More than one entity found for a single-object find method

Hi everyone...
I have this error when my webservice is running..I don't know what it means and what would be the best solution..
<pns:message>More than one entity found for a single-object find method.</pns:message>
it throws an Exception..

= More than one row found in a DB with the "unique" key supplied...
Your method is returning an object where it should return a collection ?

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    Hi Pooja,
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    try to use JDialog with the; there are different constructors for the JDialog one of them does not does not block the user input to other windows when shown. JDialog(Frame parent, boolean modal) in the case of modal assign it to "false" which means will not block ; refer to API for ModalityType enum class
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    we are in SRM 7, and currently we are creating contact person throug customised BDC.
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    Thanks & Regards
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    Dear Yaniv,
    Thanks for your information,
    I am able to create  users But my problem is How these contact persons are supposed to log in to a portal with different user id and passwords and access the bids for same supplier ? Is there any kind of maping is available for the user/ contact person to the supplier no.??
    Thanks & Regard

  • EJB3 - More than one remote interface for Session Bean?

    Is it possible in EJB3 to have more than one remote interface for a SessionBean?
    I have seen it posetd on here that it is possible but never been able to find any other information.
    Using JBoss as my App Server, I have deployed an App, where a SessionBean is defined as implementing 2 interfaces, both of which are annotated using @remote.
    However when I examine the JBoss JMX Console, Global JNDI Namespace only one remote interface is listed, and indeed it is the first one defined in the SessionBean.
    Considering I use a String similar to (MyApp/MyBean/remote) to do the JNDI lookup, this would indicate that it is not possible to have more than one remote interface.
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    2. Is there another way of performing the JNDI lookup?

    Thanks for prompt response! I tried the suggestion in my application, and the output from JBoss JMX Console was
    +- XXXBean (class: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContext)
      |   |   +- remote (proxy: $Proxy291 implements No ClassLoaders found for: (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled))Again only displaying the remote interface that is first in the @remote ({ Remote1.class , Remote2.class}) list. This would lead me to believe that JBoss does not support this.
    Can anyone confirm this?

  • More than one Planning plant for a maintenance plant.?

    hi Friends, can we have more than one Planning plant for a maintenance plant.Is there any advantage or disadvantage of this condition.?

         You can have Maintenance Planning Plant & Maintenance Plant in any of the follwing ratios, i.e., 1:1 / 1:n / n:1. Actually in Maintenance, there can be electrical & mechanical maintenance.
              In the case of 1:1 relation, all the maintenance activities (Electrical & Mechanical) will be planned by single Maintenance Planning Plant for single Maintenance Plant.
            In case of 1:n, single maintenance planning plant will do the plaaning of maintenance activities for all the maintenance plants.
          In case of n:1, electrical activity will be planned by one Maintenance planning plant & mechanical activities by another planning plant for a single Maintenance plant.
          Defining Maintenance planning plant & maintenance plant in different relations will help us in generating different kind of reports.
    I am looking forward your reply.

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    Creation of a wsdl file
    N:1 seemz he was refering to multimapping scenario.

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    Note: I can not distinguish between the productions for each labor so that I can not enter separate confirmation for each labor.

    You can use the User Exit: CONFPP07  Single Screen Entry: Inclusion of User-Defined Subscreens
    for this purpose..
    Take help from the ABAPer for this enhancement..

  • How can I create more than one printer queue for a printer

    I would like to have more than one "default" setting for my printer.  This is so I can use a 3rd party print utility (fingerprint) to print to a non-airprint printer from my ipad.  The utility prints using the default configuration.  I don't need to get fancy here.  Just "draft B&W' , "normal", and "Color best quality".  If I need something else, I can always email the document to my MacBook.  The utility has something about a virtual printer, but all I could find about that is that it is used for PDF printing and maybe a workflow.
    My technology level:  Used to be a programmer,  after a decade of retirement, I can't even program an applescript today.

    Take a look at this add-on.

  • How to have more than one free good for a material ?

    Hi everyone,
    we have this requirement from the user where he wants give more than one free good for a material.
    As far as i know we can configure only one free good for a material in standard SAP.
    if have any idea about how to achieve this please guide me how to configure the same in SAP.
    thank you in advance

    Check my two links where I have explained this.
    Free goods using Sale order BOM methodology
    Different business scenarios and Sales BOM techniques for header and item level stock and prices

  • How to display more than one column with for each

    Hi guys,
    how to display more than one column with for each like below?
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    End for each
    for each          
    Item1     Item2     Item3
    Item4     Item5     Item6
    Item7     Item8     Item9
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    Take a look at this to see if the solution provided would work for you:
    Won't you have more than 10 records in your data file ? If you are going to have only 10 items then you may be able to use position() function to limit it to 3 each..
    Take a look at this:

  • Can we maintain more than one shipping condition for a customer

    Can we maintain more than one shipping condition for a customer

    Hi Raj,
    Yes you can maintain the different shipping condition for one customer but for this that SOLD To Party should have different SHIP to Party also as we mainatin the shipping condition for Ship for the party. In other words you can maintain as many shipping condition equal to the number of ship to party.
    Other way is if that customer is in different sales area then you can maintain the different shipping conditions for that customer in all the different sales area.
    Hope I could make myself clear enough to help you.
    Please reward if its useful.

  • DSU Execution Error: More then one instance found for name: DVEBMGS00

    try to start an Upgrade from SAP4.7x110 to ECC6.0 EHP4 SR1 by running the statup.but. I recieve immediatly the error. DSU Execution Error: More then one instance found for name: DVEBMGS00.
    The System is a fresh homo.sys-copy (comming from DVEBMGS00). On the harware was running in former times an instance DVEBMGS00 but the SID was a different. I allready looked if there is still something on the host from this last installation but nothing found.
    Any suggestions

    Please see the link below..Hope this will help you..
    Upgrade stuck in Pre- Processing
    DSU Execution Error
    /thread/1948457 [original link is broken]

  • More than one trusted resource for OIM

    Hi all,
    I just heard that in OIM it is possible to have more than one trusted source, as it is not necessary to configure it to Xellerate User Resource Object. Is that correct?
    To configure OID Connector as Trusted Source on OIM do I have to import its XML file?

    From what i recall, the OID connector does not come with a second object for the trusted one. I think it comes with the Xellerate User object updated.
    To make a new trusted resource, create the resource object, check the trusted source box. On the recon fields, add in all your recon fields you want to use. On the recon action rules tab, set your rule for match not found to create a user, and entity match to link to user. Create a reconciliation rule for this object and the xellerate user object. Create a provisioning process defintion with no additional tasks. On the reconciliation field mappings tab, map all your recon fields to OIM user fields. You'll want to create any entity adapters/event handlers needed to provide required fields such as User Type, and User Role, and Organization and so on.
    Now when you get a recon event for this object, it will be a trusted object and can create new users for you and update the OIM profile.

  • SOLUTION: Chapters of more than one movie usable on a single DVD

    If you want to put more than one movie with chapters made in iMovie onto a single DVD using iDVD--and have the chapters of all movies usable--do this: in iDVD, simultaneously drag the icons for all the movies you want to use into the background of the iDVD project. (Use command-click to select multiple movie icons, which are displayed on the right when "Media" and then "Movies" are selected.)
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    Hi Profector,
    Great information from Ed.
    DAG is a great method to configure a DR site for backup.
    I find an article on "Database Availability Group Design Examples" for your reference:
    Mavis Huang
    TechNet Community Support

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