MM17 (Mass upload)

I want to upload the values to one of the fields in material master. I have 70,000 materials. Is this possible through MM17 (Mass upload) ?

in MM17.
you select your materials for a change.
Then you enter the new value in the fields above and click the distribute button, this way all your selected materials will get this value as new value for the chosen field.
alternative to a fix value in the field above your records you can click the formula button, this way you can create a small formula to calculate the new field value. E.g. you can add 1 to your maximum stock level,  means if you had 10 as maximum stock level then you will get 11, but if you had 1 then you will get 2...
but this formula button allows you as well to add some ABAP coding.
this way I can select on any other table and can then determine the new value based on your own  conditions.
e.g. you lookup EORD table (source list) and if you find an entry there, then you write 111 in field X , if you dont find a source list, then you write 222 in field X.

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  • Mass upload of commodity code

    Wish to know the step by step procedure of mass upload of commodity codes.
    Kindly help

    Hi Raghavan ,
    You can upload through Mass Maintenance : Tranaction : MM17.
    Table MARC and Field STAWN.
    Ramesh Ch

  • List of mass upload programs in PP & QM Moduls

    Hi, Pls advise the list of mass uploud t-codes in PP & QM moduls like QA08 T-codes. is there any general mass upload t-code to upload certain field in certain t-code (screen). pls advise.
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    There are numbers of program for mass change.
    CA85 for to do mass change in work center.
    CA95 for to do mass change in Reference opn set.
    CA75 for to do mass change in PRT
    Mass Change in material master MM17
    Mass change in BOM. CS20
    CEWB is the only standard option available for you to make mass changes
    In QM QA08 for inspection type assign or chnage and Qa16 lot change.
    There a lot of transactions for specific mass changes. MASS is also one of the transactions among them also LSMW or BDC are useful.

  • Problem during mass upload

    Hi experts ,
                       In MM17 during mass upload while saving I am getting following error :
    Messages have been issued: number MASS005658000023
    Message no. MK101
    During inbound processing for the IDoc, messages have arisen while checking material data.
    System Response
    The system has filed these messages in the form of an application log with the number MASS005658000023.
    View the application log.
    Please help

    Hi Sir ,
              Thanks , but this link doesnt give any solution . Can you please explain what is to be done , or am I doing something wrong ?
    I am using this T code for first time , can you give me right procedure ?
    What I am doing is
    MM17 . I entered plant , imported materials from notepad and doing change . For some mats it has done .
    For remaining materials I am selecting corresponding line and mentioning new value and trying to save and its giving error .

  • Mass upload of BP into CRM

      I peform mass upload of BPs into CRM. I use FM BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA to create BP itself and BUPA_ADDRESS_ADD to save BP addresses and call these FMs in the same turn for each BP.
      So, if I do that for 1-2 BPs, it works perfectly. All BP are saved in CRM with there addresses on COMMIT. As soon as the number of uploaded BP increases(between two commits), for example, up to 100, there is an error happens:   E831(AM) in ADDR_MEMORY_SAVE.
      As well as I understood, it happens because of address saving peformed before BP saving on commit. I tried first to save BPs only (with commit) and then their addresses, and it worked on mass upload without any error.
      So, is there any idea about how to upload each BP with his address simultaneously without any error by mass upload?
        Thank you.

    You can upload millions of records using these function modules.Infact I am doing the same.
    Make sure that the data structures,tables which are passed to the Function modules are cleared for each time and FM's should be in the below mentioned order.

  • Mass upload of Material

        we have to do mass upload of material master  which includes lot of classification / characteristics for a plant. could you please let me know how do we do this and which is the best method? ( BAPI or BDC)
    Arun Vijay D

    Use direct input method using LSMW. The details are as:
    For material master data:
    Object: 0020
    Method: 0000
    Program: RMDATIND
    For material classification
    Object: 0130
    Method: 0002
    Program: RCCLBI03

  • Mass upload of batch chracteristic Values using LSMW

    Is there any way from which I can mass upload the characteristic values of batch class.
    LSMW- Bapi issue full in this case or have to go with recording or BAPI programming?
    Please let me know the process.
    Thanks in advance
    Ravi Kumar

    Thanks For the help. I have used LSMW Direct input method.
    I have used the below format in text file
    Class/mat    batch             class                              char                                 Char Value
    023     Bunny 1011010     ZZ_COTTON_CLASS     ZZ_BALE_QUANTITY     164.95
    023     Bunny 1011011     ZZ_COTTON_CLASS     ZZ_BALE_QUANTITY     164.61
    023     Bunny 1011012     ZZ_COTTON_CLASS     ZZ_BALE_QUANTITY     162.71
    Its giving below error,
    Error Changing Classification Data
    ( CLAP_DDB_UPDATE_CLASSIFICATION: exception    13  )
    023 Bunny 1011010                                      ZZ_COTTON_CLASS
    Error Changing Classification Data
    ( CLAP_DDB_UPDATE_CLASSIFICATION: exception    13  )
    023 Bunny 1011011                                      ZZ_COTTON_CLASS
    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Kumar

  • Mass Upload of Photos in Portal

    I am trying to do mass upload of JPEG Photos.
    I have tried using User Self Service and that works fine.
    Reqmnt is that administrator needs to upload 100 photos as a bulk for each user.
    I have read the document on and it certainly gave me few insights but if anyone has done this before, i would like to steps on how to go about doing this.

    Assign yourself to the role
    After that you will have the Link
    "Collaboration Demo\People Centric"
    This gives you the possibility to make a manual or
    mass upload of user photos.

  • Need to create a mass upload program for appraisal document creation for multiple employee

    Hi Expertise,
    I need to create a mass upload program for appraisal document creation for manager and his multiple employee
    at a time using tcode appcreate.
    Please help me out.
    Best regards,

    Hi Priyaranjan,
    I think you can take the abap'ers help in creating the program. But u need to provide them the exact functionality and the required specifications in creating the appraisal document.
    Even tcode also u can get it prepared by Abap'ers.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Need to create a mass upload program for appraisal document creation for multiple employee in abap hr

    Hi Expertise,
    I need to create a mass upload program for appraisal document creation for manager and his multiple employee
    at a time using tcode appcreate.
    Please help me out.
    Best regards,

    I have done appraisal document creation for bulk using txt file.
    this fm used for single for creation in standard tcode (phap_prepare):  'WZ_HRHAP_0DOC_WZ01_START'.
    So create ztcode  usinh this fm for single form then record BDC for this tcode and called this tcode in that bdc for bulk creation .
    While recording for single I have used manual option instead of automatic .

  • Mass upload of commodity code VEU4

    While doing Mass uploading of commodity codes using VEU4 for Non European Clountry, for the Additional Info field NIHON , system by default generates =2 but our requirement it has to have a default value=0 which is to be used for both Import and Export.
    How to make the field NIHON value=0?
    Is it in the Text file or somewhere in the config?

    Hi Jurgen,
    Thanks Very much, it helped.
    Actual my requirement is to load the Commodity codes with the Field NIHON = 0 so that the commodity can be used for both Import and Export.
    If I upload the text file in VIU4, by default system takes to NIHON = 1,
    If I upload the text file in VEU4, by default system takes to NIHON = 2.
    As mentioned in the OSS 1034696
    If you confirm the dialog box with 'Yes', the system checks whether the 'Additional information' indicator of the old entry and the new entry are set differently. If this is the case, the system sets the 'Additional information' field to value 0 (Receipt / Import and Dispatch / Export).
    Hence I have to execute the file in VIU4 or VEU4 for the first time to mass load of the commodity code ( by default it takes 1 or 2)
    So to change the value from 1 or 2 to 0, need to execute the same file second time with YES in the dialog Box for the same data.
    Note sure why SAP is so rigid here in this field NIHON as the same can be one of the Selection field.
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  • Mass Upload doesn't work

    Hi everybody,
    i am trying to upload user photos via mass upload iview. Therefore i create a folder (c:\photos). In this folder i have two files
    a) with the line: Anton=1011
    b) 1011.jpg
    I use the iView for Massupload from content provided by sap -> collaboration -> demo role -> iviews. I create a task with the following properties:
    Task name:           Mappupload
    Upload from Folder:           c:\photos
    Photo type:           NORMAL
    Apply checked conditions:      (no checked)
    Use Mapping:           (checked)
    After starting the task the photo was not updated and there was nothing in the application log!?
    What could be the problem? I can add the file manually but not through mass upload.
    Has anybody use a mass upload?
    Edited by: seed_mopo on Sep 26, 2008 11:04 AM

    Pls Use these threads:
    Hope it would be helpfull

  • Mass Upload of condition records in APO system.

    Hi All,
    I wanted to mass upload condition records in to the APO system for the transaction /N/SAPCND/AO11 from an external file.
    Is there any FM available?
    If FM is not available...which one is the best way to do this?
    LSMW?? or BDC???
    Please guide me..
    Babu Kilari

    At least the key fields of the conditiontable
    (here 800) must be filled in structure ls_komg.
    ls_komg-vbeln = '1234567890'.  " document number
    ls_komg-posnr = '000010'.      " item number
    clear wt_komv.
    ls_komv-kappl = 'V '.        " Application V = Sales
    ls_komv-kschl = lc_kschl.    " Condition type
    ls_komv-waers = 'EUR'.       " Currency
    ls_komv-kmein = 'ST'.        " Unit of measurement
    ls_komv-kpein = '1'. 
    ls_komv-krech = 'M'.         " calculation type;
                                  "M = Quantity - monthy price
    ls_komv-kbetr = '1234.56'.   " new condition value
    append ls_komv to lt_komv.
    call function 'RV_CONDITION_COPY'
        application              = 'V'
        condition_table          = '800'      " cond. table
        condition_type           = lc_kschl   " cond. type
        date_from                = '20061101' " valid on
        date_to                  = '20061130' " valid to
        enqueue                  = 'X'        " lock entry
        i_komk                   = ls_komk
        i_komp                   = ls_komp
        key_fields               = ls_komg    " key fields
        maintain_mode            = 'A'        " A= create
                                              " B= change,
                                              " C= display
                                              " D= create
      with reference
        no_authority_check       = 'X'
        keep_old_records         = 'X'
        overlap_confirmed        = 'X'
        no_db_update             = space
        e_komk                   = ls_komk
        e_komp                   = ls_komp
        new_record               = lv_new_record
        copy_records             = lt_komv

  • Mass upload through Web Dynpro application possible?

    We want to develop a custom aplication with Web Dynpro ABAP for master data maintenance. About 90 % will be done manually but we also want to have the possibility to do mass uploads (comparable with LSMW's in SAP R3 for win gui transactions: users send us a spreadsheet and we load it for them using a LSMW). I found one option by building Adobe Interactive form offline scenario using xml messages but I don't want to be forced to use Adobe only to enable mass uploads that will only happen in 10 % of the cases.
    I am loking forward to your suggestions!
    kind regards
    Angelique Heutinck

    I got a very useful answer from Thomas Jung (SAP) via a site he did setup with a couple of other SAP experts, also see
    My question:
    I think this new UI element ACFUpDownload cannot be used to do mass uploads/updates of data that need to be stored in SAP tables?
    Answer Thomas:
    This UI element is just about the transfer of data from the client machine to the server. It has nothing to do with how the data is used or processed after upload. Think of it as the equal to the CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES class and methods GUI_UPLOAD and GUI_DOWNLOAD.
    My question:
    Is there a tool like LSMW, CATT, eCATT that we can use for recording webenabled transactions (applications developed in Web Dynpro ABAP)?
    Answer Thomas:
    You shouldnu2019t need a tool like LSMW, CATT, eCATT that is tied to the user interface. With WDA you should be using MVC to design your application. This is part of the reason for MVC so that you have a clear separation of the model - business logic. You should always have a reusable class that can be called to input and create data with the same validations without going through the user interface. This is the process that SAP is following as we create new WDA screens. We use the enterprise services and their implementation classes as the Model for the WD Components. This ensures that you always have a clear API to use to mass import data.
    Although we wouldnu2019t recommend doing any kind of mass data load via the user interface any longer - eCATT will be supported for automated testing of Web Dynpro ABAP applications as of NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2.

  • Vendor Master Mass Upload or change T code

    Hi What is the Tcode for Vendor Master Mass Upload or change .

    You can use T_code XK99 for mass maintainence ( changes) for Vendor mater data.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi Gurus, The scenario is: I am creating a PO w.r.t. a contract. Now, the material in the contract line item has two different prices in two different validity periods. For eg, the price from Jan to Mar31st is Rs.5.00/unit. Now, in the next validity

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