MBP Retina with "Flash" Drive vs "Solid-State" Drive

The MBP-R is described as having a "Flash" drive, while the MBP has an upgrade option called a "Solid-Sate" drive.  I assumed it was the same thing but the pricing suggests they are different:
1) The 512 Gb "solid-state" drive is a $900 upgrade option on the MBP, whereas
  2) For a price difference of only $600 you get the 512 Gb "flash" drive on the MBP-R, PLUS the Retina display etc.
Does anyone know what the difference is?

You can research the difference between the two at Wikipedia.
I can tell you this, either can't secure erase or be replaced in MBP-R as in earlier models of MBP's. Sure one can enable Filevault 2 when one first starts using them, however if the password is cracked, bypassed or given in order to fix the machine, all past data (even deleted) is availalbe for anyone to review, just like a iPhone or iPad.
I wouldn't be surprised devices like this soon will be also supporting these new computers.
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  • If I Replace my SuperDrive with a Hard Drive or Solid State Drive. Will it void my warranty? i have a brand new macbook pro 13" entry level

    I jus bought a brand new macbook pro 13" entry level
    If I Replace my SuperDrive with a Hard Drive or Solid State Drive. Will it void my warranty?
    Or is it possible to change it as I`ve said and put the extra hdd in the optical drive if its done somewere like bestbuy?

    LowLuster, greetings:
    LowLuster wrote:
    It will void your warranty if Apple finds out that you have made this modification. But if you ever have a need to use the Apple warranty you should put the optical drive back in before taking it to an Apple store for the warranty work.
    This is contrary to the terms of use:
    8. Keep within the Law
        1. No material may be submitted that is intended to promote or commit an illegal act.

  • 1TB Serial ATA Drive + 256GB Solid State Drive

    How do I confuger my iMac if I select the "1TB Serial ATA Drive + 256GB Solid State Drive"?

    Hi Ed,
    Your new iMac will come with OSX Lion.
    What you want to achieve is to have all your user accounts on the hard drive and your OS and Applications on the SSD.
    The way to go about this is to create your User Account/s on the SSD. (Do not migrate your data at this point).
    You will need to create a temporary User Account that you can login with, so that you can either replace or create the User Account that you want to migrate from your MacBook Pro.
    Now, clone your SSD to the hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!. (Migration Assistant will not migrate data to a HD without a System folder, I believe).
    Bootup from the SSD, change the path to your User Account/s in System Preferences>Advanced Options. Reboot and then migrate your User Account, Applications and Settings from your MacBook Pro using Migration Assistant.
    That is the configuration I have working on my MacBook Pro with dual drives, an SSD and HD.
    Good luck.

  • What's the difference between flash storage and solid state drive in MacBook Pro?

    What's the difference between MacBook Pro with flash storage and MacBook Pro with solid state drive?

    A SSD is packaged like any other notebook drive. Flash storage uses a different design and layout that connects directly to the motherboard using PCIe. It is faster than a normal SSD.
    SSD vs HDD: What's the Difference? | PCMag.com
    what are the differences between solid state drive and flash storage ...

  • I have a 13" mac book pro with a 250 gb solid state drive and I would like to put in a larger one is this possible

    I own a Mac book Pro 13" it has a 250 gb solid state drive and I would like to put a larger one in is this possible.

    You don't need to partition your drive to run Fusion, only if you want to run Bootcamp.
    If you have space on your Windows partition, I would suggest you backup your Windows partition, and then, delete the partition using Disk Utility.
    You can now restore your virtual machine to a single volume or repartition if you prefer.
    I would consider upgrading to a unibody MBP (used, refurbished will do) just to be able to access the HD. Opening the pre-unibody MBP is not something you would want to do.

  • I'm looking to but the iMac 27"  with 2TB Serial ATA Drive   256GB Solid State Drive .  Will time machine automatically back up both the hard drive and the solid-state drive?  Ae there any catches or things to be aware of?

    Will time machine on Lion, Mac OS 10.7, automatically back up both the internal hard drive and the internal solid-state drive both inside a 27" iMac?

    Also, you may find this of interest
    TM 101

  • Can i change the serial ATA Drive to solid state drive easily ?

    I just Bought a MacBook Pro , With Hard Drive (500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rp) .
    Is it easy to Change it later to to (Solid State Drive) ?

    An SSD is simply going to provide much, much, much faster access than a standard hard disk drive. Your machine has a SATA II controller, meaning that it can have negotiated speeds of up to 6Gbps. You'll get very near that limit with a SSD but you won't be even close with a standard hard drive.
    I've had a SSD in my late 2011 15" MBP since about a month after I bought it. I've also increased the RAM to 16GB. My machine flies - and so can yours.

  • Customising hard drive options - solid-state drive?

    Can someone explain to me what the difference between a solid-state drive and a Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm is? I am deciding between going with the 500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 for $141.00 or the 128GB solid-state drive for $329. Clearly the solid-state drive is more expensive, but yet is only 128GB. Can anyone help?

    They're actually both SATA. That's just the interface to connect to the computer. The 5400 rpm HDD works like a record. There are platters that spin (thus the rpm stat) and a "needle" reads it. The SSD stores your info on chips. The cheaper one is much slower and more susceptible to damage since it has moving parts, but it's what most people use b/c of the price. SSD prices are getting cheaper though and may become more popular b/c of it.

  • Upgrading laptop hard drive to solid state drive. (i am a noob)

    So my laptop (HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC) was running slowly for around 6 months, i had enough so i went to the store and upgraded my ram from 4 gb to 8 gb thinking this would fix the problem but the guy told me that my hard drive was slow because it is dting, we talked about what i can do to fix the problem and he said that i should get a new hard drive, he told me that i should get a solid state drive as it fails dramatically less than a regular hard drive and is much faster. I just wanted to know what kind of hard drive i should get, as i dont want to buy an incompatible hard drive. Also if anyone could reference me to some good online stores that would be awesome, thanks for your time.

    Yes the 500 will work fine. Just go to the second link in my post above, for the 250gig Samsung 840 Evo, and over to the right are links to get the 500 gig version and even the 750 and 1 TB. See the little gray boxes? The 500 gig is about $315. 
    Hard drive replacement instructions start on Page 54 of this Manual:
    If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it. 

  • Can I replace my 250Gb SATA HD in my 2008 aluminum MacBook with a new SATA3 Solid State Drive?

    I would like to replace my 250Gb SATA HD in my 2008 aluminum MacBook with a 500Gb SATA3 SSD. I want to do it because of the age and to increase capacity, access speed and reliability. Is SATA3 backwards compatible to SATA? Should I save some money and just stick to a regular SATA higher capacity HD and forget about a SSD?

    I replaced the hard drive in my early 2009 model with a Samsung 840 ssd. My book has the same sata interface as yours and accepted the newer drive without a hitch. It's the best $160 I've ever spent on a computer upgrade. My macbook feels like a new machine. I would highly recommend it.

  • Can a A945US laptop with Vista have a solid state drive installed?

    It doesn't appear many questions get answers around here... I can forsee driver problems...

    Many times questions don't get answers because people just don't know. No one is deliberately ignoring you.
    There are hundreds of HP notebooks out there, and unless someone has actually installed (or attempted to install) a SSD in that particular model, all we can do is speculate.
    I will offer you my opinion. That is all I can do, since I do not own your model notebook and I have never installed a SSD in any notebook or desktop PC.
    Let's start with the manual...
    Chapter 3, page 21 lists the supported drives for your notebook series.  No SSD's are listed as optional drives.
    Let's take a look at your PC's architecture...
    Your notebook either has the GM965 or the GL960 chipset. I can't say for sure since I am not quite sure if the T2390 works with just the GM965 or the GL960 or both.
    You can run the Intel chipset ID utility to find out what chipset you have.
    If you have the GM965 chipset, theoretically, it should.
    You can see if your notebook is listed in this Crucial site as supported for an SSD
    And according to the site, a SSD is supported.
    I just happened upon the Crucial UK site. I'm sure the crucial US site has the same search engine.
    Hope this helps,

  • Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive?

    I am about to buy a new laptop Mac and i'm wondering if i should get an SSD.
    As people say it seems to be much faster/silent and more reliable than a standard 7200 rpm HDD's. The only con is that at this time they are quite expensive (128GB=180€).
    I'm also thinking, eventually, how to work with logic sessions and how/where
    i should place the different files/samples/archive to create the best working system?
    At the moment i'm working with a PowerPC with Logic installed in its internal HDD and all the sessions/audiofiles/samples in an external Firewire800 HDD.
    Any suggestion from you guys would be much appreciated.

    I currently am in the same situation with my TP YOGA, i called lenovo yesterday, the gave me mixed answers and i was told they would call back with a straight answer, they did not. 
    The E531 lists the HDD/SSD as a CRU, meaning you should be able to do it yourself, and the lenovo warrenty terms and conditions state 
    This Agreement and the Services do not cover the following:
     uninterrupted or error-free operation of a Product;
     loss of, or damage to, your data;
     any software programs, whether provided with the product or installed subsequently (except to
    the extent specifically stated in this Agreement);
     failure or damage resulting from misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating
    environment, natural disasters, power surges, or improper maintenance by You;
     damage caused by a non-authorized service provider;
     failure of, or damage caused by, any third party products, including those that Lenovo may
    provide or integrate into the Lenovo product at your request;
     any technical or other support, such as assistance with “how-to” questions and those regarding
    product set-up and installation (except to the extent specifically stated in this Agreement);
     peripheral or third party products, even if installed by Lenovo; and
     Consumable products such as batteries.
    This Agreement and each Service is voided by removal or alteration of identification labels on the
    Products or its parts. "
    so as long as you dont fudge up the install, you should be covered under warrenty (obviously not for the new part)
    Like i said, i tried getting a straight answer over the phone to no avail, i will try again later today and see how we go.
    [EDIT] Check local warrenty, I am located in australia.

  • X200 SSD (Solid State Drive) with clean-install of Vista or XP?

    Hi all,
    I apologize for starting a new thread on a new forum; however, I am running out of research time.
    I am about to buy a X200 with the 64GB SSD (Solid State Drive) (and it needs to be bought by tomorrow Can I ask couple questions? :
    1) I am legally using this for business purposes with an MSDN license, so I can and will install any clean OS immediately. With the option to install any Windows OS; which will work best [or at all] with the SSD? (I have read conflicting articles, but most are outdated due to SSD's being so new.)
    2) With only the SSD and without a MediaBase, I read several guides such as This Thread on this Forum on how "fun" a clean install can be...are there any extra difficulties with the SSD?
    I am a software engineer and would normally piece this together my research; however, I am running out of time before I have to decide if the SSD is a viable and installable option at this time (and if I should buy it!)
    Thanks a lot!

    Hello to all.
      I'd like to know why AHCI mode is being suggested to use for SSD's?  Please tell me why. I just don't understand. I think using Raid 0 Array would be the better choice. How does AHCI mode vary compaired to Raid 0 ?  Is AHCI a better Mode? Does it give better performance then Raid 0?
     I see alot of you are having problems setting up SSD's.  I have read the first thing you need to do is make sure the firmware on any SSD you use should be updated.
     I also see a lot of people here talking about the need to install Raid drivers.  This is true with all other OS's, but I have found that after a fresh format, even on a new HD, I just installed Win 7 64 bit ultimate I went right into device manager to see what drivers are needed, & to my surprise all the drivers were already installed, including Raid driver & controller. I set up my Raid 0 Array at the F10 prompt, rebooted with OS disk with master drive after setting up boot sequence, & continued from there no problem with 2 150GB Raptor HD's in Raid 0.
     I have gone as far as to use a Western Digital HD CD utility disc that has a write zero utility & used it to fast write zero's to the first 63 tracks & sectors including track 0 sector 0 where the MBR is written, & I've reformatted & reinstalled Win 7 from that point, & all the drivers still get auto installed. You can go right into device manager & see for your self. The only driver I ever need my be a sound driver update & Graphics driver.  I'm not forgetting that the drivers that are auto installed are generic & may need updating, but what I'm saying is, I haven't seen any yellow question marks or exclamation points in device manager like you do with other OS's before Win 7.

  • Solid State Drive .vs. 2TB Hard Drive (Finder Sidebar)

    Hello all,
    I just purchased a new 27-inch iMac, which comes with a 256 GB Solid State Drive and a 2 TB SATA Hard Drive.  Before purchasing the iMac, I had read that the Solid State Drive was designed to be used for the System and Applications, while the SATA Hard Drive would be used to store all application data files (Pictures, Movies, Music, etc.).
    However, the Finder Sidebar icons (Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music, etc.) are linked to the associated folders on the Solid State Drive.  So when I click on any of the Sidebar icons, I am directed to the folder contens on the Solid State Drive.
    How do I set up my iMac so that the 2 TB SATA drive is the default storage drive.  I'm guessing that there has to be a way to configure the Sidebar such that when I click on one of the icons (Documents), I'm directed to the Documents folder on the 2 TB Hard Drive and not the Solid State Drive.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Calvin, I am in the exact same boat. Help us someone...

  • Can I upgrade the solid-state drive in a MacBook Pro with retina display after purchase?

    There used to be an option to upgrade the solid-state drive when configuring a MacBook Pro on the Apple Store online, but it is now gone.  This makes me wonder if Apple's SSDs are built into the computer like the RAM is.  So, is it possible to upgrade the SSD later?  I don't want to pay so much more to upgrade everything else, so I'd love it if it's possible to just upgrade the SSD later.  Thanks!

    You will void the warranty. Here are the available post purchase upgrades. http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/SSD/OWC/Air-Retina/Apple-MacBook-Pro-Retina-2012- Drive-Internal-Flash
    You should order it with as much storage as you can afford rather than doing a post purchase upgrade because of the warranty being voided.
    Message was edited by: BobTheFisherman  Sorry. I just noticed I posted the link to a 2012 retina flash upgrade.
    Here you go http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other%20World%20Computing/SSDAP12R480/
    Read the specs carefully to ensure this will work for the model Macbook Pro you are getting.

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