Mobile Functionalities part of CRM - Web Application

We are currently using CRM 4.0 with SAP GUIs. We are mainly using the Mobile Sales Application and concepts such as Business Partners, PPRs, Activity Journals, Marketing Attributes, Segment Builder, Territory Management, Products, Surveys or Organization Model.
We will probably to move to a CRM Web Client version, more suitable for a call center that we plan to implement.
I would like to understand if we still will be able to use the concepts stated above the same way as currently do or if there are differences on functionalities between SAP GUI and the Web Client, especially with regards Mobile Sales.
Thanks in advance for your help,

The Mobile sales application and the concepts you mentioned are all based on CRM server and not dependent on the mobile sales application.So when you switch to ICWebClient the backend master data will remain the same and all the concepts will remain intact.So you can go ahead and implement it.

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  • **CRM **Web Application Server  Pop-UP

    Hi All,
            I have created CRM system Object. Connection tests are succesful. I have assigned some CRM roles to to  a user. When I click any role, it displays iviews also. But when try to access those iviews , it is displaying a Web Application Server Pop-UP to enter WAS username and password.
    can any one tell what could be the problem? and how to solve it.
    Reward points guranteed.

    you dont need to change the BSPs login method.
    you have to maintain WAS host, WAS path and WAS protocol in the system definition.
    WAShost: <your wasserver>.<domain>.com:<port>
    WASpath: sap/bc/bsp/sap/
    WASprotocole : http/https
    also make sure that you log on to portal using Fully Qualified Domain name. (

  • ABAP Tools for CRM Web Application

    I am creating a Web Dynpro Java Application for OM/CRM. I am working with CRM_ORDER_READ, and CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN Rfcs.
    Please tell me the important transactions, tables, etc to trace and evaluate on whats going on when I update from Portal.
    Also, Could somebody please help how to debug in ABAP.

    Check this out:
    You can debug in abap by placing a "/h" while executing your program,.place the "/h" in the bar where you type in your tcodes.
    alternatively, you can set breakpoints in your source code and then run it.
    Ravish Garg<b>
    *Reward if useful</b>

  • Some questions on CRM web interface

    I am new to CRM and I have few questions listed below:
    1. Are all the CRM services accessible via the IC ?
    2. If there is a scenario where some services needs to be available via the web, then is it a must I should use the IC?
    3. Does the CRM business package in Portal include all the services that are in SAP CRM or are they specific to certain services?
    Please help

    Yes the portal should provide access to all the CRM functionality with the exception of ISA/mobile.  In those cases ISA(Internet Sales) can be integrated to the portal, but is a java-based application.  The mobile application is designed with its own UI for mobile client access.
    Almost all CRM web applications are BSP based with the exception of:
    - Internet Sales
    - IPC product configurator
    - Mobile Sales
    If you have a business scenario in CRM that you are trying to provide through a web interface, I can tell you what a "typical" setup might be.
    Take care,

  • Web Application Proxy and Safari

    Morning, all.
    I've installed and configured the new Windows Server 2012 R2 AD FS and Web Application Proxy, and I've run into some strange problems. I had some initial problems getting it to work, the documentation is a bit thin, but I now have Sharepoint and Webmail
    published to the Internet.
    I'm using x.509 Certificate Authentication for Extranet.
    In IE on a Windows 8.1 Surface Pro everything works. I can log in using ether a softcert or a SmartCard.
    On my OS X Mac I can log in using Chrome, but Safari won't work.
    Same thing on my iPad running iOS 7.0.4, Safari won't work. Interestingly enough, on my 7.0.4 iPhone it DOES work. Even more interestingly, I CAN Workplace Join the iPad using the URL https://<adfs fqdn>/enrollmentserver/otaprofile but
    I can't authenticate using the URL https://<adfs fqdn>/adfs/ls/IdpInitiatedSignon.aspx.
    I get to select my certificate, but after that I'm getting this error message: "Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred." In the Event log on the AD FS server I'm getting this:
    Encountered error during federation passive request. 
    Additional Data 
    Protocol Name: 
    Relying Party: 
    http://<adfs fqdn>/adfs/services/trust 
    Exception details: 
    Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.InvalidRequestException: MSIS7042: The same client browser session has made '6' requests in the last '0' seconds. Contact your administrator for details.
       at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.Protocols.PassiveProtocolHandler.UpdateLoopDetectionCookie(WrappedHttpListenerContext context)
       at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.Protocols.Saml.SamlProtocolHandler.SendSignInResponse(SamlContext context, MSISSignInResponse response)
       at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolListener.ProcessProtocolRequest(ProtocolContext protocolContext, PassiveProtocolHandler protocolHandler)
       at Microsoft.IdentityServer.Web.PassiveProtocolListener.OnGetContext(WrappedHttpListenerContext context)
    Since it does work on an iPhone running the same browser, and Workplace Join does work on the iPad even if nothing else does I'm thinking there's some UserAgent voodoo going on in parts of the Web Application Proxy. It's no big deal that Safari in OS X doesn't
    work, we can always run Chrome, but the iPad is a major problem and a total deal breaker if I can't fix it.
    I would appreciate some good advice.

    As both IE and Chrome work, I think it’s more a client side issue.
    Maybe you need to clear you browser cache and cookies.
    This also worth a try:
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
    Hope this helps.

  • Pdf forms and web applications

    Hi all,
    Can anyone help me regarding the feasibility of using PDF forms in web application such as simple html forms?
    As a part of the web application written in php, we have large html forms for collecting data.
    pdf reports must be generated based on data entered in forms.
    So, 1 filled in form = 1 pdf report. Generating large pdf files from scratch with php script is not fun, and I'd like to figure out if there is some way to use pdf forms created in Adobe LifeCycle as html forms.
    So, we would like to publish pdf forms created in LifeCycle as a part of web application, where users fill in this form and in some way we pass form data to php script (upon form submit) for saving it in database and load data back to pdf form once user decides to edit it.
    Once form is filled in completely we'd like to print it (and maybe save as separate pdf file containing all filled data).
    Please advice, is there any solution for doing something like this, or maybe some other suggestions about simple pdf generation & forms handling in case described above?
    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours is not a feature request. It is a question about the functionality of the Livecycle Designer product. Please repost in that forum.

  • Accessing web application JAR files from applet

    I've got an applet which is part of a web application.
    All the web application JARs are in the webapps/myappl/WEB-INF/lib directory, and I
    can't seem to place anything in that directory on the archive attribute of <OBJECT> tag.
    I'm running into trouble because I'm sending objects from the servlet to the applet and keep getting classnot found during deserialization because I've missed some jar file on the archive attribute. I've had to copy lots of jar files up to where the codebase in the HTML file is to make this run. My question is this.
    Is it better to just change the tomcat security policy file (catalina.policy in tomcat conf directory) so that the JARs are directly accessible and I don't have to copy them from WEB-INF/lib???? Has anyone done this before? What would the line look like?
    I'm assuming that I have to follow the instructions (THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND)
    at the bottom of the policy file. Can someone help me out here????
    should I have something like
    grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/myappl/WEB-INF/classes/-"
    { permission; };
    grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/myappl/WEB-INF/lib/-"
    { permission; };
    Will this allow me to place references to jar files (and the classes directory) in the archive attribute, such as
    <OBJECT .....  >
        <param name="archive" value="../WEB-INF/lib/applet.jar,../WEB-INF/lib/someapp.jar,../WEB-INF/classes" />trailer for catalina.policy is
    // You can assign additional permissions to particular web applications by
    // adding additional "grant" entries here, based on the code base for that
    // application, /WEB-INF/classes/, or /WEB-INF/lib/ jar files.
    // Different permissions can be granted to JSP pages, classes loaded from
    // the /WEB-INF/classes/ directory, all jar files in the /WEB-INF/lib/
    // directory, or even to individual jar files in the /WEB-INF/lib/ directory.
    // For instance, assume that the standard "examples" application
    // included a JDBC driver that needed to establish a network connection to the
    // corresponding database and used the scrape taglib to get the weather from
    // the NOAA web server.  You might create a "grant" entries like this:
    // The permissions granted to the context root directory apply to JSP pages.
    // grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/examples/-" {
    //   permission "", "connect";
    //   permission "*", "connect";
    // The permissions granted to the context WEB-INF/classes directory
    // grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/examples/WEB-INF/classes/-" {
    // The permission granted to your JDBC driver
    // grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/examples/WEB-INF/lib/driver.jar" {
    //   permission "", "connect";
    // The permission granted to the scrape taglib
    // grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/examples/WEB-INF/lib/scrape.jar" {
    //   permission "*", "connect";
    // };

    Thank you for your reply.
    As I mentioned in my first post I had seen a couple of posts mentioning ServletContext before, but dismissed them as I am not using any servlets of my own. However, since you showed me exactly how it was used I realised I could probably just use a dummy servlet to get this information.
    The following page suggests a couple of techniques for doing just this.
    So I think that's me sorted, cheers.

  • Issue with special characters in SAP CRM ICSS application.

    Hi ,
    I have issue with the special character in CRM web application.
    1. In CRM IC Webclient application(5.0) . i am copying and pasting some special characters in the description of the service request document. then this is saving the character as it is.
    But when i am opening the same service request in SAP CRM  ICSS(Internet Customer Self-Service) application, then the special characters are converting to different characters.
    I am not sure whether this is the right forum for this or not.
    Can anyone please suggest how can i correct this. Or is there any standard solution to handle the special characters in ICSS.

    misunderstood =/
    Original (Coming - output):  "<PAY_TXT>PAYκ Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.</PAY_TXT>"
    it's in output but what is data in database ?
    sorry but without knowing about source data for forming the xml i haven't ideas about your problem
    in db it's "TM " or "™" or ... ?
    Original (Coming - output):  "<PAY_TXT>PAYκ Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.</PAY_TXT>"
    Something like XAE or "K" after PAY Value in the xml tag and continued the text value.  (Tag value is not getting copied exactly here - i am sorry for that )
    that's ok. i need to see the problem not the data as is
    Expected (output):  "Here it needs to produce the "PAY TM" (Here "TM" should be super scripted to "PAY" Value in tag).
    as super scripted in xml?
    as idea - you can have <PAY_TXT>PAY TM</PAY_TXT> and in publisher set TM as super
    Designing XSL Subtemplates - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

  • Deploying parts of a JHeadstart application?

    In a small JHeadstart project I wonder how deploy the application. The application has to main windows and 12 wizard windows.
    As the wizard windows (of course) are closely linked to one of the the two main windows there exists one application definition file (listing all wizard and the main windows).
    Currently, the whole application is deployed at the same time. This works fine. What I want is to deploy only parts of the application, lets say only new wizards not previously deployed.
    My question is if it is OK and advicable to deploy parts of the application. If yes, I do not expect to get all the details on how to do it here. Hints for further reading would however be appreciated.

    J2EE only allows for deploying a complete web application. You cannot redeploy (new) parts of a web application.
    So, if you want to deploy the wiuzards separately, then you need to create separate ViewController projects, and deploy them as separate web applications. But then they do not share session state, and users need to log on again for each wizard (unless you are using Single Sign On).
    Steven Davelaar,
    JHeadstart team.

  • Acces key problem in Mobile web application

    Hi experts,
    I am just trying a mobile web application according to the link given below:
    tutorial by John Moy.
    While reimplementing the controller class i am getting one message "Method DO_INIT is implemented in class CL_BSP_CONTROLLER" and asking for Access key.
    Why this is happening and how i can overcome this problem?
    Please help me.

    Use REDEFINE key....

  • Shared codebase for both mobile and web applications?

    I've been developing a mobile application for a while now. It runs on iOS and Android as well as on the desktop as an AIR app. This is great and I'm very excited about it. However, last week I was asked why I couldn't export a version of the app that ran within a web browser. I said that I assumed I could and that I would look into it.
    But why would you want to run mobile code on the desktop?
    A couple of reasons:
    Greater re-use of code. This doesn't make sense in all cases but it does in many cases. (I won't elaborate because I think this is self-evident. If you disagree I'd be happy to talk about it but I'd rather not clog this description with it.)
    Quicker/easier client demos. Rather than having to install an apk or an ipa on a mobile device, I can just send a URL.
    So what have I found? Well, from what I've tried so far.. it.. doesn't work. Or rather I haven't been able to make it work.
    I started by creating a Flex Library project for all shared code. Then I created 2 application projects that reference it- one for mobile and one for web. The mobile project works fine but the web project does not. Here's what I've tried so far to make it work:
    I tried adding the mobilecomponents.swc and the mobile.swc theme to my web project so that Flash Builder knows about MobileSkin (and other mobile-only classes). This enables my app to compile but when I launch it immediately throws a runtime error inside of UIComponent: VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.text::StageText could not be found. I've found very little about this error, and the one tip I did find (adding the --swf-version=13 compiler option) does not work.
    I tried using conditional compilation to control which class my skin components inherited from: MobileSkin or SparkSkin. This was just a quick experiment to see if it worked. I know it's disgusting and not a production solution. My thinking though was that if MobileSkin was really just an optimized version of SparkSkin, my skins should be okay inheriting from either. This didn't work right away- app wouldn't compile b'c certain methods were missing (ex. layoutContents) and so I bailed on it because it felt dirty to begin with.
    I tried replacing MobileSkin with UIComponent as the super class for all of my skins thinking that MobileSkin was probably just a lightweight subclass of UIComponent anyway. This approach resulted in some compiler errors at first (ex. no layoutContents method, no measuredDefaultWidth/measuredDefaultHeight properties, addChild vs addElement, etc.). Once those issues were resolved the app compiled but crashed with runtime errors inside of UIComponent's "getState" method. (Looks like MobileSkin overrides this method to prevent UIComponent's default behavior.)
    So none of those approaches have worked for me so far... but what about you guys? I have no hopes of Adobe reading this thread or responding to it in any way, but I would love to hear from other people in the community. Have you encountered this issue yet? Were you able to make it work or can you spot any obvious oversights I've made in the methods I mentioned trying above? Thanks in advance if you can.

    Update: I've been able to make progress with the first route mentioned above: adding the mobilecomponents.swc and the mobile.swc theme to my web project
    Turns out that Flash Builder had led me wrong in this regard. Adding the mobile SWCs to your Library project with the "merged into code" setting results in the compiler warning:
    The swc '/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.6/sdks/4.6.0/frameworks/themes/Mobile/mobile.swc' has style defaults and is in the library-path, which means dependencies will be linked in without the styles.  This can cause applications, which use the output swc, to have missing skins.  The swc should be put in the external-library-path.
    Seeing this the first time, I changed my linkage type to "External" and the warning went away. Then in my web project, I also added the mobile SWCs and set the linkage type to "merged into code" there. Flash Builder seemed happy with that approach, but upon running my application I got bizarre runtime errors (as mentioned above).
    Turns out that my first attempt was the correct way. Set the linkage type on the library project to "merged into code" and then don't re-link from your web project. Flash Builder will warn you about it but ignore the warning. Things seem to work pretty well for the most part now! I have an issue or two to look into (ex. List component doens't scroll) but things look pretty promising overall!

  • Deploy Internet Sales B2B/B2C Web- Application for CRM 5.0

    Dear all,
    We upgraded to CRM 5.0. Because of the CRM 5.0, we had to use the SAP Developerstudio (Eclipse) and the new J2EE Engine.
    I deployed the B2C shop application, but i get a confusing error message, if i try to visit the login page.
    Error [javax.servlet.ServletException: Initialization of Extended Configuration Management failed.
    Could not initialize XCM configuration in Database.
    Check if you have deployed the Software Component 'SAP JAVA DATA DICTIONARY 5.0'].
    Exception id: [0013CE89C2FB00750000005700005870000429479003B101]
    If i try to access the admin page ".../b2c/admin", i get a page without the menu entries. No XCM Link, No Version info, and so on. If i try to access the XCM manuelly "...b2c/admin/xcm/", then a get again the error above.
    Someone can help, where i can find the "SAP JAVA DATA DICTIONARY" and what i have to do for the deployment?
    Thanks for your time!

    Hi Andreas,
    I am also facing the same error which you have already resolved.
    I have deployed CRM 5.0 ICSS B2B custom application using NWDS.if i visit the login page ,i am getting the following error.
    Application error occurred during request processing.
    Details:   Error [javax.servlet.ServletException: Initialization of Extended Configuration Management failed.
    Could not initialize XCM configuration in Database.
    Check if you have deployed the Software Component 'SAP JAVA DATA DICTIONARY 5.0'].
    Exception id: [0014C265B0070068000000B6000019D90004311C9338F0A5]
    if i try to access the admin page icss_b2b_custom/admin ,i get the page without the menu entries.i i access the link manually again the same error.
    you have suggested the following packages to deploy
    i visited the following link
    My Company's Application Components>SAP CRM>SAP CRM 5.0> Entry by Component>CRM Java
    •     BI UDI 7.00
    •     CRM IPC MOBILE 5.0
    •     DI BUILD TOOL 7.00
    •     J2EE ENGINE BASE TABLES 7.00
    •     J2EE ENGINE CORE TOOLS 7.00
    •     JAVA LOG VIEWER 7.00
    •     JAVA SP MANAGER 7.00
    •     SAP CAF 7.00
    •     SAP CAF-UM 7.00
    •     SAP IGS 7.00
    •     SAP J2EE ENGINE 7.00
    •     SAP J2EE ENGINE CORE 7.00
    •     <b>SAP JAVA DATA DICTIONARY 5.0</b>
    •     SAP KERNEL 7.00 32-BIT UNICODE
    •     SAP KERNEL 7.00 64-BIT UNICODE
    •     SAP SOFTW. DELIV. MANAGER 7.00
    •     SAP TECH S 7.00 OFFLINE
    •     SAP_IKS_7.00
    •     TEALEAF 4.5
    in the above components which i need to download and deploy.i found the following system infor on my server.
    <b>Software Components </b>
    <b>Vendor                  Name                Version</b>      SAP-JEECOR       7.00 SP11      CORE-TOOLS       7.00 SP11      SAP_JTECHF       7.00 SP11      BASETABLES       7.00 SP11      JLOGVIEW       7.00 SP11      SAP-JEE                       7.00 SP11      SAP-SHRAPP       5.0 SP8      LM-TOOLS       7.00 SP11      JSPM                       7.00 SP11      ADSSAP                       7.00 SP11      CAF-UM                       7.00 SP11      KM-KW_JIKS       7.00 SP11      UMEADMIN       7.00 SP11      BI_MMR                       7.00 SP11      SAP_JTECHS       7.00 SP11      BI_UDI                       7.00 SP11      CAF                       7.00 SP11      KMC-COLL       7.00 SP11      EP-WDC                       7.00 SP11      EPBC2                       7.00 SP11      KMC-BC                       7.00 SP11      KMC-CM                       7.00 SP11      LM-PORTAL       7.00 SP11      RTC-STREAM       7.00 SP11      SAP-EU                       7.00 SP11      CAF-KM                       7.00 SP11      VCFLEX                       7.00 SP11      EPBC                       7.00 SP11      VCFRAMEWORK       7.00 SP11      VCBASE                       7.00 SP11      VCKITGP                       7.00 SP11 
    <b>      SAP-CRMJAV       5.0 SP8 </b>
    <b>      SAP-CRMWEB       5.0 SP8 </b>      SAP-IPCMSA       5.0 SP8      SAP-SHRJAV       5.0 SP8      SAP-SHRWEB       5.0 SP8
    <b>      SAP-CRMAPP       5.0 SP8 </b>
    <b>      SAP-CRMDIC       5.0 SP8 </b>      VCKITXX                       7.00 SP11      NET-PDK                       7.00 SP11      RTC                       7.00 SP11      BP_CRM50       5.0.0 SP0      DI_CMS                       7.00 SP11      DI_CBS                       7.00 SP11      WDEXTENSIONS       7.00 SP11      DI_DTR                       7.00 SP11      UWLJWF                       7.00 SP11      EP-PSERV       7.00 SP11
    as per the above system info ,did you feel java data dictionary installed.
    Please help me to resolve the above problem urgently.

  • While consuming Fusion CRM web service in ADF mobile throwing an error

    I am developing ADF Mobile using JDeveloper and consuming Fusion CRM ADF Web Services.
    While executing CRUD operations with these web services
    in ADF mobile app, I am getting SOAP response as *Error in getting response
    and got result nothing *.
    And also noticed as using JDeveloper ADF mobile App, unable to create URL service
    Data Control - REST based for FUsion CRM web services. Where as I am able to
    create SOAP based web services data control. It' strange or surprise.
    Did anyone face the above problems. Kindly let me know any suggestions or
    samples to the below contacts
    Bhaskara Reddy S
    bhaskara.sannapureddy at

    Dear Frank,
    Based on below links, Fusion CRM also supports REST also apart from regular SOAP Web Services. AND
    (For e.g one of linked in profile : , many teams are developing using SOAP & REST)
    Designed and developed integration services using SOAP and REST web services for Oracle Fusion CRM Marketing Modules.)
    When creating URL based data control, getting an Error as "Forbidden" , (Does it mean NOT SUPPORTED??) . Kindly advice.
    I am calling WEB SERVICE thru SOAP in AMX PAGE code as below after creating Web Services Data Control from ADF Mobile UI thru JDeveloper IDE.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <amx:view xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:amx=""
    <amx:panelPage id="pp1">
    <amx:panelFormLayout id="pfl2">
    <amx:inputText value="#{}" label="Person First Name" id="it1"/>
    <amx:inputText value="300000001210220" label="Person Object Id" id="it2"/>
    <amx:facet name="header">
    <amx:outputText value="Create Person in Fusion CRM" id="ot1"/>
    <amx:facet name="primary">
    <amx:commandButton id="cb1" text="Back" action="__back"/>
    <amx:facet name="secondary">
    <amx:commandButton id="cb2"/>
    <amx:panelFormLayout id="pfl1">
    <amx:outputText value="#{bindings.message.inputValue}" id="ot2"/>
    <amx:outputText value="#{bindings.code.inputValue}" id="ot3"/>
    *<amx:commandButton actionListener="#{bindings.createPerson.execute}" text="createPerson"*
    *disabled="#{!bindings.createPerson.enabled}" id="cb3"/>*
    <amx:iterator var="row" value="#{bindings.personParty1.collectionModel}" id="i1">
    <amx:panelLabelAndMessage label=" 300000001210220" id="plam2">
    <amx:outputText value="#{row.PartyId}" id="ot5">
    <amx:convertNumber groupingUsed="false"/>
    <amx:panelLabelAndMessage label="#{}" id="plam1">
    <amx:outputText value="#{row.PersonFirstName}" id="ot4"/>
    Bhaskara Reddy

  • How to install CRM Web Channel applications on local pc

    Hi All
    I need to do some development for CRM Web Channel (B2B) and just installed NW developer workspace (NWDS and MC both are running, NWDS is connected to local j2ee engine now).  I guess the next step is to setup application track / nstall the applications locally on my pc (?) but don't know how.  Can some one guide me how to ?  provide me some documentations?
    Thank you very much in advance, Jin

    hi Jin Freda,
    check this
    (check for stephen)
    Re: (CRM-) ISA-developers: How do you work with NWDS?
    mean while i wll send the other doucments for u
    Edited by: bvr on Jan 28, 2009 7:57 AM

  • Can I use SPRO to configure SAP CRM web based application.

       I am just 5 days old in SAP solutions.
    I want to know if I can use SPRO (IMG) to configure master data and business processes pertaining to SAP CRM web based solution ?

    Hi Diptendu,
    You can indeed do some customizing in the SPRO regarding for example the PCUI (People Centric User Interface) of CRM.
    Within SPRO take CRM and afterwards in the Basic Functions you have some customizing to be done. You can also look at the cookbook for the PCUI, which you can find on the site.
    For the Interaction Webclient, there is a specific part for customizing in the SPRO under CRM --> Interaction Webclient.
    Hope this helps,
    Kind regards,

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  • How to display an error message in Dynamic Actions

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  • I am processing cube see following results and task got failed any suggestion?

    Processing Cube 'PaymentServices' failed. Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The attribute key cannot be found when processing: Table: 'dbo_vw_PS_Fact_Disconnects', Column: 'Customer_Key', Value: '78749347'. The attribute is 'Customer Key'.

  • Cost not settled to AUC in last fiscal year

    Dear SAP Gurus, We have some WBSE's for which cost is not settled to AUC in last fiscal year. Now while moving the cost from that WBSE's AUC in Current fiscal year , SAP is not allowing us. So what will be method to settle the cost from those WBSE's

  • Doc reversed, Clear FI doc manually_MR8M

    Dear All, I have posted the invoice to diff vendor, So i cancelled the inv in mr8m & when i saved the doc its giving the mas as ** doc reversed,clear FI doc manually** What exactly it means ? Now again i need to post the invoice to diff vendor, Pls l

  • How to parsing xml data in sql statement??

    Hi friends, I have a table which contain column as clob ,stores in xml format, for example my column contain xml data like this <Employees xmlns="">    <C1>106</C1>    <C2>Harish</C2>    <C3>1998-05-12</C3>    <C4>H