Message V1478 - Credit memo request with reference to an invoice

Dear all,
Creating a credit memo request with reference to an invoice, I get the following message "Material in item 000060 does not exist in plant/storage location".
Of course, this material exists in the plant and the storage location, as we could create the invoice without any problem.
Any idea?
Best regards,

Generally, these errors may appear due to:
- The plant is marked for deletion.
- The plant should be copied from the referenced item.
So, I would suggest you to
- Check copying control for Invoice to Credit memo request, particularly, item.
- Try and create Credit Memo Request with reference to sales order.
- Or if you want rectify a invoice, then use invoice coreection request.
Thanks & Regards

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  • Credit memo request with reference to many invoices

    Hello All
    I am having a business case where  the user trying to create a credit memo request with reference to the invoice which is already issues to the customer
    there he realized there are around 60 line item from different invoice has to be created for the same payer
    Is there is any way where we could create one credit memo request with reference to many invoices for only one payer?

    I doubt whether this can be possible to create a credit memo request from many invoice's line items together.....
    But it is (the answer given above) worth trying in your test/ QA system before recommending it to the user.

  • Credit Memo request with reference to Billing Document number via IDoc

    I want to create credit memo request with reference to billing document number via IDocs.
    I have tried through ORDERS05, but when I process I saw that it is only processing with reference to contract  number or quotation.
    So is any other way of creating credit memo request creation with reference to Billing document number via IDocs?
    Thank you in advance.

    Please Help... it is Urgent...  Thank you

  • Credit Memo request with reference to billing document

    Dear all,
    I am having a requirement to create credit memo request with reference to Billing document. But the issue is, I have separate pricing procedure for normal sales to billing, and different pricing procedure for CMR to Credit memo.
    When I am creating CMR with reference to Billing document it copies the pricing procedure, Please suggest how to block pricing procedure to get copied. (please note that B: redetermine pricing, is not working in this case)
    Suitable points for valuable answers guerenteed.

    In VTAF maintain the folowing parameters,
    053,103 and 03 in the Data T in this order from top to bottom,maintain 021 in the billing header box and check the copy item number box.
    153,104,004 in the Data T in this order from top to bottom,maintain 303 in the copying requirements box and pricing type E.
    This should resolve your issue.

  • Creating a debit memo request with reference to an invoice

    An invoice shows wrong MWST value because of incorrect customer tax classification as Tax exempt. I corrected the cust tax classification to "Liable for Tax". Then I tried to create a debit memo request with reference to the incorrect invoice. Thats a requirement by the customer. Invoices with incorrect VAT are not to be cancelled. A specially created VAT only sales order (Debit memo request) is used to create a sales order with 0 net value and correct MWST . But while trying to create the debit memo request, the system picks up the same old condition record for the MWST. How to overcome this situation ?
    The copy control for the item category from billing doc to debit memo request is set to "B" that is  new pricing. I even tried to update pricing. But it does not work. Changing the Service rendered date or the pricing date to current date also does not help.
    Please help.

    This is working fine. What I did was
    1: create a new pricing procedure
    2: made the PR00 condition statistical
    3: using a routine calculate the MWST based on the PR00. But PR00 itself does not contribute to the net value. This part is working fine. I could create debit memos successfully.
    The problem is if we change either the customer or the material tax classification after creating the invoice, and then create a debit request with reference to the incorrect invoice, the system still considers the old tax classfication and therefore the old MWST rate. If I create a debit request without reference, the new rate is applicable.
    I hope I have made clear.

  • Credit Note Request with reference to an invoice

    Hi All,
    We are creating a Credit Note Request referring an invoice. A Credit Note is then created referring to the Credit Note Request. However both the invoice and credit note shows as open items FBL5N.
    Please help how do we get the invoice amount to be cleared once the credit note is created referring to the same? Please find below the document flow:
    Sales Order => Invoice => Credit Note Request => Credit Note.
    Rajesh Singh

    there is not any functionality to make billing document and credit memo automatically cleared in accounting.
    Only in case of cancellation (by VF11) it is possible that cancelled invoice and cancellation invoice are automatically cleared in accounting.
    Sorry for the negative answer.
    Best regards,

  • Debit memo request with reference to the credit memo request

    Dear SD Consultants,
    I have a business scenario in which I create a credit memo request with reference to a debit memo request but the problem is that ,i can create many debit memo requests with reference to the same credit memo request even if the all target quantity was referenced , I still can create many debit memo requests with reference to the credit memo request so can any one tell me how to restrict creating debit memo request with reference to the credit memo request up till the all target quantity was referenced.
    SD Consultant

    Dear Saju.S,
    I have checked all the positive/negative values in the item copy control but none of the values works as i still can create many debit memo requests with reference to the credit memo request.
    Sd Consultant

  • Credit/Debit Memo Request with reference to Billing document via IDoc

    Hello Experts,
    It seems SAP doesn't support Credit/Debit Memo Request with reference to Billing document via IDoc. Via IDoc, we can create sales document only with reference to contract or quotation but not with reference to billing/invoice document.
    Wanted to check if anybody came across such requirement and what would be the best way to acheive (Other than custom program using BAPI).
    Additional Information: Its ECC 6.0 Environment with AFS 6.03
    Appreciate your help.

    Please Help... it is Urgent...  Thank you

  • Credit memo request with zero net value

    Hello all,
    when we create a credit memo request (VA01, doc type CR) and put a material quantity into the credit memo request that falls below the scale in VK13, the net value for the material will be zero.
    We do not want to allow to save the credit memo request with a zero net value, but SAP will just allow us do that.
    I was wondering if there is a way to pop up a warning or even an error message that avoids saving the document in case of a zero net value?

    You can make the condition type (for which $0.00 is not allowed) as mandatory condition type in the pricing procedure. By this way the system will give error and wont allow to proceed any further unless the data is complete. (make sure this is not affecting your regular sales order cycle).
    Or if you just want to give a pop-up message then you can use user exit USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT_PREPARE in include MV45AFZZ

  • Debit Memo Request with Reference to Service Order

    Hi Team,
    I need to create the following business process
    Service Notification -> Service Order -> Debit Memo Request -> Debit Memo.
    I'm able to create the notification and the service order. However while creating the debit memo request with reference to the service order I'm stuck. Not sure where and how do I give the reference document number for the data to flow from the Service Order to Debit Memo Request.
    Nadarajah Pratheb

    Hi Nadarajah,
    The following may help you.
    1.Check the sales document category of the service order you are using.
    2. Check which kind of document given in the with reference screen has the same sales document category.
    3. For that document type, enter the service order as the reference.
    4. Now you can see the details getting copied to the debit memo request.
    5. Make sure copy controls are properly maintained from service order to debit memo request.
    Please assign reward points if it helps.

  • Credit memo request with currency conversion to EURO

    I have a requirement in which i need to create a Credit Memo Request for the newly created sales organisation using the old billing document number created for old sales organisation.New sales org will have its currency changed to EURO.I referred to a FM named 'Pricing' where the currency conversion is done.
    The requirement is to get the current price in EURO from the price list instead of currency conversion to EUR.The current price has to be extracted from new pricelist.
    Your inputs in this regard is highly appreciated.

        Am not on SAP system now, so will try to give you
    info with what i can recollect.
       You can use FM: SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CREATE for creating
    Credit Memo Request. Note that reference document and
    reference type should be passed for identifying the
    reference document as invoice. Please consider these as
    initial inputs to explore on the same. Regarding the
    pricing, it can be configured either at order type or
    copy control to carry out new pricing so it can take
    directly from condition records.
        Hope the above info can help you in exploring on the same.
    Kind Regards

  • Credit memo request with different Pricing procedure

    Hi all,
    I am Creating Credit memo with reference to contract, my requirement is system should not copy Contract pricing procedure for Credit Memo we have different Pricing procedure for credit memo
    But the Problem is while i am creating a credit Memo with reference to Contract system will coping contract pricing procedure i need Credit Memo pricing Procedure in credit memo and system should populate all credit memo condition types default y in credit memo
    i am using credit memo condition types condition class A - Discount or surcharge and Calculat.type - B - Fixed amount
    can any one guide me how config in sap while creating credit memo with reference to sales contract system should copy different Pricing procedure its having own condition types

    To call a separate Pricing Procedure for Credit Memo Request, ensure that Document Pricing Procedure for Contract and Credit Memo Request are different. Based on Different Document Pricing Procedure, it is possible to configure to determine separate pricing procedure.
    +In SD, Pricing Procedure is determined (T.Code: OVKK) based on Sales Area (Sales Organization + Distribution Centre + Division) + Customer Pricing Procedure + Document Pricing Procedure. Sales Area is determined in Sales Order Header Level. Customer Pricing Procedure is determined from Customer Master. Document Pricing Procedure is determined from Sales Document Type / Billing Type (if configured).+
    Through copy control detting, maintain Pricing Type as 'B' for carrying out new price.
    Rajesh Banka

  • Credit Memo Request without Reference

    Hi Friends,
    A minor query to which I am unable to find the solution for.
    There are a few credit memo requests created without reference to a billing document or sales order and credit memos are created from these CMRs
    Is there any way in which we can find out the actual documents for which the CMRs are made ?
    Apologies if this has been asked already, I was unable to find it so far
    With Regards

    Hi Sarat,
    if CMR are created without refernce, then the only way left is to check the Purchase Order No field (that also considering the person who created the CMR mentioned relevant refernce while creating it)
    Otherwise no other way to track it.
    Aayush Jain
    SAP SD Consultant

  • Pricing procedure for Credit Memo request WITHOUT reference

    Dear friends,
    I have come across a requirement where credit memo request has to be created without reference to preceding document. i.e. for just giving some credit to customer may be for over pricing or giving some credit to customer (as to maintain good relation).
    So generally we have different pricing procedure for Cr/Dr process.
    thus i have different pricing procedure for Cr/Dr process than normal sales process.
    here i have copied pricing procedure of normal sales and added extra condition type for manual pricing, which overrides basic pricing condition type.
    but calculate the discount and taxes on the manual price.
    I would like to know whether discounts and taxes condition type's should be used
    in the cr/dr process without reference to preceding document. and suggest me the right condition types to be used in cr/dr pricing procedure without reference.

    Remove all the other condition types from the procedure and keep only those which you need.

  • Credit memo request(SO) w.r.t Invoice

    Hi want to create a Credit memo request (sales order) with respect to a invoice.
    Can any body suggest me a bapi or Fm which will directly create a sales order with input as invoice number?
    Also all mandatory import export parameters to be filled?
    Thanks in Advance,

    In that for with reference pass
    also check the BAPI's

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