Modifying SAP standard help menu

I've been asked if it is possible to modify the SAP standard help menu, so that the user could potentailly click on a like that would call some custom documentation.  Is this possible?  And if not could it be done via a transaction - and how do you go about saving a word docuemtn somewhere that a SAP transaction could call it?

Look For Search Help Exit in the web.
Abhinab Mishra

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  • New Menu Item entry in Standard Help Menu

    Hi experts,
    I have added a custom menu item under the standard Help menu of SAP using SE41 (Menu Painter) with pragram name: MENUSYST and status: MEN
    I added the new entry and gave it a function code and activated the function code as well as the interface MENUSYST.
    This worked fine and the entry is visible at the desired location. Now on click of this new entry, I need to open a URL. I had a look at the HELP_START function module but modifying that to call the URL on click of the new menu item, would require an access key.
    Is there any other method available to accomplish the task?

    Basically I need to open a Custom Web Dynpro Application that I have created. Also I need to pass the trannsaction code as a parameter in the URL of the WDABAP Application.
    Pl help me proceed.

  • Best practice when modifying SAP Standard Development Component

    Hello Experts,
    What is best practice when modifying SAP Standard Development Component (Java Web Dynpro)? Iu2019m looking for the best method to do modifications to SAP Standard DC so that my changes will be kept (or need low maintenance) after a new service package (or EHP) is applied.

      'How to use Busiess Packages in Enterprise Portal 6.0' is available in this link.
    Check out for the best practices.
    Harini S

  • Where-Used List: Modifying SAP standard function module

    We have decided to modify SAP standard function module SD_SCHEDULING. But before that, we need to understand what impact this modification will have in the system. We will also estimate the risks with this modification.
    Therefore, I have taken Where-Used List for this function module. We are aware that this list is not comprehensive.
    Do you know any other way we could use to understand better what impacts this kind of modification may have? My colleagues say that this is the only way.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Jarmo Tuominen

    Hi Jarmo,
    Try this
    1). Goto Se16 and check the contents of table 'CROSS'.
    2). Enter 'F' in the first selection screen field
    3). In the NAME field enter the Function module SD_SCHEDULING and execute.
    4). The list will give you where all the FM has been used.
    Kindly note this is almost the same as doing a where used list. The where used list will only work correctly if the 'Update Navigation Index' works correctly in your system. So just to ensure the result of your where used list you can follow the above steps. This does not require the Update Navigation Index.
    Hope this helps

  • What are the methods to modify SAP standard tables?

    what are the methods to modify SAP standard tables?

    these are the two methods.. but customizing includes we, as a developers do not use.
    generally we use .APPEND structures to modify standard tables.
    note that we need an access key to modify atandard tables.
    we can create an apend structure and add that structure to the standard table at the end.
    note that .append structures should only be added only at the end.
    that is the reason we use .append structures to modify standard we should not include a field in the middle and disturb the original order of the standard table fields as it may effect many objects depending on the standard table.
    but Some standard tables for which there is a LONG datatype field can never be modified.
    the reason is the LONG datatype field should always be there at the end and also .APPEND strutures should always be there at the end. there will be a conflict. so, some standard tables can not be appended.

  • Modify SAP standard fields in an Infotype

    Hi friends!
    We have enhanced an Infotype successfully added few extra fields and they work perfectly.
    In Infotype 28, there are already 3 SAP standard fields and we have added 4 more.
    Now, we need to enable/disable according to the our added fields. For Eg by a Custom check box, I need to enable/disable SAP standard field for an infotype.
    We tried by LOOP at SCREEN and all but due to SAP standard fields we are unable to do it.
    Any ideas?
    Please help.

    Hi Park,
    Standard Infotype Fields configured (enable/disabled/hidden) in the view V_T588M (Tcode-SM30). You can disable any standard infotype field here if it is independent of other fields (i.e. before screen opens itself field is disabled).
    If you want the field to be disable at runtime you may need to edit the feature 'PNNNN' (where NNNN is your standard infotype number (transaction -pe03)).
    Also have you tried to code (loop at screen. endloop) in badi HRPAD00INFTY (method BEFORE_OUTPUT). I am not sure whether this will work or not.

  • About modifying sap standard workflow

    hi, i would like to modify a sap standard workflow. In the real project, how do you modify it.  Copy this workflow and create a custom one , or generate a new version and then modify it?

    jrockman li wrote:
    > Hi Martin Nooteboom, thanks for your reply.  i still have one question, if we create new copy of sap standard workflow. Then, the event will trigger both workflows. So, should we deactivate the standard workflow? and ,in this case , what should we pay attention to when transporting workflows and linkages.
    No you don't deactivate the workflow, but the event linkage. This should result only starting your workflow when the event is raised, also after transport. You can check the eventlinkage after the transports.

  • Step by Step procedue to modify SAP standard ESS screens

    Hi all,
    I am new to Enterprise portal..
    I have a requirement to modify the SAP Standard ESS screens, basically to add some new fields into it. I have the NWDI configured in the system. Can some explain me the step by step procedure to bring the source code into NWDS?
    Bharath Mohan B

    Complete Custom  like ESS development
    SDN Day session in Las Vegas: Custom development of Web Dynpro ESS applications using Floor Plan Manager
    Re: Steps for  ESS MSS  installation,Configuration
    Go to above links step by step
    Or you can search in SDN accrding to ur requiremt.

  • Modify  SAP standard screen

    I want to add one column to sap standard screen , could anybody please let me know how to do. This requirement is for EH&S module and  T.code is    /N/TDAG/CPM00.
    Program name -  SAPLSO33
    Screen    -  2300
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ravindra Reddy.

       Get the package from the program->go to SMOD t code and find out any proper screen exit for tht program exist.

  • Best way to modify SAP standard ABAP Webdynpro in SRM 7?

    Hi there,
    I am used to making ITS changes on SRM 5 and am now working with SRM 7.
    I now need to add some custom fields to the PO screen/s within SRM 7 (incorporating some customizing include fields) and would like to know if there is a "recommended way" of doing this? Meaning with ITS it was easy....I went to the HTML template, made the change and that was it.
    I assume I would have to find the ABAP webdynpro for PO in SE80, and then would I just get an ACCESS KEY for the object and make the changes? Or is thier some enhancement framework that I do not know about?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    Hi Guru,
    I have added custom fields as you said. it is working fine.
    Now the user wants to display description for the custom added fields.can you let me know how we can proceed for this.
    Also let me know for the standard fields if want to display description can be achieved through customization or need to do abap development..

  • Modifying SAP standard roles - best practice

    Is there a Best practice How-to guide for configuring SAP BPs roles for client use.  I know I shouldn't change the content delivered by SAP but I'm not quite sure what I should delta link copy into client namespace.
    I am implementing MSS.  Do I just delta link copy the Manager role into client namespace or I should make a delta link copy of the My Staff workset then make changes to the workset and assign it to a completely new ClientManager role?
    I have the TransportEP6Content how to guide but it doesn't say explicitly what is best parctice.  This doc references 'HowTo Use Business Packages in Enterprise Portal 6.0' but it isn't where it says it is on service marketplace.

      'How to use Busiess Packages in Enterprise Portal 6.0' is available in this link.
    Check out for the best practices.
    Harini S

  • Modify SAP Standard FM without any modification

    Dear all,
    I have an standard include LGLINF90. I this include I want to modify or enhance without any modification.
    The include is calling from FM SAPLGLIN. I tryed to enhaced this FM but its only allwed to enhance in the end of each includes.
    Does anyonw have another idea?
    Best regards

    Why do you want to change the standard code? You can use enhancement spot if available. If really need to change the same  you can do using access key. But before changing the standard code consider all the possible effects of change.

  • SAP Standards :Help

    I am working on a shared sap ides system and some one has changed few important condition tables in V/06. for example for PR00 changed or deleted beyond recognition. Now can I bring them back, or do I have to make my own PR00 again.
    Some one suggested me to do in SE10 but how, I could not ask. Any idea.
    Looking for your help

    I did this and the pop up message says "No entries found that match selection criteria - Message no. SV004"
    Any new idea please.

  • Modify SAP Search Help

    Hi All,
            I have a requirement to modify the exisitng search Help 'PREM' ,which is a collective search help.
    In this I have added my Serach help 'Z1PNAlT'.This z- search HELP HAS 'PNALT' as export parameter.
    How ever when I include this Z search help in 'PREM' it gives me a warning at the time of activaion as :'No parameter assignment has been done for Z1PNAlT'.
    Can anybody please help me with this?

    You have done the parameter assignment at 'collective search help' level as well (check the 'Param Assignment' Button at collective search help change screen on the tab 'Included search help')?

  • Modify SAP Standard VF02 Transaction By HEADER TEXT

    Hi experts,
      My requirements is whenever the Invoice is created the user has  to entered GRN number in " NOTE TO CUSTOMER " row on Header text TAB in invoice using VF02 transaction by manally.
    VF02 -> Extras-> output-> header->header text-> Note to customer "    Login path".
    If the " NOTE TO CUSTOMER" on header text  is empty the invoice should not trigger the outbound IDOC using the same VF02 transaction.
    If the header text is available it should trigger the outbound IDOC.
    In my case the outbound IDOC is triggering whenever the Header text "NOTE TO CUSTOMER " is empty as well as with text also.
    Please guide me how to proceed in this to whenever the text is empty  it should not trigger the outbound IDOC ,.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Edited by: vincent_kingstown on Feb 27, 2012 9:34 PM

    Check the requirement routine for your output. Set a  break point in the routine and add the needed condition. Use READ_TEXT to check the text on the header.
    Vijay V

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