Moving files from Create PDF to Adobe Pack

Any ideas.  I bought the pack and it looks like my saved files on Create PDF are stranded.  Help!

When your files are exported to MS Office files or converted to PDF files the resultant files are stored at
Please login to the site and search your files.

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  • Extracting Embedded Files From a PDF with Adobe.APS

    I'm not sure if this needs to be here in security or if it needs to be in another forum, so if an admin feels it needs to move to a different forum, feel free to.
    The situation I am in is that I get about 100-150 pdf's a day that I need to extract an embeeded file from.  Right now this is a completely manual process and is very time consuming.  What I have been trying to do is automate the process of extraction.
    The issue I am running into is that the files are encrypted with Adobe.APS, and so my java code won't handle the security, and I can't find any other software that handles Adobe.APS.
    I was wondering if Adobe had a product that could do this, or if there was an API that could handle this.  I can perform the extraction on a platform of any flavor (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc...).
    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciatted.  Thanks.

    In my case I have a drop-down list of files with preloaded filenames to attach. Here is the code that works for me on a click of button.
    var selectFileName = form1.subform.DropDownList1.rawValue;
    if (selectFileName != "Please Select") {
    var doc =;
    var MyPar1 = doc.getDataObject(selectFileName);
    var filename = MyPar1.path;
    After you click the button it open a windows dialog box asking you to choose the file and adds the attachment to the attachment pane in runtime. To view the attachments simply view the attachment pane in runtime after you add the attachments.
    Good luck,

  • Hi! Trying to convert from Create PDF to Adobe Acrobat.

    A couple of hours ago I purchased Adobe Reader's Create PDF instead of Acrobat, which was what I was really needed. After trying to see if Create PDF would work for my needs, I still need Acrobat. How can I fix this? Hving trouble getting ahold of anyone on phone support...

    You need to Contact Customer Care by phone or chat.

  • How do I extract pages from a pdf using 'Adobe PDF Pack'?

    How do I extract pages from a pdf using 'Adobe PDF Pack'?

    I think you have to buy extractor for 1.99 a month to extract PDF.  But I am having trouble activating it.  Good luck.

  • I am unable to create pdf using adobe printer to a redirected folder on a server running windows server 2003

    I am unable to create pdf using adobe printer to a redirected folder on a server running windows server 2003

    In the app-server-ant.xml file, as indiacted in the error message i am getting, at line 145 it is suppose to get the path to \bin\asadmin.bat from the value of a paramater called 'asadmin'. This value is being set in the beginning of the file.
    The parameter value of 'asadmin' is further referring to value of another parameter called 'javaee.home' which is being set in tut-install/javaeetutorial5/examples/bp-project/
    I have checked the values of both these parameters and they are set correctly, so since it is still giving me problems, at line 145 i hard coded the path instead of the parameter name:
    I replaced line
    <exec executable="${asadmin}" failonerror="${failonerror}" dir="${javaee.home}">
    <exec executable="c:/sun/appserver/bin/asadmin.bat" failonerror="${failonerror}" dir="${javaee.home}">
    This works.

  • Issue in moving files from data fodler to processed folder in background

    Hi All,
    I am facing one issue in moving files from data fodler to processed folder in case of background execution.
    When i am executing the file in the foreground, i can move the file from Data folder to processed folder. I am using SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTE FM to move the file from data folder to processed folder.  I can see the file in processed folder once the program is executed.
    But in case of executing the same program in background, it is giving me the error "Failed to move the file to processed folder" in the spool of SM37 and i can see the file still laying in data folder.
    I tried to check other programs which acesses the same folder as the above program, whether they are able to move. They are able to move the file to processed fodler successfully both in foreground and background mode.
    Please help me in resolving this issue.

    Hi Sanu,
                    Please use teh following code to move the file from source to target folder.
    This is a code showing how to create and use COPY command of UNIX in ABAP
    Input file path
    p_input TYPE localfile,
    Processed file path
    p_proc TYPE localfile.
    Declare the Types to file data
    sys(200), " Please note, there are asterisk before and after sys (i.e.sys)
    * Internal table to store file data
    * Variable for the UNIX command
    DATA: l_v_unix_comm(255) TYPE c.
    Copy command of UNIX
    CONCATENATE 'mv' p_input p_proc
    INTO l_v_unix_comm SEPARATED BY space.
    For example the Copy command is stored as below
    cp u2018/data/interfaces/input/input_fileu2019 u2018/data/interfaces/processed/processed_fileu2019
    Examples of UNIX Command *u2022 mv filename1 filename2 --- moves a file (i.e. gives it a different name, or moves it into a *different directory (see below) *u2022 cp filename1 filename2 --- copies a file
    Execute the UNIX Copy command.
    This command will copy the file from input file path to the processed file path
    CALL 'SYSTEM' ID 'COMMAND' FIELD l_v_unix_comm
    ID 'TAB'
    FIELD l_i_output-sys.
    IF sy-subrc eq 0.
    write: 'File is copied successfully using UNIX command in ABAP'.

  • I am having a problem moving files from a iMac  in location mac in another location.  I have tried using Dropbox and the Public folder in the i disc.  When I drag the files into dropbox they become alias' and I can't open them at the other end beca

    I am having a problem moving files from an imac in one location to an imac inanother location.  I have tried using Dropbox which is installed in both locations but when i drad a file ino yhe app it becomes an alias.  When I get to the other location it says I can't open the file because the " original application that created it is not present".  This is despite the fact that the app that created both files is installed in both computers.  If I use the Public folder in the idisc, when I get to the other location the file isn't there.  Am I forgetting to turn something on or off?  Should I manually sync the Public folder and if so how? Thanks
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    So now that's two of us.  Hopefully, someone has an answer. 

  • Moving files from PowerMac G3 to MacBook Pro

    I have a new MacBook Pro and am moving files from all my old macs onto it. I found an old beige desktop PowerPC hard drive but don't have a monitor for it. Also, I have ancient 3.5 floppies that I need to read and the old beige computer has a slot for that. So, the question is: How do I get my files off the beige G3 and onto the new computer when the beige PowerPC has NO firewire?

    One solution is to find any old crappy monitor and hook it up to the beige G3. Then you can configure it to use Ethernet, and set up a small Ethernet network with your new MacBook Pro. It is a little complicated, but not difficult.
    This article helps explain the concepts:
    106658- Creating a small Ethernet network
    Then this illustrated step-by-step can walk you through it:
    Car1sons OS 9 to OS X.3 File Sharing Setup

  • Hello! I have the Acrobat XI test version installed, got the registration Mail and confirmed it. When i have the program opened and try to convert the file from a pdf to a word and press the convert button, it shows a the message "application failed" (in

    Hello! I have the Acrobat XI test version installed, got the registration Mail and confirmed it. When i have the program opened and try to convert the file from a pdf to a word and press the convert button, it shows a the message "application failed" (in german "Fehler bei der Anmeldung"). I hope have explained the issue on the right way with my bad english. Do you have a solution for it?? Best regards, Marcus Wenk

    yes, you are right. it is the adobe reader via exportPDF. but it should be the acrobat. it was written on the internetpage...

  • How can we create each page in different file while creating PDF with FOP

    Hi All,
    I am using FOP for creating PDF.
    By using XML file and XSL file am creating PDF.
    I want to create different PDF files when the resultant PDF has more than one page.
    is there any solution for that

    RickRockUSC wrote:
    As title. Thank you guys for answering!
    Maybe Acrobat Reader is what you need:

  • Can I merge comments from 2 pdfs with Adobe Acrobat online?

    Can I merge comments from 2 pdfs with Adobe Acrobat online?  If so,  how?

    Hi gignc,
    You can't merge comments using any of the online services (ExportPDF, Adobe PDF Pack, and so on). But you can with an Acrobat subscription. Please see Adobe Acrobat X Standard * Publish comments from other reviewers from instructions.

  • Computer freezes when moving files from USB, or to another partitioned HD

    Hello, i've been moving files from two USB's to my Macintosh HD, and when I do that, the computer kinda freezes up, i can move the cursor, but not kinda click anywhere, and then a minute after or something, it gets normal again, but the transfer is going horribly slow. this happens when i move from Macintosh HD, to Macintosh HD 2 (a partitioned one). the files are 2 gb each USB. which means im transferring 4 gb at the time.

    Neurot wrote:
    I have 6 folders on my hard drive. These folders were created by downloading a bunch of rar files, then extracting them each to their own folder. I have not touched the permissions, so they should be the default of me having read/write and everyone else having read (correct me if i'm wrong).
    Using two Finder windows, I drag and drop the six folders from one hard drive to another, and hold down the Apple key so that it moves instead of copies. I let go and it starts copying the files (since there is no "move", but rather a "copy and then delete").
    I would recommend you don't use this method to move a lot of files between drives. it's much safer first to copy and if the copy is successful to delete the original afterward. there was a data loss bug in OS X a while back that wold sometimes lead to total loss on both the source and the target when doing this.
    this bug is supposed to be long fixed but still...
    How is the hard drive you are moving the files to formatted? what yo describe sometimes happens when moving a lot of stuff to or from FAT formatted drives. also, repair both drives in disk utility. repair disk, not permissions.
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  • How to export the XFDF file from the PDF?

    I need to export as XFDF file from the PDF and then save that xfdf file in the same location through javascript. I used this.exportAsXFDF(); for exporting. But i dont know how to save that xfdf file through scripting. Kindly advice me. This is for Acrobat 8.0 professional and windows platform.

    There are couple of security restrictions you will have to deal with.
    You need to use a trusted function as outlined in the Acrobat JavaScript API Reference, freely down loadable form the Developer community on Adobe's site.
    See the following articles by Thom Parker:
    File paths in Acrobat JavaScript
    How to save a PDF with Acrobat JavaScript

  • HT4889 moving files from pc to mac book

    Hi have down loaded to set up moving files from pc to mac book pro but keep getting an error message on pc  saying error occurred whilst  preparing your info for transfer ! i am running visa on pc any help pls thanks

    Look at these links.
    *How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer* mputer/
     Cheers, Tom

  • Why does the new operating system not delete the moved files from their original location - it seems like an enormous waste of space, time and effort to clean up every file once you've moved it

    Why does the new operating system not delete the moved files from their original locations - it seems like an enormous waste of space, time and effort to clean up every file once you've moved it - also, when transferring large amounts of files it becomes a very large problem remembering which files were transferred and which not.

    You're going to need to be more specific, as I'm not quite sure I understand what you're talking about.
    If you're referring to copying from an external hard drive or flash drive, and you want to actually move files rather than copy them, you can hold down the option key to force it to do a "move" rather than a "copy." This is not new behavior, though... the Mac OS has worked this way as long as I can recall (and I've been using it since 1984).
    If you're having a problem with trying to move files from one place to another on a single drive causing them to be copied instead, that is likely because of some permissions issue preventing you from actually being able to move them.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Probably caused by : ntoskrnl.exe ( nt+72f40 )

    Dear Friend, I have a windows server 2008R2 running on Hyper v .The host machine is running windows server2012.on this server,Exchange application is running.This server is getting rebooted itself on every 15-20 days.the mini blue dumb for the issue

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    While playing temple run 2 sometimes the iPad just goes to home page

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    Hi bea, could it be possible that the WLS 6.0 eval zip is broken ? Apart from D:\weblogic\... within the path settings the whole directory structure seems to be screwed. Could not see a common structure to all other versions. WLS version 5.1 for Unix