MM - PO with reference to purchase requisition.

Hi everyone !
I need to customize creation of PO only with reference to purchase requisition, I wanna mean I can´t create a PO without purchase requisition.
Thanks for your help !

Try to put this field " request" as mandatory in SPRO

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  • Help Bapi Purchase order with reference to purchase requisition no

    i used BAPI_PO_CREATE1 for creating purchase order with reference to Purchase requisition number but im getting these error
    please help me to solve this
    1 E BAPI 001 No instance of object type PurchaseOrder has been created. External reference:
    2 E MEPO 001 Purchase order item 00010 still contains faulty schedule lines
    3 E 06 054 Doc. type/item cat. NB/S (requisition) <-> NB/ (purch. order)
    4 E 8W 162 No schedule line exists for schedule line number 0010000030 00010 0000.
    Thanks & Regards,
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    Hi Azar,
    I am also getting the same messages, did you get resolve the issue.

  • Net price on purchase order with reference to purchase requisition

    When I create a purchase order with reference to purchase requisition, the net price goes automatically to the purchase order.
    But It's possible change the net price on PO, and I must close this possibility.
    Do you know how can I do this?
    Thanks, Camila!

    Try to search SCN for EVO
    You will find this: PR price in PO

  • Program for Creating Purchase Order with reference to purchase requisition

    Hi ,
    I need to Create purchase Order with reference to  Purchase requisition,
    in my case i need to automize the Process which is happening in MD04,
    Can you please suggest me ?
    Thanks ,

    Plz check this link. It will be helpful to you.
    Purchase order creation with reference to PR
    We can also create the PO Using the BAPI_PO_CREATE1 function module.
    In this function module fill up the all necessary Details.
    With details in Item Table we haveto give the Fields PREQ_NO and PREQ_ITEM for each item .
    then it will creates the PO with PREQ.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sarita Singh Rathour
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  • PO  with reference to Purchase requisition

    Hi Friends
    Good Morning, could you please help me out on one issue.My Client requirement is that Purchase order should be created only with reference to Purchase requisition.How can this be done please help ASAP.

    Do u mean to say PR mandatory for Po creation then do as follows
    SPRO --> Materials Management --> Purchasing --> Authorization Management --> Define Function Authorizations for Buyers
    Also make sure that
    In OMET in <b>details</b> of function Authorization>Possible ref. objects>Tick only <b>Ref. to purchase requisition</b> and not anything else
    Create Function Authorization for buyers as "PO only with PR" ,
    assign this to Buyer authorization profile in SU01
    for assignment of  Function Authorisation do as follow
    Go to SU01>enter user ID> Go to Parameters-->assign that parameter value against EFB parameter( If EFB parameter ID is not there Add it and assign parameter value i.e.Function Authorisation value there e.g..<b>01</b>
    Revert for any clarification

  • STO with reference to Purchase requisition

    Dear SAP gurus,
    Can I create a STO with reference to purchase requisition from Sales order.
    Below is the scenario:
    In Export sales, we have created dock location as plant. First a sales order to be created with third party item to generate purchase requisition.
    Now with reference to purchase requisistion, I want to create a STO.
    Can this be possible....

    Did something similar on a 4.0a system years ago, maybe this will help.
    My notes say:
    PO create, stock transfer order
    enter order type (ours was customized version - probably so that the copy rules from PR - PO were set correctly)
    Create with reference to P.Req.
    on the pop-up box remove the 'U' (think that was the key bit)
    select item, copy +details
    Save, STO created

  • Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?

    Dear all,
    Could we create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase requisition?
    If yes, how could we customize the system?
    Kind regards,

    No, I don't think so. You have to convert it into a PO and then you can create the delivery.

  • RFQ with reference to Purchase Requisition

    While I was creating RFQ with reference to Purchase Requisition,I am not selecting any item category still in selection list it is showing Purchase requisition of all item categories. I want to filter it.How can i achive it?

    In the T.Code ME41 when we are creating a RFQ with reference to PR we dont have configuration settings so that we can get PR with respect to Item Category
    In ME57 we have the item category option which you can use and get all the PR which  belong to a particulat Item Category 
    I hope this answers your question
    Any other information neded do put a message will get the information and let you know
    If found helpful do reward accordingly
    Thanks & Regards

  • Purchase Order with reference to Purchase Requisition

    I have this situation:
    One Purchase Requisition with quantity of 10.
    When I issue a Purchase Order with reference to this purchase requisition, for the moment I can use this Purchase Requisition many times. For example: two Purchase Order with the same purchase requisition, same item and same quantity.
    The objective is thay the system only allows to use the Purchase Requisition until the quantity is completed. For example: one purchase order for 10, or two purchase orders with 5 each. But never with a quantity superior to the total quantity in the purchase requisition.
    Somebody can help?
    Thank you,

    1) By setting the configuration paths as suggested by the previous posts.
    2) In the first place, when converting a PR in PO Create Screen (ME21N), you should make the Open only and Released only field as Display. This way, the results will only show Open and Released PRs to be converted to PO
    Hope this helps

  • PO creation with reference to Purchase Requisition

    Is anyone aware of a control in SAP that allows for a warning message  when you create one or more PO's form the same requisition and the total quantity on the PO(s) is over the quantity on the original purchase requisition?
    Also can BAPI be used to check the same?
    For example if I am creating PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 with reference to Requisition created.
    Can I check for errors using BAPI for PO creation in TESTRUN mode for quantity exceeded, different REQ types mixed in one PO and delivery date in PO match REQ?
    Any thoughts here would be appreciated.

    Hi Madhura
    have u tried message  06 076  to warning or error  in
    SPRO>Materials Management>Purchasing>Environment Data>Define Attributes of System Messages-->System messages

  • Create Purchase Order with reference to Purchase Requisition using BAPI's

    Hello Experts,
    I need to create a Purchase order with reference to a Purchase Requisition.
    All the above has to be done by using BAPI's.
    For creating PR, I am using BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE.
    and for PO, I am using BAPI_PO_CREATE.
    I am not able to use the requistion number in the PO. BAPI throws the following exception
    "Requisition 1014396 00010 not selectable"
    "Document contains no items"
    1. Do I need to release the PR for using it in PO?
    2. If so how can I work with the "BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE_GEN" to release PR?
    I have tried using the BAPI getting the following error "Release outside filed of responsibility".
    Please help I am in critical Postion...

    Hi Meenakshi,
    When, I try to release error I am getting the following the error " Purchase Requisition can not be released".
    Is this problem because of authorization or data issue?

  • Contract with reference to purchase requisition

    I have this situation: I want to creat a contract with reference to a purchase requisition and I'd want to divide the quantity of the purchase requisition. For exemple: I created a purchase requisition with 100 quantity. Now I'd like to creat a contract with 50 e another contract with 50. After that the system should block the creation of the contract with this requisition, becouse the full quantity is complitly requirid. I activated message 06053 but in this case I can use the purchase requisition only one time (whithout divide the quantity of the purchase requisition). I already put the message 06 076, but it works only for PO, a need it for contracts. As Vijay told me I put messages 06078 and 06099, but it didn´t work out.

    With reference to PR, if u creating contract, if the PR quantity completly converted to contract then it will throw the error message " Materials of requisition XXXXXXX item 00010 alr. ordered in full"
    Message no 06076.
    Check this out.

  • Bapi for PO creation with reference to Purchase Requisition - PReq

    Can any one let me know if there is any BAPI to Create PO with reference to PReq. I know we can easily write a BDC for ME21 but... is there a similar functionality via BAPI's ?

    check its documentation in SE37 for detail documentation..
    Enjoy SAP.
    Pankaj Singh

  • RFQ with Reference to Purchase Requistion

    Dear Experts,
    I want to make RFQ with reference to Purchase requisition but system is allowing me to create it without any reference. While I have configured Purchase requisition as mandatory field for RFQ in IMG.
    Kindly help me out.
    Your immediate reply will really be appreciated.

    RFQ can be created with reference to a PR with the standard settings in SAP.
    Go to T-code ME47 and click the action button 'with ref to PR' and then you can create the RFQ with reference to the PR.
    Still have any doubts,you are  welcome to post the same.

  • Purchase order with referance to Purchase  requisition

    Dear All,
    This is the requirement of <b>Purchase order creation with reference to Purchase requisition  only at the same time this requirement need to control particular document  type ( Ex: Standard purchase Order) only .</b>Based on this other document types should not effect.
    Please give me the proper solution  for above.

    Dear Krishna Raju,
    There is no configuration for the Purchase order with reference to Purchase requistion..
    We can customise the Purchase order with reference to Purchase Requistion through the funcational authorisations.
    For this,
    Define Functional Authorisations in the customizing for Purchasing, there we can unmark PO w/o reference allowed.
    Functional Authorisation, like ''abc'' create with <b>T.Code OMET</b>
    Assign ''abc'' to a Parameter ID ''def'' with the <b>T.Code SU52</b>
    Mostly this Purchase order authorisations will be give BASIS consultants. Pls approch them for more clarity in this regard.
    With regards,

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