Migrating SAP BW into Oracle data model

We have a requirement where the exisiting data from SAP BW needs to be migrated into Oracle. Since I do not have any prior SAP BW experience, I wanted to ask the forum on what their thoughts are in converting the data model from SAP BW into Oracle. Would that be straight forward conversion for the fact and dimension tables into Oracle or are there certain things we need keep in mind while designing the data model in Oracle. For ex: indexes, keys, attributes etc if they are handled any differently between the two systems.

ERwin will not give you the functionality to derive the logical data model from SAP BW automatically, however Saphir from Silwood Technology (www.silwoodtechnology.com) does allow you to extract the detailed metadata from the SAP BW system ( as well as from other major standard or customised ERP applications - SAP itself, Oracle, Siebel, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards). Once this information is brought into its own repository, Saphir provides a range of powerful search and view capabilities to allow you to isolate the data you are interested in and then export that information to ERwin (or any other leading Modeling tool).
Saphir will provide you with details of the relationships and detailed definitions within SAP BW.
Hope this helps

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  • Oracle Data Modeler - Impact Analysis option

    I am using Oracle Data Modeler 3.1.0683 and reversed engineering my existing relational models to logical models. I have 3 relational models and reverse engineering it to 1 logical model.
    In logical model under enity's propoerties -> impact analysis how do I add which relational table the logical entity depends on? For example in relational models i have table Class, Student, teacher in 3 separate relation model. Logical i created entity Person which depends on table Student from relational model 1, and teacher from relational model 2, I want to view(add) these tables under "Impact Analysis".
    The help window says
    +"Impact Analysis+
    +Enables you to view and specify information to be used by Oracle Warehouse Builder for impact analysis."+
    Though i couldnt figure out where to specify?
    Thanks in advance.

    So any suggestions how can I bring those table ( as i mentioned in original post) to show up in Impact AnalysisIf your entity is result of reverse engineering from relational model then you can find related table under mappings. The same if you engineer logical model to relational model.
    If you start from column then you can see related attribute in logical model and usage in data flow diagrams and dimensional models

  • Oracle Data Modeler commit change seg physical table

    Sometimes when I record a data model, Oracle Data Modeler (SVN) given as outgoing a chage of segment of physical table , if you committees are to change, duplication of files in the physical model is produced. Later when you open the physical model gives errors that have duplicate files
    How you can correct this error? Why the segment change occurs?

    No pattern is occasionally when shooting in the data model. How you can correct this error? Why the segment change occurs?

  • Oracle Data Modeler price list

    Hi everyone,
    We would like to install Oracle Data Modeler in the Office. We have seen on the web site that we can download it for free. But if you open the price list it is announced for 3000 $ by machine.
    We don't understand how is it working.
    Maybe there is a larger version, or it is only free for personnal use...
    Thanx for clear that up.

    yes I think we are thinkink to the same product.
    My Question is :
    Everywhere on the web, it is said that it's free to use, but here you see on the price list that , it is a priced product.
    What we like to know is why is it free to download, and not free to use.
    Thanks for your reply

  • Oracle Data modeler freeze on MAC OSX 10.7.3

    I was used Data modeler 3.0.x on the same machine with no problems (use SVN+3 active users , atc...)
    When I installed version and model migration I have problem with stability of program
    With any action, java freeze after a few minutes of using application (no response, 100% core CPU, memory allocation stable).
    Freeze was initiated with actions such as import model, commit into repository, working with application (edit table metadata and other action).
    Do you anybody have same problem ? Any solution ?
    Applikaction use standard lion JDK (installation no con taints packaged JDK).
    Thank you

    I don't have such behavior.
    Did you try to run fresh installation of Data Modeler without migrating from previous version?
    Ivan Zahariev

  • Can I add more tables into existing Data Modeler

    My Data Modeler has been generated by SQL Developer, it contains 68 tables. Later I would like to add more tables into my current model. Is there any way I can add more tables into my current model without creating a new one from the scratch? Thanks for your help.

    Hi Kevin,
    you can add new tables using File>Import functionality - you can import from database or DDL scripts.
    Working in SQL Developer you can drag tables from SQL Dev browser and drop them on relational diagram. If Ctrl key is pressed while dropping then subordinate tables also will be added to the model.
    Here you can find tutorials http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:2:0:FORCE_QUERY::2,RIR,CIR:P2_TAGS:Data%20Modeler

  • Oracle Data Modeler Versión -- issue compare model Vs BBDD ( index PK, UK)

    I have a Data Modeler Relational and physical, the data model has three. The three tables are in a BBDD. The primary key generate is usssing index , and when I generated the DDL only show alter table add constraint .... . until here everything OK.
    if I compare the bbdd with Data Modeler , I get differences in indices that generated oracle when I create the primary key.
    ¿Is a bug or is there some way to fix it by configuration options? 

    So you have a Relational Model containing 3 Tables.  I assume the Physical Model is for an Oracle database.
    The primary key generate is usssing index , and when I generated the DDL only show alter table add constraint .... . until here everything OK.
    I assume you are doing a DDL generation of your model (using the Generate DDL button above the diagram or using Export > DDL File from the File menu).
    In the DDL Generation Options phase of the DDL generation, can you go to the Tables tab and check that the "Selected" check box for the relevant Tables is selected.
    (This should normally be selected, but if you deselected it in a previous DDL generation, it will remember that setting.)
    The "PK and UK Constraints" and "Indexes" tabs also allow you to control whether the constraints and Indexes are included in the generated DDL.
    if I compare the bbdd with Data Modeler , I get differences in indices that generated oracle when I create the primary key.
    ¿Is a bug or is there some way to fix it by configuration options?
    I assume here that you have input your generated DDL to your database and you are then doing a File > Import > Data Dictionary to compare your database definitions with your initial model.
    It is likely that there will be some differences shown, due to defaults used by the database when the DDL is input (e.g storage properties for your indexes and tables).
    I suggest you examine the differences (which will be highlighted in red on the Details, Storage Details or Physical Details tabs) for each object in the Compare Models dialog, and provided they are acceptable, select the Merge button to merge them into your model.
    If you do not want some of the property differences to be merged, you should unset the "Selected" check box for that property before merging.
    Note that it is possible to exclude specific properties from the comparison by selecting the Options tab in the Compare Models dialog, and then selecting the Properties Filter, Physical Properties Filter or Storage Properties Filter tab as appropriate.
    I hope this helps.

  • How to migrate my-sql into ORACLE!

    I have this database running in my-sql. nOw i want to convert into ORACLE.Can anyone shed light on this please..does sql loader
    support this?
    Thanks in advance..your help will be much appreciated..

    Do you want to migrate code or data?
    If its code you'll probably have to do a manual rewrite. Sometimes there are utilities to convert code from one system to another, but some manual fixes are usually necessary even when these exist.
    If its data there are copy utilities. As Satish pointed out you could use SQL*Developer, or possibly Oracle Migration Workbench

  • Migrating existing POS into Oracle POS

    Hi All,
    During data migration of exisiting POS(Leading providers) into Oracle POS,Can you please anyone list the tables needs to be migrated?
    Thanks in advance,

    Oracle has a product called the Oracle Migration Workbench that would be useful in migrating the database backend. The MFC application should mostly work without significant changes-- it's mostly a matter of testing to figure out what the Access ODBC driver does differently than the Oracle ODBC driver and what impact that has on your application.
    Once the application functionality is migrated, you'll hopefully have a large chunk of schedule to optimize your code & refactor your queries to take advantage of Oracle. This is the biggest hurdle in my eyes-- there are lots of things that work really well against 1 database that perform or scale poorly on another database.

  • How to import Erwin V4.3 or Erwin V8 subject areas into Oracle Data Modler?

    I have hundreds of Erwin data models. Many of them are broken up into subject areas to make them easier to maintain.
    I have tried saving the files several different ways (XML and native Erwin formats) in both Erwin V4.3 and Erwin V8 and Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler does not seem to import the subject areas.
    Is anybody aware of any steps to import the supject areas and included obects into Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler?
    I am using Version of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.
    BTW: this does version not support Erwin 8.X yet. Any ideas when that will come out?
    Mark Wietelmann

    I just found the answer, myself.
    The Oracle tool handles this fine.
    It was just buried further down in the tool hierarchy than I expected!

  • PowerPivot removed table replicated into the data model on refresh

    I am facing the following problem which is absolutely persistent and annoying in nature. I am using a data model created with PowerPivot with connections to three different SQL servers and 25 tables. The bug is that every time I refresh my data, a table
    that was initially added to the data model (and later removed) is replicated in equivalent number of tables that use this connection, which is currently around 12 tables, so I get 12 duplicates of the same unnecessary table on every refresh, named with the
    name of the schema on the SQL server that is followed by a running number. Removing these from the data model on every refresh simply takes too much time on a daily basis. The additional undesired table which is created is what is defined in the SQL query
    of the connection string of this connection.
    I tried to solve this problem by zipping the Excel file and modifying this SQL statement present in the connection string in the connections.xml file in a way that it would not return anything, but this always leads into a corrupted workbook.
    After encountering this I have managed to avoid this problem by making sure that the initial table I'm adding to the data model will remain in the model, but I really don't want to rebuild this current model. Is there any fix for this issue without
    rebuilding the data model?
    Thanks for all the help in advance!

    I am using 64-bit Office 2013 with the recent SP1 upgrade and the included PowerPivot plug-in on a Windows 8.1 machine.
    I always create the connection by using "From SQL server" then fill in the server and log in details and use a ready SQL statement that I have written by using SQL Server Management Studio to import the initial table. For all the preceding tables
    using the same server and schema, I always select it from existing connections and just paste the SQL queries required for any additional tables to the "Write a query that will specify the data to import", rather than using the table import tool.
    I am not sure if it could have any effect that I've been using the type connection "From SQL server" although the database is really running on Azure (there is a possibility to select From Other sources > Microsoft SQL Azure, but the functionality
    seems the same).
    I don't really understand what I should edit from the existing connections section. Just to clarify, apparently the Connection String parameters can be edited from PowerPivot, but not the Command Text which can be viewed from Excel Data > Connections
    > Properties, but is shown in gray with a message "Some properties cannot be changed because this connection was modified using the PowerPivot add-in."
    In the data model I am using two sets of identical tables, but connected to two different servers that are running a database 1:1 in structure. Initially the problem considered only the other of these, but I accidentally reproduced it by, again, editing
    the SQL query in the table that was initially imported when that connection was created (PowerPivot > Design > Table Properties). Now when refreshing I get tables that are structured as in what the "Connection Text" part of the connection would
    produce, which replicated for the equivalent amount of additional tables using the same connection, so now I'm getting 12 tables (the number of tables using the same connection) each named "*schemaname1* Query", "*schemaname1* Query2",
    "*schemaname1* Query3" "*schemaname2* Query" and so on.
    Personally I can definitely see a pattern here. If there isn't a table matching what has been specified in the "Command Text" that was described when the connection was created, then it for some reason runs this query anyway on every table that
    is using the connection.

  • To suggest a feature for Product  Oracle Data Modeler

    I wish I could submit a suggestion for a new feature for Oralce Data Modeler, but not found to which communication channel can do it.
    Can someone tell me an email or place to submit a suggestion, please.
    Thank you,

    you can use:
    - Oracle support if you have license for Oracle Database
    - SQL Developer exchange -https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=43135:1
    - or just write it here

  • Insert current date and time into Oracle date type field

    I have a JDBC current date and time insert into Oracle 9i that almost works. It submits the current date and a fixed time into the Oracle date type field. I am using Tomcat 6.0.20.
    For example if I insert the data at 7:24:04 PM on Feb 16, 2010 it will insert as: 16-Feb-2010 12:00:00 AM
    The date part works but the time always shows 12:00:00 AM no matter what date or time the data is inserted.
    Here is what I have for my JDBC inserts and I also tried something with DateFormat:
    PreparedStatement ps; Date mydate = new Date(new java.util.Date().getTime()); //insert statement here.... stmt.setDate(1,mydate);
    I also tried:
    PreparedStatement ps; java.sql.Timestamp mydate = new java.sql.Timestamp(new java.util.Date().getTime()); SimpleDateFormat fmt = new SimpleDateFormat(.... //insert statement here.... ps.setTimestamp(1,fmt.format(mydate));
    Both keep submitting the date into Oracle as 16-Feb-2010 12:00:00 AM
    Anyway to get the current date and time? For example if I insert the data at 7:24.04 pm today it should show as 16-Feb-2010 07:24.04 PM in Oracle.

    sportsMarkr wrote:
    Date mydate = new Date(new java.util.Date().getTime());Please see the javadocs for java.sql.Date and note the part that says "...to zero"
    If you want a date and time then use java.sql.Timestamp.

  • Oracle Data Modeler query

    Hi All,
    I am using Oracle SQL Developer Data modeler tool. Find it a very good tool for database designing and its free. Here I can connect to Oracle database and get complete ER diagram, but I didn't see any place through which I can Reverse Engineer changes made to ER Diagram back to Schema.
    Do anybody have any idea about this.

    . Find it a very good tool for database designing and its free.Actually it's not free. The "free" version was an Early Adopter release and not intended for commercial use. The first production release is a very-far-from-free USD 3000 per seat. Worth it? Dunno, I haven't installed the production release yet.
    The EA2 version of the tool does support forward engineering but it doesn't generate diffs between the existing schema and the new one, like Designer could.
    Cheers, APC
    blog: http://radiofreetooting.blogspot.com

  • Oracle Data Modeling

    Hello, I download Oracle datamodeling-1.5.1-525 and I create a logical model of my future database. My database have about 127 entities, 974 attributes and 233 relations.
    I want generate ddl sentences in oracle and generate my oracle scheme in my database (Oracle SE 10G R2). I tried to create a relational model throught to Designer -> Engineer to Relational Model (Ctrl-Mayus-F) but nothing happend. The program does not anything, no errors no models, nothing.
    Can anyone help me, please?
    Thanks you very much!!!
    PD: Excuseme, but I'm Spanish and my English is horrible.

    Hi Roberto,
    do you still use build 525? You can try the latest version here [http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/datamodeler/index.html] . Please pay attention to "release notes" and remark there - "Note for designs created with earlier versions of Data Modeler – persistence has changed and it’s strongly recommended that you use the “Save As” functionality to create new version of designs".
    New version will resolve possible inconsistencies and you can engineer to relational model.

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