(MM-SRV) Tax code determination in an external Service PO

Hello there,
Question: How to automaticaly determine the tax code for a service PO generated externally?
We don't want to edit the document.
Even if we try to edit the service PO the system shows this error message:
BBP purchase order cannot be changed (Display only)
You wish to change a purchase order that was created in the BBP system.
The purchase order was transmitted to the standard system so that the goods receipt and invoice could be posted.
A purchase order created in the BBP system has the value K - Purchase Order from BBP in field EKKO-STATU.
Addtitional Info:
It has to be automatically determined.
This is a one time service: no service master data.
We need tax code at PO item level (not service item level).
Thanks in advanced.

First of all I tried to use an info record but it wasn't possible because using only the material group the info record number wasn't automatically filed.
The best solution to me was the [Condition Technique|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_45b/helpdata/en/75/ee12f955c811d189900000e8322d00/content.htm] using NAVS.
By default the condition type NAVS doesn't have an access sequence. If you determine the access sequence 003 you can maintain info records using the transaction code MEK1. After select a key combination like Plant, Account Assignment, Origin and Region is possible to inform the tax code to be used.
If this condition type appears in the conditions at item level in the PO, the Tax Code informed in the condition record will be determined.
Thanks everybody

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  • Tax code determination when a PO is created from SRM

    Hi Experts
    I am using extended classic SRM 7.0
    When a PO is transferred to the SAP backend system, sometimes the TAX code is different from what was supplied in FM BBP_PO_INBOUND.
    It looks like; tax code determination in backend system determines a different code and does not use the tax code supplied when PO is created.
    Is there a way to override this tax determination in backend system so that it uses the Tax code supplied rather than determine a tax code that is different?
    This seems to be a problem when a new PO is created because when I change the PO and this sent again, the backend system is updated correctly with the Tax code supplied from SRM.
    I hope some has come across this type of situation and can suggest something.

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    Should they need assistance, send them here:
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  • Tax Code Determination - default tax code for sales

    Under the tax code determination window i have set the default tax code for sales as [email protected]% and I have save it.  but when I open the sales quotation , order or any other sales document the tax code is not appeared.  what could be the reason?
    SV Reddy

    Is ur "Determination Type" is 'Material Type'?
    FYI from Help file,
    When you enter item information in the marketing documents, system will check the item master data. If the item classification for the tax is:
    Material Item
    The tax code determination for material will start.
    Service Item
    The tax code determination for service will start.
    When you enter service information in the marketing documents, the tax code determination for service documents will start

  • Tax code determination using NAVS (ME21N)

    Hi - We have managed to automate tax code determination in the PO line when posting via ME21N
    We have a business scenario where some vendors in our German company code have the country (LFA1-LAND1) = CH in the master date(KNB1). However the VAT reg number for these vendors is German (Example: DE123456778)
    The issue is we want to treat the purchases of goods/services from such vendors as 'domestic' (Import = 0) However during the PO creation the automatic tax determination is listing this as International (Import =2).
    Has anyone come across this issue before? Is it possible to make any changes to the exit which determines the import indicator using T005-XGELD ?

    Hi, thank you for your replies.  Just to recap my issue :
    In our German company code we have a vendor with country = 'CH' in the master data with VAT registration number DE1224323543 and supplies goods within Germany. However I investigated a bit further and would like to find out where the goods are dispatched from on the PO line. This brought me to the 'Import' tab on the PO line item under ORIGIN / DESTINATION / BUSINESS section. Where I see that the country of origin is listed as 'CH' instead of 'DE'
    I am wondering if anyone knows how this field is populated ?

  • Change of tax code determination

    I want to change tax code determination when shipping to customers, where to setup this in SAP ?

    Tax codes come from the Tax Condition records. The general tax condition type is MWST and when you set the condition records for this condition type, you just provide the Tax code. The sysem brings the tax percentage and GL account associated with this Tax code in to the sales document.
    Tax codes are configured in the Trnsaction Code FTXP

  • Automatic tax code determination for service POs

    Can anyone tell  about the possibilities of automatic tax code determination for the service purchase orders.
    Thanks in advance

    The tax indicator is used in the automatic determination of the tax code 
    in Purchasing.                                                                               
    The tax code can be determined automatically within the framework of tax 
    determination (via the conditions).                                      
    Tax indicators, which can come from the service master record,           
    Customizing, or the purchasing document, are used in this process. The   
    system determines the tax code on the basis of the combination of these  
    tax indicators.                                                                               
    Automatic determination of the tax code is useful, for example, if       
    different tax rates apply to different groups of services.

  • Tax code determination in billing documents

    In the intercompany billing document, system has picked tax condition type(MWAS) value as 19 percentage with condition records.
    We have not maintained any condition records for that tax condition type. We have maintained that vale only in tax code settings under one country.
    How system is picking that tax vale in to billing documents with reference to condition type.

    Tax rates are maintained in tax codes via transaction code FTXP. All tax condition elements are maintained via OBYZ (OBQ1 for tax condition type, OBQ2 for access sequence, and OBQ3 for tax procedure). And each country is asssigned a tax procedure via OBBG. In your case, MWAS must exist in OBQ1 and the corresponding tax procedure, the rate of MWAS must have been entered in the tax code of output tax type.  The SD condition types with condition category D and with the account key for tax (such as MWS) in the SD pricing procedure are used to determine the tax code during document processing.
    To find out how this tax code is captured, on the condition tab in the billing document, click on the Analysis and locate the SD condition type(s) for output tax, identify which record is read. Then on VK13, enter this condition type and specify other selections, the condition records for tax code determination appear.

  • Tax Code Determination

    On the SBO application, when I choose the "Usage" on the Invoice the
    TaxCode field is automatically filled using the configuration
    previously defined on the Tax Code Determination.
    I need to create an Invoice by SDK, but I don't know how to do this, so that the Tax Code in document.lines are correctely filled according to the parameters on the tax code determination.
    2005B SP00 PL 10
    Thanks in advance.

    I had to access by SQL all related tables (OTCD, TCD1,TCD2,TCD3, TCD5) to add the correct tax code...
    How to get the TaxCode according to the Usage field?
    How to get the TaxCode according to the Usage field?
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            Marcio Abreu

  • How is the tax code determined while creating a new PO?

    how is the tax code determined while creating a new PO?

    Tax code refers to a TAXINN /TAX INJ and it always at country level -where the business dealing happens and not dependent on any other factors like vendor or material, company code or plant. etc.
    So after you have maintained a Tax code in FTXP in the category as input Tax( V)  it would be appears in the Tab Invoice.
    where you could manually select the same
    For automatic determination as said in the top messages we can maintain an inforecord.
    hope so it helps
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  • Tax Code determination in Sales Order

    Hi Friends,
    I have typical Business requirement.  For my client having a two systems - Legacy system & SAP ECC system.  Every time Sales Order is created in Legacy system and the same is replicated into SAP ECC.
    During the replication, Tax code also derived from Legacy to SAP ECC.  If the Tax Code is coming from Legacy to SAP ECC, system should take Tax code of Legacy by overiding the Tax code determining in SAP ECC.
    In short word, if Tax Code is deriving from Legacy, system should not derive the tax code from SAP ECC.
    Please help

    Hi Goutham,
    Please follow the procedure.
    1. tax code convertion table is maintained in SAP ECC system.
        example if A1 is the tax code in legacy system and Z1 is the tax code in SAP ECC system. maintain conversition table in SAP ECC system.
    2. if you want to use the same tax code in both system and display in the sales order, then first you have to add a tax code field in the VBAK table , second how the SAP ECC system recongnise the tax code logic you have to write in a receiving port of the idoc.

  • Company Service object for Tax Code Determination

    Hi All,
    Does anyone used CompanyService object for Tax Code Determination or having any sample, kindly let me know.
    SAPbobsCOM.CompanyService oCompanyService;
                    SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDeterminationsService oTaxCodeDeteminationService;
                    SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDetermination oTaxCodeDetermination;
                    SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDeterminationParams oTaxCodeDeterminationParams;
                    SAPbobsCOM.ITaxCodeDetermination oITaxCodeDetermination;
                    oCompanyService = App.SBO_Company.GetCompanyService();
                    oTaxCodeDeteminationService = (SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDeterminationsService)oCompanyService.GetBusinessService(SAPbobsCOM.ServiceTypes.TaxCodeDeterminationsService);
                    oTaxCodeDetermination = (SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDetermination)oTaxCodeDeteminationService.GetDataInterface(SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDeterminationsServiceDataInterfaces.tcdsTaxCodeDetermination);
                    oTaxCodeDeterminationParams = (SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDeterminationParams)oTaxCodeDeteminationService.GetDataInterface(SAPbobsCOM.TaxCodeDeterminationsServiceDataInterfaces.tcdsTaxCodeDeterminationParams);

    Select new entries and give 2 digit numeric value in sequence in tax field. it is taking only numeric values.
    It might be helps to u.

  • Tax Code does not appear in services PO at Services line item

    Dear Experts,
    I am trying to create a services PO with tax code. The tax code should be entered at Services Line item level not the PO line item level. But I can not see Tax Code field in the line item level. Although I have activated the the option for Tax Code at Services line item in t-code ML100. I have also checked the field reference settings for PO and External services to see if the field is suppressed.. but it is an option field in the setting...
    Can you please help what other setting needs to be done to see the tax code field at service line item level?

    Hi Kathrine,
    Go to SPRO-> Material management ->External services Management-> Define Screen layout
    In Field selection 5 double click field selection string 2.
    Check in additional data if your tax code is required field. refer the screen shot.

  • New Tax Code Creation with CST and Service Tax

    I want to know the complete procedure of new tax code creation with CST and Service Tax. I want to know the steps for calculation of % of that Tax Code.
    Kindly help me out.
    Kshipra G

    Hi Expert,
    Before creating a Tax Code, Create two Condition Types(T-Code: OBYZ) for CST and Service Tax, which need to Select the below Items
    Cond. class -  D - Taxes
    Calculat.type -  A - Percentage
    Cond.category - D - Tax
    and while creating a Tax Procedure just select the Condition Type of CST and Service Tax and provide the Account Key for both Condition Types.
    Assign the GL Accounts to the Account Keys in T-Code: OB40.
    Create a Tax Code in T-Code: FTXP, which is to be assigned in T-Code: FV11.
    Maintain the percentage in T-Code: FV11, with your Key Combination and
    Try this procedure, which will help you...

  • Tax Code Determination-SRM

    Hi All,
    I'm having problem determining country/company code specific tax codes in shopping cart. Currently I'm gettig all the defined Tax Codes in the system.
    I tried implementing SAP note 782463, it gave me drop down in browser but as there is no search help attached to it or not even any search help module so it shows message "No Input Help Available".
    I even tried implementing BAdi "BBP_F4_READ_ON_EXIT" and "BBP_F4_READ_ON_ENTRY" but it seems they are not being called. I think, if implemented, this will filter the already available drop down and no F4 help required in this case.
    Now I'm seeking your advice, if implementing SAP note, do I need to modify back-end SAP standard screen and put an Input Help (F4) function module there?
    Other is please let me know BAdi implementation process in both R/3 and SRM system is same. As browser based applications cannot be debugged, I cant see how the program is being executed and why its not calling the said BAdis.
    Your earliest response would be highly appreciated.

    Hi Deep
    SRM does not have its own tax calculation logic. it can only be done either via
    1. Backend Tax calculation
    2. Tax calculation by an external tax system connected to Backend
    3. Tax calculation by an external tax system connected to SRM
    4. Tax calculation by SAP TTE connected to SRM
    5. Customer specific tax calculations, you need to develop your tax calculation functionality here.....
    Check your other Forum message for more details around these options
    Re: Tax procedure in SRM
    Virender Singh

  • The Error Message in Tax Code determination Set up At the time of updation

    When I update the taxcode in the Valid Period-Setup Form Taxcode determination Forms of the SAP, an error message occur "THE COMBINATION OF KEY FIELDS CANNOT BE DUPLICATED" in the status bar at the time of Update button pressed.what is the reason for this error message? how can I overcome the above error msg and update the taxcode ?

    What is your B1 version and PL? You may check this: Re: Problem related to the Cenvat Tax Code

Maybe you are looking for

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