Mouse cursor problem when external display connected

When my external Apple display is connected to my MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012, 10.10.2) the cursor jumps to a spot on the external display and will not release from it. I move the cursor anywhere and it jumps back to that original spot. Cursor operates normally when the external monitor is not attached. I've used the monitor for a few years with no problem, but this started just recently. I do not use the external monitor daily and I cannot recall doing anything that might have triggered this problem. Any ideas on a fix? Thanks.

Just an update to close this. Call Apple Support. An advanced support tech walked me through several procedures. Eventually, the problem disappeared after deleting a bunch of plist files and startup items. Which particular file caused the problem we don't know. But problem gone and I will monitor going forward. Hopefully it was a one-time corruption of one of the preference files.

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  • Mouse skipping problem when external display connnected

    I recently purchased a Macbook, and I connect it to a Dell 3008 display using the mini DisplayPort to dual-link DVI adaptor. My issue is that when the Dell is connected and in use, the mouse pointer skips across the screen when I move it, like something is interrupting the input for a very brief period, and it's being interpolated wrongly when the input comes back.
    The problem doesn't occur when the external display is disconnected, and it happens with wired USB, wireless USB and wireless Bluetooth mice.
    No adjustment of mouse sensitivity options seems to fix it, and the interruption in the pointer movement seems to happen at semi regular intervals of between 5 and 10 seconds apart, although I can't be 100% sure.
    Interestingly, it doesn't happen when I connect a lower resolution external display using the same adaptor. So it only happens at 2560x1600. I'm wondering if it's a problem with a hardware accelerated mouse cursor and the NVIDIA graphics driver.
    Anyway, it's a real barrier to me using the Macbook, so hopefully someone has a solution.

    Same problem here: wireless MS Laser Mouse 6000, either a samsung or LG external display connected via mini adaptor. Have the MS intellipoint drivers installed. It began to happen about a fortnight ago, and seemed to coincide with the Java update 4/Bluetooth Firmware/ Safari update applied on 24/6. This may have been around the time I changed display preference to 'best performance', so could well be a graphics driver issue?
    In my case, it tends to happen in certain spots on the screen, and the likelihood of a skip seems to depends on the speed I'm moving the pointer. Faster = more likely.
    It's messing up my tanking in warcraft something terrible.

  • Does anyone get the mouse lag with an external display connected via the display port?

    does anyone get the mouse lag with an external display connected via the display port?

    You don't describe the problem in great detail.  Is this the issue you are describing?
    If so, then, "Yes."  I have the same problem.  Note that this isn't a tracking speed problem for me, it's a lag between my hand moving and the pointer moving on the external display.

  • Brand New iMac freezes when external display connected

    I'm having an issue where when I plug my Apple VGA adapter to my brand new iMac, it completely freezes. As soon as I unplug the adapter, it unfreezes. Also, if I plug in the adapter without the vga adapter, it does not freeze until I plug a vga cable into the adapter. Can anyone help me with this one?

    Turns out that the solution is patience. After allowing the iMac to sit frozen for some time, it eventually starts working.

  • Has anybody had a problem with the mouse cursor lagging when navigating the drop down menus? this only started happening after a re-install. it only occurs in Photoshop elements 13 in the  photo editing section,and no other application. My mouse drivers a

    Has anybody had a problem with the mouse cursor lagging when navigating the drop down menus? this only started happening after a re-install. it only occurs in Photoshop elements 13 in the  photo editing section,and no other application. My mouse drivers are up to date.Any help or advice would be most welcome.

    Good day!
    Please post Photoshop Elements related queries over at
    and please read this (in particular the section titled "Supply pertinent information for quicker answers"): t-issues.html

  • Thinkpad Edge S430 - Windows does not detect external display connected via HDMI

    On a Thinkpad S430 with HD4000 integrated graphics, an external display connected via a HDMI cable is not detected at all when using Windows. The system is fully updated as of the time of posting this message, both via the Lenovo Update tool as well as Windows update.
    The Intel driver version is It appears that this is the latest version, since it does not offer an update when I try to auto-update it via Device Manager.
    NB: I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel 3.4.0 on the same machine, and the external display works perfectly fine with this software configuration.
    Hence I think that it's very likely that this is a Windows-specific driver issue.
    Would Lenovo happen to have a driver update in the works? Alternatively, I will be thankful for any suggestions about possible resolution of this problem.

    skn2011 wrote:
    My Macbook Pro notbook 13.3" does not detect external display throught it's mini display port to HDMI connector when connected to Sony Bravia 32" LCD TV.Can anyone help me get the answer as i tried reading everywhere on internet and none does not seems to work.Please help me out guys.
    Are you using the Apple adaptor or a 3rd party

  • Won't boot with external display connected

    My MacBook Pro (circa 1997) won't boot with the external display connected. I can connect the external display (20in flat planel) after it has started, and it works just fine.
    I have tried two different DVI cables (one of which I think is a DVI-A cable) and the DVI-to-VGA cable. The result is the same.
    During the boot phase I get the tone, the apple logo and the progress wheel. After 30 seconds to one minute those disappear to be replaced by an empty blue screen.

    In case anyone wonders, my "solution" was to change to a WB Elements Desktop 3TB (only USB 2.0 is currently available for this model). I miss the speed of USB 3.0, but it's much nicer to not have to remember to unplug and plug in the hard drive each time I boot.
    Still hoping to see a proper solution to this (since I don't have the WB My Book anymore, I can't test adaher's suggestion).

  • I have a problem when i am connecting my mbpr to a monitor , the internet is going very slow when i connect to the monitor plz help me if i buy a vga to minidisplay it will help??

    i have a problem when i am connecting my mbpr to a monitor , the internet is going very slow when i connect to the monitor plz help me if i buy a vga to minidisplay it will help??

    are you saying that when you connect your MacBook Pro to a monitor, your Internet connection slows down, but when you disconnect the monitor, it speeds up again, and that this is reproducible from one day to another?
    Does this happen both under OS X and under Windows 7, or only under one of them?
    How are you currently connecting your MacBook Pro to your monitor?

  • How can I get my LT monitor to sleep when I have an external display connected, If I close the lid both displays go out

    How can I get my LT display to sleep when I am using another external display, right now if I close the lid both of them go to sleep?

    This is called Clamshell mode,  to operate with the lid closed you need:
    Requirements for closed display mode:
    Power adapter
    External keyboard, mouse, or trackpad
    External display
    Here are the details:

  • Fan running when external display is connected

    I have a MacBook Air 13in, mid 2011, 4GB memory, 1.7 GHz (iCore 5), running OS X 18.3.
    With the laptop on, every time I connect an external display (HP LA2205wg) through a miniDisplay to VGA adapter, the fan starts running wild and it is so loud to disturb my work. Yet, I check the activity monitor (All processes) and there does not seem to be any process taking a lot of CPU.
    However, if I swich the MBA off, wait a few seconds for the fan to stop, and then restart the MBA, there is no fan noise. I have to do this every day I get to the office and connect the external display. It's annoying, as I have to reopen the same files etc.
    I have browsed the apple support forums and I have seen similar posts, some dated 2009. Yet no actual fix is suggested in the posts. I am still giving it a shot, hoping I don't need to waste even more time to go to an Apple store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I was experiencing this 100% of the time at work with projectors. I found that once I forced the GPU to NVIDIA in the BIOS... the issue was resolved.
    I'd rather have stability than battery life.
    W530: i7-3720QM, K1000M, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, FHD

  • Extreme mouse cursor lag when using Accessibility Zoom (Fullscreen) in Yosemite

    I have a Retina MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite (10.10), clean installed, connected to an external Thunderbolt Display. When I zoom in using Accessibility, I experience a very prominent lag, moving my mouse cursor (either with my Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad or the built-in Trackpad) around or when zooming out. It is especially visible when zoomed in on applications like Calendar and Mail. This never happened in Mavericks. My settings are as follows.
    I've tried creating a new user account on my Mac and the problem still persists, which leads me to believe it's a bug with Yosemite.
    Anyone else have the same problem?

    I also have the same exact problem. I have a i5 iMac Mid 2011 with an upgrade to 10.10 Yosemite connected to an external display. I like you never had this issue with Mavericks. Zoom is so painfully slow now that I had to disable it. My iMac has 12 GB of RAM and even with no apps opened, zoom is killer slow.. makes me want to punch a wall-kinda slow.
    I think it's clear to say that something is up with 10.10.. some bug.
    Apple please fix us zoomers

  • Problem with external displays

    I've an issue with my MBP 15'' Early 2013. Recently I'd the GPU problem and my logic board was replaced. Everything worked fine as usual but I never tried to connect it to an external display.
    When I first connected a projector after the logic board change via a VGA adapter I wan unable to make it work, the computer had one of this two problems:
    Screen goes black and nothing works
    Computer gets too slow and I can't do anything but move the cursor
    Then I tried with a TV via HDMI and everything worked fine. I tried then with an external monitor, another projector and a TV with VGA and nothing worked.
    I searched in internet and most of the people has this problem with both VGA and HDMI. But I didn't found anyone with only the VGA problem.
    I tried resetting the PRAM, changing resolution to all the available ones and nothing worked.
    Before the logic board was replaced the external displays worked great.
    Any idea?
    Thank you!

    Hey, I had something similar happening with my i5 going to a Dell U2410, but my connection was via HDMI. When I got that distortion however I could not recover from it and had to reboot my laptop. I switched to an analog connector & noticed the occasional flicker to black, almost like my cable was loose and got bumped, but it recovered fine each time. I'm testing now with a dvi cable, and so far no issues *knock on wood*. Sorry, no fix, but maybe try a different connection and see if it improves things for you.

  • Problems when cinema display attached to PowerBook

    I have a new PowerBook G4 (15" stretch) with OS 10.4.5. I also have a new 20" Apple cinema display. When the display is attached to the PowerBook, I've noticed a host of problems, including: HP LaserJet 1022 (new) prints only about 50% of the time--requires restart to get it working; USB mouse and keyboard attached to the display freeze (although I can still move the pointer with the trackpad on the PowerBook)--requires restart to get them working.
    The printer is plugged directly into the PowerBook's USB port. Nothing else besides the keyboard/mouse are plugged into the display's USB ports.
    I've reset the power manager several times; I don't let the computer go to sleep, although I do let the screens go dark after 15 minutes. I've tried all the usual printer fixes short of resetting the print system.
    The PowerBook and printer seem to work fine w/out the display; the printer works fine on another PowerBook.
    PowerBook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.4) RAM = 1.5 GB

    I am experiencing the same problem with a Samsung Aquos 52" connected thorough a Onkyo receiver/amplifier. The connection is DVI to HDMI to Onkyo amplifier and HDMI-HDMI to the TV. The main 23" Cinema Display flashes during turning on an off of both of TV and the amplifier and even when the TV is off and the amplifier is on, unless you restart the computer, it would keep detecting a second display, the only solution so far was to unattach the second display DVI to HDMI cable from the computer. Otherwise, several freezes occur after several flashes of the cinema display and eventually either the dock o the whole screen would freeze...Anyone knows how to avoid this issue? Btw, my id card is NVIDIA GeForce 6600.

  • Problems swapping external displays

    I use my MacBookPro with two external displays (not simultaneously), with the MBP lid shut. I have an Apple 20" cinema dispay in the office and an Acer (can't remember the model) at home. When I take my MBP home and plug it into the Acer the MBP does not properly recognise the external monitor and it just stays black showing the spinning "busy" wheel. The same thing happens when I plug in my Apple display after using the Acer. Sometimes, after about one or two minutes, the display finally appears as it should. Otherwise I have to switch the power supply off and on again to put the MBP to sleep and then wake it again to refresh the screen.
    For two years, I was using the same two monitors with my G4 Powerbook without any problem whatsoever. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution to it?

    Are you sure that the external power supply is properly connected to your MBP? I have occasionaly wondered why my external monitor was not working when connected to laptop with lid shut. Then discovered that it will not work unless the laptop is connected to the external power supply.
    A phone call to a very helpful Apple support technician solved my problem. Apparently the memory needed to be refreshed (or something like that). This was done by rebooting the computer and holding down the following four keys together: AppleAlt+pr.
    You hold down these four keys while the computer boots and release them after the second chime.
    However, as I am not an expert, I have no idea if this is relevant to your issue.
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

  • How to restore display on MacBook Pro to original settings after faulty external display connection

    Rookie question, 2009 MacBook Pro.  We bought a dvi-VGA adapter to connect to an external display. Got a picture on the external monitor but very poor resolution.  Meanwhile the display on the MacBook Pro re-set itself and we were not able to restore it to normal even after we disconnected the external monitor.  We now have our MacBook Pro with messed up resolution and display, AND no external display.  How do we get the MacBook Pro back to its default display settings?  Any help greatly appreciated!

    this is from another discussion:
    Re: MacBook doesn't sleep when closing lid with external monitor attached with Lion     Oct 14, 2011 7:01 PM    (in response to admgtz) 
    I would like to offer this solution.  I have a MacBook Pro with an external monitor, and, for a year and a half both displays slept when I closed the MBPS.  This behavior stopped when I installed Lion.  They would sleep when I removed the power cord, but what a pain that would be.  The command "pmset -g assertions" gave no indication of which process ought be preventing sleep.
    I contacted Apple support, and after some searching, the guy working with me found this thread, which was flagged as an Apple-approved solution:
    This is the important part:
    Correct AnswerRe: How do I tell Lion to disable the LCD screen even when the lid is open?
    Aug 31, 2011 9:56 AM (in response to Bob_viking)
    Here's the command to make your laptop behave like it did Pre-Lion (courtesy of my friend):
    sudo nvram boot-args="iog=0x0"
    Works perfectly for me. If it screws up your system, just zap the PRAM next boot (cmd-opt-p-r) and you'll be back to the default Lion state. Or if you can still get into terminal, this command will get you back to Lion's default state as well:
    sudo nvram -d boot-args
    One snag was that I had to run it with the external monitor disabled, but it worked great!

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