Merging word document with pdf file how do you renumber pages?

After merging a word document with pdf file, how do you renumber pages?  The pdf has more pages than the word document.  I first converted the word document to a pdf, using Acrobat Standard 9.

Hi Petek ,
After you merge the files or combine files ,click on the Page Thumbnails panel on the left hand side.
In the Page Thumbnail panel ,right click and you will get a drop down list .Select the option "Number Pages".
You will see a dialog box with several options .You can renumber the pages from there as per your requirement.
Sukrit Dhingra

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    hi all,
    i want to upload a word document or pdf file to xk02 trasaction
    please suggest me how todo this

    Hi Pradeep,
    For creating PDF documents in Webdynpro Java you can use  "iText.jar" .
    to know more about creating PDF using iText refer these links.

  • How to embed the Word Document and PDF file into Crystal report?

    How to embed the Word Document and PDF file into Crystal report?
    I have word doc which having 10 pages. I need to show all of the 10 pages at a time. I tried OLE object but problem is it shows only one page.
    Is there any solution to show word doc / PDF file in CR?

    Symptom :
    When embedding a pdf document into a Crystal Report, only the one page shows.
    Reproducing the Issue
    Crystal Reports OLE object
    An OLE object only displays the first page.
    Embed multiple objects, one for each page
    Use a hyperlink to the object instead
    Hope this helps!

  • I'm having a problem saving a pages document as another format, like a Word document or PDF file.  I've never had this problem in the past.  Please help me!  I need to have this fixed a.s.a.p.

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently having a problem saving a Pages document as another format, such as a Word document or PDF file.  I've never had this problem before with Pages.  Please help me!  I need to have this completed a.s.a.p.

    To save as a PDF, you do that from Print
    To save as Wrod format, you export

  • Is it possible to convert a Word document with embedded files?

    I am using Acrobat 8 Professional and have tried converting a word file, which contains embedded word, excel and pdf files within it.  The document converts but the embedded files are not accessible.  I have tried converting the document using print and also the 'Convert to adobe' button in
    I saved the embedded files separately is they are, i.e. Word, Excel, or pdf and also saved them all as pdf's and then manually inserted them into the converted file using the Link button.  I can open the embedded files, but when I send the converted document to others, they cannot open the files.  Has anyone found a solution or maybe it's not possible with this version of Acrobat.

    Hi uois21,
    Would you send your document as an email attachment? 
    I will check it from my end.Please add the link to this forum post for reference.
    I have sent you my contact details on your email id.

  • Convert word document to PDF file in SAP

    Hello experts,
    I've been searching around to get some code examples to upload a word document and convert it into a PDF file and then store it in unix. I hope one of you can help me, because many explanations and threads exist, but I did not get wiser reading them...
    I don't want to use 3rd party tools to do the conversion, but do it directly in SAP with abap coding and if necessary spool processing.
    System details:
    SAP ECC 6.0 (unicode system)
    SAP_ABA     700     0014     SAPKA70014     Cross-Application Component
    SAP_BASIS     700     0014     SAPKB70014     SAP Basis Component
    Thanks in advance!

    You can get the spool no from transaction SP01 and later use this spool no to convert the word document to PDF
    using the function module CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and give the import parameter as ur spool id.
    once the doc gets converted to PDF u can use CALL METHOD CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_SAVE_DIALOG
    to get the path where the file is to be saved and later give the path to function module GUI_DOWNLOAD to download the file.
    or else u can manually execute the following reports:
    RSTXPDFT4  (give the spool no. as input)
    RSPO0068  (give the word doc with its full path as input)
    Hope that helps u

  • Microsoft Word document to PDF file

    When converting a saved Microsoft Word document into a PDF file, the image changes...... Figures that were saved in the original document are then either lost or hidden/partly obscured by other items.
    Any help greatly appreciated
    [email protected]

    This questions belongs in the Acrobat forum. It is not a pdf
    specification issue. The short answer is that when you change printers
    Word reflows the document. Create the Word document with the Acrobat PDF
    printer instance as the default printer driver. That should take care of
    your problem. If it does not please repost your question in the Acrobat

  • Word document to PDF File possible?

    Hi to all, im using mac mini at home, in office i use windows. in windows theres a software that converts word documents (or excel files or ppt files) to pdf file. is there a freeware on this for mac?
    my dilema is actually this: i am putting pictures in a word document and convert them to pdf.
    any help would be nice.

    Hi iSphere: Have you tried, going to "File" > "Print" then at the bottom of the print dialog box select "PDF" and then "save as PDF". This will create a PDF file to be saved.
    Hope this helps

  • Word 2007 document to PDF file---how?

    I have Windows XP, Word 2007 and Adobe Reader 7.0.
    I have prepared some documents for printing and binding. The printer tells me I need to "place your Word 2007 document into a PDF file with fonts embedded." How do I do that?

    It requires Acrobat to create a PDF.

  • Word document or pdf file in Flash

    I have created a Flash CBT that has an assessment at the end.
    If they pass
    the assessment, they can print out a User Access Form which
    will have their
    name, date, score, and some other pertinent pieces of
    information. I have
    this User Access Form in both Word and PDF format. And I know
    that I can
    open a Word or PDF file from Flash ... but I need it to be
    populated with
    the information that was gathered from within Flash ... so
    I'm trying to
    figure out how to bring these files into Flash.
    Is it possible to put a Word document, or a PDF file into a
    Flash file? If
    so ... how?
    And if not ... is it possible to send data from Flash to Word
    ... so that
    their personalized data will already be in the document when
    it opens?
    Or ... any other ideas that might serve my purpose here?
    The only thing I could think of to do was to turn this file
    into a bitmap
    and then use the bitmap in Flash ... with dynamic text fields
    in the
    appropriate places on a layer above the bitmap. The problem
    with this is
    that the quality of the bitmap is not as crisp and clean as a
    Word or PDF
    file would be.
    Thanks in advance.

    To save as a PDF, you do that from Print
    To save as Wrod format, you export

  • Printing Word document as pdf files whilst  retaining active internal links

    I have a Word file (Word 2004 for Mac Version 11.3.5) with active links to various sections within the document.
    However, when I print this as a pdf file all the links become inactive. Is anyone aware of a way to prevent this?
    Kind regards,

    I tested this problem and got some interesting results. First of all, I created a document in Word 2004 (11.3.5) with two links, one to an external web site and the other to another Word document on my Mac. I then printed the file to pdf and opened the doc in Preview. Neither links were active, although as you have seen they look like a hyperlink. Opening the same document in Acrobat 8, the external link works but the internal link is still not active.
    Next, I printed the Word document via the Adobe PDF 8.0 driver. The same result occured as above. The external link was active in Acrobat but not Preview, while the internal link was no good for either application.
    I did some searching. Mactopia has no mention of this problem. There is a posting on Macosxhints with the same problem, but no fix. So unless someone else out there has an answer you may be out of luck for your internal link...

  • Printing error when I convert Word document to PDF file

    When I convert a Word document to a PDF file, I get a notificaton that there was a printing problem, but the document is converted anyhow.
    The error message started to occur after I installed an upgrade to Acrobat Pro X and is shown in the task bar with the printer icon alongside a red and white question mark next to it.
    Is there any way to get rid of the problem?

    Acrobat X Pro has problems with Explorer 9.0 and Office 64 bits version.
    I started having similar problems when I upgraded X pro to 1.2 or 1.3 version and upgraded Explorer to 9.0. I was unable to print web sites(converting to PDF) correctly causing distiller errors, or printed some pages but the fonts were illegible. You could correct the problem by going to printer property, and uncheck "rely on system fonts".
    On the other hand, technical support told me that X pro 1.2 version caused issues with office 64 bits version, and told me to upgrade 1.3 only. I did that, but by converting web sites or office files into pdfs with success, but print listing folder get error messages for each print command, and I had to clear them out. otherwise yellow triangluar mark will be attached to printer icon of Acrobat.
    Obviously, upgrade to 1.3 did not solve all the issues, and I have to stay without any upgrade at all.

  • Adobe Acrobat 9/Win7 - Inserting Word documents into PDF file intermittently leads to missing or garbled text?

    I have a user who is creating a PDF essentially compiled from inserting word documents into the position she wants inside of the PDF.
    The problem is that sometimes this leads to missing or garbled text. For example, 6-8.1 is displayed as 6- .1. Which is just plain weird.
    Other times, the text looks garbled or uneven. She turned off her PC but I took screenshots of both of these scenarios. I fear that I am not going to be able to retroactively fix the corruption in this document for her.
    She says she's using very standard fonts. Like Arial. I asked if she could locate the original Word document that produced the garbled text, just for a sanity check. The problem is that her co-worker may have been the only one with that particular word document (there are probably hundreds which compile this PDF...) and IF she has it, she might not be able to locate it on her PC TO check what the original text is. Yikes.
    Google-fu turns up very little. I tried the guidance in this document - .aspx[2] and a Save-As but no avail.
    This also turns up but is not applicable to Acrobat 9 I believe:[3]
    She states that she can manually fix the document but after a while it gets corrupted again? But I haven't observed that and she might have just fed me that to amplify the problem.
    I will be able to post screenshots when she turns on her computer tomorrow.

    Here are the two instances of corruption we have come across.
    Edit:  A LITTLE MORE INFO.  I am able to select the corrupted text, paste it into Notepad with all the characters intact.  So the characters are THERE.  they are just not being displayed correctly.
    Edit:  They also do not print correctly.  The page prints with characters missing, and she wants to print this document, so that is going to be an issue.

  • Using adobe on trial to convert word documents to pdf files...where are my converted files?

    where is my files that i converted ?? please advise.

    Hi nan7080,
    You can find your converted files by logging in to your account at using your Adobe ID and password.
    Please let us know if you have additional questions.

  • Problem with PDF files opening to the second page

    I am dealing with a fairly annoying issue where the PDF's I open to the second page without any rhyme or reason.  I open my PDF's with Internet Explorer by selecting the PDF> right clicking> selecting open with Internet Explorer. Is there anyway to fix this?
    I have tried on a
    Windows 7 32 Bit
    IE 8.0.7600.16385
    Adobe Reader 9.4

    It happens intermittently to all my PDF's. I have made sure to turn off "Restore last view settings when reopening documents" and i have also tried to change the reading order to" left, right, top to bottom". The wierdest aspect is that I can select a PDF and it will direct me to page 2 and then if i open another PDF then open the same one that opened to page 2 it will now open to page 1.

Maybe you are looking for