Mount -o users doesn't work as intended, why not?

I'm trying to modify some of the udev rules in the Arch wiki to work better for my setup. So I have this as /etc/udev/rules.d/11-media-by-label-auto-mount.rules:
BUS!=usb, KERNEL!="sd[a-z]*", GOTO="media_by_label_auto_mount_end"
# Import FS infos
IMPORT{program}="/sbin/blkid -o udev -p %N"
# Get a label if present, otherwise specify one
ENV{ID_FS_LABEL}!="", ENV{dir_name}="%E{ID_FS_LABEL}"
ENV{ID_FS_LABEL}=="", ENV{dir_name}="usbhd-%k"
# Global mount options
ACTION=="add", ENV{mount_options}="noatime,users"
# Filesystem-specific mount options
ACTION=="add", ENV{ID_FS_TYPE}=="vfat|ntfs", ENV{mount_options}="$env{mount_options},utf8,gid=100,umask=002"
# Mount the device
ACTION=="add", RUN+="/bin/mkdir -p /media/%E{dir_name}", RUN+="/bin/mount -o $env{mount_options} /dev/%k /media/%E{dir_name}"
# Clean up after removal
ACTION=="remove", ENV{dir_name}!="", RUN+="/bin/umount -l /media/%E{dir_name}", RUN+="/bin/rmdir /media/%E{dir_name}"
# Exit
And it mounts usb sticks just fine. Problem is, I still get a permission denied error when trying to unmount them, despite using the "users" mount option, which is supposed to let *any* user unmount the device.
So I tried mounting the stick manually with the users option...
# mount -o users /dev/sdb /mnt
And still got the error on trying to unmount it:
$ umount /dev/sdb
umount: /dev/sdb is not in the fstab (and you are not root)
So it looks like the users option is not working the way the fstab man page says it should. What am I doing wrong here?
Edit: the users mount option works fine for CDs. Is there a way to make it work for USB sticks, or am I just stuck?
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Thanks... Kind of strange, that. Is there a way to use pmount and give unmount permissions for all users, so that I don't have to do the silly mount-as-a-specific-user thing?
Edit: Oh N/M, just unmounting with pumount works great. Thanks!
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  • Mount volume script doesn't work after upgrading to Yoesmite

    I just upgrade my Mac OS to Yosemite and the boot up mount script doesn't work again.
    mount volume "afp://admin:[email protected]/Multimedia/Music"
    mount volume "afp://admin:[email protected]/workspace"
    end try
    Should I modify the mount script and how to do that?
    Thank you so much.
    Matthew Ho

    I am having the exact same problem. I just did a complete re-install of max os x and did all of the hard drive had crashed so i had to replace it. lot's of fun.. and after the last upgrade i can't use my sound at all.. the sound shows that it's all the way up but it has the "no Smoking" sign as well..
    i have tried to restart.. change options and whatever else i could .. i did notice that when i enable the option to show the sound icon on the main bar that there is just a blank spot where it should be.. and i can't change it form there either because it just doesn't show..
    any one seen this before.. ?
    all my other Mac's work fine..
    please help..

  • "Print page" doesn't work as intended when using lengthy tables. (Brother MFC 6490CW, possibly others)

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  • [iPhone] builds fine, but doesn't work as intended

    Trying the Calc example in "Xcode Quick Tour for iPhone OS", I end up with an application that builds and launches fine in the iPhone Simulator, but that doesn't work.
    Did anyone try this example and did it work for you ?
    Here is what I observed :
    When I press a digit, the displayField's value isn't changed.
    Going in debug, I can see that the instance of the Calculator class does receive a message with the "input" selector and with the parameter "character" worth the digit that I pressed. The [_diplay appendString:character], but _display seems to keep being "nil".
    Any idea ?
    Many thanks in advance for your help,

    The Calc example worked well for me. The only bugginess I found was that if the text field is forced to reduce it's font size it never gets reset to the original size.
    Assuming you didn't touch the Calculator class files it's probably something simple. Check the IB connections, especially the connection between the displayField outlet and the UITextField. Maybe put a NSLog in the press method to check \[_calculator display\]. Of course if your Calculator class files are different from mine all bets are off, so if you don't have any luck we'll need to compare those.

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    -repaired permissions

    I would suggest taking the Shuffle back to where you bought it from, if it is within the time frame given for exchanges. If you bought it at the Apple Store online, schedule a repair for the iPod at then choose the iPod service.

  • Sending in Mail doesn't work, Entourage does, Why?

    Sending emails in Apple's Mail doesn't work, yet Microsoft Entourage does, Why?
    This is the conversation I've been having with my server tech, and they can't find the reason why I can send mail in Microsoft Entourage no problem, yet Apple Mail receives but not able to send any email what so ever..
    Very frustrating.
    Carl Pepper said:
    2008-05-09 13:16:39 (UTC-7)
    I'm having a heck of a time trying to SEND emails on the system.
    I'm using a Mac.
    I can do it in Microsoft Entourage, yet I can't do it in Mac Mail (this is the program I need to be able to use).
    Receiving email it works fine, just sending it only works in Entourage.
    Rackspace said:
    2008-05-09 13:16:39 (UTC-7)
    Thank you for choosing Rackspace!
    This is just a quick note to notify you that we have received your support request. A member of your Fanatical(TM) support team will address your request as soon as possible. Should you need to update this ticket, please log into your account and click on the Support tab or you may call us anytime at one of the below numbers. We're glad to do what we can to help in any way possible!
    Best Regards,
    Your Fanatical™ Support Team
    Rackspace ™
    Toll Free 800.961.4454
    International 1.210.447.4000
    UK Office +44 (0)20 8734 2700
    Rackspace said:
    2008-05-09 13:38:27 (UTC-7)
    That definitely seems odd. Since it works fine with Entourage, that would indicate the server is working properly. Additionally, I've tested the SMTP server from here (on a Mac) and am able to connect. I do not have a valid user to send email with, but I can try it if you want to provide me with the one you are trying, temporarily.
    As always, if you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great day, and thanks for choosing Rackspace Managed Hosting!
    Scott Wade
    Linux Systems Administrator III
    Rackspace Hosting ™
    Toll Free 800.961.4454
    International 1.210.447.4000
    Carl Pepper said:
    2008-05-09 14:35:36 (UTC-7)
    The settings I have are:
    [email protected]
    User Name:[email protected]
    Password: XXXXXX
    Authentication: None
    Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) unchecked
    Carl Pepper said:
    2008-05-09 15:00:15 (UTC-7)
    Here is the "cheat sheet" from APPLE.COM:
    "Outgoing mail server settings
    Outgoing server hostname: __________________________
    Such as
    Outgoing server port:
    25 [ ] 465 [ ] 587 [ ] Other: ____
    The outgoing mail server supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Yes [ ] No [ ]
    Outgoing server authentication type:
    Password [ ] MD5 [ ] NTLM [ ] Kerberos [ ]
    Outgoing server requires a username and password: Yes [ ] No [ ]
    If yes, username: ___________________ password: _______________________
    Can these settings be used from any Internet connection?: Yes [ ] No [ ]
    If you use your ISP’s own email service (instead of a third-party such as Gmail), sometimes it may not work if you roam to another Internet access point, such as a cafe with wireless Internet. Check with your email provider that the settings they give you will work if you plan to roam."
    Rackspace said:
    2008-05-09 19:26:43 (UTC-7)
    Hello Carl,
    In your report, I notice this:
    Authentication: None
    You need to authenticate before you can send mail so, authentication is a must. To be thorough, I tested both SMTP and POP authentication with the credentials you specified:
    $ perl -MMIME::Base64 -e 'print encode_base64("\000info\\000XXXXXX")'
    $ telnet 25
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP
    250 8BITMIME
    AUTH PLAIN AGluZm9AU2lsdmVyU3Bpcml0SG9tZVNlcnZpY2VzLmNvbQBzaWx2ZXIwMA==
    235 go ahead
    MAIL FROM [email protected]com
    250 ok
    RCPT TO [email protected]
    250 ok
    354 go ahead
    Subject: test
    test 123
    250 ok 1210386097 qp 32576
    Now for pop:
    $ nc 110
    +OK Hello there. <[email protected]>
    USER [email protected]
    +OK Password required.
    +OK logged in.
    All worked in both tests. Please enable authentication and get back to us.
    Best Regards,
    Jared Rodriguez
    Rackspace Support
    Carl Pepper said:
    2008-05-10 15:40:13 (UTC-7)
    What kind of authentication?
    Rackspace said:
    2008-05-10 18:02:07 (UTC-7)
    Hello Carl,
    Your server only supports CRAM-MD5 and PLAIN authentication. You will need to use plain text authentication. I have never configured mac mail so I do not know how to configure this, you may want to speak with someone a apple support if you have trouble.
    Best Regards,
    Jared Rodriguez
    Rackspace Support
    Carl Pepper said:
    2008-05-10 18:46:15 (UTC-7)
    Which one is plain text?
    Rackspace said:
    2008-05-10 20:23:43 (UTC-7)
    Hello Carl,
    While I am not sure, you may want to try 'PASSWORD'.
    Best Regards,
    Jared Rodriguez
    Rackspace Support

    I've tried mirroring the settings from Entourage. I will take another look:
    *Personal Information:*
    Name: Mitch Kring
    Email Address: [email protected]
    *Receiving Mail:*
    Account ID: [email protected]
    POP Server:
    Password: XXXXXX
    [checked] Save password in my Mac OS keychain
    (nothing in the advanced receiving options is checked)
    *Sending Mail:*
    SMTP Server:
    (nothing in the advanced receiving options is checked)
    Incoming Mail Server:
    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: XXXXXX
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
    Server Port: 465
    Authentication: Password
    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: XXXXXX
    This is all the info I can find right now..

  • Auto-scrolling doesn't work when JFrame is not visible

    Hi, I have auto-scrolling implemented for my JTextPane that sits in JScrollPane - which lives in JInternalFrame. It works as excepted - as long as my application's JFrame is visible. When the JFrame becomes invisible, auto-scrolling simply doesn't work anymore.
    I've overcame this by scrolling down in "windowShown", but it's ugly because the user can visually see the scroll down when using this workaround (it jumps).
    I guess this is Swing's optimization, but I would really like to overcome it in someway. But it seems I'm not enough a swing hacker to do it.
    One thing to note is thtat, the auto-scrolling works fine when the JInternalFrame is NOT visible, but frame is.
    I've tried to override the isShowing-method of JInternalFrame, with no luck.
    Here's my scrolling method:
    public static void scrollDown(JScrollPane scroll) {
              JViewport port = scroll.getViewport();
              Rectangle rect = new Rectangle(0, port.getViewSize().height, 1, 1);
              JScrollBar bar = scroll.getVerticalScrollBar();
              bar.setValue(bar.getMaximum() - bar.getModel().getExtent());
         }Anyone have ideas?

    At some point I had really hard time getting the auto-scrolling to work, as I got these weird little bumps after scrolling down.
    Adding scrollBar.setValue() seemed to 'just fix it'. It actually seems to be superfluous now.
    The scrolling is already wrapped in SwingUtilities.invokeLater() - in conjuction with printing text into the JTextPane and it works OK.
    I had some wrong info in the first post, the viewport actually does get scrolled down even when the JFrame is not visible. And by visible I mean JFrame.setVisible(false) - my application has a minimize-to-tray feature, which hides the JFrame.
    So I think the problem is 'just' a repainting problem. When the frame is shown, the previous scroll location is first displayed, and then a repaint is triggered that causes the 'jump down'.
    I'm not still sure how to fix it though.

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