.mov files will not open in quick time when double clicked in iPhoto

when i'm in iPhoto and try to double click a video file, Quick Time will not open to play the movie.

If its not working roll back QT.

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  • Mov file will not open on Premiere CS6 for Windows

    I am a student working on a project that I started in university on an Apple Mac desktop. I decided to carry my project back home to continue with it on a laptop which is Windows...however the Mov. files will not open up on premeire pro and it is really frustrating as I have done a lot of work. How can I import these videos without losing any work or having to start again?

    Quicktime X does NOT work http://forums.adobe.com/thread/888722
    -Premiere Pro REQUIRES Quicktime 7 won't work with Quicktime X

  • After recent update to my macbook pro itunes will not open, it just bounces when I click on it

    fter recent update to my macbook pro itunes will not open, it just bounces when I click on it

    Means they are going to mess up your iPhoto Library pictures database  so it's unreadable by older versions of iPhoto on older OS X operating systems.
    You have the choice to right click on the iPhoto Lbrary and inside is a folder called Origianls, use the Finder to Duplicate this folder, then move the OriginalsCopy out of the iPhoto Library folder and save it elsewhere.
    I dont' think Apple will every intentionally touch the originals, however it's possible they could.

  • .mov file will not open in FCP X?! codec unavailable? help!

    I am trying to edit a short .mov file in FCP X. It was sent to me via YouSendIt. Once it has completed downloading, a message reads:
    " The document “S-T3RRA Video Heads by FLOOD(1)-2.mov” could not be opened. A required codec isn't available. To see if additional software is available that will enable QuickTime Player to open the movie, click Tell Me More. "
    When I click tell me more, Apple provides me with some additional media support for QuickTime, however I should not need this for a .mov file correct? The file will not open in FCP X or QT. Any ideas? Suggestions?  Was this file incorrectly exported by the creator?
    Thank you!
    Diego Lopez-Videla
    Houston, TX

    Yes, it will be encoded using a codec that's not on your system.
    That is a common misunderstanding with .mov - it's not a format, it's a container.
    It basically contains video & audio streams that may be mp4, mjpeg or just about anything.
    In this case, the "anything" is what we need to find out, so we can work out what  you need to read it.
    You could try opening it using VideoSpec - it will tell you everything.

  • Saved .mov file will not open on a Windows 7 version of Quicktime or WMplayer or Nero  why not?

    I made two .mov files one will open on a PC the other will not Quicktime will opew the first file, but not the second, Windows Media Player will not open either file, neither will Nero or Creative Media Player.  How can I save a video file from iMovie to something that will opew on a PC?

    Is this related to iOS (iPads and iPhones)?
    This is the iMovie iOS forum, so if you're in the wrong place I can get this question moved.
    In iMovie iOS there is only one way to export video, and that is Quicktime H264.
    You will need the latest version of Quicktime for Windows.

  • Firefox will not open my email client when I click on a "mailto" link on any website. How can I fix this.

    Anytime I drag my cursor across, or try to click on a "mailto" email link on any webpage, it will display an incorrect e-mail address (it seems to default to one in particular). It will not open a new e-mail window and if I "copy e-mail address" it's the wrong one. I've tried everything and was hoping with new updates the problem would solve itself but obviously it hasn't.
    HELP ! This is driving me CRAZY

    For the settings to check to ensure that Firefox opens your email client, see [[changing the e-mail program used by Firefox]]. I don't know why it shows the wrong email address.

  • Urgent Help Wanted With My Presentation - Mov Files Will Not Open

    I am a retired lifeboatman, and have developed a fund raising talk focusing on my 35 year involvement with saving lives off the UK southern coast.  I use Keynotes and have never had a problem, until now.  I have another talk next week and thought I would update the presentation.  I have updated to Mavericks and also the latest Keynotes 6.0.1.  When I went to play the presentation, it informed me that some of the .mov files needed to be updated to run on QuickTime.  I pressed the convert button, only to be informed that most of the files could not be upgraded.  When I try to play again, all I get is a blank black screen.  I closed Keynotes and reopened the file in version 5.3, but still the same problem occurred . Most of my video files are of actual rescues and have been transferred from old VHS tapes. and are invaluable to me.  It also means my presentation next week will be without the powerful impact these rescue videos present.  I have searched through the support communities and also on the web, and have tried various suggestions and trial programs for converting the files, but none have been able to provide me with any playable video.  Can anyone please help me to overcome this problems?  Any help would be gratefully received.  

    It's never a good idea to change operating systems and applications without fully testing over a period of time with existing work files first. As Mavericks is such a new operating system, there are a few quirks that are still in place compared to its predecessors.
    Many video types do not play in the new Quicktime 10 player that is included with Mavericks, but version 7 should play any type. Down load and install QuickTime player version 7 for Mavericks, this is a much better movie player than the simple version now included with Mavericks from here:    Download Apple QuickTime Player version 7
    Open the video file in QT 7 and check the video plays correctly.
    Let me know the CODEC used, it is listed against Format in the QT Inspector, (command I or Window > show movie inspector)
    In theory Keynote should now play your video again but let me see how you get on.

  • After installing Maverick, my downloaded movies will not play in Quick Time.  It gives me the following error "You can't open the application "QuickTime Player.app" because it may be damaged or incomplete."  What can I do?

    After installing Maverick, my downloaded movies will not play in Quick Time.  I receive the following error message:
    You can’t open the application “QuickTime Player.app” because it may be damaged or incomplete.  So I tried to unistall QT and I get an error that says, You can not delete this application as it is a requirement for the OSX.
    Well I did find a way to delete it, by going into the various components and one by one deleting it.  Now I reinstall it and  the message is that this Quick Time is for an earlier version before Maverick 7.  SMH....Now what.?

    Hello, terrygav. 
    I would recommend processing a reinstall of Mavericks.
    OS X Mavericks: Reinstall OS X
    Make sure to backup all of your data prior to reinstalling OS X 10.9.
    Back up your Mac
    Jason H.

  • Quick time movies (.mov) files will not play in Iphoto 11.

    Quick time movies (.mov) files will not play in Iphoto 11. The thumbnail of the movie shows but when selected only a exclamation mark appears.  I rebuilt the library, thumbnails, permissions etc. I also found the movie files in the iphoto database intact and working. Please advise.

    You're welcome.
    Well believe it or not, that's exactly what the exclamation point means. Search the forum. I've been doing this a while.
    Next, I have no interest, commercial or otherwise in Library Manager, I have no shares in the company that makes it. I didn't make it. It's not my software.  You could give those guys a million dollars and I'll get nothing from it. I and other expereinced users have recommended it thousands of times on this forum for this problem. Amazing how often it works. Of course, a quick search would have told you that already.
    Another: Believe it or not you can use the Rebuild Function of Library Manager for free. You don't need to purchase it for that purpose.
    Y'all have a nice paranoid day now.

  • Mov reference file will not open in QuickTime 7.7.4 for Windows

    I have a mov reference file which opened fine in QuickTime 7.6.2 but since upgrading to 7.7.4 the file will no open. I get the following error:
    Error -2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie.
    The file contains one PAL MPEG2 video track and one stereo PCM audio track. It also contains a timecode track.
    See movie inspector below:
    Can anyone help me understand why this file will not open with the latest version of QuickTime. I cannot supply the file but can give any information about atoms etc. which can be read using QTAtomViewer.
    I am using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
    Many thanks,

    For those who want to call, the following menu options will get you to the Quick Time install tech support:
    2 - takes you to the Quick Time submenu
    2 - takes you to tech support
    then, choose 1 for Mac or 2 for windows
    Initially, I was told by tier 1 tech rep Shawn that the update server may not be up or that it may be a firewall issue on my side.
    After telling him that I have confirmed that it is a problem with the update server sending a NULL (0 byte) response to the update query, he said I would have to just download the latest one in order to have the most up-to-date version and "just check back periodically to see if the update server is working".
    He mentioned there was a Quick Time standalone download available (http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/standalone.html), but that is still ~20MB & doesn't help the fact that probably over 90% of the people who run Quick Time have the option to automatically check for updates set and will never realize they're running an old, vulnerable version of Quick Time.
    He gave me a case number after I asked for one: 58027568
    If you'd like to add to mine and/or Rob's, it surely couldn't hurt.
    I suppose my next course is to try emailing contacts at apple to see what kind of response they have. Considering this problem has been there ever since QT 7 for Windows has been released (I don't remember ever checking for updates when running QT 7 beta), it's strange that it's still a problem.
    hand made system   Windows XP Pro  

  • Since updating last time Firefox will not open new tabs unless I right click on a link. It won't open them via file or the tab at the top of the brwoser. Anyone know how to fix this?

    Since updating last time Firefox will not open new tabs unless I right click on a link. It won't open them via file or the tab at the top of the brwoser or usinf ctrl + t. Anyone know how to fix this?

    I can press ctrl for a new tab but otherwise a new tab does not open. I actually need help regarding this new Synch which apparently will be in Firefox automatically in an upcoming version so I am asking how that will synch with people who use LastPass-of course because I use this very successfully and really am not eager to change the set up that I have in place at this time.
    I have read through endless FAQ trying to find anyone else who has this question or concern but have found nothing. Can you please tell me how that service will get along with LastPass which does basically the same thing as Synch-it is probably spelled wrong as it looks wrong to me but if I click back to where this issue began, I will lose all of this question so please respond for the upcoming service synch.

  • HT204382 mpeg video file won't open in quick time player on my macbook running snow leopard. Works fine in iMac running mountain lion. Any ideas

    mpeg video file won't open in quick time player on my macbook running snow leopard.
    works fine on iMac running mountain lion.
    any ideas?

    If iChat is Open and your think Accounts/Screen Names are logged in then go to the Window Menu
    This should list the accounts that are logged in with various keystrokes ( Apple/CMD ( or ⌘) and a Number) shown next to them.
    Using these should get the Buddy list "back".
    It is possible to Hide the Buddy list and then Quit iChat.
    iChat will then "remember" where the windows were eve if this was Hidden.
    Can you confirm that after reinstalling or restoring from Time Machine with possibly an Earlier Version you have Downloaded the COMBO version of OS X 10.6.8 and "run the COMBO" (Installed it - again) to update iChat ?
    It is possible the text chat Window is also Hidden on double clicking a Buddy.
    The easiest way for this to happen is to use a second Display and drag some windows to the second Display.
    iChat "remembers" where you last had Outgoing Chats so Audio and Video windows will be where you left them as will Text Chats.
    Incoming Chat Invites are normally in set places unless there is a chat already open to that Buddy.
    With  Windowing issue like this is sometimes pays to delete com.apple.ichat.plist itself  (on it's own) and restart iChat  (this plist holds the window positions amongst other things)
    8:49 PM      Monday; February 27, 2012
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Lion 10.7.3)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • I just bought the Nikon D750 and my raw files will not open in CC Photoshop. Is anyone else that has this camera experienced this problem?

    I just bought the Nikon D750 and my raw files will not open in CC Photoshop. Is anyone else that has this camera experienced this problem?
    My Photoshop says it is up to date, but I am hoping that since this camera just came out, Adobe will have an raw file update soon.

    DNG Converter is FREE.  Yes, really.  No subscription needed.
    - Baloney, NOT FREE, it's a proprietary software, not open AT ALL, see Legal Notices, so stop trying to distort the truth here.
    Camera Raw (& DNG Converter) 8.7RC has been available since 2nd October, and opens D750 files in Photoshop & Bridge (& Lightroom using DNG Converter).
    Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 8.7 Release Candidate | digital camera raw file support - Adobe Labs
    - Still a cumbersome process for this of us that PAID for software and support, the whole point of this discussion is to implement this directly on LR, so we, the PAYING users don't have to waste time doing a useless process that could be EASILY AVOIDED ig Adobe released updates as they are needed, or if they OPENED THE SOURCE CODE so the community could do it.
    Adobe created DNG, which is a well-documented backwards-compatible format, which is free for any manufacturer to use.
    See here for manufacturers who do (it's an old list, but you get the idea):
    - Really? Did you actually read the site? It has PRECIOUS information that illustrate my point: Adobe DNG is an attempt to stop the OpenSource community from achieving the goals of OpenRaw, which is TRUE OPENNESS, Again, Adobe is trying to get manufacturers to PAY LICENSING so they use a PROPRIETARY FORMAT that will HOLD CUSTOMERS on a PAID platform. OpenRaw is he answer for a true competitive environment.
    Ask yourself why other manufacturers don't use a documented backwards-compatible format.
    - Easy, because they are lazy and want kick-back. The SAME answer that I (and the entire OS community) would give if you asked about Acrobat or MS Office.
    If you use a particular piece of software as your main tool, and you buy a camera which isn't yet supported by it, it's your problem. There is an expression used in the industry:
    "Poor Planning on your part does not constitute an Emergency on my part."
    - I agree here, it's MY PROBLEM that I decided to have a better product, it was my choice. I can still use OS Tools, which will be what I do moving forward, and about that expression, that is EXACTLY why Adobe will keep loosing customers, because the sense of urgency to help who pays their bills is inexistent. You are correct, why should they rush something so simple to help a customer right? Screw the customer... Thanks for making my point...

  • Only one epub file will not open in ADE or on my Nook. The others I downloaded will open on both and will copy to the Nook as usual.

    I download epub books from Overdrive. Only one epub file will not open in ADE on my Mac or on my Nook. The many others I've downloaded will open on both and will copy to the Nook as usual. Using the latest edition of ADE. Could be a corrupted ePub file? Curiously, this is the second time I've downloaded this epub from the same site, and I had no problem the first time. It still has 9 days remaining in the borrowing period.

    Forgot to make clear that on both my Mac and the Nook, attempting to open the epub causes ADE to crash.

  • I have Adobe Design CS6, suddenly a simple PDF will not open. Noting happens when I doubleclick either the file or try to open Adobe Acrobat X Pro

    I have Adobe Design CS6, suddenly a simple PDF will not open. Noting happens when I doubleclick either the file or try to open Adobe Acrobat X Pro ?

    Hi Jenny, I just had to do that, for the 3rd time. It is a pity though when one pays for such expensive software that this happens, specifically when the only Adobe help is to tell you to post your problem on a forum and hope someone can help you. Not good enough and not what I expected when I bought it. I am so disappointed in Adobe.

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