MM03 material search by manufacturer part number

Dear Experts,
is it possible to search a material by manufacturer part number (field MFRPN in MARA, appears in Purchasing view)?
If not, how difficult is it to adapt the search function to include this field?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Sergei,
Have you read the IMG notes for the node Logistics - General -> Material Master -> Tools -> Maintain Search Helps? They explain how to add search helps to material master. The search helps by MPN available in SAP standard are included in the collective search help MAT1_MPN that you can append to MAT1.

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  • SRM Material master search with Old material number or Manufacturing Part Number

    We have requirement to search SRM material with ECC old material number or  Manufacturing Part Number. Is it possible to enable this option in SRM.
    We are implementing SAP SRM 7.02.

    Hi Madhan,
    The quick win can be to amend product search help to do RFC to ECC for old mat number.

  • Search contract by supplying vendor or manufacture part number

    We have a requirement to keep manufacturer vendor and manufacture part
    number on purchase order.
    Vendor (purchasing): 1000010
    Vendors (Manufacturer): AAA, BBB
    Internal Material number: 71000010
    Manufacturer part number: 61000001 (AAA), 61000002(BBB)
    two contracts for 1000010, one with supplying vendor AAA, the other is
    with BBB.
    However, when trying to create a PO(ME21N), contracts can not be
    searched by supplying vendors.  If search by internal material number,
    both contracts show up and user can't tell the difference because they
    don't show manufacturer part number or supplying vendor.  Pls advice. 

    You can search your caontract by internal number and than in the document overview you can change the layout which can show the MPN mateiral number
    so based on the MPN material use rcan select the appropriate contract
    send me your mail to this forum and i will send you the scrren shot

  • "Wrong" material number when using manufacturer part number

    Hello gurus,
    when I create a new material, first the system gives me a new material number according to the given number range of the material type, let's say 100000002. So far, so good.
    But when I enter a manufacturer part number (e.g. 123456789) and press enter, the material number changes to 00000000000000000000000000000000100000002. And when I save the material master, the number is 123456789, allthough that number is not even allowed concerning the number range.
    What's wrong here? Is this a bug or a feature? In my view the manufacturer part number should never overwrite our own material number!

    What Material type you are Using for Creating Manufacturer Parts?? Its HERS and the Number Range for HERS Material type is Internal.
    If you Want to Maintain externally then you have to Define new external no range and assign to HERS.
    When you Select HERS you can see the Basic Text and Purchasing Views alone. In that You have to enter Desc of Mfg part and Input Original Material no.
    Here is the Process for Manufacturer Part Profile :
    Create External No ranges for Vendor Account Group MNFR and save.
    Now Create Each Make / Manufacturer like ABB as one Vendor in XK01 Trxn code.
    Create Material Code original say XXXX in MM01 with ROH material type. (for eg Transistor which is available with ABB & Seimens make)
    Create material code for ABB make say 11with Material type HERS which contain only two views (Basic Data & Purchasing) and give Make, Original material No & Material group and other details and save.
    Create material code for Seimens make say 12with Material type HERS which contain only two views (Basic Data & Purchasing) and give Make, Original material No & Material group and other details and save.
    Create a Purchase order with original Material XXXX, then it will ask for mnfg part profile then select the material and click F4 on it it will show you the created mfg part nos like ABB 11 & seimes 12 and select one and save.
    Prerequisite is you have to Activate Mfg part profile in OMPN trxn code
    And in Material master Purchasing View Select the mfg part profile and save
    Even if you set the Mfg part number in Display mode in SPRO settings system will throw the same error.
    Now What can be done is :
    Either go to ME21N and Select material tab after inputting and press f4 and select Manufacturer part number options then system will showe the list of mfg part number maintained to that material select the desired and save.
    Else go to MM02 Purchasing View and in Mfg part Profile tab there must be a four charecter profile assigned to field Remove this and save.
    The Second option is not a good practice.

  • Material Part number or Manufacturer Part number

    Hi Gurus,
    1. Is there any difference between Material Part number and Manufacturer Part number?
    2. Is Material Part number maintained in material master? If yes, where can I find it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Refer below link
    I think Material Part number  & Material number both are same.

  • Report to find a material by a mfr part number and old material number

    Is there any standard report to find a material by a mfr part number and old material number ?
    For the moment, we are using MM03 to search articles by these selection criterion.
    Julien Girard

    As there is no stsndard report use the SQVI to find out the details, It is very simple , please follwo the below steps.
    Use Txn SQVI, enter the Quick view field say- ZMNFR and click the  create button, Enter the title in the next screen i.e Report name- Say - Manufacturer's Part No. Details, in the same screen you need to enter  MARA  for the data from table/database view, please leave the 1. data source as Table only and the radio button as Basis mode only.  Click the tick mark , you will go to the next screen,
    You will notice Quick viewer Intial screen
    Open the node general material data
    Select the Buttons besides the fields MARA-MATNR for material number, MARA-MFRPN for manufacturers part number, and MARA-BISMT for old material number. You can include any other field if you wish to have in your output. You will notice two check boxes against each field, one is for input screen field and the other is for outputf field. But currently you do not bother about and select both the check boxes or any other field you wish to have as input and output as well. Once selected all the fields afer clicking the check boxes save the total arrangement. and then in the same screen use the execute button or use F8 to find out your report input screen.
    Now enter the Material number for which you wish to know other two details in the report and execute again you will find the report output.
    Please ensure that you are maintaining both the details in material master basic data1 and purchasing  view if you wish to get  out output
    Best regards
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  • Impact of enabling Manufacturer Part Number feature

    Please note that I would like to activate Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) of SAP. I want
    to record MPN no of own material, Manufaturer detail in material master.
    This is for recording those details in MMR. The point is that when I activate MPN indicator in OMT0
    then only mfr part number, Manufact, mfr part profile fields are appearing.
    What is the impact of it?
    So please provide your comments on the same.
    Parthasarathi K
    Edited by: Partha MM on Jul 16, 2011 10:32 AM

    Activate the MPN in OMT0.
    In OMT3B, select 21 screen seq, and click on data screen, select purchasing and click on subscreen, and replace the screen no 0001 with 2313, then you will get the same in purchasing view for all material types.
    REAL TIME SCENERIO: When the parts are manufactured at a plant and procured at that time, in case if any defective piece is there or any problem arises, at that time, the vendor confirms the rejection for the Manufacture part number, so it is entered in the MMR.
    You can see the settings here also: SPRO --> MM --> Purchasing --> MM --> Define manufg,. part profiles, this is used to define the profiles.

  • Manufacturer part number in MB01

    Hi ,
    is it possible to get the manufacturer part number in MB01 transaction at the time GR for PO along wiht the material description or in any other field.
    thanks for ur reply.

    I am not Sure but the Material Master MPN is Maintained then the MPN part number will come in MIGO screen also.
    Check in OMJX trxn code for MPN Field Once.

  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) in iProcurement

    We are in Oracle EBS and have a requirement to be able to search items based on Manufacturer and/or Manufacturer Part Number(MPN) in Oracle iProcurement.
    We have created an Item and mapped few MPNs to it.
    The Items has been extracted to iProcurement but we do not the MPN information in the Item details i iProcurement as well as unable to search through the MPN.
    Can anyone please advice the steps to enable the search in iProcurement based on MPN in 11i.

    I have a meterial with several MPN's. Maintenance assign a MPN in IW31 but I want to have the option to change it in ME52N.

  • BAPI_PO_CREATE1 : Mapping  Manufacturer part number

    Hi All,
    Can any body guide me how to Map " Manufacturer part number " in this BAPI_PO_CREATE1.
    Thanks in Advance
    Cino C B

    Check field IDNLF - Material number used by vendor in EKPO structure
    In BAPI structure, BAPIMEPOITEM, the field VEND_MAT is to be mapped. Again do not forget to map check the corresponding field in structure BAPIMEPOITEMX and BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards, Murugesh AS

  • Manufacturer part number to appear on when creating a request for quotation

    my client want to be able to see the manufacturer part number already stored in the material master to appear on the request for quotation.

    If you maintain MPN Material number in Source List and is available in Pur Req it will be automatically seen in RFQ.

  • Manufacturer Part number MFRPN

    Manufacturer Part Number (MFRPN) is not available for mapping in BAPI_PO_CREATE1 whereas it is  available in BAPI_PO_CREATE. If you have selected item from material master in SRM and you are using BAPI_PO_CREATE1, in R/3 it reads the MFRPN from material master and displays over PO. But if you have selected item from Catalog, the MFRPN is missing in PO.
    We are in SRM 5.0 with backend system  ECC 5.0  and we are forced to use BAPI_PO_CREATE1  where in MFRPN is not availbale.

    Hi Gonçalo,
    The standard transaction does not display this field. There is not any customizing setting in MIGO which can make this field visible when posting a goods movement.
    You might want to think about the possibility of using a transaction variant (SHD0).

  • Manufacture part number -how to config

    I need to config the material master view for manufacturer part number. This subscreen should appear in the material master. can any one guide me how to create this subscreen in the material master.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi GP,
    You can Put Manufacturer part number in Material description fild in MM01
    Ex- Suppose u r material number is 10010 and mfg part number is B1010
    Material -- 10010 (syatem generated number)
    Description -- Mfg NO -B1010

  • Manufacturer Part Number on PM Work Order

    Hi experts, is there a way to put manufacturer part number on the PM work order?  We can do that on purchase order, but got an error on work order.  We want to use work order to create purchase requistion.  Thanks a lot!!!

    I guess the MPN comes from the equipment??
    You may be able to use one of the MM user-exits like COZF0002 (Change purchase req. for externally procured component) to determine the MPN from the equipment, and populate the corresponding PR field. However, you would not see this data in the work order.
    If you did need to see the MPN in the work order, then utilise user-exit IWO10018 (enhancement tab)

  • Manufacturer Part Number in BAPI_PO_CREATE1

    Dear all,
    can anybody please tell me where to find the Manufacturer Part Number im BAPI_PO_CREATE1 (SAP ERP 6.04).
    In BAPI_PO_CREATE I can find the field, in BAPI_PO_CREATE1 it looks like it is not there but I have to use it.
    Thanks for any help.
    Best regards
    Roman Becker

    hi ,
    try to use the fields MATERIAL_EXTERNAL or EMATERIAL_EXTERNAL of the table POITEM and don't forget to set to 'X' the same fileds of POTIMEX.
    Morover you can take the Sap Note 197958 and its related notes.
    Hope this can help you.
    Regars luigi

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