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Looking for feedback on K8N Neo NF4 Platinum SLI, LUV THIS BOARD

Im no pro but with your raid setup you need to stay with bios 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2.  I understand that 3.3 & 3.4 causes problems but the new 3.53 beta bios fixes the problems in 3.3 & 3.4.  See below:
Regarding your pcie clock, if you are using coolbits and nvidia drivers only (no MSI drivers at all), then I have used nvidia's ntune to help set the clock.  For my x1 msi 6600gt, working backwards from the bus speed optimization it equalled to 106...but I am really not good at this and you should post your question under the VGA portion of this forum for a better answer to that 1 question.
However, using MSI's DOT works well too and its automated.
Btw, the pcie setting has nothing to do with your cpu/memory overclock.

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  • Msi k8n neo 4 platinum sli sata issue?

    hi i am planning to buy a new motherboard and i decided to buy k8n neo 4 platinum sli board. but recently i heard that it has an issue with
    silicon image SIL3132 controller that If there was no drive connected to the controller, the system wouldn't complete the POST. does that issue resolved now? please tell me. any new bios update for that?

    hi satya123 ,
    silicon image SIL3132 controller that If there was no drive connected to the controller, the system wouldn't complete the POST
    not heard of that one.
    But it's easily sorted :-
    Bios - Onboard Devices
    OnBoard Sil3132 RAID
    This setting controls the onboard Sil3132 RAID chip. Setting options: [Enabled],
    OnBoard Sil3132 Mode
    This setting allows you to select either SATA and RAID mode for the onboard
    Sil3132 RAID chip. Setting options: [SATA], [RAID].
    just set OnBoard Sil3132 RAID to disabled.

  • K8N Neo 4 Platinum Sli & Athlon 64 3200

    Somebody know if the mobo "K8N Neo 4 Platinum Sli" can work good with an Athlon 64 3200 (939)

    Quote from: jrb357 on 10-March-05, 11:29:32
    It'll work just fine with a 3200+. Just use some quality TCCD ram. If you plan OC'n some people are having some difficulty getting over a 220fsb. It seems that the newer cpu's are more prone to this, ones with a manufaturing date of under 0451 seem to OC better.
    Aint that the truth!
    IF you are planning to o/c then forget about this board for the moment, until a new bios is available......
    That is the only downside to this board, otherwise its a very stable board!
    I have corsair 4400 and cant get over 220 fsb with it....

  • Is K8N Neo 2 platinum a good OC board?

    My current spec:
    A64 3000+ s939 Winchester, stock HSF
    Abit AV8
    Geil 3200 Dual Channel Kit 2x512
    i'm not very satisfied with my OC. HTT multiplier is 5x by default, which means if my FSB is 250, 4x HTT multiplier should be fine, 4x250=1000. But i can't even do 3x.
    I can OC to 260x9 (8:2:1) @ stock voltage with stock HSF Ram @ 333/400 @ 2.7v, HTT on 2x
    can play games and stuff but when Prime95 test it, error within the 1st 10 minutes.
    So I want to try a new board, they said the MSI K8N neo 2 PT is a good board for over clocking.
    Fill me in

    I don't have any problems putting the "whip" to mine.... Only thing I've noticed is that I get a lot better & more stable OC's by:
    - Disabling C&Q & Aggressive Timings
    - Loose RAM timimgs: 2.5-3-3-10 works pretty good for me
    My 3000+ 90nm runs stably at 9x275 all day long.... without running crazy voltages or using funky BIOS settings. Best OC with 1t timings I've been able to get was 9x285 & I have hit 290 with 2t, but 275 seems to be the "sweet spot".

  • MOVED: Quietest CPU Cooler for K8N Neo 2 Platinum Motherboard?

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    Quietest CPU Cooler for K8N Neo 2 Platinum Motherboard?

    Artic Cooling Freezer 64
    Extremely Quiet
    The low speed 80 mm fan reduces the noise level to a minimum.
    The patented fan holder is able to practically eliminate the typical buzzing sound of 80mm fans.
    Patent No 203 07 981 U1 (Germany)
    Patent No 10/834 232 (USA)

  • *UPDATED 7/15/04* Complete guide to bioses, drivers, and needed files for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum

    Complete newbie's guide to bioses, drivers, and needed files for the MSI K8N Neo Platinum:
    Last Updated: Thursday July 15th, 2004
    (In order of date released.)
    1.1b3 - (Download)
    - Pre-1.1, given to reviewers to use in their reviews and benchmarks.
    - Less stable, but supposedly you get slightly better overclocks.
    1.1 Official - (Download)
    1. This is AWARD BIOS release
    2. This BIOS fixes the following problems of the previous version:
    - Memory always run DDR 200 when install single side DDR on DIMM2 & DIMM3.
    - Windows 2000 can't format the RAID IDE HDD when plug in Promise 378 controller.
    1.2b5 - (Download)
    1.2b7 - (No Download Yet)
    1.2b10 - (Download)
    - First attempt to fix false temperature readings. Fixes it for some people with Newcastle cores and doesn't fix it for anybody with Clawhammer cores.
    1.2b12 - (Download)
    - Second attempt to fix false temperature readings. Fixes it for some people with Newcastle cores and some people with Clawhammer cores.
    1.3b1 - (Download)
    - Another attempt to fix temperature problems?
    - Possibly fixes cold boot/power light issues?
    1.2 Official - (Download)
    1. This is AWARD BIOS release
    2. This BIOS fixes the following problems of the previous version:
    - System can't resume from S3 sometimes when install USB device.
    - Support K8 Sempron CPU.
    - Turn off keyboard LED in S3.
    --Quick Guide for flashing BIOS, provided by MSI--
    1. Create a MS-DOS boot diskette, then copy the the .exe and the bios file to the floppy disk. Both of these files can be found in the package you downloaded.
    2. Press "Delete" and go to BIOS setup while computer bootup.
    Check BIOS advanced features and see if BIOS flash write control is enabled
    (This option must be enabled. If you can not find this setting, it means the BIOS can be
    3. Boot from MS-DOS boot diskette and get a:\> prompt.
    4. Type "", then press ENTER
    5. The flash program will then ask "Do you want to save BIOS?", please press "N" for no. The when you see Press 'Y' to program or 'N' to Exit, please press "Y" to continue.
    6. After flashing complete, remove floppy and reset the system .
    7. Press DELETE or F1 when prompted at first reboot after flashing.
    8. Load BIOS optimized defaults, then save settings and exits.
    Drivers & Needed Files:
    (Note: All these drivers are for Windows XP.)
    Leaked Nvidia nForce3 Chipset Drivers Version 4.40
    (Please use at your own risk, these are LEAKED drivers. Password for the .zip file is "ocworkbench rules". Also, you will need to rename the WinXP_2K folder in IDE to either WinXP or Win2K else the installer doesn't pick it up.) Thanks for the link Wonkanoby!
    *NEW* Leaked Nvidia nForce3 Chipset Drivers Version 5.03
    More leaked drivers? Seems some parts of the drivers are older and some are newer.
    1. Windows XP Service Pack 1A (Web Install) -or- Windows XP Service Pack 1A (Full Install)
    2. Microsoft DirectX 9.0b (Web Install) -or- Microsoft DirectX 9.0b (Full Install)
    3. Nvidia nForce3 Chipset Drivers Version 4.24
    4. AMD Athlon 64 Processor Driver Version
    5. Nvidia Video Card Driver Version 56.72 -or- Omega Nvidia Video Card Driver Version v1.5303
    (The Omega drivers are third party drivers optimized for gaming, most prefer these over the standard Nvidia drivers.)
    5. ATI Video Card Driver Version 4.7 -or- Omega ATI Video Card Driver Version 2.5.51
    (The Omega drivers are third party drivers optimized for gaming, most prefer these over the standard ATI drivers.)
    6. Onboard Sound Driver (Realtek AC'97 Audio Codec) Version A3.61
    It is HIGHLY reccomended that you install the drivers/needed files in the order listed above. Please note that there are two #5's because you either install one or the other depending on your video card, do not install both of them.
    You will come across a problem here though. You can't install the chipset drivers without installing the Windows service pack and DirectX first, but the Windows service pack and DirectX installs need the internet to download files and you won't have working internet until you install the chipset drivers. Here's what I did to get around this. Instead of downloading the web install versions of Windows service pack and DirectX, download the full version and and put them along with all the other drivers on a backup hard drive or burn them to a CD, this way you will have all the drivers you need when it's time to install them and none of them will require the internet to download files.
    Another note when installing drivers. Apparently the Nvidia chipset drivers also come with drivers for the onboard sound, but people seem to agree that the Realtek onboard sound drivers are better. When you are installing the Nvidia chipset drivers, just be sure to uncheck the box for sound drivers when it asks you which drivers you would like to install. Now you can safely install the Realtek drivers without any chance of conflicting sound drivers. Thanks for the tip Wonkanoby!

    Originally posted by RLiu818
    Originally posted by Deviation56
    Originally posted by RLiu818
    You CAN install the nforce drivers BEFORE installing SP1.  The only requirement to install the nforce drivers is DX9.
    So is SP1 still recommended to install before the nforce drivers?
    The installer still reccomends to install it beforehand for full USB 2.0 functionality... I would have put what you said in there but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  
    oh.  IIRC the installer just says USB 2.0 will be fully functional after SP1 is installed.  So after you install SP1 you go into device manager and u click update driver and it will auto search and update the driver.
    Simplicity-wise, i guess its pretty much equal.  It might take less preparation to just copy DX9 full onto a CD and install that first, then nforce driver, then right away you have yoru internet connection.
    but i dunno.. i guess i will try it your way this time when my RMA"d board comes.
    i will be fomratting and doing a fresh install later on today and will let you know if i come across any problems

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    Hello otechcomputing. is this how you want to setup your network?
    If so, Guest Networks cannot be " extended" since it has Website Authentication encryption which the RE1000 does not support. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Main Network WiFi password should be WPA2 Personal (more secured)
    2. Enable Guest Access (password protected)
    3. Reconfigure the RE1000 to connect to the EA6500 (main network) and change the extender's network name and password (still WPA2 Personal). You can name it with "EXT" at the end to designate it as such.

  • ITunes DJ suggestion (looking for feedback)

    Firstly, I HAVE sent this in as a suggestion already, but I am looking for feedback and suggestions from any of you to improve this.
    I just got into using iTunes DJ, and I think it is great. The only problem I have is the lack of simplicity to request songs. Not dealing with the wireless aspect (iPhones), DJ seems like it could be simplified rather than searching around different sections of iTunes, right clicking, dragging/dropping, whatever. This problem can arise when you are using this application for a party, and just anyone can walk up to request a song. Not everyone will know how it works, so they could easily search around and accidentally double click a song, defeating the purpose of DJ. Instead, why not just have a "view browser" option inside DJ, but with a few tweaks to go along with this specific application. The main change would be viewing "songs" in the browser along with "artist", "album", etc. Another difference, would be that these songs cannot be double clicked in order to solve the double clicking issue. Once the song is selected, there is a "request" button that, once pushed, it goes right into the queue just like any other meathod. This route, there is no leaving DJ. It can always stay right on the same page. Now, while some might not run into these kind of problems, it will still streamline the request feature a lot smoother for everyone. Lastly, Since DJ can have a selected source, such as a specific playlist, the browser should have one as well. This would be nice if you want to allow your guests to select any song, but have the main source of DJ play from a certain playlist. I have taken the liberty to edit a quick version of what I think it could look like. I would appreciate any feedback.
    Oh, and i thought of a random button as well, but didnt know what it should look like or how it would work specifically.
    I can post a higher quality if needed.

    I thought I might give some updated information based on my current findings. It seems like it is actually a proximatey problem. Taking my computer closer to the unit seems to resolve the problem, but it is definately not out of range where I was trying to transmit from. I was still getting almost a full signal. Has anyone else had the same problem with the range not being very good?

  • Looking for feedback from those who have installed Windows

    I have an Intel iMac - brilliant machine, I love it. I have not installed Windows : I just don't have the need to justify doing it, but I'm glad to know I can if I do need, or just want to.
    Having a Mac is almost like being immune to viruses (almost - I'm not careless). Everytime I use a PC there are message about viruses - it must drive them crazy! And to install Windows on my iMac would render it vulnerable.
    I'm just looking for feedback from those who have taken the plunge: how's it working for you? I'm not so concerned about the speed...more so about .exe files running amok.
    There is no way I will install Windows without a valid need and hearing at least a couple of first hand user experiences


  • MOVED: MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum Problem

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    MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum Problem

    A lot of things could be wrong but it will be easier to figure out if we know what you did.  When you say you changed settings in Bios, do you remember your last settings and what you did?
    It might be helpful if you created a sig (as described in the forum rules) to show what you have in your system like my sig below. (Hint- use profile button in sign on screen.)
    Things could be broken even if there is no visible evidence (such as flames or melted component) of course.
    If I had to guess and your d-bracket reading is correct, corrupted bios requiring new bios chip, but let's not guess as a lot of things could be wrong and you don't want to invest in a new bios chip if the board cannot be brought back to life.  Consider removing parts and testing them in an other machine.  Start with CPU and memory?
    Good luck.

  • Is a 24 pin atx cable needed for the k8n neo 4 platinum?

    i have a Thermaltake Silent Purepower 480 Watt PSU. i am thinking about upgrading from an msi k7n2 delta to the k8n neo 4 platinum motherboard.
    if i do this, do i need this adaptor cable?

    Quote from: Deathstalker on 08-June-05, 22:18:54
    That Power Supply has the 24 Pin Cable as part of its cables. You do not need any adapters.
    Take Care,
    thanks richard, you saved me $11 on a cable adaptor 

  • K8N Neo 4 Platnium SLI mobo issues **DEAD**

    My first K8N Neo 4 Platnium SLI mobo got RMA'ed due to the fan on the nvidia chip stopping. This replaced board is now getting RMA'ed as it just fried on me. No idea what is gone on it, but I had a local shop diagnose that it was the mobo.
    So is anyone else having issues with the K8N Neo 4 Platnium SLI mobo? I've asked MSI RMA dept to replace it with a Diamond Plus mobo as the K8N Neo 4 Platnium SLI mobo is oviously crap.
    Do they still make the K8N Neo 4 Platnium SLI mobo or is it now discontinued?

    Quote from: on 02-May-06, 07:46:14
    OK, I'm starting to understand this dual rail thingy.
    Bass, did you mean THIS or THIS Powerstream?
    Also, since I have your attention, what about this Enermax
    I ask as it is cheaper.
    Those OCZs are the same, just a different color.....
    Look at the spec's for the 520W, 33A @ 12V.
    As for that Enermax, it's one of those Dual-rails ones....I would not go there.
    The Enermax EG651-VE is way better, but beware, it doesn't have the SLI videocard connectors, so you may need special inbetween-cables.
    If you planning to build an SLI system, better go for the OCZ Powerstream 520W, the blue one, as that one has the SLI connectors.
    Other then that, they are both the same

  • MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum Clarification of SATA

    Hi Folks!
    Just some clarification from you guys in the know.
    I have an MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum Mboard. The specs say it will run SATA drives and am looking to upgrade.
    Now from shooping around for price i was presented with three options.
    SATA 150 , SATA 300 and SATA II
    I have worked out that SATA 300 and SATA II are superior to the 150 but is my board capable of running any of the three or is my choice limited.
    My motherboard specs just show that it is SATA compatible but no further info.
    I would appreciate any help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Q-Tex, All your nVidia SATA ports [1-4] are SATA II 300 mb/s and the Silicon Image SATA ports [5-8] are SATA I 150 mb/s. SATA II drive brands to consider are: Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, WD [I know from personal experience that Seagate 's work]. I belive that there are still issues with Maxtors. If buying drives from retailer with a high turn over you will get a drive with the latest firmware [has the bugs worked out] and if you buy a drive that doesn't have the latest firmware it's not the end of the world - you can get a firmware upgrade if neccesary.

  • My amd k8n neo 4 platinum auto restars well after shutdown

    I have a MSI K8N NEO 4 platinum board, 939 socket, AMD 64 bit 3200, 1ghz ram, win xp home, 400 watt power supply, chaintech 6600
    gforce video card.The problem is ,I shut the computer down and it always restarts, some times right away ,somtimes 2 minutes or more later? I've turned "off" option to "restart on errors", checkeded out ram sticks, upgraded bios and drivers, looked for known updates to operational programs but it still restarts . If i want it to stay off i have to kill the power switch on the back of the power supply unit. theres no support yet on this board at msi or faq or any help thus far so if anyone has an idea or come across this in one of there builds  please jump in with your thoughts .thanks

    My PC did the same thing. the following is what I did to stop the problem.
    Check your lan settings
    1. Click On Start
    2. Click On Control Panel
    3. Click On Network and Internet Connections
    4. Click On Your Local Area Connection
    5. Click On Properties
    6. Click On Configure
    7. Click On The Advance Tab At Top Of Window
    8. Click On Wake Up Capabilities
    9  Click On The Value Drop Down Arrow And Change The Value To None By Highlighting It
    My value was set for "Magic Packet & Pattern Match" and when I reset it to "None" the computer stopped starting on it's own.
    Also I'm Using the Mavell Lan Controller and a router

  • K8N Neo 2 Platinum Computer just...stopped working! Help needed please.

    Hey all. About hmm, a month ago I built myself a new PC (first time I'd done it from scratch and got some useful help here) Specs were:
    MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum, A64 3200+ Venice, 1GB DDR Corsair Value, Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb, 40GB Hard Disk IDE, 80GB Hard Disk IDE, CD R/RW Drive and a Tagan 420W (23A 12V+) PSU.
    Ok, it worked the day I built it just fine and has NO hick-ups or any indication of a problem for the past month. Running temperature was very cool etc. Now, I last turned it on about 24 hrs ago, downloaded some PDF files, shut it down. All was fine. Woke up this morning. Pressed the power button: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. ZIp. No hum, fan movement, anything.
    Now, considering it seems to have broken whilst being turned off. What could be the problem? So far I've tried:
        * Using a different power socket
        * Using a different plug
        * Reconnecting the power switch and motherboard power connectors
    None of those worked. There wasn't a thunderstorm or anything so I don't think any kind of surge would have been the problem. I havn't tried manually shorting the power switch connectors. What's a safe way to do that? Any other suggestions? How can I test my PSU is infact doing something?

    Quote from: go_for on 01-September-05, 21:47:40
    Try the easy way first, disconnect every cable from the back of the computer. Do a CMOS clear/normal as instructed in the manual. Connect the display(with power off), keyboard and power cable. Turn on PSU, press power switch, if it fires up, press and go into bios and do your settings, save and exit. Power off and connect the rest of your external stuff. Power up.
    No luck :( Is it likely that my PSU has fused/broken in some way since I'm getting no response or fan movement?

Maybe you are looking for

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