Move/remove/change RSS button from next to refresh sign (Safari 4.0.4)

How to move/remove/change RSS-button location from next to refresh sign as I'm wasting alot of time everytime when trying to hit that refresh button?
I know I can use keyboard to refresh a webpage, but I really like the easy to use stop/refresh button a-la Firefox (after combining them) in the left side next to the "previous/next page" buttons, and I really hate that RSS appearing on all those websites which provides RSS. I don't use RSS and I don't want to see it when browsing and using Safari.
I hope there is a way to doing that, otherwise I have no choice but switching back to Firefox..

Thanks Carolyn,
but the "debug" menu doesn't appear after running "defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1" command in terminal. I have Safari 4.0.4
But the idea is great: now I only want to disable RSS.

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    Removing the Continue button from the Quiz Results slide is NOT a good idea in my experience.  Clicking the Continue button triggers functions in Captivate to terminate the quiz and commit the score to the LMS.  If this button is not clicked, Captivate may not be sure the person has decided they're done with the quiz and wants their score to be captured by the LMS at that point.  There are often other buttons on the Quiz Results slide to offer the user the option of Retaking or Reviewing the Quiz.  Only the Continue button is designed to take them further beyond the Quiz Result slide.
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    report abc.
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    DATA : alvfcwa TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv.
    <b>data : excl type SLIS_T_EXTAB.
    data : exclwa type SLIS_EXTAB.</b>
    data : begin of itab occurs 0.
            include structure usr02.
    data : end of itab.
      select * from usr02
      into table itab.
          i_program_name         = sy-repid
          i_internal_tabname     = 'ITAB'
          i_inclname             = sy-repid
          ct_fieldcat            = alvfc
          inconsistent_interface = 1
          program_error          = 2
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    amit m.

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    Hi Ravi,
    Please refer to this [Program|].
    Hope this helps.

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    >>Ok, but they dont have solution.
    Correct - there's not been one found so far, that we've seen here, anyway.

  • How do I remove old image buttons from Properties panel?

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    Hi there
    When you look at the Properties panel, you see ALL available images for the buttons. (Assuming that you are referring to to the stock images supplied by Captivate)
    Is this the list you are trying to clear?
    If so, it's the same list you see with any project Captivate creates.
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    Hello Sandeep,
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    CALL METHOD super->if_bsp_wd_toolbar_callback~get_buttons
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    Kind regards

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    How do you remove the blue dot from next to the podcasts. I listen to 100s of podcasts on my ipod so the blue dot does not leave itunes. I use the blue dot to identify which podcasts are new. It used to be easy to remove the blue dot just play the podcasts for a second in more recent versions of itunes it is harder one has to play it for longer and half the dot is left. How do I select a dozen podcasts and mark them as used. I mean remove the blue dot.

    To Mark as Watched Right Click on the Podcast...
    To Select more than One Podcast... Shift Click...

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    how do i remove floating home button from iphone 5 please

    On some iPhones, the Home button itself stopped working. Mostly on the 3GS and prior. This was due to the fact some customers "man handled" the button all too much.
    The newer iPhones has some reinforcements for the button.

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    I would like to know if there is any possibility to change the URLs displayed when clicking in "Help" button from the Main Toolbar.
    I think that it is not possible so that is the reason I was also asking the the "toolbar ID" in order to hide the button through "Toolbar customization".
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    Hi Laura,
    We can change the URLs displayed when clicking in "Help" button from the Main Toolbar.
    In System Properties please mention the URLs to which you want these links to point:
    Documentation -
    E-Learning -
    Community -
    Guides -
    Also you can customize the display names of these by changing the Localized Resource values for below
    Hope this helps!!!

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    Im not seeing that on my Mac, but some people with Windows based computers are discussing that here -> Podcast, download all?
    They mention a workaround of doubleclicking the podcast.
    Did you find the podcast by browsing the iTunes Store? Try subscribing to a new podcast in the iTunes, like Lifehacker. If it doesn't have the issue, try removing the other subscription from iTunes and then adding it again.

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    Please contact me - rob (at) libsyn (dot) com - I can go over your options with you.
    Rob W

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    Still, you can remove it in Acrobat by first saving a non-enabled version by selecting: File > Save A Copy
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