Missing logo with reader xi on pdf files

installed windows 8.1, reader  xi and IE11 - logo on pdf not visible now- the rest of the document is fine.

I do not understand what you are trying to say; can you post a screenshot (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1070933)?

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  • Read text in pdf files

    Hi Ppl,
    Is it possible to read text from pdf file ? We can use activex controls to open and display pdf files, but these activex doesn seem to support reading of text from these pdf files. Help me out plz.

    The full PDF format is VERY complex. Probably the reason why PDFBox was choking on one of the PDF files of a former poster. You are of course free to implement a PDF parser in LabVIEW but expect this to be a project where a man year of effort certainly won't be enough to even get close to what PDFBox can do. Then decide if you want to give it away for free just for the good karma of it, or attempt to sell it with a potential of maybe one license every year.
    Just look at the opposite direction: Creating a PDF file from within LabVIEW. There are several Toolkits out there who can do that and they already took a considerable amount of time to develop. Yet the generation of a small subset of PDF features in a file is several exponents easier than parsing and interpreting any exisiting PDF document that might have been created by tools like Adobe Acrobate, with Adobe as the creater of PDF potentially using all the bells and whistles they eventually put into the PDF standard over those two or more decades, including quite a few bugs that eventually got documented as a feature.
    Rolf Kalbermatter
    CIT Engineering Netherlands
    a division of Test & Measurement Solutions

  • How to read HyperLinks from pdf file??

    hi developer's,
    I am in PDF processing... I am having doubt in that Processing.
    How to read Hyperlinks from PDF file?
    I can able to set the hyperlink.. But i cant able to get the hyperlinks..
    The following example program will set the hyperlink to the PDF file using lowagie API..
    import com.lowagie.text.Anchor;
    import com.lowagie.text.Chunk;
    import com.lowagie.text.Document;
    import com.lowagie.text.DocumentException;
    import com.lowagie.text.Paragraph;
    import com.lowagie.text.html.HtmlWriter;
    import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader;
    import com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfWriter;
    public class Argu1 {
         public static void main(String[] args) {
              Document document = new Document();
              try {
                   PdfWriter pdf = PdfWriter.getInstance(document,
                             new FileOutputStream("PageLink.pdf"));
    PdfReader pdf_read=new                
                   document.add(new Paragraph("Hi Everbody....!"));
                   Anchor pdfRef = new Anchor("Click Me");
                   Anchor rtfRef = new Anchor("Touch Me");
              } catch (DocumentException de) {
              } catch (IOException ioe) {
    Help me how to read the Hyperlinks from the PDF file using java ...
    Thanks in advance,
    With Regards,

    Instead of cross-posting unformatted code you could have taken a look at the API, because there you might have come across a method named getLinks...Even though it's not documented, I really suspect that it will return the Hyperlinks on a given page.

  • I am unable to read signatures on PDF files sent from my Los Angeles office - they use windows, any solution?

    I am unable to read signatures on PDF files sent from my Los Angeles office - they use windows, any solution?

    Hey guys,
    So this is follow up from my debarkle with the EDD. I found out my problem with copying files from Mac to EDD and vice versa was a result of a not so good EDD ( i had an apollo hard drive from imation) that was not very compatible with macs. So i did my research and found out that the best hard drives were Western Digital and Seagate. I bought the newest western digital EDD 1TB and formated it to FAT32 and guess what...no problems so far. The only problem is that FAT32 format doesn't copy files larger than about 4 gigs so i couldnt copy a movie from my brothers computer onto my EDD that was 1080p. You could probably resolve that by partitioning a small part of your hard drive in ExFAT? but yeah, hopefully that helped guys.

  • Adobe Acrobat XI will NOT read aloud any pdf files

    Ever since I upgraded to Marvericks, Adobe Acrobat XI will NOT read aloud any pdf files. How can I fix this. It previously worked fine.
    I create tagged pdf files in InDesign to be compatible with 508 accessibility standards.The files read aloud on a Mac with OS X Lion but not on Mavericks.

    no, still no resolution. It is very frustrating. I did have one 8 page document that it will read the first page but nothing else.
    Did you find an answer?

  • How to use PDF files with links to other PDF Files

    How to use a PDF file with links to other PDF files that have been transferred to the same folder

    Are you using a mouse, or a trackpad on a laptop? Either way, your cursor is usually an arrow, right? And presumably it's working/moving MOST of the time, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do anything?
    For example, can you move the cursor arrow to the "Annotate" tool to click on it and go into Annotate mode? If so, can you click on the text tool? If so, does the cursor change to a crosshairs? At what point can you NOT move the cursor around the screen?

  • Read contents inside pdf file programmatically in SharePoint

    I have a SharePoint document library, My Requirement is when user add PDF file on the document library the event receiver fire and read contents inside
    pdf file programmatically. After the start workflow according to the result of event receiver.

    If your question is about handling events in apps for SharePoint, see these links:
    If what you need is a way to extract text from the PDF inside the event handler, see this example that uses leadtools.
    You should use PDF text extractor in your Event Handler code -
    You can use iTextSharp for reading content

  • Problems with opening Adobe Reader 9 or pdf files

    Can someone please help me resolve this problem?  I had no problem using Adobe Reader 8 but since removing Adobe Reader 8 and download the updated Adobe Reader 9, I cannot open any pdf files or the Adobe Reader 9 (on desktop) without receiving the following error message:
    "Adobe Reader 9.3 has encountered a problem and needs to close".  I tried several times to download and reinstall Adobe Reader 9 without any success.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.

    where can I download Adobe Reader 8 (Mac)?
    Op 20 sep 2010, om 09:26 heeft Choichai het volgende geschreven:
    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for coming back to me.  Remember when I've received the error message previously "Error 1327. Invalid Drive: E:\",  I've decided to try inserting my flash drive into the E drive (since I've downloaded the Adobe file previously from my flash drive to my desktop pc) and then try removing the Adobe Reader 9.3.4 and it works!!!!  I am now working with the earlier version ie. Adobe Reader 8 which works fine.  I would like to try again to download the Adobe 9.3.4 but have previously tried 3 times and failed.  What else can I try to do to download, install and run this latest version without experiencing the same problem over again? Thanks.

  • Having compatiblity issues with adobe reader.  What pdf file software should I use with Mac

    Having problem with Adobe reader what software works well on mac for pdf file creation/reading and sending via email.  Also how do I uninstall adobe reader so that all hints of it are erased.

    To remove the Adobe PDF Reader:
    1. Drag the Adobe Reader folder from the Applications folder to the Trash
    2. Remove AdobePDFViewer.plugin from the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder
    Macs offer good PDF capability in the operating system. You can use Word or other program to create somthing you want to save/send in PDF format, then choose print, click on the PDF button at the bottom of the print window, where you can choose to email the PDF file.

  • Missing text, not all, in some .pdf files

    I have just started to receive some .pdf files with photos on them and text. But there are places where there should be text and it does not show up when I receive. Others are able to view this particular .pdf I'm citing in its entirety. The person who sent to me often sends me .pdf graphics/text and until now I have not had a problem viewing his .pdf files. I have a current adobe reader file - not the paid version - and it is up to date. He is sending from his apple to my windows explorer. I don't know what to do here as it is important I receive these and I have no explanation?
    Also this particular .pdf he had created to be a 1/2 page ad in a local newspaper, so I think he would have designed it to be larger? But again, I've had no trouble reading what he sends even one meant for a full page ad. Is there something I can do to correct this? I did Google and it seems others have run into this on occasion.

    I'm going to try to imbed the adobe image of one of the files. I notice when I look on my desktop and the file image is there, it is small icon of course, but I can see the missing words clearly on it. But when I open it up, via the adobe reader, that is when spots are blank, but when I look very closely the words are really there but a very faded gray, to be not legible. And they are clearly there if I right click and highlight.These were two areas of course where he had made some changes.
    I was not allowed to download and insert the image and it is an adobe image....it says
    "The content image of this type is not allowed"   Interesting. It is merely an insert for fundraising - a small add (to be placed in energy invoices) for an animal group - small file. Also, remember I mentioned others could receive these two adobe files and had no problem reading those areas. It seems to be only me sad to say!

  • How can I incorporate an overlay with fields into a PDF file?

    Once a week, I produce a timesheet. It's a PDF document generated by a third-party time-recording app, and it has room for hand-filling in signatures/dates/names, etc - 7 fields all told.
    What I want to do is build a separate document containing an equivalent block of 7 PDF-fillable fields such that:
    I can overlay the PDF-fillable fields on the space for hand-filling fields on the timesheet;
    I can send the combined PDF file to another person in order to collect their name and (ink) signature.
    I can then fill in my own (ink) signature, etc.
    I can do the same thing week in, week out with no fiddling of fields, etc.
    I got tantalizingly close (I have Windows Acrobat X Pro). I built the PDF-fillable form as a separate PDF, and merged it into a sample timesheet as a Background (and I also tried using a Watermark). However:
    some of the seven PDF-fillable fields simply vanish;
    one of the remaining fields seems to have picked up a name and formatting from another deleted field (is there some kind of uncleared cache in play?);
    all the remaining fields were marked as Read-Only.
    FWIW, I got it to work by reversing the files - i.e. by using the timesheet itself as the background.
    When I add the Background (regardless of which is the main document), I get a series of warnings indicating that fields in the Background bearing the same name as those in the main document will get lost, but from what I can tell, fields in the same location as those on the main document also get lost.
    When I use the template as the main document, things fall into place and the scheme works.
    However, the situation seems like a fairly routine one that should be easier to solve. Ideally, I'd like to build a layer on top of the timesheet form and save that layer as an overlay.

    Did you ever figure out how to overlay something on a PDF form? I've created buttons to allow a user to change out the background, but I want to have an image and possibly other elements on that.

  • The most resent Firefox update has a conflicting application with adobe and all pdf files have to open firefox before opening

    My issue started with downloading the most current Firefox. Firefox opens multiple empty tabs (20 -30 or more) every time I use adobe reader. I changed the action for a content type to show adobe reader. It was showing open the file in adobe in Firefox. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox twice and this did not work. I uninstalled Adobe Reader and Air but could not uninstall Adobe Flash Player because of a conflicting Application with Firefox. I then uninstalled Firefox and was able to uninstall Adobe Flash Player. I reinstalled Adobe Reader only and then Firefox. I no longer have multiple empty tabs opening up but each time I open a pdf file, Firefox has to open as well. I am operating on Windows 7 Home edition. Can some one help this is a nuisance.
    Thank you,
    Steve Zalkin

    Try to rename (or delete) the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox profile folder to reset all file actions.
    You can check the value of the plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types pref on the about:config page and remove the application/pdf part if present or reset the pref to the default via the right-click context menu if you want to display PDF documents in Firefox with another application (i.e. not the built-in PDF Viewer).
    See also:

  • Print web page to PDF file with live links in PDF file like Apple Safari's pdf prints?

    With Firefox for Macintosh, can I print a web page to PDF in such a manner that when I option the PDF file and click on a link, it is a live link that opens in my system's default web browser?
    With Apple Safari, when I print a web page to a PDF file, the links on that page are "live" and work to open the web browser to their destination. The PDF files I get from Firefox are dead. Clicking on link does not open in browser.
    Is there a way to get FireFox to act more like Safari in this regard?

    Seems the referenced thread is about Lion. I am having this problem in Snow Leopard 10.6.5 with Firefox. Any way to get PDFs with working links in Snow Leopard using FIrefox? I do not really want to have to use Safari for this purpose.
    Going forward when and under what circumstances will future versions of Firefox be able to create PDFs with live links? Are there any circumstances where a current or past version of Firefox can do it under any current or past version of OS X?


    I have just downloaded free Adobe Reader X. When I try to open a pdf file I immediately get a Microsfoft box saying "Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close"  I have Windows XP. Has anyone else experienced the problem and what did you do to fix the problem so pdf files open?  Setting in control panel is for al pdf's to be opened by Adobe Reader, and when I downloade, I briefly disabled my anti-virus software.  Really frustrating,  Can any one help?

    We saw the same symptoms as you describe.
    It turned out that the new sandbox feature in Reader X is not compatible with Re-Directed "Application Data" folders.
    Disabling the sandbox safety feature (via a special registry setting) appears to be a workaround, but somehow we now feel less safe.
    Folder redirection involves group policy as used in large corporations with IT teams to manage large numbers of PCs in companies.
    For example, in corporate environments, users My Documents and AppData folders are often re-directed at a secure server share, so that people's documents/photos/mp3s they save into my documents are secured on a server, instead of scattered about on various PCs.  Home users never use this technology.
    However, If you've got Adobe Reader X installed to a different DRIVE to the one where your APPDATA folder is, then you might get the same effect.
    I guess this could also happen to peole with Windows installed on their D: drives, and Adobe installed on the C: drive, or similar.

  • Reader 9.3 PDF Files are flagged as "unknown file type" in Win XP

    Installed Reader 9.3 replacing version 5.1 on my Win XP with SP 2. I have the Microsoft automatic update feature set "on" so I assume that overall my WIN XP is up to date. Having a problem downloading PDF files from trusted Internet sites. No longer getting seamless presentation of the data in the file. Instead, I get pop up security warnings which I have to click and then when I try to download the PDF it tells me that the file type is "unknown". Is this a  v 9.3 problem or a WIX XP problem or both? Is there a solution?

    Post your problem in the forum for Adobe Reader.

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