Migrated Files to 10.5 from OS 8.6 - Now Have Permissions Issues

I'm helping a friend move her files from her ancient PowerMac 7600 to her shiny new iMac. The 7600 is running OS 8.6, the iMac is running 10.5. She also has an install DVD for 10.6 but that will have to wait...
I was able to connect the two computers with Ethernet, and share the Public Folder (I think) from the iMac, and mount it on the 7600. It was simple to move all her document files & folders from the 7600 to this shared folder.
We shut down (and removed) the 7600 after verifying all the files were present on the iMac.
Since the files & folders were in Users/username/Public, I decided to move them to her "Documents" folder. That's when life got interesting...
The files all seemed to have some strange permissions, and her username only had Read only access. The folders were marked with the icon that indicates she did not even have read access.
I was able to use Get Info on the folders, one at a time, and change the permissions on the folder. I made her the "Owner", and set permissions to "Read & Write". And I said to apply to enclosed items.
While this allowed us to open folders that we previously could not, it did not seem to change the lower level files or folders.
If we must manually go through the entire set of files and folders that we moved from her 7600, it will take a very long time! Can anyone suggest another approach?

If you have the two computers talking to each other via the network, then from the new computer copy the files into the Documents folder FROM the old computer. The files should then take the default permissions of the Documents folder on the new computer.
Select the drive icon on the new computer and press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window. Check the box labeled Shared Folder. If you then open the Sharing preferences on the new computer you can turn on File Sharing. That should enable you to see the drive from the old computer.
Alternatively, burn her data to a CD.

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    Click " Like " if you want to Thank someone.
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    Hope and Afraid,
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    Murugesa Pandian., SharePoint 2010 | MCPD | MCTS |Configure

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