MIRO cannot changing amounts at item position.

I'm trying to change amount in MIRO at item level.
System allows this only for the first item position. The second position has the amount in grey so that
I cannot perform the change of amounts at item level.
Before a similar problem happened to tax code.
Best regards

pls take a look that while doing miro at extreme right position there is a term LAYOUT just opposite to where u input the PO/Scheduling aggrement.

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  • Exit or Enchancement for changing amount in vendor line item in MIRO

    Dear All,
    I want to change the amount in vendor line item which get posted through MIRO.System generated 2 line item in case of payment terms of retention is used.
    Requirement is that, in one line item of vendor, amount should get changed based on the logic and adjust the amount in other line item of vendor.
    Request to please let me know, Where in Exit/ Badi or enhancement spot, we can write our coding, so that it should update the amount with new value at the time of posting the document.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Abhinav Jain

    Try with Badi   ACC_DOCUMENT

  • Change of line item amount in miro

    i have a doubt on the change of line item amount field value at PO reference tab in MIRO.
    1) when vendor invoice price higher than PO, although knowing that the price is incorrectly quoted by vendor, we need to change the amount in PO reference tab line item according to invoice?
    2) the difference in point 1 will hit stock account (map) or price difference.
    3) when vendor later on give CN, we need to do subsequent credit.
    4) in subsequent credit, need to create with reference to PO.
    5) we need to change the amount at PO reference item line according to CN?

    1) when vendor invoice price higher than PO, although knowing that the price is incorrectly quoted by vendor, we need to change the amount in PO reference tab line item according to invoice? --- Yes you have to change it to Vemdor invoice amount
    2) the difference in point 1 will hit stock account (map) or price difference. --- Yes
    3) when vendor later on give CN, we need to do subsequent credit. -
    Yes with ref to PO
    4) in subsequent credit, need to create with reference to PO. -
    5) we need to change the amount at PO reference item line according to CN? -- yes.
    Other Option
    You can use invoice reduction - System will create Inoice and credit memo in the same document.
    SPRO Steeting require :
    1. G/L account should be assigned to RKA trnsaction ket in OBYC.
    2. Document type KG  should be defined in Transaction code MIRO in customizing for doucment type invoice verification / Valuation in SPRO.
    3. Number range should be defined for Doc type KG.
    Shailesh Mackwan

  • MIRO trx adding item position

    how adding in MIRO an item position for unplanned costs?
    I woul like giving to users the possibility to post the above costs
    in <b>two ways simultaneously</b>:
    -Unplanned delivery costs are distributed among the invoice items;
    -Unplanned delivery costs are posted to a separate general ledger.
    Is this possible or not? If not, is possible doing that with a specific FI trx?
    Best regards

    Sorry about the delayed reply. I had trouble accessing my r/3 systems.
    First understand the "Other Unplanned Expenses" and "Unplanned Delivery Costs" are two different things treated differently by LIV. The only thing you CANNOT do simultaneously is the distribution of "Unplanned Delivery Costs" to invoice item (PO ref tab) and to Seperate G/L account. But you can post other costs simultaneously with PO line items in PO ref tab. Simulate the posting and make sure Debit/Credit Balance is ZERO.
    In IMG, you can set this at "Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted" activity under LIV-->Incoming Invoice (read the IMG documentation). This setting is Per CoCd.
    <u><b>For "Other Unplanned Expenses":</b></u>
    If you want to add additional invoice line you can add in the G/L tab. For example some misc expense to a cost center.
    <u><b>For "Unplanned Delivery Costs":</b></u>
    1.First enter the Unplanned Delivery Costs in the "Details" tab of the Invoice Header
    2. Maintain Account Determination (OBYC) for TE Key UPF (for Unplanned Delivery Costs). Find out from FI people what the G/L account they want affected in this case.
    Let me if this helped further.  

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    Hi All
    I'm creating invoices with MIRO transaction.
    I want to change some document items of FI document related to one invoice, assigning the vendor number of header invoice to the field bseg-lifnr created in FI document.
    I have tried with BTEs, substitutions, exit LMR1M001, BADI Invoice_Update and Enhancement in MRM_INVOICE_PREPARE_AND_POST.
    I can't find the way to change this field of the FI document during posting with any of these techniques.
    Thank you in advance

    Hi niraj and Rob
    I have made a substitution at line level that calls a user exit created in report ZRGGBS000.
    This works fine in FI documents created from FI transactions like FB01 but the MIRO execution doesn't pass for it.
    Our users are responsible of some profit centers.
    They want to know in profit center analysis all invoices that refer to their own profit centers, and who are their respective vendors.
    In those analysis, they see GL line items of incomes and expenses and need to know the vendor that origins them.

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  • Table to read VAT, CST amount at item level form MIRO

    I making a purchase register in which all amount rdetais are required at item level but from tables , RKPF, RSEG, I am getting the base amount at item level, but in which table I can get the vat amount which is posted for individual item in table BSET i can see the all tax amounts which are posted but how to link this with item number there is no ref. field for this.
    is there any table for MIRO entry with item wise tax details.

    find following logic
    Table EKPO
    Field u2013EBELN =po number
    VAT FOR PLANT FOR 4 %,5% AND 12.5%
    LIKE 12.5 % YOU WILL GET 125%
    Value for field =FWSTE
    tax base amount= HWBAS
    Kailas ugale

  • Account assignment category cannot be changed for limit items

    HI all,
    I am getting same error in RZ20
    Instance POXXXXX of object type PurchaseOrder cou ld not be changed
    Purchase order still contains faulty items
    Account assignment category cannot be changed for limit items
    PO is created with service item and it is in backend.
    When it is changed it is giving error. User is added contract no# on change version.
    Could you please share the solution...

    sometimes sap throws unwanted error messages. these are example notes
    415346  ME21n, ME456 when filling the account assignment type
    411883  ME21N, ME456 when filling the account assignment category
    403537  PO from PReq with different account assignment type: E456
    Using Transaction ME21N,you create a purchase order for external service and add a new item by copying a request for quotation. If the request for quotation does not have a plant, when you enter the assignment category, the system displays error message ME456 "Account assignment category cannot be changed for limit items". Also there is no account assignment change involved.
    Additional key words
    what exactly you are trying to change the carts?

  • Cannot Change Item Status from Active to Inactive

    Dear All
    Cannot Change Item Status from Active to Inactive on Item master screen. can any one provide the steps.
    Best Regards

    Check on below link under "Defining Item Status Codes"

  • Miro - mass change of vat code in line items

    I'm having the following problem, when posting with T-Code MIRO, and having several line items with VAT codes from the PO, when I try to chage it in the basic data screen, the line items do not change to the vat code of the basic data... this does not happen in all situations, only in invoices refering to utilities.
    Does any one knows how to solve this?
    Further information: the system is SAP Retail, ECC6.0.
    Thank you in advance,

    Hi Govardhan,
    Pl correct me if i am wrong....EINA-RELIF field is to check and uncheck for regular vendor...It will not change the vendor ID...
    EINA-LIFNR...is the field to change vendor no.., but i can not see this field name is not there in the table...
    Still i think that we can not change the vendor id's once it is created for Info record...
    Pl correct me if am wrong.

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