Measuring Documents in Plant Maint. ECC 6.0

I've couple of questions/issues - pl. help.
1. We are able to create a maintenance order of type PM01, however,we are not able to access the measuring points from the order to enter the readings. I know in earlier versions there is a button in the order screen (IW32) from where you can access the measuring points. I also think we should create a profile for the order type in SPRO, but I'm unable to find the exact path or way to do this. Any other information in resolving this issue is a greatly appreciated. Is ther eany other transaction we can use to enter readings (and thus create the measuring documents ) with ref to the order?
2. The requirement is to pull a report for a given equipment number or all the latest documents for all the quipments. Is there a function module or any other report which meets this requirement.

To achieve this functionality you may try the following enhancements
IMRC0003 MeasDoc: Menu exit for customer-specific function
IMRC0004 Measure.doc.:Exit according to stndrd checks for new mes.doc
IWO10018 Maintenance order: User fields on order header
Check with your ABAPer for the scope coverage.

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  • CS/SD - Link from transactions: Measurement Document x Notification?

    Hello all,
    vs: SAP ECC 6.0
    I need to create the following Customer Service process:
    It is created Measurement Document based on a counter reading. For that we use transaction Measurement Document (tcode = IK11/ IK12 IK13)
    Process I need to create:
    From each Measurement Document we must create a Sales Order (tcode = VA03).
    Relation One to One - 1 Measurement Document will generate 1 Sales Order.
    From Notification transaction (IQS2), it is possible to create a Sales Order. That is fine! Then I am thinking to use this functionality.
    My question is:
    How is done the LINK from transaction Measurement Document (tcode = IK12/ IK13) to transaction Notification (IQS2), Is there any standard solution (transaction) to do that link?
    Many thanks in advance,
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    Wow Stephan,
    Many thanks for your answer.
    I already tried and YES....
    - from create Notification transaction (IW51), I created tha Measurement Doc and after this I created the Sales Order from the same same IW51 transaction.
    100% helpfull answer.
    Thanks again & regards,

  • Error while creating measurment documents for a counter (counter based strategy Plan)

    Dear Experts
    Pl suggest the possible solution for below case
    I have a counter based preventive maintenance Plan of 100km, 200km,.....  with op1,op2,..... respectively.
    Now I have done maintenance for 600 km and going to enter another reading in IK11.
    Here, system is giving error
    Counter reading in doc. 251591 larger than in subsequent doc. 251585
    Message no. IR171
    No counter overflow reading has been defined for the measuring point, and the counter reading that you have entered is larger than the one in the subsequent measurement document.
    This is not allowed, since the counter is not marked as running backwards.
    System Response
    Processing will not be continued.
    Check your entries and the counter data of the measuring point.
    screen shot for measurement document earlier created is as

    Hi Akhilesh
    okay . I have not found any error in my last and current reading date and time
    screen shot is attached again here for ur reference
    now, what thing I have to checked, pl suggest.

  • Creation of PM measuring documents after UD in calibration

    Hi All,
    There is a function module QFOA_QM_CHAR_TO_PM_E_POINTS (Follow-Up Action: Transfer of QM Charac. Results to PM Measuring Points) in SAP QM quality inspection configuration to create PM measuring documents automatically after the Usage decision. For that I have to create class characteristic in MIC to establish the link between MIC and the measuring point of PM equipments for automatic creation of measuring documents according to UD codes.
    Can anyone please put some light how I can create the class characteristic for MIC and make a link between MIC and the measuring point of PM equipments.
    Many thanks in advance.
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    Please refer this threads which will clear your doubts
    [Re: Linking MIC and Batch char using class char.;

  • Display of measurement document - t-code IK17

    my clients requirement is to analyse power consumption vs cost in machinewise.from pm aspect, i had suggested to enter power consumption in measurement document but at the same time client's requirement is to have the display of cost also.means suppose 1 unit of power consumption costs Rs.4/- .Now if they enter 4 unit in measurment document total cost should be automatically calculated by system the month end they want to see how much power is consumed by a particular machine and what is the cost involved for that power consumption in a single screen.At the time of creation of measuring point,there is a field called conversion of measurement unit,can we map this scenario with this concept.please,give some solution how we can address this problem.

    You can create a sales order with the following two condition types.
    1. PR00 - Price per unit
    2. EK02 - Cost per unit
    By entering the power consumption as a material and the delta usage of power as quantity you will have both.
    No development required. Also check with FI consultants if PR00 can be configured to not hit the revenue accounts. That way you can then treat as a report or write a simple query to get a report.

  • Wrong Document typed picked in ECC  Intermediate during CRM invoice Cancel.

    Dear SAP,
    When we cancel an CRM invoice(1159980135) from CP1 (CRM System) FI
    entry(1102100182)in ECC has been posted with AB document type instead
    of RV document type, and
    also system has picked posting key 12(Credit Memo) Instead if 11
    (Reversal Invoice).
    This kind of issue happened twice from last month. it is happening some of the documents we do not have any clue for whihc document and happing intermediately.
    We tried to reproduce the same scenario in our quality system(CT1) but
    FI entry is getting posted with correct document type RV and posting
    key 11.
    Attached screen shots from (CP1) CRM system for your reference.
    Let me know if you need additional information for analysis.
    If reqire send us the Email i will attache the custmization sceen shots

    Hi SF,
       Most of the times document flow will not be updated in CRM, if any inbound queues are not processed completely in CRM.  This issue happens, when billing document is created in ECC and at that time if some one is in change mode of the order, inbound queue fails with status SYSFAIL.
       Please look into the inbound queues in CRM, release if any queues are failed. 

  • Requirements for SAP Document management system in ECC 5.0

    Hi All,
    Can any one provide me the requirements for SAP Document management system in ECC 5.0.
    SAP Component   ECC 5.0
    OS    Solaris 5.9
    DB    Oracle
    Thanks in advance.
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    That info is available either at or
    Please do some research before posting
    Read the "Rules of Engagement"

  • Making system settings for measurement documents and measuring point

    What is the significance of making system settings for measurement documents and measuring point in spro?
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  • Plz suggest some documents for ABAP in ECC 6.0.

    Could u plz suggest some documents for ABAP in ECC 6.0.

    Sankar M

  • Problem while automatic creation of measuring document

    Hello everyone,
    my client requirement is to track the usage hours of the PRT used for maintenace order.
    i have created the PRT as equipment with category P and assigned measuring point(counter) in the default values.
    Then the PRT is assigned in the operation of the breakdown maintenance order,so when i tried to confirm(IW41) the operation(to which PRT is assigned) the measuring document is not created automatically.
    Please let me know if ant setting needs to be done.
    Thanks in advance

    Can anyone let me know whether this is possible in PM module as i know it works in PP.
    Thank you

  • How to calculate usage value through measuring document.

    While creating Sales Order with reference to a Contract i need to update the usgae value in the Order Quantity ( RV45A-KWMENG ) field (at line item level).
    Can you help me calculate usage value through measuring documents for equipment over a period of time.
    Is there any function module for the same?

    To determine the usage value of a an equipment I had followed the following.
    From table STPO, check if the material receipted belongs to a standard BOM (STLTY='S')
    If yes, record the BOM (STLNR)  and the BOM item node number (STLKN)
    From PLMZ table, select the task list type (PLNTY), the key for task list group (PLNNR), the group counter (PLNAL), the task list node number for operation (PLNKN),   if the record is not flagged for deletion (LOEZ)
    From PLFH table, select the object type of the CIM resource (OBJTY), the object id of the resource (OBJID), the usage value (EWVGW) if the record is not flagged for deletion (LOEZ)
    From CRVE_A table, select the equipment number (EQUNR)
    The result of this selection will be all the tools which can be used for the production of the material receipted.
    The measuring point for this or these equipment(s) will be selected from equipment number and EQUI table
    The result of this selection will be all the measuring point to update.
    Create new measurement document for the selected measurement point (transaction IK11)
    Technically go as follows:-
    MAT = material receipted
    Select STLY, STLNR, STLKN from STPO table where IDNRK='MAT' and STLTY='S'
    If results exist
    And PLMZ.LOEZ<>'X'
    All the equipment number selected at this moment will be called EQUIP in the next steps
    EQUIP= Equipment number previously selected
    Select OBJNR from EQUI where EQUNR=EQUIP
    Select PARNR from IHPA where OBJNR=EQUI.OBJNR
    If PARNR = Vend then
    Select IMRC_POINT from equi where equnr=equip
    All the measuring points  selected at this moment will be called MEASP  in the next steps
    For each MEASP
    Insert into IMRG the new increment value  (USAGExMAT) in field CDIFF
    Remark: the field CDIFF is managed in floating point number, accurate to 8 bytes.
    I hope this is useful for you.
    Ankur Parab

  • How to list incompleted sales order documents by plant or profit center

    Hi, Is it possible to to list incompleted sales order documents by plant or profit center? How?
    Thanks very much.

    You can have list of open sales orders wrt to plant and probably it may be useful to you.
    This can be done with configuration so that you can add plant to the selection criteria in the T code VA05.
    Goto IMG - Sales & Distribution - Sales - Lists - Define Selection Criteria - Execute
    Click  New Entries and enter  the below fields  save the changes.
    Program Name - SAPMV75A
    TRG (Transaction Group) - 0
    Display Group - K
    Event - SELK
    It - 8
    Field Name - WERKS
    Goto VA05 and now you can see the field Plant in the Fur Sel Criteria.
    Phani Prasad
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  • Regarding  Measurement Documents

    Dear All,
       I am Nagesh working as SAP PM consultant and this is my first SAP implementation project.
       My project is about fleet maintenance of transport vehicles. I have struck with preventive maintenance configuration.
       My client wants the preventive maintenance done based on kilometers run by the vehicle. So for this purpose i took kilometer characteristic and created measuring points for each and every vehicle/fleet objects.
      Upon updating the measurement document the preventive maintenance plan need to be called.
       I have 5 task list's as 1000 km , 10000 km, 20000 km, 30000 km, 40000 km, 50000 km...etc...
       I am not getting the correct preventive call and struck up here...Please anyone do help me in configuring this process and provide some document if you have...
       Its very urgent and i shall be grateful for one and all...
    Thanks in advance...
    Nagesh Aswartha

    Check if u have run the Dead line Monitoring.. Include rescheduling in it.

  • SUS PO document number same as ECC PO number

    Hi Experts,
    We are on SRM 7.0 with ECC EHP4, SUS4.0 with SRM on single client.
    The requirement is to have the same SUS PO document number as the ECC PO number so that supplier would not require to refer to another number and avoid confusions.
    Else can we hide SUS  document link and enable the PO document number as a link for processing in SUS. Please let me know the best possible solutions if any.
    -Devi Swain

    Hi Devi,
    There seems a liitle chance of confusion as the ECC PO no. is also displayed along with SUS document number in the "List of PO" screen and also in the PO secreen.
    Making ECC PO no. as a link would defitely require development and then you have to hide the SUS document no. to avoid presumed confusion.
    What i have proposed to my client is that we will include the ECC PO no. on the PO print (through smartforms). This was well accepted.
    You may try to propose this.
    If not accepted then the only way is development.

  • Looking for Idoc / BAPI to create measurement document in PM IK11

    Hi All
    I am working on interface development wherein I need to use a BAPI or IDOC or combination of both to create measurement document in PM.
    Do you guys know how can we do it easier way. Is it that I can post idoc directly or need to post it using a BAPI.
    I am trying to avoid any BDC or CT for this purpose. Please guide on how to do that.

    I don't find them listed in the BOR, but look at function modules named like: BAPI_MP*.
    You might be able to utilize these for both the measurement point and the measurement document.  At another assignment, I had a situation with IDOCs that could call up to 12 BDC/CT sessions, etc.  I wrote a function module that was triggered by the inbound IDOC start process, and I utilized BDC and CT to do the IK01, IK11, etc.  Using a BAPI would have been better, but the code was really pretty simple for the measurement stuff, since the transactions are simple and easily recorded.

Maybe you are looking for