More than one project open at a time?

AFAIK you can only have one DVD studio Pro project open at a time. I've never been sure why (does it have to do with encoding or parsing assets?), but it has always bothered me. Obviously you can in FCP and I just started with Motion, which also has multiple projects open at once. Anyone can shed light?

Is that an iTunes question? Are you sure you posted in the correct forum.

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  • How to have more than one project open at a time

    I can't seem to find a way to have more than one project window open at a time.
    This would be sweet. Currently chopping down a 60 minute rehearsal record into separate tracks. Kind of a pain.

    Is that an iTunes question? Are you sure you posted in the correct forum.

  • How can I have more than one page open at a time?

    I would like to have more than one page open at a time- not tabs, but whole pages. How can I do this? I want to be able to have the pages side by side, instead of having to switch back and forth.

    Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser):

  • Can not have more than one screen open at a time PLEASE HELP

    some how I've made it so when I open more than one application or screen the current one open goes off the screen to the left. Can someone help so that I can again have more than on screen open at a time. Thank You in advance for your courtesy

    Hello LUCID MIND,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Do you have Spaces turned on within *System Preferences*?

  • Having more than one project open at the same time?

    I have more than two imovie projects that I need to combine and edit.
    Is it possible to open more than one imovie project to the desktop at one time
    so I can drag clips back and forth between projects?

    No it's not.
    But you can copy and paste from one project to another.
    Or, drag clips to the desktop, then open the other project and drag them in.

  • Just bot a macbook pro to replace one of my pc's. can't figure out how to have more than one website open at a time like explorer. Is it possible to do?

    I can't figure out how to open more than one website at a time like explorer does on a pc. would like to know if it Is possible or not.

    Tabbed browsing is the way. Go to Safari's View menu:
    and click "Show Tab Bar." When you see a link on another site you wish to open without closing the first site, simply right-click and select "Open Link in New Tab."

  • Can I have more than one library open at a time?

    I have multiple libraries and would like an easier way than closing and opening each one. Also it doesn't say which itunes library is open - they are all just called itunes

    No, you can only have one library open at a time and iTunes will always default to the last one opened unless you use the key combination to choose one. When you create a new library you can give it a name to identify it by.

  • Why won't firefox allow me to have more than one window open at a time?

    Firefox will only open one window regardless of how I attempt to open another window. How is the remedied?
    I updated to firefox 7.0 after this occurred but has not helped.
    I have looked through the options and cannot find any options that will help.

    Similar questions have been posted several times during the past year, but no one has posted back to confirm the cause of the problem. The most likely culprit is an add-on (or, if you have multiple displays, the window opening off-screen).
    First, I recommend backing up your Firefox settings in case something goes wrong. See [ Backing up your information]. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)
    Next, check out this article:
    [ Troubleshooting extensions and themes | Troubleshooting | Firefox Help]
    Any luck?

  • How can I have more than one window open at a time, say to compare information?

    As I am doing family research, I sometimes need to have a window open so I can transfer some of the information to another window, or to double check dates etc. Although the information is available instantly by clicking on tabs, I would still prefer to have it in front of me for comparison.

    You can tear off a tab (right-click: Move to New Window) to open it in another window and resize both windows so you see them at the same time.
    *Fox Splitter:
    *Split Pannel:

  • Why are there more than one tabs open all the time and how do I change that? I just had to do a reinstall of Windows-tech installed the newest Firefox. There are always at least 2 tabs open and I get an error msg. when trying to close. Tammie

    I use Firefox 9 on Windows XP, desktop

    hello Mac.INXS, please [[Clear the cache - Delete temporary Internet files to fix common website issues|clear the cache]] & [[Delete cookies to remove the information websites have stored on your computer|cookies from]] and then try logging into AMO again.

  • When in safari how can i have more than one window open?? New ios doesnt allow it.

    Problem is when i updated to the newest ios 7. The dang thing doesnt allow me to have more than one window open at any time. This only makes things repetitive, complicated and slow. Moreover, the icons and overall view are probably designed to be in a kindergarden game, cos they look really stupid on iPad, whos gonna take apple seriously with this so called "improvements". If anyone knows how to open more than one window at at atime i,ll be really grateful to be told. Or if anyone can tell me how to uninstall the friking update i,ll be even more grateful. Thanx guys.
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    Tap "+" sign on top right.

  • Pen pressure sensitivity stops when I have more than one window open

    I recently upgraded to Flash CC and have noticed some new bugs. Here's one of them:
    When I have more than one document open at a time, my pen pressure sensitivity stops working. In fact, it seems to work on the newest opened document, but will stop working on any previosuly opened documents. If all but one document is closed, the pen pressure returns.
    I'm using Windows 8, and a Cintiq 21UX.
    Steps to reproduce:
    - Launch Flash.
    - Open a new document.
    - Select the "Brush" tool.
    - Toggle "Use pressure" in the tool bar.
    - Draw something to make sure the pen pressure is working.
    - Open a new document.
    - Draw something to make sure the pen pressure is working.
    - Return to the previous document and attempt to draw.
    - Notice how the pen pressure is absent.
    Any help or suggestions would be great. Thank you.

    No problem.  I've been using older versions of Flash until CC gets the bugs squashed.  This pressure issue is a deal breaker for my coworkers and me, and also this audio one:

  • Why won't Garage band let you open more than one project a time..

    Why won't Garageband let you open more than one project a time???? If thats the way its is set up...that is really lame. Even the worst audio programs allow you to run a few projects at a time.
    I recorded a gig the other night... then I dumped the whole set on to one track. When I wanted to copy and paste individual songs into their own project it made me close the current project. Is there a way around this???

    Heh, heh. Yes, this is true. Alas... BUT, if you want to compare one project with another, it can be done.
    There is another advantage to making another copy of GarageBand. I created a copy and call it "GarageSymphony" that contains all my instrument specific icons for orchestral packs. This way I do not mess up the GarageBand application.
    I would not be surprised to find multiple windows become available in GB4. I was more than pleased to find this change in iMovie 6.

  • Should be able to sync more than one project at a time

    We should be able to use the shift key or the command key to sync more than one project at a time. This goes for the "content" pane as well as the "folders" pane.

    Send feedback/suggestions to Apple.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Can't Open more than One Internet Browser at a Time

    I bought a Toshiba laptop this past spring which I use, offline, at the office.  i've had a problem with it since the day I hooked it up to the internet the first time.  I can't open more than one internet browser at a time.  Windows 7.  I had need to get online with it today and had forgotten about this problem.
    I called Toshiba and they wanted to sign me up to some fee-based service.  They said, without checking anything (or even asking me who I am, or what my computer serial number is) that I had a virus.  Is there a virus going around that causes this problem?  IF so, how could I possibly get it considering I bought this computer in a sealed box?
    My AV software does not pick up any viruses.  I use Avast.
    Can anybody help me? 

    There's a handy reference for keyboard shortcuts here:
    That Windows key turns out to be useful, try Windows-D to show the desktop
    To open a new browser window, Ctrl-n while in the browser will probably work, or it your browser supports tabs, try Ctrl-t

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