MIRO: Is displaying VAT amount at line item level possible?

Total Tax Amount is available in the header of a MIRO document, but is it possible to show the VAT Amount at line item level? i.e. as another column in the grid?

You can not see VAT amount at Item level in MIRO.It will be allways at header level.

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  • Amount field to be non editable at line item level in MIRO

    Plz let me know the steps, how to make the "Amount" field at line item level to be non editable in Invoive verification (MIRO).

    Create a screen variant for MIRO and make DRSEG-WRBTR filed output only.
    Program: SAPLMR1M
    Screen no : 6000

  • Problem in CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN for updating amount in line items

    Hi abapers,
    I have  a scenario as follows: i want to update amount  for line items  in a transaction. i use the bapi crm_order_maintain followed by CRM_ORDER_SAVE and bapi transaction _commit . The problem is i loop the itab by passing the trnstn id , prdct code  and new amount.
    i applied the logic as given by rita tan (thread no 4)
    link:[Re: Update Pricing Document with CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN]
    as per the logic i delete the existing value and insert the new amount . this works fine in the first  loop and in second loop it deletes the existing record but does not insert the new value . It doesn't even give error too. what may be the problem.
    here's a snapshot of the code i have written:
    loop at itab.
              AND PROCESS_TYPE = P_TYPE.
                  SELECT SINGLE * FROM CRMD_LINK
                    WHERE GUID_HI = CRMD_ORDERADM_H-GUID
                    AND OBJTYPE_SET = '18'.
                    SELECT  * FROM  PRCD_COND
                      WHERE KNUMV = CRMD_LINK-GUID_SET
                      AND KPOSN = CRMD_ORDERADM_I-GUID
                      AND KSCHL = 'ZR12'.
                      READ TABLE IT_PRCD_COND
                      INTO WA_PRCD_COND INDEX 1.
                        DELETE  FROM PRCD_COND
                        WHERE KNUMV = WA_PRCD_COND-KNUMV
                          AND KPOSN = WA_PRCD_COND-KPOSN
                         AND KSCHL = 'ZR12'.
                          COMMIT WORK.
                          WA_PRIDOC-REF_HANDLE = '0000000001'.
                          WA_PRIDOC-REF_GUID = CRMD_ORDERADM_I-GUID.
                          WA_PRIDOC-REF_KIND = 'B' .
                          WA_COND_ADD-KSCHL = 'ZR12'.
                          WA_COND_ADD-KBETR = WA_ZCMR_UPDATE-NET_VALUE.
                          WA_COND_ADD-KPEIN = '1'.
                          WA_COND_ADD-WAERS = 'INR'.
                          INSERT WA_COND_ADD INTO TABLE IT_COND_ADD.
                          CLEAR WA_COND_ADD.
                          WA_PRIDOC-COND_ADD = IT_COND_ADD.
                          CLEAR IT_COND_ADD[].
                          INSERT WA_PRIDOC INTO TABLE IT_PRIDOC .
                          CLEAR WA_PRIDOC .
                          WA_CT_INPUT_FIELDS1-REF_HANDLE = '0000000001'.
                          WA_CT_INPUT_FIELDS1-REF_KIND = 'B' .
                          WA_CT_INPUT_FIELDS1-OBJECTNAME = 'PRIDOC'.
                          CLEAR WA_CT_INPUT_FIELDS1.
                          AT END OF Z_OBJECTID.
                            CALL FUNCTION 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'
                                IT_PRIDOC         = IT_PRIDOC
                                CT_INPUT_FIELDS   = IT_CT_INPUT_FIELDS1
                                ERROR_OCCURRED    = 1
                                DOCUMENT_LOCKED   = 2
                                NO_CHANGE_ALLOWED = 3
                                NO_AUTHORITY      = 4
                                OTHERS            = 5.
    Please help out.
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    Check the link below. This should help
    Re: Change Order Quantity in CRM Sales Order

  • Subroutine program its display the text at line item as it's service order

    Hi All,
    Am looking for subroutine program its display the text at line item as it's service order, I want to view the text in sapscript in the tcode ME9F of the order text.
    Ex:- in tcode ME23N, select PO & item details in Account Assignment tab, ORDER field is not displaying for some of the orders, but while debugging I can see the ORDER values.
    Can'nt see the ORDER field in print preview, Pls let me know.
    Edited by: Nagendra DS on Feb 19, 2008 3:18 AM

    If you are retrieving the values in the print program, the values will definetly get populated to the sap script. In case of subroutines in the form, the values you pass it to the structure ITCSY should be characters only.
    Hope this helps.

  • Very Important - PR00 Display at line item Level

    Hii Guys,
                 Iam working on a upgrade project & i am facing with the below problem.
    In 4.5b when i create an order (va01), the condition type(PR00) displyed at line item level was in change mode. In case if i want to change it to PN00 i could change it manually. But after the upgrade in ECC 6.0 when i try to do that, iam unable to change as it is in display mode.
    I understand that this field gets populated from pricing procedure determination. Ex: 100010011(sorgDCDVCPPDP)- RVAA01 + PR00 Now by default PR00 will appear in double line entry while creating the order.
    In 4.5b system, I can manually change it to PN00 or any other condition which is maintained in pricing procedure & has valid condition condition records mainatied.
    This iam unable to do it in ECC 6.0 system. As the condition type at line item level is in display mode(we can't change it)
    Experts please throw some light...your help would be highly appreciated.

    Dear Venkat
    In Standard SAP,  we cannot change PR00 manually in sale order.  However, if you want to change, go to <b>V/06</b>, select PR00.  Here under the tab "<b>Changes which can be made</b>", you can see a field "<b>Manual entries</b>", in which "<b>D</b>" would be there in normal course.  Change it to "<b>C</b>" and save.
    Also go to <b>V/08</b> and untick the box "<b>Mdt</b>" against PR00.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to: Reference fields XREF1/2 to be displayed in Acc Doc Line Item

    Hi Experts,
    May I know how to display the fields in the Line Item Level that can also be changed.
    What I already did was the configuration OB32, OB41, FI>GL>Master Data>G/L Accts>Line Items>Define Special Fields for Line Item Dsiplay.
    But it still not working. What is the proper way to configure these fields?

    In the Line item Display list in FBL*N follow this menu path: Settings
    -> Special fields, and add the fields you want from relevant table.
    The fields are later available for display, and you can choose them from
    the Line item Display list following this menu: Settings -> Display
    variant -> Current. From the hidden list you can now choose the fields
    you want to have shown. If the technical name is shown for the fields,
    the special fields are all starting with '1-U_'. It's important, that
    you add the Special field, if the field also exist as Standard field.
    The Special fields are shown in the bottom of the Hidden list.
    Review the solution part of note 215798 the detailed steps.
    XREF1 / XREF2 do not exist in the index table (BSIS/BSAS) for the G/L
    account. Therefore you should create XREF1/2 as special field for
    display via FAGLL03/FBL3N.
    SPRO - ... - Define Special Fields for Line Item Display
    There you should also include the field and store the change.
    You do not have to run the RFPOSXEXT again, because the related
    structure is generated automatically within the storage of the data.
    After you have stored the 'new' field, you should run the report
    BALVBUFDEL. This report will reset the ALV buffer, because the old
    definition of the fieldcatalog does not have the needed fields, and
    so it might happen that these are not displayed in the fieldlist of
    the FAGLL03.
    Please refer to the attached 984305 and 215798 Point 3.

  • FI Posting of Invoice at the Line Item Level.

    Hi All
    Client has requirement of posting at the invoice line item level.But standard FI-AR posts at the Invoice Header level.
    E.g If invoice has two line items of $20 and $30 respectively.
    On the standard FI-AR side,one accounting document of $50 will be generated.It will not be posted for each invoice line level.
    In order to post at the invoice line item level,i am looking for a posting user exit from SD side that will two individual account document each having invoice line item amount.Or we can have one FI accountng doc having two invoice line items in that.
    Is there any way we can do this unique type of enhancement in ABAP? and also what is the exact user exit we can use from SD invoice side.

    This is not entirely accurate - if the items are pointing to, say, different profit centers then there will be one posting per profit center. If this cannot be resolved by the standard SD/FI configuration, then the users might need to change their business process. I personally don't see any need to create postings on line item level. Just imagine what it will do to your database size.
    Anyways, you'll find all the user exits here:
    But, again, this sounds like a very bad idea.

  • Report at line item level but also for document total for once only

    Dear all,
    seek for your help for the following issue
    There is a A/R invoice with 3 items
    There is a report for retrieving the line item level data from inv1, user would also like to add a column to display the Document total , but the problem is, each line item will also display the Document total, any method to only display the corresponding Document total for once only?
    Example, for AR invoice number 1234567:
    No.                ItemCode        Price      Qty    LineItemTotal      DocumentTotal
    1234567       Item-A            10           1       10                       100
    1234567       Item-B             50          1       50                       100
    1234567       Item-B             20          2       40                       100
    Requested to be presented as:
    No.                ItemCode        Price      Qty    LineItemTotal      DocumentTotal
    1234567       Item-A            10           1       10                       100
    1234567       Item-B             50          1       50                      
    1234567       Item-B             20          2       40                      
    Thank you very much!!!

    Try This.....
    select T0.DocNum ,T1.ItemCode ,T1.Price ,T1.Quantity ,T1.LineNum ,case  when T1.LineNum ='0' then T0.DocTotal else 0 end    from oinv T0 inner join INV1 T1 on T0.DocEntry =T1.DocEntry where T0.DocNum=[%0]
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  • Sales Tax Calc (Line Item level calc versus header level calc)

    My company utilizes vertex to calculate sales and use tax in our sales orders that are created via resource related billing (DP96).
    We store tax code O1 using condition type UTXJ for each SD Contract.
    Condition types XR1 thru XR6 receive the sales tax calculations/amounts from vertex for EACH line in the billing request.
    See below example of calculated tax amount per line item
    Line1 of Bilreq:   NetVal  2.25     X tax rate for XR1 .05  = sales tax of 0.11  (rounded up to 2 decimal places)
    Line2 of Bilreq:   NetVal  2.25     X tax rate for XR1 .05  = sales tax of 0.11  (rounded up to 2 decimal places)
    Totals                             4.50                                                                  0.22
    When our invoice(billing document) is sent to our customer which shows just totals our customer sees:
    Net Amout:  4.50
    tax rate .05
    Sales Tax Amt:  0.22
    When our customer multiplies 4.50 by .05 they come up to 0.23
    So they are questioning why the calculation is incorrect and they want it to match to the penny.
    Anyone have any suggestions to solve this problem.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Ermanno Incollingo

    Hello Ermanno
    Does your pricing Procedure have condition type DIFF just after the tax conditions XR 1-6?  If not, please review standard pricing procedure RVAXUS ( Step 917).
    Also try to use condition types NETP and PNTP  as described in OSS note  80183 - Rounding.
    Hope this helps. Thanks.

  • Asset field blank in FS10N (Drilldown to line item level) report layout

    Hi all,
    i ahve posted a Retirement transaction to an asset and when i went to see the line item on the GL using/executing report FS10N for asset transactions GL and drill down to the line item level by double clicking on the period balances and I choose field "Asset" to be displayed in the layout, it is blank. How can I get report FS10N to display the asset number from the transaction?
    the field is available in the layout but when i pull it into the report it is Blank in the report.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    FS10N shows only balance, FBL3N shows the line details.
    Add the asset as a special field via OBVU  (Table:  BSEG, Field: ANLN1).

  • Line item level incompletion

    Can you please advice as to line item level incompletion can be maintained? Say for example line item 100 is complete, however line item 200 and 300 of same sales doc is incomplete. When you carry out delivery for only line item 100, it checks the whole document and says its incomplete so that the delivery cannot be processed.
    IS it possible fro it to check only the SO, LItem so that when deliverying line item 100 there is no incompletion displayed, because that line item is complete?
    Appreciate your feedback on this.

    Item level incompletion is configured and then assigned to Item category level. Even in this case, the incompletion will be checked for <b></b> all line items belonging to the item category<b></b> . So I dont think there is a way to check only that line item which is due for delivery.

  • Query : Custom field at line item level in SRM 7.0 .

    I was going through a document which instructs on how to add a custom field at line item level in SRM 7.0.
    I found this code :
    I wanted to know what is 'I1015'  and what is its significance .
    please advise .

    This speaks about the status of the Cart. This means that the Status of the Cart is AWAITING APPROVAL...I dont know which document you have gone through but procedure for adding a Custom Field in SRM 7.0 is:
    1. Create a Custom field in the Database in SRM. Preferrably add the field in an include and extend thta include to the table in SE11.
    2. Go to Portal Login of SRM and right click the part of the screen where you want to add the custom field. Click on More Field Help. The popup will give you the name of WebDynpro Applicaiton which controls that area.
    3. Login to SRM via GUI and display the webdynpro application using SE80. Enhance the Webdynpro application.
    4. Add the custom field to the Context of the WebDynpro Application View. You will be selecting the field from the database table while adding the custom field to the context
    5. Add the field at the specified place in Layout Tab of the WebDynpro View,
    6. Create a binding between the Layout Field and the Context
    7. Activate the changes.... you will see the field in Portal login of SRM....
    For more details , refer to the Webdynpro help of the application...
    Virender Singh

  • How to control Payment Block field at line item level

    Hi Experts,
    Could anyone please let me know how to control payment block and payment method fields at line item level.
    I have checked field status at posting key (OB41) and GL (OB14) level but didn’t get any parameter to control these fields.
    I need your expert guidance.
    Mohammed Kalim

    Hi Mohammed,
    Please go to OB24/
    Select * (for all co.codes) default field status.Or Create new entry and input your co.code, Save it. Come back to co.code.
    Go to payment transaction
    Payment block and payment method display can be controlled from here for vendor master data
    Thanks and good luck.

  • Send CV03N attachments present in Purchase order at line item level

    I have a purchase order and want to send it via email. The purchase order has attachments at line item level (e.g. a specification in pdf format). Attachments were able to see through T-code CV03N,
    When transferring the PO to vendor ,smartform is attached to email and sended to vendor .now we need additioanl attachments also to be sended in same email which is present at line item level (CV03N),Whether it is possible to copy the attachments into the email, so they are sent out, too?
    Please explain the methods
    Print program used for smartform is custom Z name space.
    Thanks in advance

    part 3
    *& Cet GOS attachments
    IF pa_incl = 'X'.
          classname          = 'BUS2010'
          objkey             = lv_ebeln
          gos_connections    = lt_gos_connections
          no_objects_found   = 1
          internal_error     = 2
          internal_gos_error = 3
          OTHERS             = 4.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      LOOP AT lt_gos_connections INTO ls_gos_connections.
        CLEAR lv_docid.
        lv_docid = ls_gos_connections-loio_id.
            document_id                = lv_docid
            document_data              = ls_document_data
            object_content             = lt_object_content
            contents_hex               = lt_contents_hex
            document_id_not_exist      = 1
            operation_no_authorization = 2
            x_error                    = 3
            OTHERS                     = 4.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE i001(zmm) WITH 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' sy-subrc DISPLAY LIKE 'E'.
    * Create attachment name as file name
        CONCATENATE ls_document_data-obj_descr '.' ls_document_data-obj_type INTO at_subj.
    *add attachment
        IF ls_document_data-obj_type = 'TXT'. "If text document, attachment type should be 'RAW'
          CALL METHOD document->add_attachment
              i_attachment_type    = 'RAW'
              i_attachment_subject = at_subj
              i_att_content_text   = lt_object_content.
          CALL METHOD document->add_attachment
              i_attachment_type    = 'BIN'
              i_attachment_subject = at_subj
              i_att_content_hex    = lt_contents_hex.

  • Tax column at line item level in VA01/VA02

    Hello All,
    I had a requirement to add the tax column at line item level for va01/VA02 transaction.
    I modified the screen 4900 and added the VBAP-TAXM1 column to the item table control and made that column input enabled.
    Now I had to calculate the TAX conditions based on the input in that tax column. None of the user exit is triggering when I change the values in this field, do I need to make any changes in the PAI of the 4900 screen in order to make the userexits trigger or am I missing anything?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Please, see SAP Note 862228 - Order reason for returns on item level. It is related with field AUGRU. Remember that it is a modification. I suggest you to add in addition data (for instance, SAP Note 209278 - Display of customer-specific fields in sales doc, SAP Note 302497 - Additional cust. fields not displayed in 'Additional data B', SAP Note 420546 - Additional data B and transaction variants in sales order and related notes).
    I hope this helps you

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