Menu Bar Buttons in PSE6 (Mac)

Immediately below the menu bar is a small collection of buttons (New, Browse, Save, Undo, Redo and Help). Visit the pulldown menus and as expected, common commands have a keyboard shortcut and some have an icon (eg Open, Print, Copy). The latter suggests that somewhere I should be able to access that icon and place it somewhere on the interface, most likely amongst the aforementioned buttons below the menu bar ? Is that possible and if so how ?

Is that possible
Sorry, but no. The PSE interface doesn't favor customization.

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  • Menu bar button hyperlink to open a new page?

    I want to know if there is a way to add a hyperlink to a Menu bar button to open a new page showing a pdf file?

    To open url on button click, you can use the following example, that I used in one of my cases...
    Z P/L analysis
        ls_button-text     = 'P/L analysis monitor'.
        ls_button-tooltip = 'P/L analysis monitor'.
        lv_string1 = ' "'.
        lv_string2 = '" );'.
        CONCATENATE lv_string1
        INTO lv_string3.
        ls_button-on_client_click = lv_string3.
        ls_button-page_id  = me->component_id.
        ls_button-enabled  = abap_true.
        APPEND ls_button TO rt_buttons.
        CLEAR ls_button.
    - lv_string3 represents the URL
    - lv_url2 contains the url of bsp component, which you can build manualy or read from any table with select single statement
    - lv_object_id represents the id of opportunity which you can read from BOL or with one of crm_order_read function modules

  • Display Hide Menu Bar Button

    Hi all,
    We want to display / Hide or Unable to Click on Button of Menu bar on run time i.e. User select particular radio button on screen and menu bar button changes accordingly.
    Any suggestions welcome.

    Hi Friend,
    Take the function code of the buttons which you do not want to display. Pass into an internal table, code it like:
    Please check the documentation for int table's type.

  • Linux - Can't move menu or enable menu bar button (like Windows)

    I have used Firefox 4.0 betas on both Windows and Linux. I notice that unlike Windows, Linux doesn't seem to have the ability to hide the menu under the button which says 'Firefox'.
    I also cannot move the menu bar and place it on the navigation bar for example. I like to minimise on toolbars but because of the way this is designed, this does not seem possible on Linux. On 3.6.9 I use an add-on which consolidates all of the menu bar items onto one called menu, and then I add the navgation bar to this bar as well as buttons, and then I can remove one of the toolbars. With 4.0 beta however this is not possible if one wants to use tabs on top.
    Can anyone confirm if the single menu button functionality as available on Windows will be coming to Linux? Given how many betas have been released I'm concerned time is running out for this feature.
    I had previously found a support page which revealed that the Windows version has an extra toolbar which Linux does not have. I cannot find that link currently however.

    There has been some progress on this. To implement the Firefox button on Linux, 3 separate patches to the code need to be added. The first has just been added and the developer who is working on this hopes to get the remaining 2 patches available over the weekend. Still no guarantees that it will make it but it does look hopeful.
    There is a limited time frame for this to be implemented, beta 7 is planned to be the beta that is "feature complete", new features should not land after this. If the patches have not landed by beta 7 then Firefox 4 may ship without the Firefox button on Linux.

  • F-menu bar buttons partially visible. How to remove bar?

    The system comes with a menu bar for the F-key functionalities. By moving mouse pointer to top of screen, it appears. I cannot seem to find out where I can uninstall og disable this annoying bar. It looks like a software error when it's not used. A small line of the buttons are visible and it irritates me. Help me how to remove, please?

    I think you mean the Toshiba Vista FlashCards.
    The FlashCards controls the FN buttons and if you want to use the FN buttons I would not recommend removing it from the operating system.
    If dont want to use this tool then you could disable it in:
    Programs Toshiba - Utilities Toshiba FlashCard settings
    Hope this helps.
    A feedback would be appreciated

  • Spotlight on menu bar working on one mac but not on other...

    On my father's Mac mini, I can put a file in his home folder and Spotlight on the menu bar will find it. This is not the case for my iBook however, as I have to either re-index my whole drive or search within my home folder using Finder to find my file. I can, however, find any other file outside my drive using the blue icon.
    What have I done wrong?

    I've fixed it now. I realised that I had changed my home folder so Spotlight got confused. I changed the path in the NetInfo manager and everything's fine, for now...

  • Deleted items from menu bar MS Word for Mac

    I was customizing the toolbars and I was dragging the 'View' button and when I released it disappeared. It like poofed away. And I cannot figure out how to fix this because you need to use 'View' in order to go to 'Customize Toolbars' to fix this. Help!!

    Unfortunately your post is off topic here, in the TechNet Site Feedback forum, because it is not Feedback about the TechNet Website or Subscription.  This is a standard response I’ve written up in advance to help many people (thousands, really.)
    who post their question in this forum in error, but please don’t ignore it.  The links I share below I’ve collected to help you get right where you need to go with your issue.
    For technical issues with Microsoft products that you would run into as an
    end user of those products, one great source of info and help is, which has sections for Windows, Hotmail, Office, IE, and other products. Office related forums are also here:
    For Technical issues with Microsoft products that you might have as an
    IT professional (like technical installation issues, or other IT issues), you should head to the TechNet Discussion forums at, and search for your product name.
    For issues with products you might have as a Developer (like how to talk to APIs, what version of software do what, or other developer issues), you should head to the MSDN discussion forums at, and search for your product or issue.
    If you’re asking a question particularly about one of the Microsoft Dynamics products, a great place to start is here:
    If you really think your issue is related to the subscription or the TechNet Website, and I screwed up, I apologize!  Please repost your question to the discussion forum and include much more detail about your problem, that could include screenshots
    of the issue (do not include subscription information or product keys in your screenshots!), and/or links to the problem you’re seeing. 
    If you really had no idea where to post this question but you still posted it here, you still shouldn’t have because we have a forum just for you!  It’s called the Where is the forum for…? forum and it’s here:
    Moving to off topic. 
    Thanks, Mike
    MSDN and TechNet Subscriptions Support

  • Hide .mac status icon from menu bar - how do I do it?

    Title says it all.
    I want to hide the .mac status icon from the menu bar but can't seem to find a setting anywhere.
    Anyone got any ideas/

    Hi MarcMc,
    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    To remove the .Mac sync status indicator from the menu bar, open System Preferences > .Mac, click the Sync tab and uncheck the 'Show status in menu bar' checkbox.
    To remove the iChat status indicator from the menu bar, open iChat's preferences and uncheck the 'Show status in menu bar' checkbox in the General pane.
    Most menu bar icons can also be removed by holding down the Command (Apple) key and dragging them away from the menu bar.

  • How do you remove the .mac sync icon from the menu bar?

    I do not subscribe (or plan to subscribe) to .mac, yet there is an icon on the menu bar to sync with .mac. How can I remove it from the menu bar?

    Just (⌘ + Click) on the icon and drag it out of the menu bar.

  • Cannot display date in menu bar

    For some reason, my computer (in OS 10.3.9) will only display the date & time in the floating window (by checking the box to display date & time and selecting the button to display in window thru system preferences), but won't display the date & time in the menu bar (even though it should since the menu bar button is selected in the system preferences).
    This seems to be a bug in OS 10.3.9 that has not been fixed yet. Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix it?

    Hi ndl! And Welcome To Discussions!
    From March 2006 MacAddict magazine p.56
    Open Terminal
    At the prompt, type or copy & paste
    defaults write -g AppleICUTimeFormatStrings -dict-add 2 "MMMM d, y hh':'mm':ss' 'a"
    Press Return
    Then type killall SystemUIServer
    Press Return again, and your menu bar will disappear.
    Click anywhere on your Desktop to reload it.
    This setting only affects your User Account; other users on the Mac will not see the change.
    To restore your menu bar to normal, repeat the process, omitting the MMMM d, y part in the first Terminal command, like so:
    defaults write -g AppleICUTimeFormatStrings -dict-add 2 "hh':'mm':ss' 'a"
    For Tiger 10.4.x
    Easily add the date to the menubar Mac OS X Hints
    For Panther 10.3.x
    Add the date to the menubar clock Mac OS X Hints
    Tip: Date and Time in the Menu Bar
    Good Luck!
    ali b

  • Added a spry menu bar and site works in firefox but not in chrome or IE.  Please help

    I'm a photographer by trade and have only picked up enough web design knowledge  in order to build a website that isn't distracting to my photographs and is simple to update and mantain.  Please breakdown any answers to my questions in very simple terms.
    To start off here is a link to my site for reference.
    1.  My Biggest problem right now is that my site works in firefox but appears as a blank white page in chrome and in IE it only shows my background color.
         I'm assuming that this has something to do with the spry menu bar I added.  The galleries, banner, and footer were all part of a previous version of this website that didn't use the menu bar.  I actually used png's exported from an illustrator as buttons.  I've been wrestling with this menu bar for a few days now.  I had an issue with the menubar forcing down the gallery below it.  that was fixed by changing a position value from relative  to absolute in the menubar css.  Then I couldn't see the submenu over the galleries.  I think I fixed that with a wmode change but I"m not sure if I did that right.  I believe i needed to change that in the object and embed part of the code.  One spot for certain browsers and the other spot for other browsers.  I was a little confused on this because i also read that i needed to change the wmode in the javascript file in dreamweaver cs4 which is what i'm using.  Whatever wmode I changed it seemed to work in firefox.  The submenu background was showing up transparent but i fixed that in the menubar css.
    2.  I would like the submenu's to have a semi transparent blurred background effect.  Is this possible with a spry menu bar?
    3.  How do I center my text in the submenu?
    4.  My menu bar buttons should be the same font as my name in my banner.  It looks fine on my computer that has that font loaded but on other computers I was testing the site on the menubar buttons show up as a default font.  How can i fix this?
    5.  Is there any way to get rid of the grey lines that show up around my slideshow pro galleries and menu bar buttons when they are clicked?
    The last four questions aren't as important as the first one.  I may be upsetting the flow of the forum as well.  Please let me know if I'm not following procedure with any of my questions.  Feel free to point out any other problems you see with my page.  I'm trying to learn this as I go.  Thanks in advance.

    Spry widgets, which includes the SpryMenuBar, in their original state do not pose any problem in any browser!
    Widgets contain two parts
    JavaScript which drives the widget
    CSS which styles the widget to individual tastes
    The most common reason for a widget to misbehave especially in IE is because the inexperienced web developer has upset the delicate balance of the CSS. I say delicate, because in the original, great care has been taken by the Spry team to ensure cross browser compatibility.
    There are other reasons why a whole page can misbehave. In these cases, the culprit should be sought outside of the Spry framework.
    When trouble shooting, I would first of all comment out all of the Spry Spry parts and test the page in IE. If it does work after that, then yes come back here and we will have a look at the SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css for you.
    If it doesn't work after disabling Spry, then have a look at the coding and the CSS for your page and fix that.
    I hope this helps.

  • Photoshop Elements Menu Bar Troublehsooting

    Hey everyone, first time poster here. I have a question concerning a recurring problem that I'm having with Photoshop Elements 4.0's Menu Bar (File, Edit, etc.) I bought Elements 4.0 new in 2005 and have used it often since without upgrading because it still does what I need it to do for graphic design and photo restoration projects, but often, Elements' Menu Bar will lock up after increasingly shorter sessions of use. I can still use photo editing functions in the fields on the left & right, but the Menu Bar's buttons will flicker and not open when I click on them. When this happens, Elements won't close without Task Manager, and I can't use certain keyboard shortcuts on open projects (i.e. I can copy work suing Ctrl + C but I can't save it in Elements using Ctrl + S.) An unistallation and re-installation does solve the problem at first, but the frozen/flickering Menu Bar does return eventually
    I don't want to buy a whole new version of Photoshop if I don't have to, so I was wondering if this was a recurring or fixable problem that I can correct, or is this a sign that I should get Elements 11 or 12? I'm running an HP Touchsmart 300 computer with Windows 7, and it flawlessly runs Elements 4.0 despite it's age aside from the aforementioned problem. This has been a recurring issue for over a year, but only now is it getting to a frequency rate where I can't move around it easily. I can provide other information if it's at all helpful, and thanks for any advance assistance!

    First, thank you lundberg2 for moving this to the right forum, I didn't know that Elements had a separate forum.
    I did delete the preference file for Elements 4.0, though not the way you gave because the Alt+Ctrl+Shift command didn't work on this version. I did it manually by deleting the Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 Prefs.psp file located in AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Photoshop Elements/4.0/Editor. This did help temporarily, but the problem returned after steady use today on restoring old family photos. Menu Bar buttons still just highlight and flicker, work can't be saved directly, and Elements won't close. I did notice that sometimes, changing the active tool on the left would get the Menu Bar selections open, but not all worked as normal, and the problem returned if I changed tools. Is there another possible fix/remedy that I could try?

  • Spry menu bar in iOS

    My web pages use a spry menu bar for navigation.  The  menu bar is OK in Mac OS X but won't function properly when used by iOS on iPads and iPhones.  What modifications do I need to make.  Or what other navigation bar should I use?

    JQuery is quite a common substitute, but you can do wonders with a simple HTML/CSS only menu.
    jMenu jQuery plugin : Demonstration - Horizontal navigation with unlimited sub-menus with jQuery :
    Here's an HTML/CSS only version with a persistent page indicator to show the visitor which page they are on
    (view the source code) Home Page :: Kards by Karen :: Handcrafted Greeting Cards
    And see the CSS here:

  • Help, my Clock has disappeared from menu bar, how can I get it back ?

    Can someone please tell me how to return my clock to the menu bar directly above the Mac HD icon?
    I went to system preferences, clicked clock, clicked the date and Time tab and found it set on Show date and time, View in menu bar, view as analog. Under that it said show AM / PM and Show day of the week. These last two selections were printed in pale gray, not in black. On the lower left corner of this date and time tab, was an open lock. I clicked it closed in hopes this action would return my clock to the menu bar. It did not. So I clicked the lock open again. I would very much appreciate someone telling me how to return my clock to the menu bar. Thank you in advance

    You should consider updating to 10.4.11,
    But perhaps your Mac needs a bit of TLC:
    Repairing permissions is an important part of regular maintenance, and should always be carried out both before and after any software installation or update.
    Go to Disk Utility (this is in your Utilities Folder in your Application folder) and click on the icon of your hard disk (not the one with all the numbers).
    In First Aid, click on Repair Permissions.
    This only takes a minute or two.
    Background information here:
    and here:
    An article on troubleshooting Permissions can be found here:
    If you were having any serious problems with your Mac you might as well complete the exercise by repairing your hard disk as well. You cannot do this from the same start-up disk. Reboot from your install disk (holding down the C key). Once it opens, select your language, and then go to Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. Select your hard disk as before and click Repair.
    Once that is complete reboot again from your usual start-up disk.
    More useful reading here:
    Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck

  • Shortcut keys to menu bar?

    Hi, I've looked everywhere on websites, forums.. I need to ask here since I can't find the answer.
    What is the shortcut keys to "menu bar" on photoshop on mac?
    I just want to go to the menus below, by using shortcut.
    Thank you!

    Ctrl+F2 is the default to move focus to the Apple icon in the menu bar. Then press the initial letter of the desired menu or use arrow keys.
    If the system is set up so that the function keys act as media control keys then the fn key (above delete key) must be depressed to bypass the special features printed on the function keys. You can invert that behaviour in System Preferences for Keyboard to make the function keys easier to use.
    You can change the shortcut for menu focus in the System Preferences for Keyboard Shortcuts. For example, change from Ctrl+F2 to just F2.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My iPhone isn't recognized by iTunes so I can't synchronize anything. Same thing with my iPad. I tried re installing a couple times already but nothing changed. Does somebody know what else to do?

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    hy, my problem is the following: i want to let the user customize the ordering of a portal report. but the binding does not really work, the bind variable seems to have no effect in the order by clause. code sample: select * from SCOTT.EMP order by :

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    Hi All, May i know how to set my report output automatically to set to A4 size Thanks in Advance Have a NIce day

  • Lost settings icon

    Somehow I inadvertantly deleted my iphone settings icon. I had hoped that it might be restored when I installed the new ios update. But alas, no. Any suggestions for how to restore? Thanks!

  • Issue with replace

    Hi Sir, I have table emp in which there is a column of RestrictionString This column is having data like Restriction_string $BRCH ={('487','697','397')} OR $PFST=%VALUES('PMTCT','MMMNC','HHHCL') $BRCH = {('487')} $BRCH ={('487','697','397')} AND $KFS