MDG Configuration

I need step by step documents for MDG configuration. I have already gone through steps mentioned on and videos for material/supplier.
I need specific help with Data Replication Framework(DRF) where we want to replicate data on client system. We need steps to accomplish the same.
Kindly help or direct to specific post.

Hi, Ingo
I want to replicate master data by MDG DRF.
But it's hard to find detailed step-by-step document about DRF anywhere.
And there is no official reference guide of DRF except the contents on SAP help site.
I think the contents on help site are so brief that it's not sufficient to implement replication scenario using DRF.
If you send any guide or reference document for DRF, I really appreciate your help.
For your questionnaire for the use case, we have cases like below.
(1) We need to replicate not only the standard masters including Material, Supplier, COA but also custom object
(2) We planned to replication data by RFC and ALE (for Material)
(3) We'd like to use PI as mediated solution, not using peer-to-peer interface.
In addition, especially for the complex custom object, detailed step-by-step guide is needed.
For instance,
(1) How to make business object type and use it.
(2) How to create or enhance the class & method for the Outbound Implementation.
(3) How to create Filter class for the Filters assigned to filter object (in both case of explicit and implicit filter) 
(4) In case of using change document for DRF, how to configure and develop.
Thanks and Regards,
Daniel Hwang

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    If an enterprise was using SAP MDM and it has there configurations, workflows, data models,forms, ... etc and it is planning to implement MDG 7.0 soon. How can it benefit from the earlier implementation of MDM ? Technically, what parts,objects can be migrated from MDM to MDG ?
    Appreciate any insight or guidance.

    The main thing you will benefit from is the documentation. Other than that, you will need to implement everything from scratch as MDM and MDG use two different technologies.

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    Hello Parvez
    Go through the below thread.

  • UI configuration in SAP MDG 7.0 for Financial

    Hello all
    Now I'm working in sap MDG 7.0 SP2 for Financial. I want to create UI configuration based on change request step.
    I copied standard ui configuration for Cost center MDGF_0G_OVP_CCTR into Z configuration. I also configured Properties of change request step
    and link logical action, but when I create cost center, my change request form is missing.
    Please help to find out,maybe I missed some step...
    Firmansyah WH

    Hello Firmansyah
    Please find answer to your queries. As suggested by Marcus, don't copy the UI unless its really required.
    1. Requester fill cost center description - Create a change request type with CCTR / CCTRH and CCTRG added in it. Don't select single object or object required. When requester will create a request for cost center, they will able to fill up only description.
    2. When the request is with approver, they can change any field if the request is not read only. You can either give read only access or give full authorization. These are the only 2 options available and I feel its valid.

  • Configuration of SAP MDG User Interface in Customer Namespace - 7.0

    Hello All.
    I have been constantly reading about the mentioned content,
    SAP MDG user interfaces from one single place. A dedicated WebDynpro application is provided to manage all user interface configurations.
    You can also copy a standard SAP user interface configuration to the customer namespace and configure it to your requirements.
    Can anyone give more details about the SAP MDG User Interface or share any links which denotes the same in detail.
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    The document mentioned in the link does not state anything related to use user interface in customer namespace as suggested by sap in Innovations page. this is more about FPM applications.
    Can you please suggest how do we use MDG User Interface in the customer environment directly as suggested by SAP.

  • MDG Hub Embedded Search configuration

    Hello Experts,
    We are in the process of configuring Embedded Search for MDG 7.0 hub as per the config guide link below .My question is where (Hub or Client or both) do we configure the search connectors for embedded search.
    Set Up Search - SAP Master Data Governance - SAP Library
    Please let me which of the following option would best fit for configuring search for Hub implementation
    Option 1: Configure the search connectors in Hub
    Option 2 :Configure the search connectors in client
    Option 3: Configure the search connectors in both hub and client

    you mean on 7.0 and now you are on 7.1. Can you please be specific as i am also facing the same problem. i am on TREX 7.1 and tried report 'ESH_IX_PROCESS_CHANGE_POINTERS' but no any effact on trex search result. I created soem new data for job family and talent groups but its not coming up in HRTMC searches.
    apprecite any help..

  • How to configure a Calendar next to Valid From in MDG-F edition create screen?

    There is a drop down in the valid from box in Edition create screen. As you create a new edition, you click on valid from, you will see a Calendar that pops up allowing you to pick a date as a valid from date. How can we make a 2014 or 2015 calendar available in the drop down?
    And valid from date can be also period dependant. How can we make a period based calendar availalble in the drop down?

    Hello Kiran,
    So I selected "Date Specific" and saved it. However a calendar shown below is still not displaying in "Valid from date". I was expecting to see the calendar so that i can pick a date from. Could you provide more info about adding and displaying a calendar?
    Thanks for your help,

  • BRF+ is not working for MDG-F

    Hi Experts
    I selected rule based workflow template for OG_0001 CR type ( Creation of GL account).
    It seems workflow is not triggered as there is error for one work item: Check If Single Agent-Group Processing 
    Error in getting proper agent group; no agent group found (Message no. USMD5_SSW013).
    I goggled the error and as per it I reactivated all three decision tables in BRF+.
    Also I configure the workflow task for component CA-MDG-AF and CA-MDG-FIN.
    Still issue continued.
    Can any one throw some high light and fix the issue?

    Hi Sanjay,
    There could be a few reasons.
    When you are using rule based workflow you must have a Badi for your workflow.Make sure the content in your Badi is correct and activated. Second possibility is that you did not maintain the service in your rule based workflow or filter in your BADI. The 3 rd possibility is that there is something wrong in your decision tables or that you perhaps forgot to activate all the decision tables.
    Hope you find the problem

  • Questions on MDG

    My question is on MDG -
    Is the standard data model for GL account, profit center already configured in the package? As in SAP MDM there are standard data models (sca files) which we can import, is it something similar in there?
    Second question is - When the vendor gets accessed through portal in MDG, can a user enter in ECC and access the same vendor? I mean does it get locked for other users to access the same vendor in ECC?

    Hi folks
    I have following queriers:
    1. When MDM is in Scope, How feasible is to opt MDG also.I mean what points we can raise so as to convience the client that we wud also need MDG.
    2.How is MDG different in Standalone or with ECC Suite.
    3. If both are in scope How is the integration between MDM and MDG happens.

  • How to prevent error message for material description in MDG material detail screen, when user click on check action

    Dear Experts,
    I have a requirement for making material description as non mandetory in change request view of mdg material screen.
    I have done that using field usage in get data method of feeder classes, but still message is displaying.
    This message 'Material description is mandatory is displaying with check action only, but not with save or submit after i anhance field property as not mandetory.
    How to prevent error message for material description in MDG material detail screen, when user click on check action.

    Hello Sukumar
    In IMG activity "Configure Properties of Change Request Step", you can completely deactivate the reuse area checks (but will then loose all other checks of the backend business logic as well).
    You can also set the error severity of the checks from Error to Warning (per CR type, not per check).
    Or you provide a default value for the material description, e.g. by implementing the BAdI USMD_RULE_SERVICE.
    Regards, Ingo Bruß

  • MDG in ECC6.0 ENPH5

    We are now studying MDG in ECC6.0 EHP5 to review if this new feature can meet our business user requirement.
    We have installed SAP Business Suite Foundation in SAP/R3 and activated the business functions MDG_FOUNDATION, MD_MATERIAL.  We can find there are configuration functions in IMG and data replication functions (Cross-Application Components-> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications->Master Data Governance->Data Replication->Define Filter Criteria).  
    However, we cannot find any general user functions (such as creating change requests) mentioned in Section u201CWorking with Master Data Governanceu201D of .  As per the documentation, the mentioned functions are Web Dynpro application (e.g. USMD_CREQUEST_CREATE). 
    Please advice if we need to install other software components  or do some configuration so that we access those general user functions to proceed the evaluation exercise.

    The webdynpro application USMD_CREQUEST_CREATE is the generic application to create change request for your data models.
    I suppose you have activated all business functions etc.
    For a quick start you can assign role SAP_MDGM to your user and start running transaction NWBC. Select your SAP_MDGM in the open brower and you should be able to see all related functions.

  • MDG Cross entity validation using enrichment spot is not executed.

    I have configured the enrichment sport for cross entity validations and used BRF to validate the data, but looks like validations are
    not executed. I have the check activated for the step in the configuration and I can see my custom class is being picked in method GET_ENRICHMENTS of class CL_USMD_DQ_ACCESS_ENRICHMENT for that request type and step. I have flag relevant  selected and option “Execute Always” (will change this to “Execute when data changed).
    I am trying to figure out if SAP MDG standard code will execute my custom class code or not. I had put break point in my custom class constructor and this is called when an instance for enrichment is created in method GET_ENRICHMENTS of class CL_USMD_DQ_ACCESS_ENRICHMENT. However my code in below method is not executed (and hence BRF is not called)
    Now I am trying to figure out a place from where these enrichment class methods will be executed. I feel this will be from EXECUTE_ENRICHMENT
    of class CL_USMD_DQ_ACCESS_ENRICHMENT. But this method is also not executed when I hit on Check button. Am I looking wrong standard class?
    Is there anything I am missing in configuration? Or we need to implement any SAP note? I tried to find one, but no luck.

    Hello, I am not using cress entity BADI for Validation. I am using this BADI for cross entity derivations and they are working fine.
    I had a requirement to do cross entity validations, and I have rules written using the BRF+.
    I had used enrichment sport functionality to have a custom class used to call BRF functions and prepare the context with required entity data.
    Validations are supposed to happen based on the enrichment spot defined and the configuration for that enrichment sport on the process step level. This is not happening. let me know if you need more information on it,

  • Brf+ workflow configuration based on field values of UI

    Hello Experts,
    I would like to know if we can configure the BRF+ workflow steps for material to go to certain users based on certain values from UI fields . For example a particular material type (FERT) should go to specific processor . Can I add material type column in BRF+ for materials and assign specific material type values and assign users to that step. Is this possible?.

    This is one of the most common questions. It will save you time if you perform some research before asking. Any way, review this document: How to-Master Data Governance for Material: BADI USMD_SSW_RULE_CONTEXT_PREPARE to Enhance User Determination which addresses your exact question.
    Also, for any future MDG questions, please take a look first at this document Configuration and Enhancement of SAP Master Data Governance as it contains many of the commonly required enhancements.

  • MDG-F Data Replicate within same client

    Let me explain my understanding about data replication.
    Data replication with SOA method is used only for replication of data into non sap system.
    Data replication with ALE/IDOC method is used only for replication of data into sap system.
    Please confirm above basic understanding.
    My scenario is as per below
    In SALE we defined  LEOCLNT300 : Logical Systm for MDG HUB/LEO_300 : Logical System for MDG Target Client)
    In SM59 define RFC Destinations for both logical systems
    IN WE21 define ALE tRFC port with RFC Destination for LEOCLNT300
    In BD64 define distribution Model with all meaasge types (GLAMAST,COSMAS,PRAMAS,COELEM,COGRP1,COGRP2 and COGRP6)
    In WE20 define partner profiles for partner Type LS
    Thus we complete our ALE distrbution setting
    Now for DRF configuration
    We assign BO types with business System LEO_300 and assign each BO Type to communication channel Replication via Idoc
    We definde Data Replication Model ZF with outbound parameter 1012 (General Ledger Account Master Idoc)
              Then we activated data replication model.
    But when we execute DRFOUT it only shows Green signal but no data replicated from MDG tables in to ECC ( We have two active records for GL accounts in MDG database like  /1MD/MD______01into ECC Data base like SKA1

    Hi Kiran
    Group COA is not used in our case
    And below if screen shot for GL count from FS00
    Is there any releationship of GL account group with GL account replication? In MDG-F also I selected GL account group field as it is reqiured field

  • MDG - S Workflow issue

    I have configured the MDG for Supplier where I am using the standard workflow template for Supplier Create - WS53100044.
    I have a couple of questions here where I need your expert help.
    1.I create a CR, it goes for approval. When I run validation it starts asynchronously. Any idea why this is happening? Though there are no validation errors.
    2. I can also approve the CR. If I have Company Code and Purchasing Org data in it then it needs processing but the workflow log says 'No Processor assigned'.
    3. If I do not have these information fed in the CR, the workflow gets approved and the next step is 'Decision on Process Contact person'. Here it looks for a reference BP. I do not get the list of BPs to select from. Please advise what is missing.
    Thank you in advance..

    Hello Jayati
    your validation will always start Asynchronously as it is native feature within MDG. So no issues about it. The good part is you are not getting any validation error.
    Since you using standard workflow template, try using other MDG workflow for the Processor assignment. Check the step number under "Define Workflow Step Numbers" step and then check if the correct processor is assigned there. More details can be found if you see the workflow log of your change request.
    Regarding the BP issue, try completing the configurations suggested in MDGIMG under Master Data Governance for Supplier --> Set up Business Partner.
    Hope this helps you.

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