Merge Address Book and iCal

I have an iMac and my Address Book and Calendar is on iCloud. My wife got an iPad 3 weeks ago and set up her own Apple ID.  Now our address books and calendars are separate.  On advice given me we will need to share one Apple ID in the Cloud, and it will be mine.  Fine, but...can we merge our calendars and address books (or contacts if you will) into my Apple ID iCloud account? THANKS!

A) Contacts)
1. Open
2. Open Contacts
3. Mark All Contacts > CMD + A
4. Click on the small icon in the lower left corner
5. Choose Export vCard...
6. Open your "Address Book" on your Mac and choose "File > Import"
B) Calendar)
At the moment there is no option to download/export all the data, but you could share the calendar back to your Mac by opening the website, then...
2. Open Calendar
3. Click the samll "Share" button behind the name of every calendar and share it with your account.
Add your wife's account just temporary on your Mac (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account), then
2. Open "Calendar" on your Mac
3. Wait until it finished synchronizing all the of her events
3. Mark the Calendar by clicking on the name of your wife's calendar
4. Open the menu "File > Export" + safe the file on your desktop
5. Delete your wife's account again in Settings
6. Open the calendar again
7. Open the menu "File > Import" + choose the file from your desktop
8. Choose your preferred calendar

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    I have lost all my address book and iCal content on my MacBook Pro. How do I restore from my iPhone? I tried synchronising my iPhone to the MacPro but then lost all the content on the iPhone. I managed to get it back using the restore. This means the only content I have for Address Book and iCal sits on my iPhone!

    Put one unique entry in both iCal & Address Book on your Mac. These entries can be fake, that doesn't matter, just make sure Address Book & iCal are not empty. Then when you select to sync contacts & calendars on the Info pane in iTunes, you'll get a merge or replace prompt. Select merge.

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    I truly wish the next Mac OS would merge these into one program like Entourage, but until then, any insight?

    In, try pulling down the File menu and select the "import mailboxes" item.
    To sync your PDA, use Apple's iSinc. Info on iSync is available here ...

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    I currently use Microsoft Entourage and would like to switch to Apple Mail, Address Book and iCal. I also need to sync with my Palm Tungsten3. Can someone please step me through the process of making this switch?
    iMac G4 /1.25 256/80 Super   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    In, try pulling down the File menu and select the "import mailboxes" item.
    To sync your PDA, use Apple's iSinc. Info on iSync is available here ...

  • I fixed my iSync Problem it now syncs Address book and iCal on 10.4.9

    Ever since updating to the latest version of OS X 10.4.9 iSync didn't work anymore with my Sony Z520i.
    Neither Address Book or iCal wouldn't sync at all and I tried everything even a fresh erase and Install.
    Someone here on this forum told me to delete the folder SyncServices found in ~/library/Aplicatrion Support/SyncServices. I did that but it still didn't work so I replaced the same folder from the trash. I then launched iSync again, it did sync my address book only. I couldn't select the option for iCal in iSync anymore until I resynced my iCal in my Mac prefrences, after that I could select it in iSync but it would still fail.
    So I deleted two files that belong to iCal located in ~/library/Aplication Support/iCal the two files are sync.plist and syncState.plist
    When I tried it it worked perfectly iSync synced both address book and iCal and I have been testing it without any problems updating my address book and iCal for the last few days.
    It's 100% fixed :)
    17" Powerbook G4 Airport Express   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   1.67 GHz, 93.04 GB, 1GB RAM, 128 MB ATI 9700

    You only get the one hour difference if the Time Zone or Daylight saving setting is set incorrectly on your phone, or if you are viewing events before the last time the clocks changed (March), or after the next time the clocks change (October).

  • 3G IPod nano won't sync with Address Book and iCal

    I connected my new 3G iPod nano (4GB) to USB2.0 port of aluminum keyboard on new 20" aluminum iMac. MP3 song files (total 623) transferred without problem, but whenever I tried to enable syncing of Address Book and iCal under Contacts tab in iTunes 7.4.1 window, error message popped up stated that there are no contacts in Address Book when there are actually 57 contacts already in Address Book. Creating new contacts in Address Book and recreating address book and iTunes library files in user's library folder did not help at all. The syncing of Address Book only work under new user account in Mac OS 10.4.10 (with all Apple updates applied). May I know what have gone wrong with my account ?
    I have wasted one hour with call routed to hopeless Apple support center in India. They only want you to keep reseting everything until it work so that they can put the blame on you.

    I have had same problem since I got my nano 2 months ago. At least with latest firmware update, when you DO see Contacts they contain their complete Notes! I have tried using iTunes sync to sync my full AddressBook with 900 entries, but this routinely failed to load any more than 600 entries with message saying so. Calendar has been even more problematic until I created a sub-view of my full calendar with just the prior 1 month and future 2 months event entries; then at least I could see the Calendar - but NEVER after immediately a sync, only after i reset the Nano. And finally I have used iPDA (ZappTek) to transfer News, RSS feeds, Weather updates for cities, & selected Documents and these too transfer completely (as inspection of the iPod as Disk shows), but needs a full reset to get them to show. Even then when you first highlight the "Notes" menu option you see it display "No Notes" but then when you click/select it, it starts "Loading them with a counter: sometimes the count is complete, sometimes it "aborts" and then you can only see some of the notes you loaded. I view this as a bug. I believe that the Nano is indexing these entries and either completes it or aborts, for an unknown "bug" reason. The ZappTek developer suggested there is a definite RAM (not storage) limitation in the Nano which prevents the Nano from handling very large sets of entries, but I should think a software update might be able to fix this by not trying to load everything at once.
    Hope this helps.

  • System Preferences, Address book, and ical suddenly won't open

    As I said My system Preferences, Address book, and ical suddenly won't open. This seemed to have happen all at once. The only unusual thing to happen lately is that my ipod was corrupted and I resored it last night. Now when I try to open these programs I get one or two bounces on the icon, then nothing. My other programs including itunes seem to work fine. There are no error messages at all.

    /System/Library/Frameworks/Message.framework/Versions/B/Message (file is empty)OK, this is an important part of your basic system and will need to be restored.
    First you should boot from your Install Disk and repair your disk: see Using Disk Utility and fsck to resolve startup issues or perform disk maintenance.
    Then I think you would be wise to consider an Archive & Install. See Mac OS X : About the Archive and Install Feature. This should put back the missing file(s). You will also then need to re-apply the Mac OS X 10.3.9 Update (Combo), and anything else Software Update says is missing.
    Post back and let us know how you get on!

  • How to sync Address Book and iCal with Samsung GT-S5670 (Galaxy Fit) with Android 2.2 running?

    How to sync Address Book and iCal with Samsung GT-S5670 (Galaxy Fit) with Android 2.2 running?
    Couldn't find any iSync Plug-in nor software for Samsung phones fitting ...
    Thanx for any help!

    if you need to sync your media files as well, you might want to have a look at FoneSync for Android. It features an iTunes like interface and syncs contacts, calendars, music and photos.
    Kind regards
    Jan Fuellemann
    Disclaimer: I work for nova media, but get no benefit or compansation from posting here

  • Address Book and iCal Data Files

    In the standard Snow Leopard installation, what are the names of the data files for Address Book and iCal, and where are they stored? I have so much data in these two files that I want to be sure they're closely backed up.

    you should back up your whole system not just those two files. then you'll never miss anything. what's your backup setup?
    the address book data is stored in home directory/library/application support/address book and the ical data in home directory/library/calendars.

  • Address book and Ical new version are impractical

    In the next Lion update, will you give a menu option in order to have the old skins of Address book and Ical?
    I believe this would be necessary for many of us for the following reasons.
    Reason 1. Having the old 3 columns in Address Book was a lot more practical than the new version.
    Reason 2. Having the Calendar groups always showing is again more practical than the new scroll down version.
    Reason 3. We can debate on this one, but I'm still gonna mention it. It's not because my father has a 'leather' agenda and address book, that I want one too. Apple is know for their futuristic's cool esthetics, not for traditional's ones.  A couple of skin choice would be nice and would give us a choice instead of being forced upon this.
    So anyway, I really hope that this feedback will get to the development team.  There's a lot of us that miss the old version of these two programs since it lost some of it's practicality. My main complaint is about reason 1 and 2.
    P.S. Is there a way to keep Lion and have the 3 columns in Address Book like in Leopard and have the Calendar groups always showing instead of the scrool down version ?

    guy205 wrote:
    is there a way to keep Lion and have the 3 columns in Address Book like in Leopard and have the Calendar groups always showing instead of the scrool down version ?
    I agree with all your points and have filed an ER on the issue long ago.
    You can't get 3 columns in Lion, the best I've found is a double-click on the ribbon to give me groups on the right and all contacts on the left.
    EDIT: I also used Lion Tweaks to change the skins.

  • Address book and ical question

    Just upgraded to a new version MacBook Pro. Where can I find my address book and Ical on my old computer to bring it over?

    See the following:
    Folders You Can Move to Your new Mac
    From the Home folder copy the contents of Documents, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Sites.
    In your /Home/Library/ folder:
    /Home/Library/Application Support/AddressBook (copy the whole folder)
    /Home/Library/Application Support/iCal (copy the whole folder)
    Also in /Home/Library/Application Support (copy whatever else you need including folders for any third-party applications)
    /Home/Library/Keychains (copy the whole folder)
    /Home/Library/Mail (copy the whole folder)
    /Home/Library/Preferences/ (copy the whole folder)
    /Home /Library/iTunes (copy the whole folder)
    /Home /Library/Safari (copy the whole folder)
    /Home /Library/Calendars (copy the whole folder)
    If you want cookies:
    /Home/Library/Application Support/WebFoundation/HTTPCookies.plist
    For Entourage users:
    Entourage is in /Home/Documents/Microsoft User Data
    Also in /Home/Library/Preferences/Microsoft
    For FireFox:
    /Home/Library/Applications Support/FireFox
    Credit goes Macjack for this information.

  • HT2486 How to change address book and iCal layout/theme?

    How to change address book and iCal layout/theme?

    Try: MacNix: Change Mac OS X 10.7 Lion iCal and Address Book Skins from Leather to Aluminum.

  • Can I sync Address Book and iCal to put contact info into iCal?

    I use Address Book as a contact/customer list and use iCal to prepare my schedule for work. I usually type in the name of the customer I want to see in iCal. Is there anyway to import or drag names out of Address Book into iCal so the location & contact info will be included? I don't want to invite the customer. I just want to input the info into iCal so I don't have retype a name that is already in my Address Book.
    If I have customer "xxx" in Adress Book and I am planning on visiting this customer tomorrow. Is there anyway for me to transfer/import this info to iCal without physically typing "xxx"? When I look at my appointment I would love to see the contact info for "xxx" in iCal when I click on individual appointments.
    I hope this makes sense.

    You can link to the Address Book entry with a URL. See my script +Link to Address Book+ on this page which creates a link from the currently selected person in Address Book. These can then be added to the URL field in iCal or the notes field if you have more than one per event.
    Best wishes
    John M
    <hr />As I sell software on my site and ask for donations, the Apple Discussions Use Agreement requires that I state that I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.

  • Help!! Address Book and iCal don't open

    When I try to open Address Book or iCal they won't open. I've reinstalled the latest OS update (10.4.10) and still they won't open. I urgently need to access some of the details in my address book - does anybody have idea why they won't open?
    Any help at all will be massively appreciated. Thanks.
    One more thing - I had a faulty ram chip replaced a couple of weeks ago - could this have had any bearing on this situation? They worked fine prior to this.

    This is in response to the iCal crash problems. I'm posting this in several different forums, so please pardon the generalized nature of the response.
    **Mac Book Pro,
    **1.83GHz Intel Core Duo
    **1.5 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    **60 GB hard disk
    **Mac OS X ver 10.4.10
    Symptom: iCal suddenly started crashing on launch. Sometimes the calendar would appear and then close before the individual calendars on the side pain would populate. Othertimes it would crash before. Crash reports were almost always generated.
    Thanks to the guys at the Oakridge Mall (San Jose, CA) Apple Store, I was given an overview of how to move folders in the ~/Library folder to the desk top, launch iCal, see if that works. We tried the Preferences folder first, that didn't work. I figured it would take a while to narrow it down, so I took my Mac Book home to continue work on it, and I narrowed it down to the Caches folder.
    Procedure: (I did all this through the Finder).
    1) Move ~/Library/Caches to the desktop.
    2) Start iCal. A new Caches folder should be created, and iCal should spend a little time setting up, then iCal should work with all previously existing calendars present and up to date (at this point, I can't tell that I've lost anything at all).
    3) Rename the newly created Caches folder to "Caches-New" (or otherwise save this folder).
    4) Move the Caches folder which was saved to the desktop back to the ~/Library folder.
    5) Copy the following from "Caches-New" to the just-restored Caches folder:
    5a) Copy Caches-New/ to ~/Library/Caches (you will be replacing the old version of this file)
    5b) Copy Caches-New/Metadata/iCal to ~/Library/Caches/Metadata (you will be replacing the old version of this folder).
    I suspect the problem was with the contents of the Metadata folder.
    Hope this helps.
    (Similar steps might be used for the address book. I noticed that when the new Cache folder was created, there were address book components as well after I opened iCal).
    karl ^*AT*^
    (expect a spam-filter request for verification)

  • Birthdays - Address Book and iCal

    I have put birthdays in Address Book and enabled the Birthday Calendar in iCal preferences but none of the birthdays are showing up. Can anyone help with this?
    Another thing is it possible to have iCal operate with a 24 hour clock - I have tried setting International preferences but to no avail.

    I am also having problems with Birthdays and iCal.
    Two problems, maybe related. First, some of the birthdays I enter are ones for co-workers in which I know the day and month, but not the year. So I have been taking the Apple Default (Address Book default) of year "0001". These bdays always seem to show in iCAL as occuring several days before their actual date (so June 3rd not June 5th).
    Second, I just re-edited two of these in the Address book by putting in fake years that seemed reasonable (1980 or 1985 rather than 0001). The result of this is that now the birthdays I edited no longer show at all in iCAL.
    I did follow the advise and go to ~/library/calendars/ and deleted two caches files. Nothing changed.

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