Modify hoilday *after* generation of work schedules

Dear all,
I have a problem that one of the developer do not aware that the holiday setup is cross client and done some testing on the holiday to the point that he also generated the work schedules.
That affected the golden client for year 2011, and I find that I am unable to fix the date of the floating public holiday with work schedules generated.
I just wonder can I remove the generated data so I can in turn release the lock to the holiday.
Any solution to the problem are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Remi,
Thanks for the reply.
I did tried to correct the Holiday Calendars and re-generate all Periodic Work Schedules.
But the problem is after I remove the Public Holiday from the Holiday Calendar, and try to modify the date for 2011, it is dim and do not allow me to do so.
Wish it is more clear now.

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  • ? system considers 1 day before and 1 day after in generating work schedule

    Dear team:
    Why the system considers a day before and a day after while generating the personal work schedule. Is their any specific reason behind this, please let me know.
    Also experts say that a month work schedule to be generated in advance before the go-live date.
    Mallikarjun P

    Hi Advait,
    Check IT 2003 ( substitutions ) infotype in the date range around the public holiday.
    It may so happen that there is a substitution.

  • Generation of Work Schedule Rule in Production Client

    Dear All,
    Is it Possible and Advisable to Generate Work Schedule Rule in the Production Server.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Punam Jha

    Hi Punam Jha,
    You'd better generate it in test client and transport into production.
    This is the regular way.
    Changing work schedule rules in production client is risky.
    However, in order to make it happen, please refer to the following SAP Note:
    Note 86790 - Generating work schedules in production client

  • Work schedule shows a holiday but it is not defined

    Hi All,
    I have run PT03 to check on my work schedule and it shows a date that is a holiday. I have checked the public holiday calendar and no holiday defined on that day. Checking again on the generated work schedule and clicking on the date where it says as holiday (though not defined in holiday calendar) it pops a message "Calendar not loaded on 21.05.2010". Normally when you double clicked on the date when there is holiday it is displayed beside holiday class field the description of the holiday but this one it does not show any description beside that field.
    Hope you can help me on this.
    Thank you in advance.

    Hi alvin zamora,
    One more thing,  if you have removed a holiday from the holiday calendar after generation of work schedules, you need to generate the calendar again after removing that holiday, and also generate the work schedule using that calender and save the work schedule,  then only you will see the removed holiday effect in the work schedule.

  • Holidays to be displayed in Employees Work schedule

    Hello Experts,
    While Generating daily Work Schedule Manually,in the selection screen system asks for ESG grp,PSA Grpng,Holiday Calander ID & year for which work schedule rule has to be generated.
    but when we create it or execute it,it only shows DWS on working days & OFF on Sundays.Why Public Holidays are not displayed on this?
    also in 0007,when i check work schedule tab,same thing happens.where can i see holidays in work schedule?
    Plz suggets some inputs.
    Thanks In advance

    After generation of work schedule you will get one screen in that screen for each and every day indicates with Five (5) fields out six fields four( 4) fields will be display all the dates
    The 5th  field will be displayed only for the particular day which you create as an holiday in that field it will displays the Holiday class which you define while creating the holidays
    ex - 1 - for Public holidays
    Five fields will be as follows
    1 - Date of the particular day
    2-  Day type of the particular day (0,1,..)
    3-  Daily work schedule rule for the particular day
    4 - If any variant is created for the particular day
    5 - Holiday class of the particular field ( it will displays only for the day which Holiday is defined) other wise it will be in disable
    If you want to check you can on specific date you defined the holiday
    Hope you got some idea

  • Report to check work schedule - If case more than hundreds of work schedule

    dear experts,
    I have one issue to create work schedule for the next year. I want to create(pt01) active work schedule for the next year(2012).
    However i have issue because I don't remember which work schedule still active.This is because we have hundreds
    of work schedule rule based on emp sub group grouping, holiday calendar,psa grouping and w schedule rule.
    Is there any reports to check all the active work schedule .I'm afreaid ihave missing certain  work schedule for next year...

    If you use the IMG node for automatic generation of Work Schedule Rules
    (Time Management > Work Schedules > Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules > Generate Work Schedules in Batch)
    you can generate all work schedules associated to a Holiday Calendar
    and only the active work schedules will be generated.

  • How to create work schedules for hours calculation

    HI Experts,
    We are working on payroll process which has to be consider  the number of working hours  for calculation.
    Now we need to generate the workschedule based on hours.
    What is the process of creation of workschedule  with respect to the consideration of number of hours.
    Please share your ideas on creation of workschedules with respect to number of hours.
    Thanks and regards,

    Dear Siki,
    I want to create a new work schedule for the employees for whom the  salary calculation to be based on  working hours.
    Is there any preacautions to be maintained for the generation of work schedules in these directions.

  • Work schedule rule generation dates

    Hi All;
    I need to create a report which displays the generation dates (from and to) of a work schedule rule. I have managed to find out that the generation dates in t-code PT01 are stored in structure PSHFT ( PSHFT-PRD01 and PSHFT-PRD01 ). 
    Is there a table in which these fields are stored in?

    Hi Rukiya,
    I am also having the same issue and cant seem to find a table that they are stored in, only part of PSHFT (PRD01 and PRD02).
    Does anyone have an answer to this?

  • Time Management - Work Schedule /Absence Quota / Part-time quota generation

    Hi Experts,
    Need your help!
    We have a requirement where we need to create distinct work schedules for each irregular / part-time work pattern and the number of work patterns we have identified is more than 1000.  We are using report RPTQTA00 to generate quota. We have used work contract, employee sub-group & employee payscale group in the QUOMO feature to get the base entitlement picked up. We have defined base entitlement for the full time workschedules with 37.0 / 38.5 hours and there is a reduction rule which reduce the absence entitlement for part time employees as per the employement percentage in IT0007. Now we have a scenario where we have created a work schedule with different no of hours for each day of week (M-4, T-6, W-4, TH-6, F-4, S-OFF, SU - OFF); this work schedule is treated as full time work pattern by the system and quota is generated as full time work schedule refering to the QUOMO settings, but as per my client employees with this work schedule have reduced hours of working hours (24 hours, not 37.0 or 38.5 hours)and hence it should be treated as part-time employees, and the quota generated should be proportionately reduced. I have very limited scope to create any ESG or PSG as we do not have any distinct emplyee sub-groups maintained for full-time and part-time employees and the project has already gone-live with payroll/time. It is worth mentioning over here that we are recording absence through ESS and it takes into account the daily planned working time maintained in IT0007, so we are very particular to keep it as accurate as possible.
    I would really appreciate if somebody can please suggest any possible solution for the above issue, or guide me on what would be the best way to tackle it. I can give more details in case anybody need to have a better understanding of the issue to suggest a solution.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Kathy,
    Yes, i have found the solution to it. I do not know whether it will fit into your situation or not, but i got two solutions for my issue mentioned above, please check it may help:
    1) To use capacity utilization field in IT0008 to get the FTE hours and defining the reduction rule of absence quota based on the capacity utilazation percentage.
    2) There are three user exits available in the standard report RPTQTA00, i have used one of them to write my own rules for the calculations (deduction rule)
    Do let me know if i can help you in any respect. Thanks.

  • Config Template to create/modify Work Schedules

    I created  Excel Configuration Template to gather Tech Information from users to create work schedules:
    Config Template included PSA Groupings, the ESG Groupings, the Calendar Groupings, the Daily Work Schedules, Breaks, the Periodic Work Schedules  etc.
    When I presented this config Template to the user, sounded overwhelmed e,g, had questions like what holiday calendar grouping or PSA grouping.
    What information or form of information can I expect from the user so I can interpret to  fill the above fields?

    When we are gathering the information from the user, its usually the business terms that we use rather than the SAP terminology. For example, if we have to create a work schedule (in SAP language) we will ask the user what are the working patterns in the organisation which involves working time, working days etc., holiday calendar, breaks etc followed by the organisation basis which we create our DWS and PWS. The groupings part is something for the HCM consultant to decide and users will not be able to provide an input on that.
    Hope this helps.

  • Problem in  Generating work schedule manually

    hi all,
    I m facing problem while generation work schedule manually where i m not getting calender according to PWS.
    i m working for chemical industry where every level have different WSR and off
    eg: for manager SUN off
    General shifts MON off
    afternoon shifts WED off
    night shifts FRI off
    while creating PWS i have assign dws accordingly but while generating work schedule manually its not showing proper off................
    i dont know where i m doing mistake
    seeking experts help

    Parth ,
    One afternoon and one night shift is it changing every alternate day or every week
          Mon   tue   wed   thu    fri      sat    sun
    Ex: Night  After Night After Night  After Night
    Mon tue wed thu fri sat sun      Mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
    Nig  Nig  Nig Nig Nig Nig Nig    Nig  Nig  Nig Nig Nig Nig Nig
    Check ur sequnce and assign is it week or for day.

  • Error "No entry in table T551A" while creating set work schedule rule.

    Dear Team,
    I am getting following error while creating set work schedule rule.
    Error "No entry in table T551A" for key 22 BBB [ here BBBB is my period work schedule]
    The actual prob is i configured all the necessary steps but when i tried to create work schedule rule im getting this error. Also, in the same screen there is one field DWS grouping initially value in this is 00 and gread mode. But after giving ES grp, holiday calander ID etc etc when i try to save that screen that value is chainging to 22 from 00.
    My ES grop=2 and PS grop=2 . Is that value is my ES and PS grouping..?? or some other thing.
    Request you to please help me out.

    HI, there are 8 steps you need to do below:
    1. Group Personnel Subareas for the Daily Work Schedule
    2. Group Personnel Subareas for the Work Schedule
    3. Define Break Schedules
    4. Define Daily Work Schedules
    5. Define Period Work Schedules
    6. Define Employee Subgroup Groupings
    7. Define Groupings for the Public Holiday Calendar
    8. Set Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules
    All of them belong to TIME MANAGEMENT. I think you miss some steps above.
    Please check it again.

  • How to create and implement a new work schedule rule successfully?

    Dear Community,
    How to create and implement a new work schedule rule successfully?
    In other words, what are all the basic steps to create and implement a new work schedule rule successfully?
    Thanks in advance.

    Follow the below steps to create Work Schedule:
    Holiday Calendar
    Transaction Code: SCAL
    Holiday calendar comprises of list of paid holidays to be given to employees on festivals by the company.
    Personnel Area/SubArea Groupings
    Go to SPRO --> Time Management --->Work Schedules --> Personnel SubArea Groupings
    Maintain perosnnel area/Subarea groupings for work schedule.
    i.e. Suppose in Mumbai you have WS = GEN ( 10 to 6) and in Chennai you have WS = NORM ( 8 to 4 )
    Work Schedule
    Go to SPRO --> Time Management --->Work Schedules -->Daily Work Schedules
    Go to SPRO --> Time Management --->Work Schedules -->Period Work Schedules
    Daily Work Schedule is actually your office timings with breaks (paid /unpaid) i.e. Planned Working Time which is then included
    in Period Work Schedule to make a week ( M T W T F S S )
    Daily Work Schedule (i.e. Day) -
    > Period Work Schedule (i.e. Week)
    Work Schedule Rules
    Go to SPRO --> Time Management --->Work Schedules -->Work Schedule Rules and Work Schedules
    After doing above mentioned configurations,maintain employee group/subgroup groupings in which you have to define which calendar is applicable for which type of employees for which work schedule.
    You will maintain this work schedule in infotype 0007 - Planned Working Time of employee via transaction code - PA30

  • How to execute Update Module FM after final commit work for a T-code.

    Hello Folks,
    I have a bit complex issue with my current object.
    We have modified MM41/MM42 transactions and added a subscreen to fulfill the requirement.
    We have designed the subscreen and embedded the same to MM41/MM42 through SPRO configuration.
    Now for update business logic,i am trying to execute one Function module(Update Module) in update that it will be executed once after the final commit work will be done for MM41/MM42.
    But its not executing.
    To fulfill my requirement i need to execute the FM only after Final Commit work for MM41/MM42.
    Please suggest in this regard.
    Even i can see few BADI's which are triggering through MM01/MM02 but not through MM41/MM42.
    Code with which i am trying is given below.
    After PAI event of the subscreen---
    1:        MODULE USER_COMMAND_9001.
    2:       MODULE user_command_9001 INPUT.
                        PERFORM sub_save_mara ON COMMIT.
    3:       FORM sub_save_mara.
                                                 materialno = gv_matnr
                                                 appendmara = ty_zzmara.
             ENDFORM.                    "sub_save_mara
    4:                FUNCTION zmmupdate_mara_append_struct.
                      ""Update Function Module:
                       ""Local Interface:
                      *"  IMPORTING
                   *"     VALUE(MATERIALNO) TYPE  MATNR
                   *"     VALUE(APPENDMARA) TYPE  ZZMARA
    Data Declaration for Local use
      DATA : w_mara TYPE mara.
    Selecting the latest values for the material.
      SELECT SINGLE * FROM mara INTO w_mara WHERE matnr = materialno.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
      Move the ZZMARA values to structure MARA
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING appendmara TO w_mara.
      Update the values in table MARA.
        MODIFY mara FROM w_mara.
    Kindly suggest.Thanks in advance.

    The code given by me will work fine provided the Final commit should happen.
    Because to execute FM with update task,final commit work should happen which is mandatory and after that it will call the update task.
    In my case final commit work was not happeneing because..SAP standard program was not able to detect wether there is any change in my sub-screen or not as the standard program & my custom program,subscreens are different.
    As it was not able to detect the change,so final commit was not happening and hence update task also.
    To provide the reference of change in my subscreen to standard program ,i set a flag as per the change in the subscreen
    And exported the same to memory.
    Then Implemented one enhacement spot in MATERIAL_CHANGE_CHECK_RETAIL Fm where i have Imported the flag value.
    Based on my custom flag value,i have set one standard flag FLG_AENDERUNG_GES which tells SAP standard program for MM42 wether any change has happened or not.
    The above solved my purpose.

  • What are reasons to generate work schedules-not using SAP payroll or TM?

    We have SAP ECC 6 HR and only pass a work schedule rule to our proprietory payroll system and have our own time and attendance system.  The extent of our TM in SAP is just to have work schedules to attach to positions IT1011 and IT0007 on the employees.  We are a very large 24/7 organization and have nearly 20,000 work schedules in use.  It the past we have generated them out for 3 years and regenerate them as the come close to expiring.
    My question is - what are some basic reasons for generating a work schedule?  In our implementation I can't seem to find out why we need to continue doing it.  We are able to attach an ungenerated work schedule to a position and a person.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    Generally the reasons why you would have a works schedule is for leave deduction, and possibly accruals, and also for automatic generation of overtime and shift penalties, public holidays.  It could also further link into separate systems for payment purposes, or for attendance checks (i.e. EHS, rostering, training & event mgt, Sales & Distribution).
    However, if your rostering/award interpretation is being handled in a separate system, and this information is being passed to a separate payroll system, then it would seem redundant to have work schedules in SAP.

Maybe you are looking for