Mighty Mouse Will Not Pair

I got a new iMac in May. The first time I paired the wireless mighty mouse it worked great. The next time I had to turn it iff to change the batteries it would not automatically pair when I turned it back on. The green light just kept blinking. So I plugged in a USB mouse and manually went and found it and it worked. I just turned it off again and had the same problem and now it won't even pair when I plug in a USB mouse and go find it. it searched for devices and it finds my mouse and then I hit "continue" and it tries to pair and then times out and says "The pairing attempt was unsuccessful"

Go to System Preferences/Bluetooth and follow these instructions to re-pair the MM:
You can set up an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse using Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
Make sure the batteries are properly inserted in the keyboard and mouse, and the keyboard and mouse are turned on and discoverable. See the documentation that came with the keyboard and mouse for more information.
To use Bluetooth Setup Assistant:
Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Bluetooth.
Click Devices, and then click Set Up New Device.
Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your keyboard or mouse.
If you have replaced the batteries in a mouse that is paired with your computer, click the mouse to reconnect to it.
For more help using Bluetooth, click the Help button in the bottom-right corner of Bluetooth preferences.
"The next time I had to turn it iff to change the batteries it would not automatically pair when I turned it back on" I've had good luck when changing out the batteries to move the slider on the back up and down one time, that usually will re-pair the mouse for you, if not, click the Bluetooth icon in your Status Menu Bar, click Browse Device. Select the Mighty Mouse in the list and click Browse. That will reconnect the the mouse for you.

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  • TS3048 mouse will not pair

    MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse will not pair with macBookpro. tried all things. is recognized but will not pair. new batteries, rebooted, reset pram. it worked until i removed it by mistake. OS 10.8.2. Only thing I can think to do is throw it aganst the wall, but that will only mean that I'll need to buy a new mouse and start all over. Hoping someone has a better idea.

    Try deleting the mouse from the system.  Turn the mouse off.  Reset SMC (which is also a restart.  Turn the mouse on and, hopefully, it will be found by the system.

  • HP X7000 Wifi Mouse will not pair since I upgraded to Windows 10

    I upgraded to Windows 10 yesterday 29 July 2015 and now my HP X7000 Wifi Mouse will not pair with my laptop HP Pavilion dv7.

    I have the same issue.  I upgraded today and I have to use the built-in touchpad on my HP ENVY 17 instead of my HP X7000 Wifi mouse.  From the looks of it, HP hasn't updated their drivers/software to support Windows 10. I am not very happy with HP - my ENVY 17 gets insanely hot in the palm rest area to the left of the touchpad, and now this wifi mouse doesn't work with Windows 10.  2 big negatives that will prevent me from buying HP in the future.  The HP Envy 17 temperature issue is well-known among us customers that have to deal with it. Come on, HP - support your products!

  • Magic Mouse will not pair (OS X Yosemite version 10.10.1)

    All of a sudden my Magic Mouse will not pair. Very annoying!
    I have changed the batteries, several times, so the light is on on the Magic Mouse.
    I have opened System Preference/Bluetooth. I can see that it is searching for devices but it is not connecting to the Magic Mouse.
    I currently have a Apple Wireless Keyboard and have paired an Ultrathin Touch Mouse in the interim, but I want my Magic Mouse back.
    Can someone please help (in a language that I can understand) with this issue.
    Thank you so much.

    Try a PRAM and SMC reset of your Mac.
    You may need to use an Apple Wired Keyboard to perform the PRAM reset.
    Reset your computer’s PRAM
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) - Apple Support

  • Lenovo N700 mouse will not pair

    I just got this new mouse and while it works in wireless radio mode with the dongle, it will not pair via Bluetooth. I am running Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo Yoga 11s with Bluetooth 4.0. I'd rather not use the dongle obviously. Why do I get a driver error when trying to pair and why can't I find any drivers for this on the Lenovo website?

    Hi,The mouse has to be in mouse mode and in wireless mode also! Press and hold the L,R and the middle button(not the windows one(the middle touch have 2 buttons underneath)) then switch to Bluetooth mode without releasing the 3 buttons, after 5-10 secs. you will see the orange light and after that the mouse will be able  to pair. P.S. Just tried it 3 times and it has worked for every try 

  • 3rd party mouse will not pair using Lion?

    Just upgraded to Lion tonight.  My HP Laser bluetooth Model N558 mouse which worked perfectly on the 17" macbook pro using Snow Leopard NOW will not pair with Mac.  Downloaded the latest HP drivers, did a software update, restarted but mouse attemps to pair for about 1-2 seconds and then error message comes up saying the Mouce cannot pair with the Mac.  Very frustrating and not finding any answers on MAC or HP forums. Error message on "select bluetooth device" says, "The device does not have the necessary services." It sure had the necessary services using Snow Leopard.  Next error message, "The paring attempt was unsuccessful.  The device is refusing the paring attempt..." 
    No matter what I have tried, new batteries, restarts, take out batteries for 10 minutes, holding down 'discover' button for 10 seconds. I've tried just about everything mentioned in the forums.
    I don't enjoy the prospect of having to lug a usb mouse on my road trips but cannot find a solution.

    Buenos dias.
    yo tengo el mismo raton de HP Laser N558 DPI 1600
    ManoFacturado 2009
    Yo lo usado con Mac OsX 10.4  ; 10.5.0 ; 10.6.8
    sin ningun problema incluso con windows.
    compre raton de Apple no me termino de acostumbrar a el.
    La pena es que HP no de respuesta con el raton HP n558.
    De todas manera a mi no me enlace ni poniendo 00000 ni sin codigo etc.
    Alguien sabe alguna solucion.
    Saludos Pedro Colas
    Macbook Pro 15,4" dicembre 2008 2,4GHZ 8GB DDR3 1066,HD 1TB 5400
    Powerbook G4 Aluminium 1,67 PPC , HD 320GB , 2GB DDR2
    Good morning.
    I have the same HP Laser Mouse 1600 DPI N558
    ManoFacturado 2009
    I use with Mac OSX 10.4; 10.5.0, 10.6.8
    without any problems even with windows.
    buy Apple mouse I get used to the term.
    The pity is that HP no mouse response with HP n558.
    In any way I do not link or putting code 00000 or no etc..
    Anyone know any solution.
    Greetings Pedro Colas
    Macbook Pro 15.4 "2.4GHz dicembre 2008 8GB DDR3 1066, 1TB HD 5400
    Aluminum Powerbook G4 1.67 PPC, 320GB HD, 2GB DDR2

  • Mighty Mouse will not scroll up!

    I didn't know where to post this but since this is the most popular place for the mighty mouse, I decided to post here.
    Does anyone have any ideas how to get the little scroll ball to scroll up?
    It stopped working last night.
    It will scroll down but not up.
    Any suggestions!!!!

    Mine has stopped scrolling down - - again.
    I first thought it was a mechanical thing - dirt or something in the mechanism.
    Once, though, a reboot got it working.
    Now it only scrolls up, not down.
    Even when it was working, the scroll up was smooth, but the scroll down was jerky and uneven.
    If it continues, I will return it for a replacement.
    This seems to be one Apple's flops.

  • Mighty Mouse will not scroll

    I've had this wireless Mighty Mouse for almost a year now and it won't scroll down. I've read how to clean it but it still won't work. Does anyone know how to take it apart so I can get at the scroll wheels. On other mouse's I've had this is what I needed to do to clean the wheels so it would scroll again. But with this MM I can't see anyway to take it apart.
    I love the mouse, but can't see spending 75 bucks a year to replace it.

    If you dont want to open your mouse, get a small can of contact cleaner from Radio Shack or similar. While holding down the ball with a finger nail spray switch cleaner into the gap created by depressing the ball. Immediately roll the ball in all directions to clean the contacts within. Repeat two or three times and you should be back in business for a couple of months. Contact cleaner is expensive so get a small can, it will last you a long time. It the can comes with a small spray tube (usually attached to the side of the can) use it as it will help to get the cleaner to where it is needed most.

  • Mighty Mouse will not scroll horizontally uder 10.3.9 why???

    Hi all
    I was trying out my Mighty Mouse under 10.3.9 and it's not scrolling horizontally and on Apple support sight it said that it should scroll horizontally and vertically but it just doesn't scroll horizontally why is this? I have tried it on 10.4.10 and no problem here so I know that the scroll ball works and not broken. Is it a software/hardware "glitch" under 10.3.9 or a typo in part of Apple and if not how can I make it scroll horizontally under 10.3.9????
    PS: Here's what Apple says in they're "Support" section:
    +*If you use Mighty Mouse on a computer with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or earlier, the mouse offers the following functionality:*+
    +*Primary and secondary button functions are assigned to left and right buttons respectively*+
    +*Vertical and horizontal scrolling is enabled (scrolling can't be disabled)*+
    +*Can activate Exposé from the Exposé pane in System Preferences*+

    I believe the booklet that came with the mouse explains what features work with each version of Mac OS X (I can't remember the page - I don't have the booklet to hand at the moment); I would expect the scroll ball to work with 10.3.9...

  • Optical Bluetooth Mouse will not Pair in Snow Leopard 10.6.1 on MBP5,5

    I have this mouse, with full batteries, just now tested and working on Windows XP with another laptop, and with an older MacBook Pro running 10.5. I can see this device in the Bluetooth set-up, and when I click Continue, the window shows a connection established, then another connection, and then an error that the device could not be paired. I tried every type of Password Options, including setting as 0000 and 1234. I have no other Bluetooth devices to test with either.
    IOGEAR - GME225B - Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse
    I followed the instructions from other posts, but still cannot pair the mouse.
    -Deleted Macintosh HD>library>preferences>com.apple.bluetooth.plist
    -Reset PRAM with Command-Option-P-R keys at boot
    -Installed Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0 for Snow Leopard
    Nothing works, but I know for sure that this mouse does work, and that it has worked on previous versions of OSX and other MacBooks.

    I have the same issue. Same mouse. Its definitely snow leopard. I have 2 macbooks that use that mouse that were upgraded to snow leopard from leopard. On one of them I had deleted the mouse and encoutered the same errors trying to add it - it worked on my other machine. But then as a test (bad idea) I deleted it off the other machine and was also unable to recreate the connection thereby narrowing the issue to snow leopard. I have tried pretty much everything for hours. Deleting pllist file, smc reset, nvram etc... I think I have to wipe off the machine and install leopard again and start from there

  • Mighty Mouse Will Not Function in Firefox / Lotus Notes

    I am accessing Lotus Notes through Domino Web Access Release 6.5.6. This is my only choice to get into work email. I am using the latest version of Firefox. I have the mouse set up with primary button on the left and secondary button on the right to imitate right click. It works everywhere else but I can not get an email to open by highlighting and clicking or double clicking left, right or center. However it does recognize my clicking on the menu tabs so that if I click "reply" or "forward" it calls up the email as to reply or forward. I can read it at that point, but pretty frustrating. There is no "open" tab on the Notes menu. I also tried Universal Access in system preferences to turn on the keyboard to act a mouse where "5" is enter, that did not work either. Anyone have any ideas? Appreciate it : )

    Hi Stephen
    Not sure I understand your problem but perhaps there is something in my recent post that will help. First I would replace the Targus with the D-Link adaptor. I learned about D-Link from others in the forum who said it was essential.
    Here is the link to my post
    Hope this helps

  • Magic Mouse will not pair

    I have installed fresh batteries, tried repeatedly to connect via BT with no results. I get the no mouse found message. It had been working great until I booted up from OS10.4 on another drive. Suggestions please? My DLink BT module is lit, then goes out.

    Also, I checked the Console when the pair failed and got this message:
    11/11/11 11:05:01.640 AM Bluetooth Setup Assistant: Pairing failed with 'Dirty Mouse': error 0x22
    11/11/11 11:05:02.121 AM mdworker: (Warning) Import: Bad path:/� �  /StoreData
    If that helps...

  • Original Wireless Mouse will not pair with computers using OSX (10.6.2)

    I have two original Apple Wireless Mouses (Mice?) [Model No: A 1015 EMC No: 1938] neither of which am I able to pair with either of my Macs (Mac Pro & MacBook Pro). I believe there is some kind of incompatibility issue with these devices and the Snow Leopard OS.
    When I try to set up the wireless mouse using Bluetooth Setup Assistant a connection is established, but the pairing attempt is unsuccessful. I have tried using all of the Passcode Options, but each time the pairing attempt is unsuccessful.

    I am having the exact same issue. After switching batteries last week, I was no longer able to pair my original Wireless Mouse (model A1015) either. I'm also running 10.6.2 and never had this problem before.
    When setting up the mouse, it does appear in the Bluetooth connection panel, correctly says "Connecting" but then stalls in the "Connected" phase and then times out with "The pairing attempt was unsuccessful".
    I tried restarting my Mac and leaving the batteries out of the mouse for a day, to no avail. I just repaired my Apple Wireless Keyboard successfully, so this seems to be mouse-specific.

  • TS2662 trackpad and mouse will not scroll

    On 27" iMac using OS 10.7.4, trackpad and mouse will not scroll or swipe, can point with both, click only with mouse, scroll only with keys on keyboard.  What have I done now??? They are all paired with good batteries. Have checked in settings and they are enabled to scroll.

    In Lion the scrolling is natural i.e. reversed to the way that computers typically scroll. Think of the scroll as grabbing the page an moving it either up or down vs moving the scroll bar down up or down. Also, the scroll bars are "hidden" by default and only show up when you are scrolling.
    Are you using and Apple mouse? If you go to the system preferences and then to the "mouse" section there are options to change the natural scrolling. And if you go to System Preferences and then to "general" you can set it to show or hide the scroll bars.
    If this is not what the issue is let me know and let me know what mouse you are using because there is something else that it could be.

  • Macbook pro will not pair with Vizio sound bar.

    Macbook will not pair with Vizio sound bar. It has paired and worked fine in the past. in the menu bar at the top of the screen it says it is connected but it is not. when I open the bluetooth preferences and try to pair it says pairing failed. any help would be great. thanks.

    Me too. sigh
    All was well until this afternoon, when I swapped out the batteries on my trusty old Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth, which has worked flawlessly for me for a few years now. After I put new batteries in, my MBP wouldn't recognize it. I went through the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, and it "saw" the mouse and properly listed it as "Microsoft Mouse". I hit "continue", of course, and the Assistant said "Pairing with your Bluetooth mouse". It got as far as "Connection established" (and I saw the mouse appear in the Bluetooth preference pane", but then I got the dreaded red words: "The pairing attempt was unsuccessful. Make sure your mouse is in range of this computer, turned on and "discoverable." Etc., etc. I made sure of all of those things and tried again, many times, with the same failure every time. I tried different batteries, rebooted the Mac, and so on. No luck.
    Figuring my mouse was dead, I went out and bought a Kensington Slimblade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse, brand new, never been paired with anything. Same problem!
    Also, I can no longer get my Palm Treo 650 to sync via Bluetooth. It used to be a little flaky (often complained that the port was in use by another application), but rebooting the Treo always solved that. Now, it doesn't.
    One trusty old mouse suddenly stops pairing, one brand-new one refuses to pair, smartphone won't sync any more. I haven't installed any system updates or anything else since the Microsoft mouse worked. The only weird thing going on is that I'm having massive network connectivity issues with my broadband connection (probably a flaky cable modem), and a couple of days ago I bought a new Airport Extreme a/b/g/n wireless router, which is at the other end of the house from my computer and now-defunct mice.
    Very bizarre. Can the Bluetooth chip or antenna in a MacBook Pro burn out or otherwise fail?
    Puzzled and frustrated,

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