Missing EXIF data after editing picture

I've noticed that PSE 12 editor no longer writes the EXIF data from the original image.
I believe this started after upgrading to the most recent version of PSE 12 via Help -> Updates
Do you have any suggestions?

1/ to answer your question:
I don't have any user generated tags/kewords/captions on these historical pictures - but normal metadata (camera EXIF data) is showing up fine on flickr.
2/ I went ahead and tried Jeffery Friedl's Flickr Lightroom publishing plugin - it works well and GPS data is correctly picked up by Flickr.
so - unless anyone can demonstrate a working adobe flickr publishing setup with gps data I will assume it doesn't work and continue to use jeffery's.

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  • Keeping orginal creation date after editing a photo

    In Photoshop, Does anyone know how do I keep the shot/creation date after editing/adjusting a photograph in order to keep hundreds of images in a chronological order? I am combining files with a second shooter on an event an the timeline is essential.

    Hmmm you might have a point.  I can see that tag in Bridge, but in Windows 7 Explore, that tag is not turned on by default.  Right clicking a column heading gives you the option of turning on any of about 50 column headings.  When I turned on the 'Date taken' column earlier the EXIF was there and correct.  Looking at some of my edits just now, the Date created tags are OK, but the date taken tags are not showing for the psd and save as files.  The date created tags for the RAW files show the time they card was uploaded to the computer.
    It's not a big deal though.  As the questions are being asked in the Photoshop forum, all anyone has to do is sort them in Bridge (which does retain the Date Taken tag), and Batch rename with a number prefix. 

  • Missing EXIF Data on Export

    Over the last few months I have developed quite a love/hate relationship with A3. It has so many great features, but at times they are over shadowed by slow performance and bugs. The most recent bug to drive me nuts is missing EXIF data, specifically lens model/serial number, flash exp. comp., and focus mode/distance. It doesn't matter how the file was exported, the aforementioned data disappears every time.
    A quick forum/web search shows that I am not the only one experiencing this phenomenon, but I was unable to find any solutions. So I guess my question is, has anyone found a fix for this problem?

    I share your views. A3 has a lot of great functions. But for this price I would expect to have full geotagger functionality i.e. not only positioning, but also direction inclination angle all kind of data my great Solmeta Geotagger Pro stores in the picture metadata.
    Geosetter e free software on PC has all that so why is Apple not able to deliver the same package?

  • Missing exif data

    I'm not really sure how this works but... I need an applescript that will
    (1) search a directory structure,
    (2) find the image files that are missing the exif date,
    (3) write the date created to the missing exif date field
    (4) rename the file using the created date
    I have several thousands of images that are missing the exif information. Any assistance would be appreciated...

    How are you trying to install it? There are two methods the easiest is to download the DMG file. Assuming you are doing the DMG file install are you saying that the installer hangs?
    I don''t install using the DMG file so I can't say if there are problems with it.
    When you get it running I do have a question for you:
    You state that you have image files missing the Exif date information and that you want to add it back
    (3) write the date created to the missing exif date field
    but where are you getting the date created from if it is not in the file? Are you saying you want to use the file creation date? You realize that is not always the same as the image creation date, right?
    4) rename the file using the created date
    So you want to rename the file using the file creation date (which is now also the exif date)?

  • Time EXIF change after edit

    I'm with PSE 10 on MacBook pro. My probleme is each time I edit a picture in the Element editor (RAW or JPEG) the time picture was originaly taken in EXIF is changed. In the organizer it then appers an (1) hour earlier than the file opened in the editor. It's very frustating since all photos appears in wrong order in organizer. Can someone help ?

    I recently switched from iPhoto to Organiser because of the annoyance factor of iPhoto creating vast numbers of thumbnails of 'faces', only to encounter the problem of unwanted Time adjustment! Perhaps I will revert to iPhoto if it doesn't get fixed soon!
    I need to keep photos in the same order for viewing as JPEG CDs. Some DVD players sort and display as Slideshows by File number sequence, others by Date/Time sequence. So I try to adjust both types of data to maintain correct order.
    Camera and Mac time settings do NOT result in unwanted time adjustment on import or edit.
    I now have to manually re-adjust each photo's Date/time setting in Organiser after import and each editing session.
    I carried out the following test using PSE 10:
    Created JPEG file: in Preview>Tools>Inspector, EXIF time is 12:36 (correct).
    Opened Organizer, and imported the photo.
    In Organizer, time appears set back to 11:36.
    In Preview, EXIF time remains at 12:36
    In Organizer, selected photo, then >Fix >Full Edit.
    In Organiser, time sets back further to 10:36 and in Preview, file's EXIF time sets back to 11:36.
    Importing a photo into Organiser sets photo time back by one hour in Organiser!
    Opening a photo file from Organiser, for Edit in the Editor, sets photo time back by one hour in Organiser, and sets back the file's EXIF time by one hour!
    I have now found that Organiser only resets Time in certain batches of photos.
    Examing File Info in PSE Editor, Advanced, EXIF Properties, it appears that Organiser sets Time back where Exif Date Time ends with +01:00, but NOT where it ends with Z.
    Both batches of files have Meta Data Date ending with +01:00.
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  • Is there a way to retain the original date after editing?

    I am using PSE 11 on a MacBook Pro, OS X (10.3). I have a lot of old pictures to edit, and they are in date order, which is how I want them.
    However, when I edit a picture and save it, it moves it to the bottom, with today's date instead of the original date.  I have them set to save with the original as a version set.
    Is there any way to retain the orignal dates, short of having to go in and reset the date on every picture after I save it?  I really want them to be in date order under their original dates.
    BTW, I used earlier versions that were Windows-based, and this didn't happen.  When I saved them, the version sets stayed where they were.
    This is really frustrating!

    SK Prairie Chicken a écrit:
    I'd like an answer to this too.
    What's your problem exactly?
    The 'date taken' is never changed by editing a picture.

  • Batch Change "Date Modified" to match Exif Data After iPhoto Export

    Among several other posts about similar situations, I have found none that directly and simply resolve this issue.
    My wife imported a bunch of photos into iPhoto directly, but I wanted them in a folder on the hard drive.
    I pulled them out of iPhoto into a folder, then deleted the ones in iPhoto so that I could sort them and reimport.
    I then realized that the photos all now showed the date they were imported into iPhoto as their created/modified dates, which makes it impossible to easily sort them by the date of the pictures.
    I checked the Exif data, and it has preserved the correct creation date event though checking "info" on the pictures shows create date the same as modified the same as iPhoto import.
    Is there an easy way to batch change an entire folder of pictures to change the Created/Modified dates to match the Created date from the Exif data?
    The only other similar posts had answers that reccomend a piece of software that does not seem to actually do this, and one that suggests some sort of confusing script that I don't really understand.
    Please help - I have a bunch of family photos that I really need to fix.

    shootShifter helps to redate and rename complete folders of images based on the EXIF data or Finder dates.
    So it will do batches.
    I also believe that exporting the Original (File -> Export: Kind Original) will make all of this unnecessary.
    I don't like having them only in iPhoto so I organize the originals into folders by choronological event then import them so I have copies outside the iPhoto library to put elsewhere.
    You understand that you're using twice the disk space there, right? And that it's quite unnecessary. All iPhoto does is to put them in folders too. Have you looked inside the iPhoto Library ever?
    Go to your Pictures Folder and find the iPhoto Library there. Right (or Control-) Click on the icon and select 'Show Package Contents'. A finder window will open with the Library exposed. Your photos are in the Masters folder.
    Standard warning: Don't change anything in the iPhoto Library Folder via the Finder or any other application. iPhoto depends on the structure as well as the contents of this folder. Moving things, renaming things,, deleting them or otherwise making changes will prevent iPhoto from working and could even cause you to damage or lose your photos.

  • Missing Response Data  after PBM Excution

    Hi @ all,
    after manual execution of a simple Process (BPM) in NWDS ( see Screenshots).
    SAP BPM: the Automated activity calls an Integarted Configuration in AEX, and the process ist successfully completed.
    SAP PO: the messages are delivered. (Web Services Call), ( Sender Channel SOAP XI 3.0)
    The Problem is, i miss the response Data after the process execution.
    Thanks a lot
    Kind regards

    i need help to solve this issue.
    Thank you

  • Missing GPS data after Publish to Flickr

    Hi, I'm using a GPS Geotagger with my D3.
    In LR3.2 I can see GPS data correctly in my metadata.
    I then publish photos to Flickr using th built in LR publishing service.
    When I check the metadata in Flickr there is no associated GPS info in the EXIF data.
    I haven't got anything checked like 'minimize embedded metadata'
    Anyone have this working or is it a known problem?

    1/ to answer your question:
    I don't have any user generated tags/kewords/captions on these historical pictures - but normal metadata (camera EXIF data) is showing up fine on flickr.
    2/ I went ahead and tried Jeffery Friedl's Flickr Lightroom publishing plugin - it works well and GPS data is correctly picked up by Flickr.
    so - unless anyone can demonstrate a working adobe flickr publishing setup with gps data I will assume it doesn't work and continue to use jeffery's.

  • Missing EXIF data when PRINTING jpeg using Print or Slideshow Module (LR2)

    Is there a way to have LR2 include EXIF information when you create a JPG via the Print or Slideshow Module? The EXIF data is present if I export via the Library Module.
    However, if I "print" a jpeg either under the Slideshow or Print Module, most of the EXIF data particularly the camera info is missing.
    Thanks for your help.

    Thanks Bob. I believe I have tried that...when you print to jpeg you have option where to save and I save to same folder and then re-synchronize folder in lightroom. Then I try to synchronized metadata between the original file and the new jpeg but the camera and other exif does not transfer over. The title, caption and copyright does work but your basic info such as camera, ISO, lens, f stop and shutter speed are missing

  • Missing EXIF data when using other photo apps besides "Camera"

    I have recently been trying to use the EXIF location and camera info information created with images in the iphone 3GS and noticed that the only image files that have the full EXIF data attached when imported to my computer are the images created using the iPhone native Camera app. I have numerous photo apps that take great photos which when downloaded are missing almost all the EXIF data.
    What is up? Is apple requiring third part apps to strip the data or somehow blocking them from capturing the EXIF location data for download?
    I know many of these apps are using the location data to geotag the images and link to maps.
    Thanks for any info!

    Thanks, I posted it there! Actually I have been searching for some site to officially post a bug report to Adobe, but didn't manage to find it myself...

  • Maintaining EXIF data when transferring pictures from XP to iPhoto?

    Good afternoon everyone! Hope I can get some help here...
    is there any way to maintain the EXIF data added from a computer using Windows XP. This is when you right click on a photo and go to properties->summary tab (i.e. keywords and comments) while importing into iPhoto? A client of mine spent hours upon hours adding comments like location, description, etc. to each photo and it would essentially be a nightmare re-doing all of that.
    Even an add-on or separate program would be fine. In the event that iPhoto does not work nicely with this, any recommendations for future use on the Apple platform would be appreciated. Thanks fellas!

    You are confusing EXIF - the data about the photo from your camera - with ITPC data - iPhoto pays attention to both IF they are present in the proper fields - the key to transferring EXIF and ITPC data from one computer to a Mac using iPhoto is to have the data properly embedded in the photo of the source computer - if it is then iPhoto will use it on import
    see http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/glossary/f/metadata.htm for more information on EXIF, TITPD and XMP
    Also download EXIF viewer for the Mac - http://homepage.mac.com/aozer/EV/index.html - to view the EXIF data before iPhoto gets it

  • After editing, picture shows broken icons

    Recently while editing some (not all) pictures, I am getting a broken icon for the edited picture. I have updated my elements 12, but that did not help.
    Thanks in advance for any help you have for me.

    You have to provide system information and better explanations of what you actualyl do. In any case, the PSE forum is a much better place to ask such questions.

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 changes DateTime EXIF parameter after editing and saving photo

    Hello, I have a little problem with Elements 12. After I edit a photo and save it, Elements changes the DateTime parameter to the time the photo was saved. Is there any way not to change this parameter? Just to save photo with stock EXIF-metadata?

    brian_oconner333 a écrit:
    Actually, it doesn't. But I would like to know if changing this parameter would affect other apps (including mobile galleries) recognition of date the photo was taken. I'm afraid that some photos may be incorrectly sorted, especially in mobile apps.
    I am in Windows 7. When I use the Windows Explorer to have a look at the properties of picture file, I can use the 'Right click' and choose 'properties'. In the 'details' tab, look at the various dates, and you can see that the 'date taken' is recorded in the Explorer. That means that other software can share that information. What is misleading is that by default, that 'date taken' is not shown by default in the Explorer. Just like keywords tags, you have to add that column to the display. It's not clearer in the Organizer where you are being shown the various dates in the catalog as well as dates read from the picture files...

  • Why is there missing EXIF metadata after merging aperture libraries?

    I had an old library and a new library. All metadata and files were fine in the respective libraries.
    After importing one into the other, I am missing all EXIF metadata like Camera, Lens, ISO, Aperture, Focal Length.
    Anyone experience this problem or have any ideas?

    I waited this long for a simple fix:
    Select all the photos, control-click on a photo and select Update from Original.

Maybe you are looking for

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