Monthly depreciation report (S_ALR_87012026) - WBS element empty

When I run transaction S_ALR_87012026, the WBS element is all zeroes even if the asset  contains one.
What could be the problem?
What should I check?
Thank you,

Check this please:
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    Dear Expert,
    I am looking a report for Vendor outgoing payment against WBS Elements.
    Is there any Vendor Payments report with WBS Elements in SAP? I have seen FBL1N but WBS Elements field is blank.

    You mentioned WBS Element is blank; so please check in any one sample payment documnet whetehr WBS is maintained and if yes find which field it is populated. For eg; sometimes people populate this information in the text or assignment field. If that is the case then change the layout accordingly in FBL1N.

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    we have one SAP standard reports for WBS elements ( plan/actual/variance) and one whichis customized project management report in Projects systems but both the reports are showing different balance.
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    plz reply asap

    please try to use Co Object Name field with sub total

  • TREE Report for WBS Element

    hi gurus,
             can any one tell me how to generate the hierarchical (tree ) report for a purticular project.
    I should genarate a hierarchical report for all WBS (From top level to lower level WBS ).
    With Regards,

    Hi raj,
    check BCALV_TREE_02 for ALV TREE DISPLAY ( for more clarification debug it )
    * my final table structure
            BEGIN OF gty_fin ,
             posid TYPE ps_posid,
             pspnr TYPE ps_intnr,
             post1 TYPE ps_post1,
             ebeln TYPE ebeln,
             ebelp TYPE ebelp ,
             name1 TYPE name1,
             belnr TYPE mblnr ,
             cplan TYPE wtgxxx ,
             netpr TYPE ekpo-netpr ,
             dmbtr TYPE dmbtr ,
             obligo TYPE dmbtr,
             vefugt TYPE dmbtr,
             verfugbar TYPE dmbtr,
            END OF gty_fin ,
    * Coding starts here in ur PBO
    *do modification accordingly
    MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.
        PERFORM init_tree.
    ENDMODULE.                 " STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
    FORM init_tree .
    * create container for alv-tree
      DATA: l_tree_container_name(30) TYPE c.
      l_tree_container_name = 'CCONTAINER1'.
      CREATE OBJECT g_custom_container
          container_name              = l_tree_container_name
    * create tree control
      CREATE OBJECT g_alv_tree
          parent                      = g_custom_container
          node_selection_mode         = cl_gui_column_tree=>node_sel_mode_single
          item_selection              = ' '
          no_html_header              = 'X'.
      DATA l_hierarchy_header TYPE treev_hhdr.
      PERFORM build_hierarchy_header CHANGING l_hierarchy_header.
    * Hide columns and sum up values initially using the fieldcatalog
      PERFORM build_fieldcatalog.
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->set_table_for_first_display
          is_hierarchy_header = l_hierarchy_header
          it_fieldcatalog     = git_fieldcatalog
          it_outtab           = git_edit. "table must be empty !
      PERFORM create_hierarchy.
      PERFORM register_events.
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->update_calculations.
    * Send data to frontend.
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->frontend_update.
    ENDFORM.                    "init_tree
    FORM build_hierarchy_header  CHANGING
                                     p_hierarchy_header TYPE treev_hhdr.
      p_hierarchy_header-heading = 'Project Definition'(002).
      p_hierarchy_header-tooltip = 'Project Definition'(002).
      p_hierarchy_header-width = 35.
      p_hierarchy_header-width_pix = ''.
    ENDFORM.                    " BUILD_HIERARCHY_HEADER
    *&      Form  exit_program
    *       free object and leave program
    FORM exit_program.
      CALL METHOD g_custom_container->free.
    ENDFORM.                    "exit_program
    *&      Form  build_fieldcatalog
    FORM build_fieldcatalog.
      DATA: lwa_fieldcatalog TYPE lvc_s_fcat.
    * The following function module generates a fieldcatalog according
    * to a given structure.
      REFRESH git_fieldcatalog.
          i_structure_name = 'ZDRK'       "  i created a structure same as final itab.
          ct_fieldcat      = git_fieldcatalog.
      LOOP AT git_fieldcatalog INTO lwa_fieldcatalog.
        CASE lwa_fieldcatalog-fieldname.
    * hide columns which are already displayed in our tree
            lwa_fieldcatalog-no_out = 'X'.
    ** Do some initial calculations:
    ** ALV Tree uses the field 'do_sum' to declare that a function
    ** for the corresponding column shall be calculated.
    ** Use 'h_ftype' to set the function type (MAX, MIN, SUM, AVG).
            lwa_fieldcatalog-do_sum = 'X'.
            lwa_fieldcatalog-h_ftype = 'SUM'.
          WHEN 'BELNR'.
            lwa_fieldcatalog-hotspot = 'X'.
            lwa_fieldcatalog-tooltip = 'Invoice Document Number'(003).
        MODIFY git_fieldcatalog FROM lwa_fieldcatalog.
    ENDFORM.                               " build_fieldcatalog
    *&      Form  create_hierarchy
    FORM create_hierarchy.
      DATA: ls_fin TYPE gty_fin,
          lt_fin TYPE TABLE OF gty_fin,
          lv_posid1_last TYPE ps_posid,
          lv_ebeln TYPE ebeln,
          lv_post1 TYPE ps_post1,
          lv_ebeln_last TYPE ebeln,
          lv_ebelp TYPE ebelp.
      DATA: lv_ebeln_key TYPE lvc_nkey,
            lv_ebelp_key TYPE lvc_nkey,
            lv_last_key TYPE lvc_nkey,
            lv_top_key TYPE lvc_nkey,
            lv_node_text TYPE lvc_value,
            lv_text_psp TYPE char10 .
      lv_text_psp = 'Project'(004).
    * all my data is in final itab git_fin
      lt_fin[] = git_fin .
      lv_node_text = gv_proj.
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->add_node
          i_relat_node_key = ''
          i_relationship   = cl_gui_column_tree=>relat_last_child
          i_node_text      = lv_node_text
          e_new_node_key   = lv_top_key.
      LOOP AT lt_fin INTO ls_fin.
        lv_posid1 = ls_fin-posid.
        lv_post1  = ls_fin-post1.
        lv_ebeln  = ls_fin-ebeln.
        lv_ebelp  = ls_fin-ebelp.
        IF lv_posid1 <> lv_posid1_last.     " on change of posid
          lv_posid1_last = lv_posid1.
    * PO- ebeln nodes
          PERFORM add_ebeln USING  lv_posid1
                            CHANGING lv_ebeln_key.
        IF lv_ebeln <> lv_ebeln_last.  " On change of lv_ebeln
          lv_ebeln_last = lv_ebeln .
          PERFORM add_ebelp USING ls_fin
                        CHANGING  lv_ebelp_key .
    * Leaf:
        PERFORM add_complete_line USING  ls_fin
                              CHANGING   lv_last_key .
    * expand first node initially
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->expand_node
          i_node_key = lv_top_key.
    ENDFORM.                               " create_hierarchy
    *&      Form  ADD_EBELN
    FORM add_ebeln  USING    p_lv_posid1 TYPE ps_posid
                             p_lv_post1 TYPE  ps_post1
                             p_lv_top_key TYPE lvc_nkey
                    CHANGING p_lv_ebeln_key TYPE lvc_nkey.
      DATA : ls_fin TYPE gty_fin,
             lv_node_text TYPE lvc_value ,
             lv_text_psp TYPE char11.
      lv_text_psp =  'WBS Element'(005).
      lv_node_text =  p_lv_posid1.
      CONCATENATE p_lv_post1 lv_node_text
             INTO lv_node_text
        SEPARATED BY space.
    * add node
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->add_node
          i_relat_node_key = p_lv_top_key
          i_relationship   = cl_gui_column_tree=>relat_last_child
          i_node_text      = lv_node_text  " 'WBS Element'
          is_outtab_line   = ls_fin
          e_new_node_key   = p_lv_ebeln_key.
    ENDFORM.                    " ADD_EBELN
    *&      Form  ADD_EBELP
    FORM add_ebelp  USING    p_ls_fin TYPE gty_fin
                             p_lv_ebeln_key TYPE lvc_nkey
                             p_lv_ebeln TYPE ebeln
                    CHANGING p_lv_ebelp_key TYPE lvc_nkey.
      DATA : ls_fin TYPE gty_fin ,
            lv_node_text TYPE lvc_value,
            lv_text_order TYPE char10 .
      lv_text_order = 'ORDER  '(006).
      lv_node_text = p_lv_ebeln  .
      CONCATENATE lv_text_order lv_node_text
             INTO lv_node_text
        SEPARATED BY space.
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->add_node
          i_relat_node_key = p_lv_ebeln_key
          i_relationship   = cl_gui_column_tree=>relat_last_child
          i_node_text      = lv_node_text " 'EBELN
          is_outtab_line   = ls_fin
          e_new_node_key   = p_lv_ebelp_key.
    ENDFORM.                    " ADD_EBELP
    *&      Form  ADD_COMPLETE_LINE
    *       text
    *      -->P_LS_FIN  text
    *      -->P_LV_EBELP_KEY  text
    *      <--P_LV_LAST_KEY  text
    FORM add_complete_line  USING    p_ls_fin TYPE gty_fin
                                     p_lv_ebelp_key TYPE lvc_nkey
                                     p_lv_ebelp TYPE ebelp
                            CHANGING p_lv_last_key TYPE lvc_nkey.
      DATA :  lv_text_pos TYPE char10,
              lv_node_text TYPE lvc_value,
              lv_node_layn TYPE lvc_s_layn.
      lv_text_pos = 'Position '(007).
      lv_node_text = p_lv_ebelp  .
      IF p_lv_ebelp IS INITIAL .
        lv_node_text = 'PLAN'(008) .
        lv_node_layn-hidden = 'X'.
        CONCATENATE lv_text_pos lv_node_text
               INTO lv_node_text
          SEPARATED BY space.
      CALL METHOD g_alv_tree->add_node
          i_relat_node_key = p_lv_ebelp_key
          i_relationship   = cl_gui_column_tree=>relat_last_child
          is_outtab_line   = p_ls_fin
          is_node_layout   = lv_node_layn
          i_node_text      = lv_node_text " Position of item
          e_new_node_key   = p_lv_last_key.
        CLEAR : lv_node_layn .
    ENDFORM.                    " ADD_COMPLETE_LINE
    hope this might be useful.

  • Report on WBS element

    We have a requirement wherein we want to pull the account balances in the following format:
    Co Cd
        GL A/C
             WBS ELEMENT
             WBS ELEMENT
             WBS ELEMENT
        GL A/C
             WBS ELEMENT
             WBS ELEMENT
             WBS ELEMENT
    Does anyone have any idea on report that we can use to pull this info? Also, is there a way to show summation over more than 1 selection. Like here in this case it would be WBS Element, GL Account and COCD.
    Its very urgent so any help in this regard would be appreciated
    All answers will be rewarded points!

    Try the following report.
    INFO Systems->Fixed Assets->Day-toDay-Activites->International
    S_ALR_87012060 - List of Origins by Cost Elements.

  • Report: Statistical WBS elements with assets assigned to them - actual cost

    Hi all,
    I would like to run a report that gave me this info:
    WBS Element (all statistical)
    Assets assigned to each WBS
    Actual costs
    It would be perfect CJI3 but it doesn't show assets. In AM I haven't see either any report that shows WBS elements...
    any ideas???

    There is not a standard report which can cater to your requirements. You need to develop one.
    You can take the refernece from CNS41 report for development. Some of the fields you need are PRPS-XSTAT for statistical WBS and will have to use tables ANLA and ANLC to fetch asset master data.

  • Table Report showing WBS element, asset no & Equiment no

    This is regarding cost project. We require single report mentioning the WBS element, asset no & Equiment no.
    Please give the Tcode for such report.
    Thanks & regards,

    u can get by creating sap query using Logical data base PSJ, where u need to select the wbs, equipment and asset no. as selection criteria and o/p field can be sap per u r requirements.
    For creating sap query use t.code sq03, sq02 and sq01 .

  • Stock report by WBS element

    Dear All,
    is there any report existing in SAP through which we can see stock existing under wbs element for PS, for project stock.
    qsm sap

    You can see the Project stock per WBS element wise in MBBS report.

  • Currency display problem in Report using WBS Element

    Hi Experts,
    PCS report displying different values aginest same WBS elements, in different currency.
    Report painter tool has been used.
    Requirement is  to display entered currency in the report.
    i.e the currency which is entered in selection screen.

    Hi Experts,
    PCS report displying different values aginest same WBS elements, in different currency.
    Report painter tool has been used.
    Requirement is  to display entered currency in the report.
    i.e the currency which is entered in selection screen.

  • To add "Transaction type" in  depreciation report  (S_ALR_87012026)

    Hi SAP Experts,
    I have a request from a user to add selection option of  "Transaction Type" in the Depreciation Report.Is this possible to be done by adding in Dynamic Selection?If yes, how?
    Refer to SAP Note 439407,it seem like it only cater for structure ANLAV only but not for for ANEPV - BWASL.
    Please advise since im trying to avoid copying the standard program.

    Yes, user-defined fields added as per SAP note 335065 are shown in the report output.
    Alternatively, you can also create a sort version. However, check the restrictions for both options as outlined in this note.
    Though still, you cannot add the transaction type as a field as the note  is pointing out the tables from which fields can be extracted from: ANLAV/ANLB/ANLV only.
    CI_ANLU is about user defiened fields in master data and so you cannot add BWASL in this table as this field has nothing to do with master data.
    Just on the side a small comment: not sure of what benefit it would be to see the transaction type in a report such as RAHAFA_ALV01 as this report is mainly about all sort of information regarding all types of depreciation values.
    I hope this helps further.
    Kind regards,

  • PS report: wbs element relation with PO, Pur Req. and vendor

    I need to build a report on WBS element which also shows PO number, Pur. Requisition, vendor details along with budget, actual, committements.
    I found datasources that can provide informations except PO, Pur Req.
    Can anyone help in providing a soln to build a relation between wbs and vendor to bring the correct PO and pur req related to wbs.

    Hi Sushil,
    Which version of BW are you using?
    If its BW 7, then look at the datasource 2LIS_02_ACC
    Hope this help you

  • Distribution of Depreciation of an asset to multiple wbs elements??

    Dear Members,
    our requirement is as follows.
    our cost centers are for 1) departments at head office level 2) Regional offices
    whenever depreciation is calculated it's posted to Head office cost center and the same asset will be used for multple projects.
    so here our requirement is the depreciation posted for a  particular asset is to be distributed to multple WBS elements or Regional offices (cost centers) ..
    please guide us to meet this requirement.
    sashi kanth

    Hi Sashi Kanth,
    In Asset Accounting Module, you can only assign one cost center to a master data, so all the depreciation posted will be accumulated only on one asset master / cost center. Though, you can settle the multiple WBSelements to a single asset you cannot apportion the depreciation cost per WBS element.
    To meet your requirement, you have to create separate Asset Master Records (AMR's) with the required Regional Office cost center, so you will get the depreciation cost regional office WBS element or cost center wise.

  • Service order - WBS element

    In Service Order,
    we are doing a settlement to WBS element.
    I want to see a report through WBS element the costs, settled through Service Orders.
    Is there any Standard report.
    Please suggest.

          If settlement is done to WBS then the cost would reflect under Actual Costs of WBS :
    Check if u can find in report :-S_ALR_87100188 or S_ALR_87013531 ..

  • Need a report for actual cost by WBS element by month

    Hello all,
    I am looking for a report that will give me the total costs charged to a series of of WBS elements by month. Does anybody know if such a report can be run and what the transaction number of this report would be?

    Hello Stacy,
    Thank you for your help.
    I tried the S_ALR_87100185 report as you instructed but I cant get it to display as I would like to see it. What I need the report to do is display actuals by month and WBS elemnts from January through August. However the report cuts off at the May period. Does anybody have a workaround so I can see the charges from January through August?

  • WBS element field to Depreciation Simulation Report  output display

    Hi SAP Experts,
    We need to Add the WBS element field to Depreciation Simulation Report  output display (S_ALR_87012936)
    Could please give your valuable inputs
    Hari Pothula

    HI Javed,
    We have capitalized with WBS element but not displaying in simulation report.
    All configurations done in in ACSET and activation Account assignment objects

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