Memory upgrade on Satellite A300D-15B

Hi all,
I am having upgrading the ram on my laptop from 4gb to 8gb. First I will post the full details of my laptop then explain the problem.
(Original Configuration)
Satellite A300D-15B
Model : PSAKCE
Bios Ver: 3.30
AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor ZM-86 (Upgraded from ZM-80)
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
4096 MB (2048 +2048) PC2-6400 DDR RAM (800MHZ)
Right then, I installed Windows 7 32bit on it ages ago and upgraded the CPU and have never had any issues as i work with computers.
I did some checking and found out my Motherboard supports uo to 8gb of ram and decided to buy two 4gb ram modules. I made sure I got the correct ram for my laptop.
I upgraded the ram and it recognised it without any issue and even stated that 8gb of ram was installed under 'System'in contol panel and in the bios. As it was a 32bit OS it only utilised 3gb of the ram. I then decided to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and thats when the fun began.
Basically my laptop will not boot if I have more than 4gb of ram installed (In any configuration) and get a BSOD. I have had a few different Stop Error codes but I cant seem to find a solution. Also there arent any/many options to change in the bios so Im stumped.
I have tested the ram modules with Memtest several times without error and have also tried them in different laptops without issue. I know my laptop suppors the 8gb as I had no issues running the 32bit OS.
All my drivers and other software are to date and work fine and have installed all windows updates to date.
Has anyone else had this issue and is there a patch/fix available?
Any help, ideas or suggestions are welcome and hopefully I can sort this problem out. Many thanks in advance.

Hi there,
The Ram I bought is the correct to the letter and is as follows:
Komputerbay DDR2 PC2-6400 @ 800Mhz - 2 x4gb modules.
It has exactly the same Cas latency and timing settings aswell.
You mentioned that it booted fine in 32bit as it didnt address the full 8gb but now on the 64bit OS I have 1 x 4gb module installed and it is recognised without any issues,.
If the ram wasnt compatible in any way then I should be getting some errors or something to indicate a problem.
It also wouldnt boot/run properly with just 1 of the 4gb modules installed on either 32/64bit OS's, which isnt the case at all. I am certain that the ram itself isnt the issue.
I also tried installing 1 x 2gb and 1 x 4gb module for a total of 6gb and I managed to get windows to load (once) but it then stopped responding. Im not very keen on spending loads of money on another 8gb of ram from Kingston or Crucial if the same thing is going to happen, which I fully expect it will.
Thanks for the suggestions though, any other ideas?
Also worth mentioning that the ram that came with the laptop wasnt even Toshiba brand, it is Samsung ram so maybe they should make a list of all the compatible makes for their laptops or maybe not lock their bios's to the point that the end user is so limited.
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    I've added an extra 4GB of memory to my Satellite A300D-15B (PSAKCE). When I try to run the Windows 7 64bit upgrade it fails with a blue screen.
    Is it possible to upgrade this model to 64 bit Windows 7?

    Hi ronchennells,
    Theoretically it should be possible to upgrade to Windows 7 64bit You can do/install everything what you want but the important point is drivers
    On the official Toshiba website there are no Windows 7 64bit drivers but you can try the Vista 64bit drivers. Normally they are compatible
    Generally speaking its not necessary to upgrade to 4GB RAM or more for using Windows 7 64bit. You can also use the 64bit version with 2GB only.
    What happens if you start the upgrade with original memory module only?

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    I have a Satellite A300D-15B, running Windows 7 32bit, which bought quite recently used. I have encountered a couple of problems which I hope someone can help me with!
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    Secondly, once I had got the laptop to turn on after the sudden shutdown on staurday, I have found the charger still wont register as being plugged in unless i use the folling procedure.
    1) diconnect the mains fuse cable from the transformer block
    2) remove the battery
    3) plug in the DC jack
    4) reconnect the mains cable to the transformer which causes the mains light on the laptop to turn on.
    5) reconnect the battery
    The laptop then charges normally, I am using it to write this post.
    I have to use this process everytime the machine is unplugged from the the mains or charger, which is irritating and also a worry that there could be big problems on the horizon.
    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    I upgraded it to 7, the first time it shut down was the first time it was switched on after the recovery disc had been used. Could that be an out of date driver on original settings? Then upgrading to 7 giving similar problems?
    I upgraded to 7 not a fresh install, which I never usually do.
    The charger is a genuine unit not a 3rd party, I won't use them as I've had issues in the past. I'm just concerned it's a mainboard problem given the shutdown and subsequent strange charging behaviour. Do these have EEPROM's in the chargers and maybe clearing the CMOS has caused a recognition problem?

  • Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - USB message appears if BT is enabled

    Sorry if I'm one of those annoying people who has been posted something that's already been posted.
    A couple of weeks ago, my laptop a Satellite A300D-15B series (PSAKCE 00K0DEN) kept coming up with a msg - "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED" - when nothing was plugged into any of the USB ports (anything I subsequently plugged in any of them works fine).
    Today, I was wanting to use bluetooth with my phone. The icon is red and blue as opposed to the white and blue combination it usually has when ready to send files. On opening the 'add new connection' menu, a msg popped up saying "Bluetooth not ready". On the options menu, running a diagnostics reveals this msg: "Check communication with Bluetooth device: Fail".
    I disabled Bluetooth and noticed that I stopped getting the USB message too - and on enabling Bluetooth, the message would keep cropping up, indicating that there would be a link between them.
    I am a complete technology noob and I have no idea how to fix this, or even grasp what the problem is to start with, and most internet sites that seem helpful also seem full of jargon I can't understand!
    I really hope someone can help based on my minimal information, and thanks in advance.

    a possible fix maybe to uninstall all your USB devices in Device Manager (under Windows XP, I don't know the compartment name under other MS operating systems).
    It helped me, when I was using a usb hub and switched the devices on it's ports very often. After some time, some of the devices stopped being recognized by the system and I got the "unrecognized device plugged in" message instead.
    The uninstallation of the USB components also removes any profiles that Windows created for a particular device (at least that was the explanation that I've found somewhere in the Internet).
    If this doesn't help (Windows should reinstall all the drivers after you -> restart your computer), try maybe to uninstall the BlueTooth devices the same way. Write if you have any progress / solution for/with the problem.

  • Satellite A300D-15b: Where to get Chicony cam software for Win7

    I have recently done a clean install of windows 7 64bit on my Satellite A300D-15b and was wondering were i can download the Chicony camera assistant software from?
    Cheers Avo

    Hi Avo,
    If you cant find Windows 7 driver at the moment you should try the Vista driver. I have also Satellite A300D and Im still using the Vista driver for Chicony webcam it works really well.
    You can download the driver here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    If you have more questions, please let us know! :)

  • Memory upgrade on Satellite A60-218

    Is it possible to upgrade the memory for the Satellite A60-218 models?
    I've heard that the memory is onboard (internal) and cannot be replaced. Is this true?
    If not, could somebody give me a hint where can I find the memory modules on this model?
    I have tried disassembling it without success.

    Just for info: Satellite A60 has 512 MB internal memory and one sot only is available for upgrade. This unit can handle with max 1,5 GB of RAM. On the bottom side in the middle there is placed memory module cover. Remove it and you will find RAM slot.
    For RAM upgrade you can use follow compatible memory modules:
    PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
    PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)
    If you have more questions please write again.
    Bye and good luck!

  • Memory Upgrade on Satellite P100

    I have a TOSHIBA Satellite P100 PSPAAE-01D00UEN
    System Serial Number: 17172416W
    Could anyone tell me the maximum amount of USEFUL memory I can install on this machine please?
    I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, (32 Bit) and do a lot of graphics and file management work, with file sizes up to 4Gb.
    I cannot afford a new machine, before anyone suggests it !!!!
    Thank you,
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    You can upgrade your Satellite P100 up to 4 GB of RAM.
    Compatible RAM modules for your notebook are:
    PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
    PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)
    DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

  • Memory upgrade on Satellite Pro L40-15d

    I have Satellite Pro L40-15d with 512 memory (Samsung) but I wont upgrade to 1GB. I have Kingston ktt667d2/1g I have tray to put in to both slots but nothing work I cant switch on computer.
    But when I change for old one laptop is ok. What can I do? Install special program or update BIOS or maybe the memory stick is broken.

    The notebook doesnt boot after the memory upgrade due to these different issues;
    - memory modules are not compatible together
    - memory modules are not compatible with the notebook
    - memory modules are faulty
    - one of memory slots is faulty
    In most case the memory module replacement helps.
    One hint; did you try to switch the memory modules in the slots? Sometimes this helps.
    Several weeks ago I have updated my memory and the notebook didnt boot.
    I thought its a memory malfunction but after module switching the notebook booted correctly.
    Good luck

  • Memory Upgrade on Satellite Pro A10

    Can anyone advise me as to the correct RAM type to upgrade my Satellite Pro A10. Its a standard 256mB at the minute and I'm thinking of slotting in an additional 512mB next to it - but am bemused by the array of memory types and nomenclatures - DDR - SODIMM etc !!!
    Handy with the screw drivers but not so hot with the acronyms. Many thanks to you all out there who know the score!

    I understand you very well and sometimes Im also a little bit confused because of the whole notations in the computer world.
    The Sat Pro A10 supports 200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM modules and you can upgrade the memory on this notebook up to 1024MB (2 x 512MB)
    You could check this memory module page:

  • Memory upgrade on Satellite A50-104


    You have several ways to find out what memory module is compatible and supported.
    You can use a diagnostic too like Everest, you will check the user manual or the Toshiba website for details or you will contact the service in your country for supported modules.
    I will try to answer the question: The Satellite A50 should support PC2700 DDR-RAM like these parts:
    PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
    PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
    PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)
    Now its your choice. You can also google for the offers
    By the way: Visit the Toshiba Options & accessories site. There you will find compatible parts

  • Memory upgrade on Satellite Pro A40

    Can anyone please advise where is the best place I can get a memory upgrade for my Satellite Pro A40 laptop.
    I think my machine is a PC2700 DDR. I am looking for either 512mb or 1gb.
    Thanks in advance.

    On the Satellite Pro A40 you will find 2 memory slots and you can upgrade the memory to max 2GB (2x1024MB)
    It should be possible to use these modules:
    PC2100 512MB (PA3164U-1M51)
    PC2100 1GB (PA3278U-1M1G)
    PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
    PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G
    I purchase the compatible parts and devices always form the Toshiba service partner in my country because so I'm 100% sure that this parts are compatible.
    So I would recommend you also to buy the modules form the ASP in your country.

  • Memory upgrade for Satellite L30-134

    I have a Satellite L30-134 which appears to be running quite slowly - I think due to large amount of photos and itunes music.
    I am wondering which is the easiest way to resolve - buy a memory upgrade (no idea how to change the memory though) or get an external hard drive?
    And if I change the memory will I lose what is already saved on the laptop?

    I agree with Ganz the bigger HDD will not improve the performance but only increase the available HDD space it would helps you to store more music and pic files on the HDD ;)
    The memory upgrade would also not bring an performance boost of course the performance would be a little bit better because the most stuff would be handled directly in the memory and not temporally on the HDD but generally its not really noticeable.
    Anyway if you want to upgrade the memory check this:
    You have to use DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM

  • Need help with memory upgrade on Satellite A100-250

    Help me with upgrade memory on TOSHIBA Satellite A100-250 up to 1024 mb.
    I want to buy another slat of memory ddr2-533 512 mb, what exactly model am I necessary to search, that they worked in a pair.
    Sorry for bad english. From Russia with Love.
    PS. I like drink russian vodka :)

    Your notebook can be upgraded up to 2 GB and compatible RAM is DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G).
    Use this part number in Google and you will find it.
    Bye and dont drink too much Vodka. ;)

  • Re: Memory upgrade on Satellite L10-202

    What type of memory, specific for SATELLITE L10-202 ( i.e.Toshiba part number or equivalents), should I use on operation memory upgrade up to 1GB?

    The L10-202 Satellite supports the 200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM memory modules and can be upgraded up to 1GB (2x 512Mb)
    Check this site for details:

  • Satellite A300D-15B PSAKCE - Cannot install the Win XP 64bit sound driver

    Hello all,
    This is my first post here after lurking for the last week or two, My hope is that somewhere here there is help and hence hope!
    I have a wonderful Toshiba A300D-15B PSAKCE with 4GB/O RAM, however I am suffering from some problems that the holy SEARCH function cannot solve. I use this laptop as a development box for uni/work alas...
    After an absolute nightmare with Vista32 and Vista64 I decided to go back to windows XP32, however this wont install, keeps claiming a CRC file failure after (and yes this is with the SATA in IDE mode and with an XPSP2 disk)
    I decided that I really DONT want to goback to Vista, so installed Windows XP64. Now the initial Instal goes very easy, I have the basic setup, the chipset, graphics, network, processor, usb, pretty much the basic... except... and this is where I have lost most of my hair.... SOUND!
    Firstly attempting to install the sound driver results in Failure, claiming the mmdriver.inf cannot be found or corrupt, obviously I checked, and yes there it is, for the sake of it downloaded the MMDRIVER.INF and placed it system32, and still the install fails.
    I have also tried a "Manual Install", from the .inf files... this includes the XP32/64 drivers and the Vista 32/64 bit drivers, still the same
    problem, driver continues to fail install. I am becoming increasingly bald. Outstanding Drivers that WONT install
    *-Audio Device on High Defninition Audio Bus*
    *-Mass Storage Controller*
    *-Modem Device on High Defninition Audio Bus*
    *-USB Device*
    If the following is any help, (Sandra 2008)
    *-Disk Controller*
    (AMD(ATI) SB700 SATA Controller [IDE Mode])
    *-Disk Controller*
    (Toshiba SB700 IDE)
    *-Audio Device*
    (Toshiba IXP High Definition Audio Controller)
    *-Audio Codec*
    (Conexant Systems 5051h)
    *-Audio Device*
    (AMD (ATI) RV635 Audio device [Radeon HD 3600 Series]
    Now, as I write this I have heard rumor that the A305D uses the same
    audio/graphics drivers.... well.... off to try something I guess...
    if there is any help or ideas I would appreciate it.

    Thanks Jaba
    Initially I attempted to locate the MS patches you mentioned, KB835221 and KB888111 respectively, alas there were none available that I could find for XP64, also at the time of tapping this message theres no XPSP3 for XP64 bit either.
    Lucky for me I logged into my MSDN account and downloaded XP+XPSP3 tore the house up looking for a CDR... anyway long story short.... solved all the problems with the required updates of SP3, I now have my Toshiba A300D-15B all singing 'n dancing laptop setup completely with XP32.
    Had to take a hit on the RAM though, gonnna have to go on with only 3.2GB instead of 4GB,
    arguably when one counts the memory foot-print that vista ultimate 64 had used I am probalby still on a winner here in memory avaiable terms LOL!
    thanks again! much help!

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