Missing iView for Business Events in MSS 1.31

We made an upgrade from ERP 4.7 to ECC 6.0, and we can't find the iView "Business Events". Do you know if this service still valid in the version 1.31 of MSS?. In the previous version the tecnical name of the service was com.sap.pct.hcm.eeprofileeventdetails.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

Hi Carlos
I think this is now part of the SAP Learning Solution - at least delivered iviews in MSS require
Learning Solution infotypes to be populated
The equivalent in ERP2005 would be
Best wishes

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  • Training and event management: Book Attendee List for Business Event List

    Dear all,
        I know this:
        PV07: book attendee list for business event
        PV08: book attendee for business event list
       Is there a tcode to book an attendee list for a business event list
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Hi Federico,
    I think.., no. Below are the tcodes available to book attendee,
    PV00 Book attendee for business event
    PV01 Rebook attendee for business event
    PV02 Prebook
    PV03 Replace
    PV04 Cancel
    PV07 Book attendee for list  for Business event
    PV08 Book attendee for business event list.
    Let me know if you found tcode for your requirement.


    Hi Friends
    Kindly let us know whether we can give an authorization specifically for Business Events to acess I.e. R, W
    Usually we will give authorization for HR master as P-Origin.
    Then they can acess all.
    Please let us know whether can we give any authorization for only Training and Event Management or for any particular Business Events.
    Please help me out.
    Best Regards

    Hi Mitra,
    Yes, ofcourse you can provide authorization only for T&E for the user. Go to PFCG and select the Menu tab and click from SAP Menu, then select the T&E and go to authorization tab, click the change authorization, and change as per your need. Then Generate the Profile. Assign it to the user.
    Good Luck.

  • Attendee is not available for business event

    Dear all,
    After business event sceduled i booked 9 attendees and i try to book one more attendee i am getting errorr message Attendee is not available for business event.
    1. Attendee maintained in HR master data.
    2. Org management is also maintained properly
    3. Minimum capacity in business event is 15 maintained.
    Still i am getting problem
    Jai Ram.

    To day  only i created a Business event  the attendee is available for scheduled date.
    and dates are ok but still i am getting this error  only for particular person only..
    and he is not schedule for different business event also for the same date.
    Jai Ram.

  • Missing iviews for Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation

    Hi,  We are implementing "Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation" in R/3 version 5(mySAP ERP). At present we have the following Business packs in our Enterprise Portal Server. 60.1.5 and 60.1.1(mySAP ERP 2004). We uploaded both the BP's in our test environment to make sure we get all the iveiws that we need.
    SAP presentation has all the iviews, But we are unable to locate/identify under MSS the iviews for "Web Based Detail Planning for Line Managers",  "Detail Planning:  Detail Costs per Cost Object" and so forth for Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation component.
    We researched other BP's such as 50.4.5 and 50.3.9 but in vain.
    We truly appreciate if some can guide us to get these iviews.

    Finally I got the answer and thought I can share this with you all.....
    For Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation, SAP has not delivered mss iViews, but SAP has realized the detail planning pages for the line manager and the personnel cost planner by using the Business Server Page (BSP) "hrhcp_planning".
    You can find the description of it's usage in the online documentation under the following path:
    Human Resources>Personnel Management>Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation-->Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation Flow -->Creating Personnel Cost Plans
    --> Providing Detail Planning for Line Managers
    --> Detail Planning by Line Managers
    --> Detail Planning by the Personnel Cost Planner
    If you wish to use the detail planning page in an mss environment, you can integrate the BSP as an external service into the manager's portal. Otherwise, you can also use it, by providing the URL to the managers.

  • To restrict appraisers for Business Event appraisal

    Hi All,
    When i perform a Business Event appraisal, i need to restrict the appraisers to only those who have attended the training.
    i.e. Appraisee : Business Event
    Appraiser : Participants of the training.
    When i click on F4 for appraisers, i need to restrict the entire list to participants who have attended the training. I have created a BADI implementation for HRHAP00_TMPL_RESTR. But this BADI is Add On Dependent . I have given the filter for the implementation as PA . But internally when function module
    HRHAP_HEAD_APPRAISEE_GET_LIST is called, it has a parameter add_on_application which is always empty. So BADI implementation is not triggered due to filter value add_on_application.
    Please suggest how should i proceed.

    I know this is answered already to some degree but I can offer another alternative - that is to use function module 'RH_READ_INFTY_TABDATA'

  • Multiple backend systems for business package ESS/MSS

    I would like to know whether there is a smart solution for connecting the business package ESS/MSS with multiple backend systems (up to 10 systems).
    I am aware of the possibility using parameter "sap-wd-arfc-useSys", but this implies, that content needs to be duplicated n-times in order to be able to maintain the Jco destination suffix.
    Any hint, also for custom built solutions are very welcome!
    Best regards,

    There is some problem with the link
    See this.
    Connecting multiple SAP Systems
    Thread name is 'Connecting multiple SAP Systems'
    Krishna Murthy

  • What is the Workflow Business Event Name for Order Management Price List

    Hello Everyone,
    Can anyone please help me to find out the Workflow Business Event name for the Order Management Price List?
    Thanks in advanced,

    Are you looking for business event name that is raised when the price list is created?

  • Migrating a New Subscription in the Business Event

    We have created a new subscription for an existing business event. We need to migrate the subscription to the test and other instances.
    Download Subscription :-_
    *$AFJVAPRG oracle.apps.fnd.wf.WFXLoad -d <apps> <apps_pwd> <machine_name:port_no:SID> thin US <Custom_File_Name>.wfx*
    SUBSCRIPTIONS <Business_Event_Name>
    download commands extracts the subscription successfully
    Upload Subscription :-_
    *$AFJVAPRG oracle.apps.fnd.wf.WFXLoad -u apps apps <machine_name:port_no:SID> thin US <Custom_File_Name>.wfx*
    The upload command says the subscription is loaded into database successfully. But when inspected from the Work Flow Administrator , the upload is failed to upload the new subscriptions.
    Can anybody tell me if I'm missing something here.

    Below are the information you requested.
    1> Customization Level for Business Event = Limit
    2> Customization Level for Subscription = User
    3> The new subscription was downloading along with the existing subscriptions. I was deleting all other and keeping only the new subscription in the download file.
    Output of the download :-_
    Oracle Workflow XML Loader
    Connecting to [email protected]:1560:MDEVC -- UTF8
    Connected to mdcora09.na.ops.local:1563:MDEVC
    Download completed successfully.
    Output of the force upload :-_
    Oracle Workflow XML Loader
    Connecting to [email protected]:1560:MDEVC -- UTF8
    Connected to mdcora09.na.ops.local:1563:MDEVC
    Loaded 1 object to the database...
    Upload completed successfully.
    The FORCE UPLOAD Command worked fine. Now I'm able to see the new subscription. I observed the PHASE is the primary Key here.
    Can you tell me whats the issue with ?

  • TEM-Attendee & Business Event Appraisal

    Hi All,
    We are using SAP 5.0 and implementing TEM, when we try to create appraisal using T-code PV34(Attendee Appraisal), PV33(Business Appraisal) we are not routed to Generate “To-Do” List screen, instead it is going to a screen where we need to select the Appraiser and Appraiser mannually, which is quite un usual. It will remain same even if I go through Business Event Menu or Attendance Menu.
    Any help in this regard is hightly appreciated.
    Ramakrishna Ramadurgam

    I have now the some problem. When I run tcode PV33/PV34 the list of the appraisal templates contain not only the temlates for business events and attendees but also for employees.
    Did you solve the problem?
    If yes, please give me some hints.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Business Event Appraisal - Not showing in PA30

    Hi All,
    We are implementing TEM on SAP 5.0 and replaced the old appraisal system with new appraisal system.
    I have prepared the Appraisal for Business Event, by selecting Attendee as appraiser and Business Event as Apraisee, the problem I am encountering here is after the preparation the document is not shown in any of the following areas in PA30 for infotype 25.
    1) Appraisal where Apraiser
    2) Objective setting & Appraisal(Open)
    But the Appraisal templates which are created under Personnel Appraisal(in PHAP_CATALOG), is shown but not the Appraisal templates which are created under SAP Learning Solution(in PHAP_CATALOG).
    Is there any configuration inorder to get this done?
    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.
    Ramakrishna Ramadurgam

    Can you be precise, I mean which Integration settings your asking me to look into?
    One thing I noticed while debugging the code, it is getting Add On Application as 'PA', and passing this parameter to get the Personel Appraisal templates, in case if I modify as 'PD' in the debugging mode, it is fetching the Business Event Appraisal along with Personel Appraisal. Is there any setting for this to have PD passed in to the Add on Application variable.
    Ramakrishna Ramadurgam

  • Facing issues with R12 and SOA 11g integration using Business events

    I am trying to integrate R12 application with Fusion using 11g SOA suite. I configured BES in R12 application and I am able to raise a business event and query it from WF_BPEL_Qtab. I have an Oracle applications adapter listening for the same event in SOA composite deployed over a server. I have verified the DB connection and schema for R12 application in 11g SOA server. However, no SOA instance is being generated. No server log as well.
    I understand that 11g SOA uses EDN (using fusion_edn schema) for business events. Are there any changes expected to be done to Oracle Apps adapter to ensure the event is received.
    P.S. Oracle apps adapter configuration is probably correct as the out bound calls are taking place correctly.

    Can you check the log file.u are getting any error.can you check wf_error table also u are getting any error.
    Can you check consumer in AQ tables.

  • Business Events Type Attachment

    Dear Experts,
    We have been attaching attachments for business event types . Now Business want see how many attachments were attached for a particular event type.
    However we are able to get attachments for a specific event type now problem is how to identify corresponding event type or number of a attchements
    Do we have any standard report to get Business events type with reference attachments... or any thing so.
    Thank you in advance.

    Hi Vijay
    One solution is to, you define the attachments such as resource then you can use the resources to get the number of attachment for each event type.

  • Report showing "Notes" from Business Event in TEM

    Do you know a standard report which can show the Notes for Business Events?
    Many thanks

    There is one option to do so, however this report has not exactly the purpose you mentioned, but with some tirick you can have the notes )
    Report: Business Event Brochure -> TA Code: S_AHR_61016218  (you can find it under the node Information/Events... in TEM in SAP menu)
    Here you can choose an event type or an event group and set the following under "Formatting options":
    Extended formatting options -> delete here all the fields they are not necessary for your query and leave only the "Notes on event" there.
    After clicking on execution you will receive the notes exist on this object and you can tranform the SAP report into Winword format clicking the button above in the menu on the left-hand side.
    This issue needs some resources but works fine.
    Unfortunately there aren't any other standard reports but ad-hoc queries.
    Hope this helps.
    best regards,

  • Retrieve general description/ contents in business event dates

    Hi all,
    May I know what function can I use to get general description, business event contents, notes, web link and etc in business event and business event dates? I would like to show this in my report.
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi LOI,
    To read text fields, please use function module RH_OBJECT_DESCRIPTION_READ.
    Here give OTYPE as D if you want to retrieve data for business event type and as E for business event (with date).
    OBJID is the ID number.
    Specify the date and language at this you want the description at.
    SUBTY : 0001 - General description, 0002 - Business event contents, 0003 - Notes.
    To read web link see function module RH_READ_INFTY_1061.
    If this function does not satisfy the needs fully, please check out all other functions belonging to function group HRTEM00IWB.

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