on imovie it doesnt even show my camera in it. it just gives me the option to import video from my facetime camera. the camera is turned on the wires are connected i know for fact that its a firewire and not a usb. i know what they each look like. i bought the firewire cable and it was marked down cause it was an opened and used item. would it be possible that it could be deffected and if that is not the reason what other options do i have?

    I would say that odds are high that you have a bad cable. Maybe that is why they returned it.
    I would suggest trying a different firewire cable.
    You can find Firewire cables inexpensively at monoprice.com. You need a 4 pin to 9 pin firewire cable.
    Here is a link.
    Other things to check:
    Is your camera plugged in to wall power (not to batteries only). Must be hooked to an AC power source to import.

  • Sending video OUT via Firewire to my Camcorder FROM my computer?

    Hi all!
    Can I send video OUT from my comp. to my camcorder via Firewire. I have a camcorder that has Passthrough to use it as a bridge which I have used to hook up a vcr with. But Im not sure if I can send video OUT to the camcorder and record it on the tape? Any help would be great!
    Thanks, Retha
    iMac G5 & iBook Dual USB G3/Airport   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iLife 6 & QT Pro
    iMac G5 & iBook Dual USB G3/Airport   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iLife 6 & QT Pro
    iMac G5 & iBook Dual USB G3/Airport   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iLife 6 & QT Pro

    Hi Retha!
    Yes, you should be able to do this. Use the Export command in the File menu of iMovie, and you will see that Camera is one of the options.

  • Canon 550D connecting to MacBook Pro via FireWire 800

    As far as I know, my MacBook Pro (MacBookPro8,1) has a FireWire 800 port. My Canon 550D / Rebel T2i has a combined A/V output and a mini HDMI port. I've been looking around online about a cable that would allow me to connect these 2 together via Firewire (required by Adobe OnLocation). I'm asking here because I'm assuming that someone here is bound to know something about compatible FireWire cables for my MacBook and my DSLR in order to use the software. My knowledge goes as far as needing to know if the MacBook and the DSLR ports are 4-pin or 6-pin. I don't know how to tell and I can't find this information about my MacBook Pro.
    So, the question is: how can you tell how many pins my MacBook's FireWire port requires? And if someone can confirm, is it possible to connect these two things?

    I can only answer part of your question. Your SLR has mini HDMI and a mini USB out. Your MBP has three ways to connect: USB, FW 800 (9 pin) and Thunderbolt (which is ao far supported by a limited number of devices).
    As far as I know, you will not be able to use On Location with the Canon. But I could be wtong. Good places to ask are the Adobe forums and Canon forums.
    Good luck.

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