Mounting a Solaris x86 CD/DVD from a remote Windows CD/DVD-ROM drive

Greetings, all.
Is it possible to mount a remote Windows CD/DVD-ROM drive? I have the Solaris 10x86 Companion Software DVD sitting in a CD/DVD-ROM drive that's installed on a Windows server on my network. It is shared-out (F:) and the two servers can ping each other. I've also confirmed the NFS services/daemons are running on the Solaris x86 machine. I've tried the following variations but, all have failed to produce successful results:
# mount -F nfs x.x.x.x:/f /mnt
nfs mount: x.x.x.x: : RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: retrying: /mnt
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/f /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/f
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/F /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/F
[FYI: S10_106_SOFTWARE is the DVD's label as reported by Windows Explorer.]
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/S10_106_SOFTWARE /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/S10_106_SOFTWARE
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/s10_106_software /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/s10_106_software
# mount -F nfs x.x.x.x:/S10_106_SOFTWARE /mnt
nfs mount: x.x.x.x: : RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: retrying: /mnt
# mount -F nfs x.x.x.x:/s10_106_software /mnt
nfs mount: x.x.x.x: : RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: retrying: /mnt
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/f/s10_106_software /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/f/s10_106_software
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/F/s10_106_software /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/F/s10_106_software
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/f/S10_106_SOFTWARE /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/f/S10_106_SOFTWARE
# mount -F hsfs x.x.x.x:/F/S10_106_SOFTWARE /mnt
mount: No such device
mount: cannot mount x.x.x.x:/F/S10_106_SOFTWARE
I've also tried mounting it at bootup by adding the appropriate entry in the /etc/vfstab file but, this does not work as well. I've tried Google'ing for an answer to my issue but, I haven't been able to find anything that applies directly to what I'm reporting. It's usually chatter about mounting from one UNIX server to another. Any advice from the community would be greatly appreciated.

After three weeks, you deserve a reply. Windoze does
not natively support NFS.Also deserves a decent answer...
There are two ways to do this:
Install Microsoft's free "Windows Services for UNIX," which includes a Windows NFS server; or
Install the 'sharity' package (google for it); it provides Solaris systems the ability to mount Windows shares

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    SONY DVD-ROM DDU1615, Rev FDS2
    I'm not 100% sure that that drive is a burner. For instructions on how to doublecheck, see the following document:
    iTunes for Windows: How to tell if you have a drive that can burn a CD

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    See if iTunes can eject it.
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    ^[%[email protected] JOB
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    * I've tried various printer drivers on the Windoze machines: HP Postscript, HP PCL6, Generic PS, Generic PCL6.
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    * svcs -a | grep print ... reports:
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         online 14:10:47 svc:/application/print/server:default
         online 14:10:47 svc:/application/print/rfc1179:default
         online 14:10:51 svc:/application/print/ipp-listener:default
         online 14:10:58 svc:/application/cde-printinfo:default
    Assistance in re-establishing such remote printing would be greatly appreciated. Please be kind about my running Windoze on some machines here. My work here requires it. :(

    Thanks to Tim Croteau of Sun, a work around was found for this problem.
    A printer definition should be made as:
    lpadmin -p somename -v /dev/somedevice -T unknown -I any
    For my use, the commands were:
    lpadmin -p HPLJ5000 -v /dev/ecpp0 -T unknown -I any -o banner=never
    accept HPLJ5000
    enable HPLJ5000
    That I can see, Solaris Print Manager does not provide a GUI-way to do this directly.
    Using the Print Manager, defining the printer as it is, an HPLJ 5000, seems to cause the postScript input to be filtered. To prevent any filtering the Type must be "unknown" and the Content must be "any".
    By the way, this printer definition can be in addition to a printer definition to the same printer for local use. For such local use, the Print Manager can define the printer as an HP LaserJet 5000 printing PostScript.

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    3.  With an Airport Extreme Router in place does this mean that when I initiate an OS X Server service [i.e. screen sharing] that I should therefore reverse / undo the automatic opening of the external ports?
    While related to the previous approach [i.e. tunneling in through the VNC client] , any added information or insight you could provide as to how / why the VNC client's request to the OS X Server will be directed to the OS X Server's screen sharing port and thus initiate a screen sharing session would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling with this part.

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    I read the Message 591 (Agu 2003) and the problem is quite the same. A brief description: I have aLaptop ASUS with HDD1 60GB and a USB storage HDD (in next HDD2) 100GB. I installed Solaris 10 x86 on HDD2 (partition c2t0d0s0). At the end of installation I removed the DVD and using BIOS features I switched the boot to HDD2. All ok; I received the SUN Blue Screen and I choose the active Solaris option; but at the beginning of the boot I received the following error message
    Screen Output:
    Unable to mount a Solaris root file system from the device
    DISK: Target 0: IC25N060 ATMR04-0 on Board ....
    Error message from mount::
    /pci@0,0/pci-ide2,5/ide@1/cmdk@0,0:a: can't open
    any assistence would be appreciated.

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    My daughter put the small dvd from our handycam into the dvd drive of my macbook pro.  I can't get it out by pushing the eject button and don't know what else to do. 

    In addition to shldr2thewheel's suggestion, I have heard of using  a vacuum cleaner.  Maybe worth a try?

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    A few projects ago, I could render a movie for DVD from FCP X onto a DVD to burn.  Then, it would be working for hours and hours and never finish.. a day later, it wasn't finished.  Can't make one since.
    What could be the problem? I s some part of the process too big for my hardware or software?  Can I change something to allow it to work again?
    Any ideas?  Perhaps something is set wrong?
    Thank you for any suggestions.

    What version are you running?
    Do you get a Publishing Error -29?

  • Can you put the small DVD discs from a camcorder in the DVD slot of the iMac?

    Stupid question...can you put the small DVDs from a camcorder in the DVD slot of the iMac?

    That could be a challenge. If I am not mistaken that camera strictly records to DVD - RW and has no digital output connectors, is that right?
    My only experience with a camera like that was a bad one. I was able to get the video off the disc using a tray-loading iMac but it was painfully slow.
    iMovie (for example) is designed to work with camcorders such as those specified in this reference:
    I cannot find the DCR-DVD92 in that database
    You might consider finding an external USB slot-loading DVD drive, but as I say my experience was painfully slow, and you might run into file format compatibility challenges.
    I am sure it's possible but it won't be as easy as importing video from something like an iPad or iPhone. I still use a camcorder on occasion but it has a FireWire port. That's easy.

Maybe you are looking for

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