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I just got a nokia lumia 520 when I entered my sd card it didnt even acknowledge it and when I went searching for my music that is on the memory card couldnt find it anywhere ? Can someone tell me how to fix it??

hi mate,
have you checked that you are fully up to date with the latest firmware and that you have all the latest Nokia system app updates from the Store? also do you happen to have a Class10 memory card at all as this is considered overkill, as class4 is generally recommended as such.

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  • Downloads to micro sd cards

    Is it possible to download my playlists from I tunes or my I pod to a micro sd card and if so how do I do it?

    I will be checking about the File Allocation Tale versions/types that will be supported with this unit.
    What's the exact issue that you're experiencing? What's the brand and capacity of the micro SD card & card reader that you're using? It maybe an issue caused by the software compression of the USB stick that the unit cannot read or it needs a password.

  • My ipad does not find my micro sim card? Whats wrong?

    my ipad does not find my micro sim card. Whats wrong

    Where did you get the phone? If it was hacked or jailbroken prior to the update, this is pretty typical. If that's the case, it's now a brick.

  • Help with purchasing micro sd card for Encore WT8-A32 8" tablet

    I am purchasing a Encore WT8-A32 8" tablet and want to order a micro sd card at the same time. I need to cofirm if this unit will take a 128 gb class 10 micro sd card or am I limited to a 64 gb card with this particular unit.
    Thank you.

    You also get expandable storage of up to 96GB* via microSD card, and if you need more, SkyDrive means files can be stored in the cloud for free, fast access and easy synchronisation with other Windows devices.
    (Encore 2 WT8-B-102, American model WT8-B32cn)
    Micro-SD/SDHC/SDXC support up to 128 GB
    Be best to do not choose this risk (SDXC 128GB), fully unnecessary.
    is that Paul services American Toshiba PC?

  • How do I get an iPad micro sim card for Austria and Italy?  We purchased one for Germany, but it doesn't cover in Austria or Italy

    How do I get an iPad micro sim card for Austria and Italy?  We purchased one for Germany, but it doesn't cover in Austria or Italy

    Compare the roaming charges from the German carrier with services like those:
    Otherwise buy a pre-paid micro-SIM card for the iPad in each country you visit.

  • I'm using a micro sd card inside USB adapter but it won't mount on my Macbook Air 2012

    Hi everyone,
    Really puzzled at the moment because I just purchased a Kingston 64GB Class 10 Micro SD card and it came with a USB adapter to plug into my mac. The problem is that it won't mount, I just get a pop up saying "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." I open up Disk Utilty and I get the following info:
    Mount Point : Not mounted
    Partition Type : Windows_FAT_32
    Capacity : 67.11 GB (67,107,815,424 Bytes)
    Everything else is blank. Does anyone know what Windows_FAT_32 is and how I can get my Micro SD card to work on my Mac? Also note that when I plug it into a Windows PC, it loads up fine and my Macbook Air is also running OSX Yosemite Dev Preview 6. Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated

    Yes, you will not be signed in to update iCloud content, until you update your Apple ID on both devices.  On the iPhone you will need to go into your settings>iCloud then tap your iCloud ID to sign out then sign in with your new Apple ID, on the Macbook you need to go into your system preferences then tap iClould sign out then sign in with your new Apple ID. 

  • Trying to recover my data My Micro SD Card became corrupted after JB Update

    Can someone please help me?
    Here is the issue:
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone that I transferred my micro SD Card into from my previous smart phone.  About a month ago I realized that some of the pictures were corrupted and called verizon they told me to put the sd card in the old phone and see if I could delete the corrupted pictures.  Did that,  the card went back to working as I was used to it working.  I then had a friend download some music to it.  That also worked fine until verizon sent out the Jelly bean update.  When the phone turned off and then back on after the update, the phone gave me an error message that said the SD card is damaged.  I immediately took it out of the phone and put it aside.  
    Current issue:
    So today I purchased a card reader, New micro SD card and came home and downloaded Recuva.  So far everything is great.  All the files, I card about came up in the directory with little green circles next to them.  (All the music and my 5 sms back-ups)  I then hit the recover icon at the bottom of the screen and the data gathered.  Then it never recovered over to my c drive or to the flash drive (memory stick) that that I put into one of the other ports.  I keep getting 1 or 2 messages.  The one I am seeing the most is " The parameter is incorrect"  the other one I am seeing is that the memory is not ready for the data.  I am now at the point where all I care about are the 5 sms back ups.  The music can be reloaded later.  files are called sms-"date backed up and a string of numbers".xml
    So question is do I need to buy recuva to actually recover my data or am I doing something else wrong?  Please help.
    Thanks so much in advance.       
    So an update as of 8:45 pm
    So here's what else I have tried so far tonight.  I went back into the CMD mode of my computer and ran chkdsk d:/f   this now produced a name of a file that is corrupted.  Also says that it removed the file.  I then ran chkdsk again with the exact same result.  The file was not removed. 
    Running recuva I am getting more files recovered now and more green circles.  But, when actually trying to recover the files I am still getting the message  "The parameter is incorrect"
    Most of the other software i have found is either for recovering pictures or deleted files not corrupted ones.  This is the only software that appears to do what i need it to do for my issue.  I think I may be in over my head and it may be time to pay a professional to move on from here.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thanks again for taking your time to reply to me. 
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    There are some free alternatives to recovering files from a SDcard.  photorec.exe is one.  Try a Google search to find others.

  • When I tried to load some mp3 files on to my samsung brightside I looked under card memory and my songs were there but when I clicked on my music it said no memory available remove files and I have an 8 gb micro sd card in and there is nothing else on it

    When I tried to load some mp3 files on to my samsung brightside I looked under card memory and my songs were there but when I clicked on my music it said no memory available remove files and I have an 8 gb micro sd card in and there is nothing else on it

    Whew.... got it to work after days of trying to figure.
    Got answer here:  http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1450821 from zblaze.
    Wiped phone completely, restored as NEW iphone through itunes.  Checked 'Sync all Music'.
    After that happens you can restore from backup.

  • I have an SIII and will be traveling out of the country.  Do I need to get a micro SIM card ? (I was told that Verizon has them for free but it needs to be set up and there was a charge for this.

    I have a Samsung SIII and will be traveling out of the country. Do I need to get a micro SIM card instaslled for international ?  I was told Verizon has them free for customers but that it needs to be "sert up". Also, are there alternatives to going through the verizon data plan (which is very expensive.

    Your phone already has a micro SIM card in the device so it can connect to the VZW network. You will need an international plan from VZW if you intend to use that SIM card. Otherwise you can get a new SIM card from the local carrier and setup the phone for global use with a separate APN with that carrier's specific information.

  • How can i open pictures i transferred from my iphone 5 to my computer and then onto a micro SD card?

    In a bit of a issue here.. so i transferred my pictures off my iphone 5 onto my laptop and then transferred them onto a  micro SD card but now that im trying to reopen my pictures to see them from the MicroSD my computer is telling me that photo gallery cant open the file.. but it is saved as a JPG File.. which should be opened with any windows software right?
    any help on this pleaaaaaaaaaaase

    This questions is quite outside of the scope of this forum. You should try posting it in a forum for Windows computers.
    Best of luck.

  • Problem in 1GB micro memory card

    hey, i'm using nokia 3120 classic. i have problem on my memory card. when i placed my 1GB micro memory card into my mobile. it show a message "Memory card not formatted". this problem occur when i was moving data from phone memory to memory card, i quit the transfer when it was in processed.

    Certain cards can be buggy on any platform. 
    Sandisk seems to offer mac drivers to fix these sorts of issues.  See if it applies to your model.
    http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1013/~/sandisk-express-card-%28sxs -card%29-drivers-for-pc-and-mac

  • New Curve not recognizing an 8gig micro SDHC card

    Hi - I am totally new to the BB and to this forum. Here's my dilemma - I just bought and "installed" an 8gig micro SDHC card last night. The phone does not recorgnize it. First when I went to take video, it told me to install a formatted card. When I try to format, I get the message "Media Card Format Failed". I have tried many times, checked on how it looks in it's spot behind the battery, etc. Everything else seems OK. Any help??
    Thanks much.

    friki wrote:
    What I can deduce from my experience is that one should not buy a SDHC card if you've got a curve 9300 or 9330 phone. Even if the SP tell you the model is compatible with the technology, blackberry specs only mention that SD cards are accepted 
    Sorry...but wrong. The only difference between SD and SDHC is the capacity of the card. SD goes up to 2GB (officially...some have labeled themselves SD but go to 4GB). SDHC goes from 4GB to 32GB. HC simply stands for "High Capacity." More information is available in the Wiki:
    So, while the BB specs may only say "SD", they must include SDHC since they further indicate the capacity of Media Cards that various OS levels support:
    KB05461MicroSD card sizes supported by the BlackBerry device software
    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup schedule...click here for an article with instructions.
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    any one seen any good prices for a MICRO SD card for the n95 ?
    or would any one be interested in trying to organise a group purchase?
    let me knowMessage Edited by moist_gibbon on 10-Apr-200712:27 PM

    10-Apr-200712:57 PM
    stuartlowb wrote:
    Where are you getting info from on the firmware updates?
    Another user on here who happens to be independent mobile phone retailer
    Phones I've owned (not in any order) 8210 7100 3510 3510i 7650 9210Communicator 1600 3310 3330 3650 5110 6230 9500Communicator N70 N90 N91 N73(ME) N95

  • Nokia 5700 512 mb bundled micro sd card problem.

    i am getting "certifictae error.Contact application supplier" error after about 80% installation is complete on most of my .jar files on this nokia supplied micro sd card.i cud install some of these apps. earlier.( the phone is only 7 days old). the same apps. insatll without a hitch on the phone memory or on another Transcend sd card which i hv.i cannot format the card also as it has bundled songs on it.is there any particular file on it which can be deleted to remove the problem.
    please help.

    is there any other forum where i can get help for this?

  • Nokia c1-02 micro sd card problem

    I have a 4GB kingston class-4 micro SD card
    In my old samsung corbypro in mass storage(connected via cable) mode the transfer speed is 3.8MB/s
    In my new nokia c1-02 in mass storage(connected via cable) mode the transfer speed is just 0.8 MB/s and windows says "this device can perform faster" and suggests me to connect it to Hi-speed usb 2.0 port(all ports in my biostar ta790gxb motherboard are usb 2.0).
    Its the same cable, same usb port and same memory card. Only the phone is different. I didn't get the windows suggestion in samsung corbypro.
    I think the problem is with the phone. Maybe some firmware update in future will fix it. Or do I have to do something else?

    It's nice if you have successed to update software. I have same problem as you but I can't even update firmware. You are lucky man even 
    I've tried to upgrade firmqare via Nokia Ovi Suite and Nokia Software Updater but same problem, always show after ~2 minutes that PC lost connection with device. I've tried it in several computers and different Windows but same problem.
    I would add one more interesting thing, at official site there's written that firmware update is possible also directly via phone by using "Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone Updates." but my phone doesn't have that option. Also doesn't have :
    "Set auto-check on in 30 seconds
    1. Select Menu > Applications > SW Update
    2. Select Options > Settings > Auto-check for updates
    3. Select On and OK."
     By the way, I wanted to update firmware because I loose all sms messages from every folder when I restart device and restoring to factory default doesn't help. Also USB works slow "Device can perform faster" but I thought it's normal. 
     Be happy that you, at least, successed to upgrade firmware

  • E90 micro SD card problem

    I've got Apacer 1 Gb micro SD card. Everything was working fine. But after I renewed the software of my Nokia E90, the micro SD cannot be found by PC with USB adapter. I thought the card crashed or smthng. So I bought a SanDisk 4Gb card. Firstly everything OK. After that I put this card to E90 card slot. Made some copyings. Back to USB adapter and again not working. My PC shows no card present in the adaptor.
    Does anybody face the same problem?
    Any solution for that?

    Hi all;
    I was facing the same issue
    Got my card replaced several times and tried several times to hard-reset also but could not have this fixed until ... few hours ago
    When I hardReset my phone, I setup the "remote lock by SMS feature" on the phone - which allows me to lock rapidly the phone if lost or whatever
    Once done I test the feature (send myself an SMS and make sure it's properly setup)
    Once locked, I just push the "unlock" button, enter my code and that's it
    But did not pay attention to the message "Phone and Card locked"
    So I went to "Memory" app on the phone and choosed "Option/remove password"
    then entered the lockCode sent over SMS
    And ... wouaaaahhhh I got my 8Gb back available via my standard diskReader
    issue solved now
    I hope this could be helpfull to some of you
    -- DaWaBZ --

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