Modify the standard screen of a report

I've just created a report with some parameters and when i try to modify the standard screen of this report via se80 i've got a warning message that tells me that all changes in standard selection dynpro will be discarded.
Does that mean i can't modify this Dynpro?

Hi jose,
Wat is ur problem can u explain me clearly. wat u r trying to modify?? Ru trying to change screen settings??
For dynpro check this link
Pavan<a href="http://">http://</a>

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  • Modifying the Standard Report template

    I have a report with 10 columns and 2 of them are wb_id, pa_id. Depending on the search critiria either wb_id or pa_id will be null. I want to highlight the row with some color when I select any row and I am modifying the standard template and
    column template condition is 'Use Based on PL/SQL Expression' and it is
    NVL(#COL02#,0) = NVL(:GLOBAL_WB_ID,0). But when I run the report it is giving the error that encountered # wherea as expecting.......
    Thans a lot.

    I have a report page uses the following block of pl/sql as its source.
    This calls a function by passing page items and this functions returns sql query.
    V_SQL VARCHAR2(4000);
    V_SQL := WF_PCK02.search_wb_pa(
    Now if user is searching for water bodies the results look like this.
    10317 - Allt Ceitlein SURFACE WATER River Y 2a 2b N N
    10318 - Allt a Chaorainn SURFACE WATER River Y 2b 2b N N
    10319 - River Coupall SURFACE WATER River Y 2b 2b Y N
    10320 - Allt a Bhiorain SURFACE WATER River Y 2b 2b Y N
    if the user is searching for PAS the results look like this.
    - UKS7992310 Lochs Long and Goil SHELLFISH WATER - Y 1a 9z N N
    - UKS79923100 Ulva SHELLFISH WATER - Y 1a 9z N N
    - UKS79923101 Ura Firth SHELLFISH WATER - Y 1a 9z N N
    - UKS79923102 Voe of Clousta SHELLFISH WATER - Y 1a 9z N N
    - UKS79923103 Wadbister Voe SHELLFISH WATER - Y 1a 9z N N
    - UKS79923104 Inner West Loch Tarbert SHELLFISH WATER - Y 1a 9z N N
    I had written a java script to select the current row, and page refreshes when I click
    any where on the row and displays the display item saying that
    currently selected id is 10317
    Currently selected id is UKS79923100
    and also assigns the 10317 to GLOBAL_WB_ID or UKS79923100 to GLOBAL_PA_ID
    Now my user want to change the color of the currently selected row.
    For this I am trying to change the report template like this
    Column Template 1
    <td class="t15data"#ALIGNMENT# style="background:#d1e2f3">#COLUMN_VALUE#</td>
    Column Template 1 Condition
    NVL(#2#,0) = NVL(:GLOBAL_WB_ID,0);
    it is giving the following error.
    Encountered the symbol "<" when expecting one of the following: ( ) - + case mod new not null others table avg count current ........................
    ERR-1025 Error processing PLSQL expression. :GLOBAL_WB_ID = NVL(10317,0);
    Then I changed the condition to substitute the #2# in single quotes like this.
    NVL('#2#',0) = NVL(:GLOBAL_WB_ID,0);
    BUT it is giving this error
    Encountered the symbol "10317" when expecting one of the following: ( ) - + case mod new not null others table avg count current ........................
    ERR-1025 Error processing PLSQL expression. :GLOBAL_WB_ID = NVL('10317',0);
    I am unable to understand where the error is coming from.
    Please help me.
    10317 is the first row of the result set.
    Thanks a million in advance.

  • Who modified the  standard report

      How can i find out who modified the  standard report in my server,guide me for the same.

    SE38 -> Enter report -> Mark Attributes -> Display  -> Last changed by.

  • How can i exceed the sap screen in ALV report.

    hi sap Gurus,
    i need solution from you regarding to increase the SAP screen in ALV customised report.
    now what we are getting the problem is:
    we developed the report, in that lot of fields are there.
    because of that the fields are going in second line.
    but actually the max length is showing in SAP is :X_65_255.
    Please give me the solution to increase the screen.

    The standard screen which is displayed once u execute it not possible to change, but can follow one guide line.. by reducing the feild discrption( columns) on the report .
    Eg : sold to part can be changed to SP or someother conversion which user understands. ( Before this user confirmation should be taken for this change)
    Kindly Reward points if usefull

  • How to modify the coding part of KE30 reports ?

    How to modify the coding part of KE30 reports ,
    so that I can be able to restrict report output based on sales office.
    I am unable to find out the program name also.

    Venkat Reddy wrote:
    > Hi,
    > If u want to know the program running for KE30 just go to SE93 and give KE30
    > and click on display you can see the program running for KE30 will be SAPMKCEE.
    > I think this is much simpler :-).
    > Rather than change the standard report try to prepared your own that will be more
    > comfortable since it will be complex task to achieve editing the standard program.
    > Good Luck
    > Regards
    > [email protected]
    > Edited by: Venkat Reddy on Dec 11, 2009 4:52 PM
    Venkat,your answer is much simpler If the OP knows there is a tcode Se93, what if he/she does not know it?? 
    P.S: Just a thought.

  • Modify the selection screen for the transaction VF04

    Hi all,
    My requirement is as follow . I need to modify the selection screen (1000) in such a way that I need to add three more fields to te existing selection screen and make some check boxes checked by default which are unchecked . I have found out all the exits in this development clas VF .  I am listing them out here .
    J_3RSINV  Export Sales
    SDVFX001  User exit header line in delivery to accounting          
    SDVFX002  User exit for A/R line (transfer to accounting)          
    SDVFX003  User exit: Cash clearing (transfer to accounting)        
    SDVFX004  User exit: G/L line (transfer to accounting)             
    SDVFX005  User exit: Reserves (transfer to accounting)             
    SDVFX006  User exit: Tax line (transfer to accounting)             
    SDVFX007  User exit: Billing plan during transfer to Accounting    
    SDVFX008  User exit: Processing of transfer structures SD-FI       
    SDVFX009  Billing doc. processing KIDONO (payment reference number)
    SDVFX010  User exit item table for the customer lines              
    SDVFX011  Userexit for the komkcv- and kompcv-structures           
    V05I0001  User exits for billing index                             
    V05N0001  User Exits for Printing Billing Docs. using POR Procedure
    V60A0001  Customer functions in the billing document               
    V60P0001  Data provision for additional fields for display in lists
    V61A0001  Customer enhancement: Pricing          
    Going with the descrition I dont see any of them suits my requirement .  But there should be an approach . Can anyone please help me to find out an exit or explain me how do we identify an exit to modify the selection screen of an standard ransaction .
    Varun .

    I would suggest you to go for BADI,
    Follow the below steps to find out what all BADI's are called when you press any button in any transaction.
    1) Goto se24 (Display class cl_exithandler)
    2) Double click on the method GET_INSTANCE.
    3) Put a break point at Line no.25 (CASE sy-subrc).
    4) Execute SAP standard transaction
    5) Press the required button for which you need to write an exit logic, the execution will stop at the break point.
    6) Check the values of variable 'exit_name', it will give you the BADI name called at that time.
    7) This way you will find all the BADIs called on click of any button in any transaction.

  • How to modify the standard script in scripts?

    how to modify the standard script in scripts?

    Standard scripts cant be modified.
    Only thing is you need to copy it to z-form and have to do modifications as per ur requirements.
    Here is the procedure to copy standard form to z-form.
    goto SE71 t-code, then select the menu path : <b>Utilities -> Copy from Client</b>
    then it will take to another screen, give the form name as Standard form name, if u r copying a stadard invoice means, type RVINVOICE01 and target form, ZRVINVOICE01. Now press execute button, it will copy the form into 25 languages. Now come back to se71, enter Z-form name and do the required changes.
    Hope this hint may help you, Pls close the thread if u met with correct answer.

  • How to modify the standard table

    plzzzzz answer my qestion.
    how to modify the standard table?
    in my knowedge we have the accese key is it correct or worng

    <b>The system asks for access key only of two reasons:</b>
    1) You may be having problem of access rights. You would have to contact basis peopl.
    2) You may try to name an object not complying with the rules. You may have to check with the same.
    the process of getting access key is
    <b>the steps to get access key</b>
    you can also try via transaction OSS1
    In your Inbox, click on 'Registration', then on 'Register Objects', then you will have to choose your installation and give details about your object.
    The details you can get by going to your object and clicking on 'Change' - the pop-up screen which asks you for the access key gives you all the details you need to fill in on OSS1 to get your key.
    U can get Access key from
    After getting into the site,select quicklinks, then click s to goto SSCR, in
    that select registration,
    after giving the proper details, u can get the access key
    on sap support portal (sapnet)
    --> key & request
    ---> register SSCR key
    ---> registration
    ---> register developper
    and then choose your rigth installation number
    you can get the access key in this way
    <b>reward if usefull</b>

  • Input screen feild to the standard screen.

    hi sap masters,
    i really appreciate the help that which you provide.
    i have standard sap screen where in i need to add my custum screen input field as date type syst-datum.
    i am using a badi where am able to add any number of fields however in screen how can i add an input screen field as date to the standard screen.
    waiting really for ur valuble answer. and thanks a lot in advance.

    For the Tcode REISCDCN, there is no screen exit available.
    However, there si a solution for the scenario that you want. On teh selection screen of REISCDCN, You have a button near "Execute" button called "DYNAMIC SELECTIONS".
    On click of this, you get all the fields related to contracts. Now you can click on teh date field taht you need . This in turn creates a selection option for this field, wherein you could pass on the selection criteria.
    Hope this solves your query...
    Get back in case of any query!

  • Modify the standard records in database table

    hi folks,
    could u say me , how to modify the standard records(values) in database table.
    For example in VBAP is one field like ZWERT(target value) , I wnat to modify the values of this field .

    It's not advisable to modify the standard tables through program. If you want you can do using MODIFY.
    MODIFY database_table FROM TABLE itab.

  • Is there a way to suppress calling of the standard screen

    I need to suppress the standard screen being called in  the function module SO_DYNP_OBJECT_SEND . Any idea how can i do that?


  • What is module pool programming?how we can change the standard screen?

    what is module pool programming?how we can change the standard screen using module pool programming ?
    please explain with example.

    Check the below link:
    You can also check the transaction ABAPDOCU which gives you lot of sample programs.
    Also you can see the below examples...
    Go to se38 and give demodynpro and press F4.
    YOu will get a list of demo module pool programs.
    One more T-Code is ABAPDOCU.
    YOu can find more examples there.
    See the prgrams:
    DEMO_DYNPRO_TABLE_CONTROL_1 Table Control with LOOP Statement

  • Error when generating the selection screen '0005'of report 'XYZ'

    Hi All,
       We copied std SAP pgm and were trying to rename the one of the screen but couldnt. When I tried to transport it to test system it went in to dump giving the error  Error when generating the selection screen '0005'of report 'XYZ' .
    Please advise me on how to remove this dump.

    If you look at the selection screen, you'll probably find that there are overlapping elements (text elements over select-options) or something like that.

  • How to Modify the standard layout set for Sales Order

    Hi all,
    Do we have any sap defined standard to modify the sales order,if no How to Modify the standard layout set for Sales Order,an also plz send me the step by step procedure for the same.
    Thanks in advance
    Santosh R

    Hi, Dear Ferry Lianto,
    Thank you very much.
    Commonly I know the total pricing procedures.
    But, would you please tell me how to control the CURRENCY for the subitem of a condition type as follows?
    For example, I can see the following kind of
    contents in the Tab:condition of a sales order:
    PR00     Price     130.00000      TEST     100
         Gross Value     20.12      USD     100 <-how to
         Discount Amount     0.00      USD     100
         Rebate Basis     20.12      USD     100
         Net Value for Item     20.12      USD     100
         Net Value 2     20.12      USD     100
         Net Value 3     20.12      USD     100
    VPRS     Cost     27.22      HKD
         Profit Margin     16.61      USD
    The currency of PR00:price can be controlled via tcode VK12; but how to control the currency of its subitem such as gross value, discount amountm, net value for item, net value 2, & net calue 3...
    Thanks and regards.


    How can I modify the standard toolbar buttons? is this contained in the mmb or a different file?

    <p>Download the corresponding .mmb files:<br>
    Then you can open them in the menu editor and apply the changes needed.</p>

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