Me21n PO creation with reference to a Sales Order

Dear All,
How can i create a new PO "ME21N with reference to the existing Sales Order?
I tried to use a account assignement category, and then the Account Assignment tab is appeared in the item details, but the CO Area field is disable which disallow me to enter the CO area for the PO, can i know what is the reason?
Thank you very much,
Chee Wee

Dear Jurgen,
Yes you are right.
Actually we have a scenario that the Stock Material(Always keep stock) out of stock in the warehouse.
In our case, we don't assign the "auto PO" item category for those Stock Material, and SD team also don't want to create a new item category for it.
So on my side, i need to check if there is a way to create a PO which can enter the SO as reference to the existing SO?
Thank you very much,
Chee Wee

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  • Creation of Billing with reference to the Sales Order

    Dear Friends,
    I need your suggestion for the following scenario.
    Client wants to create the Billing Document with reference to the Sales order.I mean when he is entering sales Order while creating the billing document ,the system should generate the billing document only for the delivered quantity.
    e.g  sales order is created for 100 Tons.And there are 5 delivery documents for 50 Tons.(Still the Sales order is open).
    Now when billing document is created with reference to the sales order ( Not with reference to the Delivery Document) it should create the billing document only for these five deliveries.
    Is it possible? If yes,how?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Murali,
    Currently client has software where he enters only  Sales Order no and their software creates the billing for the delivery document for this Sales Order.
    Here client does not want to enter multiple delivery document nos if any.He wants to enter only Sales Order no.

  • Create a Sales order with reference to another sales order  using BAPI

    Dear All,
    Can any one tell me what are all the parameters required to create a Sales order with reference to another sales order using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2....
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Madhan
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    However, I would like to know which parameters need to passed in this BAPI in case of SO creation with reference. I beleive there are only a few parameters that need to passed in ORDER_HEADER_IN, ORDER_ITEMS_IN, etc.
    Need to know exactly which are these parameters.
    Mihir Shah.

  • Invoice VF01 with reference to the sales order

    Dear Experts,
    Our business requirement is to book the invoice with reference to the sales order without posting delivery and PGI. Provide me the step by step process to complete this configuration.
    Is that suggestible to change the existing document type which the business is using by creating delivery PGI and Invoice to the document type where invoice booking with reference to sales order or I have to go with the new document type only.
    With Regards
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    TW Typewriter
    can you help, by creating the entire process in Sandbox and informing uday about the configuration steps?
    At the outset, please refrain posting like this which, being a senior member of SCN, you should be aware of rules where spoon feeding is definitely not encouraged.  Those sort of efforts have to be taken by OP.   This forum is only to guide the people wherever they get stucked. 
    cc: Phanikumar V
    You should also be knowing the forum rules and I thought, you would have expressed like what I said above.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Single Invoice with reference to 2 Sales Order

    How can i make a single  billing invoice no (vf01) with reference to 2 sales order?
    billing plan has been maintained from each sales order,we dont have any pgi process.
    so process is sales order->billing plan-> invoice
    my user want to generate single invoice with reference to 2 sales order - same customer no.

    For processing  billing due list (VF04) - The system combines documents with the same customer number, proposal billing type and sales organization, and attempts to include them all in the same billing document. If the preconditions are met, then a single invoice is created for the deliveries and/or orders.
    To do a collective billing. Collective Billing Documents
    The selected documents in the billing due list are billed. The system tries to combine them as much as possible. Processing of the selected documents is carried out in the background. After processing of the documents, you return to the billing due list. The sysytem will indicate whether or not a document has been billed successfully.
    If successful, then Save
    You can also carry out a simulation of billing. In this case, select Simulate. The system simulates the collective billing / online function described above.
    -After the collective run you can display a log for the collective run. This displays possible errors during billing.
    -You can also branch to the resulting billing documents, in order to carry out a split analysis.
    -The billing documents of a collective run can also be canceled.
    Re: VF04
    Hope it assist you.
    Thanks & Regards


    I have a credit memo request(sales order) and I need to create a credit memo(invoice) on saving the sales order without creating the delivery order in between.The invoice(credit memo) must be created directly with "reference" to the sales order(credit memo request) without the delivery order in between

      You can deliver the standard sales order by VA02 going to sales document-> deliver.
    then save it it will give you outbound delivery number then go to vl02n the do the PGI of the same.
    and for Invoices first create billing document byVF01 then create invoice list VF21
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  • Credit memo with reference to a sales order with reference to a contract?

    Hello All
    Now I created a quantity contract and the customer paid the Amount that means the billing is done then I started creating sales orders with reference to the contract, can I create credit memos with reference to these sales orders?
    Jacopo Francois

    You can create a contract for a longer duartion say 1 year, andyou can create sales order in reference to your contract. This would be an ideal scenario in case of service materials.
    You can now surely create credit memo's in reference to this sales order.
    You will invoice the sales order first and create a credit memo request in reference to your sales invoice and then invoice the credit memo request to raise your credit memo for the customer.
    Reward if helpful.

  • One sales order with reference to 2 sales orders

    Hi Gurus,
    can v create one sales order with reference to 2 sales orders?
    i think it is not possible, but if there is any chance let me know?

    First u need to ensure whether copy controls are maintained between the documents (say Ex ZOR ---> ZOR) here i am assuming that ur source and target document are of same type)
    Maintain the controls.
    Then u need to create the source documents  and save.
    Then, u need to create the target document by using the create with reference button, enter the first reference order no and proceed further. ater entering into the order, again u need to press the create with reference button for the second time to enter the second reference order.
    Now both the order items will come to a single order. now u can proceed further
    Hope it is useful...
    reward points if u found useful..

  • ORDERS05 - Create a Return with reference to a Sales Order

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to create a return with reference to a sales order via IDOC ORDERS05. I'm indicating referenced Sales Order number into segment E1EDK02; indicating qualifier (QUALFR = 002) and Sales order number (BELNR). By this way, I create a Customer Return but without reference.
    Which fields or segment have to be filled in order to create it correctly?

    You need something like:
    *Get the pricing cond number.
    select single knumv from vbak into cond
      where vbeln = '0000080347'.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
    Get the pricing record which are by line item.
      select * from konv into table konv_tbl where knumv = cond.
    Loop thru them one line at a time.
      loop at konv_tbl.
       bapi_cond-itm_number = '000010'.
        bapi_cond-cond_st_no = konv_tbl-stunr.
        bapi_cond-cond_count = konv_tbl-zaehk.
        RETURN_HEADER_IN               = bapi_hdr
       BUSINESS_OBJECT               = 'BUS2102'
        CONVERT                        = 'X'
        SALESDOCUMENT                 = bapi_salesdoc
       RETURN                        = BAPI_RET
        RETURN                        = bapi_ret_tbl
        RETURN_ITEMS_IN                = bapi_itm
        RETURN_ITEMS_INX               = bapi_itm_out
        RETURN_PARTNERS                = bapi_prtnr
        RETURN_SCHEDULES_IN            = bapi_schd_lin
        RETURN_CONDITIONS_IN           = bapi_cond.  "pricing
      ORDER_TEXT                    = bapi_text.

  • Create a Revenue Order with Reference to a Sales Order

    Hi Gurus,
      I have specific requirement of creating a Revenue Order ( ZCAR ) with Reference to a Sales Order. The Issue is when I create a Revenue Order from Sales Order by using the BAPI to Copy the data from Original Sales Order it will create copy the data which is there in Original Sales order. My Requirement is when I create the Revenue Order I should have Credit Line which is same as the Order Line from Orignal Sales order and also I need to have a debit line ( which will be a copy of Credit Line ) only difference is Item Categories will be different .
    Please tell me how can I add the debit line in this Scenario and which BAPI's should I use to do this.

    What is the IO you have assigned in the Sales Order please?
    Just check the Sales Order - Account assignement, so that you can able to change if there is a different IO.
    System won't pick up IO automayically until unless you secify in Sales order to done OKB9 settings.
    Chek the above

  • Purchase requisition with reference to blocked sales order

    we are creating purchase requisitions (PR) manually with reference to a sales order (account assignment Z). When this sales order is blocked, we still can issue the purchase requistion.
    What can we do to avoid this? I think in 2 solutions:
    - use enhancement MEREQ001 to show error message when SO is blocked, so PR is not created. Is this possible?
    - create a release strategy for PR created in that plant (tr. OME6). The problem is that release strategy refers to an amount in the PO, and not to other factor, like SO blocked. Maybe in the former enhancement we can set the field EBAN-GSFRG to 'X'?
    Thanks for your help.

    Many thanks for your answer. It help me to solve the issue.
    So applying note 738171, with transaction OVB5 (or VOFM, requirements->subsequent functions->Purch.requisitions) we create one new requirement, ie RV07A900, and then we apply the rule that if we have delivery or billing block, that is, VBAK-LIFSK or VBAK-FAKSK not empty, then we set an error with a code similar to this:
                da_sy-msgid = 'Z1'.    (message class)
                da_sy-msgno = '001'.  (message number)
                error_exception = true.
    and then the PR is not created.

  • BAPI to create sales order with reference to another sales order

    hi all,
    is there a bapi that allows you to create a sales order with reference to another sales order?

    Hi Valencia,
    I think the normal BAPI (BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1)will do. You will have to fill the fields REF_DOC, REF_DOC_IT, REF_DOC_CA of the table ORDER_ITEMS_IN (and make sure that Customizing settings allow you to copy from order to order).

  • FM to create Sales order with reference to another Sales order

    Is there any inbound IDOC FM which can create a Sales Order with reference to another Sales order.
    PLease reply
    Santhana M.

    with ORDER_HEADER_IN fields

  • Creating new sale order with reference of old sale order.

    Dear gurus
    i have requirement
    i want to make a sale order with reference of old sale order.
    how to achieve it?
    Saad Nisar

    In vtaa
    give source and document number and assign all the relevant routines.
    Now on the left hand side, click the Item button and then give the source I.C as TAC and target also as TAC adn then fill the routines.
    Do the same for Schedule line (which is related to TAC)
    If this is done, then ur scenario will work

  • Sales order with reference to another Sales order

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Good day.
    I would like to seek an advice from u regarding this scenario:
    First if all, is this scenario possible-create sales order w/ reference to another sales order?
    We have a scenario wherein the original sales order has a material w/ free goods. And then when we create another sales order w/ ref to that iriginal sales order, the free goods appeared twice.
    Original SO:
    Item.  Material.    Qty.  item cat
    10.      123.          5.       ZOR
    20.       123.         1.       ZORR
    SO w/ ref to above orig SO:
    Item.  Material.    Qty.  item cat
    10.      123.          5.       ZOR
    20.       123.         1.       ZORR
    30.        123.         1.      TANN
    Item 30 should not appear since our goal is to copy exactly what was on the original sales order.
    I have checked the item cat and copy control & seems it is correct.
    Please advice

    dear friend,
    your 'key' transaction is VTAA
    the copy control has two parts - header and item levels - check them both
    find out your record (source to target) , goto Deatails and check out two checkboxes - "Copy item number" and "Complete reference" . also check out the copying requirements - look at routine number and make sure it is correct
    2. at item level check out all relevant 'copying' fields
    good luck

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