Moving from flash. whats a good starting point to making some mobile Edge apps?

I'm coming from a strong Adobe background. I have used flash since the old macromedia days.
I am looking to start making some mobile apps and I'm unsure where to start.
I have brought myself up to speed with Edge and its pretty good.
I want to put something together that has touch screen controls. basically I want to make a couple of buttons that the user can press on their phone, and the buttons trigger a movie clip to play from points on its timeline.
There's so many Adobe products that are out and not out and for mobile and this and that.
Is there a product that I should be using for putting mobile apps like this together? Is Edge what I'm to be using?
I am a new creative cloud member although I am somewhat confused by its offerings, and remain unimpressed with it.

I think you need search with key "flash for mobile" and read carefull. I hope you will get some good things that you need. Thanks a lot.
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    i need some help. im getting error -69 when trying to sync my ipod. i dont kno what to do. ive tried googling as much info as i can on this subject but i cant seem to find a answer to get me off to a good starting point. i back all my music up on a external hard drive.

    If the file was not originally from iTunes, you'll need to redownload it from it's original source or rerip it from the CD.  Files can sometimes go bad and become corrupted.  As to how or why that happens, there are a number of ways.
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    I am looking for a good starting point for system simulations in Labview.
    books and bookmarks are welcome. These simulations will include linear
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    Greetings from Germany.
    ---------------------------- Corinna & Henrik Volkers
    [email protected]
    | | |
    __|._.__|._.__|._.____________________ beeeeeeeeeeeeee...
    | | |

    [posted and mailed]
    [email protected] (Henrik Volkers) wrote in
    >I am looking for a good starting point for system simulations in Labview.
    >books and bookmarks are welcome. These simulations will include linear
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    >Your help is greatly appreciated.
    >Greetings from Germany.
    There is a chapter in "LabVIEW Power Programming" by Gary W. Johnson,
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    There is the simulation toolkit from NI;
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    I have to look into implementing the TV middleware for ATSC/NTSC digital TV with path for future migration to MHP and OCAP. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good starting point for implementing the specifications. I am also looking at the JavaTV API.
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    Well, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, there are some tutorials at which will hopefully give you an overview. These are mainly related to MHP and JavaTV, but maybe some
    ATSC stuff will appear on there sometime in the future.
    There's also the forum on the official MHP web site at that may be useful for MHP-related stuff.
    Hope this helps,
    Steve Morris,

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    You can charge your iPad at any point no matter where the battery indicator is. I charge my iPad every night. This might be helpful.

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    I am a self taught geek, started in the trenches (trouble shooting the owners computer when I was a bartender) and built my knowledge up to the point an Analyst II position was created for me.
    My knowledge is mostly in software though and I am now trying to teach myself server administration.  Ive always had great experience with TechNet but Im still a baby on the server side and I'm finding the information more in depth than Im ready
    Can anyone suggest a good starting point?  On here or elsewhere? 
    Any Help Appreciated!!!!!! 

    Pluralsightt has released free training series for Windows Server 2012
    You can also find training videos at Channel 9.
    I hope these will be helpful for you to get start.
    Adnan Amin MCT, SharePoint Architect | If you find this post useful kindly please mark it as an answer :)

  • How do you delete contacts from your phone for good without having it appear in the messages app?

    How do you delete contacts from your phone for good without having it appear in the messages app?

    Hi tieyce,
    You need to hook up your iPhone, select it under Devices, and then go to the Photos tab on the Device Profile, and uncheck Sync Photos, then sync. That should delete all photos that were downloaded from your computer.
    When you say you have 2 separate albums of the same sets of pictures, what 2 albums are you referring to? Can you provide us with names of those "duplicate" albums?

  • Moving from Flash to Adobe Edge - concerns

    Lets Design makes flash banners for some of our clients (we also make flash games).
    We'd like to shft toward html5 animated banners. As a business we do not wish to take a risk and jump to using Adobe Edge / HTML5 if it's deemed too risky. I would like to know if anyone has any reasons for us not to do this shift?
    I would also like to know of this communities opinions on the following:
    1. Their is a post on Adobe Edge examples. Inside this thread are a number of links to peoples examples. A vast majority point to 404 pages and to pages that take an age to load. Should this slow loading example pages be of concern to us and subsequently our clients?
    2. What are the best graphic formats to use for Adobe Edge. I'd like to start using SVG, yet Adobe seems to have a lack of integration between software packages. Where do you create vector SVG and does it form part of a good workflow with Adobe Edge?
    If not, what is the best method for Vector graphics, it seems Edge haas it's issues with dealing with vector?
    3. Does it support sound yet?
    4. What programming can go alongside the animations. Javascript?
    How deep can you program the animations, can you make games?
    5. If you were to recommend a rival software to Adobe Edge, what would be the best alternative?
    Is it better?
    6. If you could say 1 really bad thing about Adobe Edge, what would it be?
    7. How steep is the learning curve for someone who animates in flash?
    I welcome any answers and help you can give me, even just to answer 1 of the questions.
    Thanks and best regards,

    Hi there,
      I'm not sure what page you are talking about that has 404 errors on the examples. The Edge Animate Showcase can be found in the link below which has examples of Edge Animate that all work and load perfectly fine for me:
      There's all different options for graphics/image formats for Edge Animate. Ultimately it's up to you and what you want to deliver for your audience, but the link below points to an article written to explain all of the different image types and what their pros/cons are, as well as talks about best practices for images in Edge Animate: e.html?promoid=KBHBC
      There is a way to add sound in Edge Animate, however it is all dependent upon the browser's support of audio. This thread below will point you in the right direction on code examples to add sound to your file:
      The programming that Edge Animate supports is Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5. Many users have made games using Edge Animate, and you can find links to examples of these in the Edge Animate Showcase link that I posted above.
      At this time there really isn't anything quite like Edge Animate with it's tools and smooth integration into the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite. My suggestion to find rival software is to search on a search engine for HTML5 software.
      The learning curve for Edge Animate for Flash users is minimal. Coming from Flash myself, it only took a couple of days for me to pick up the interface and functionality of Edge Animate. Below is a link to the getting started tutorials on Edge Animate:
    I hope this helps! I know some of these answers are a little vague but my only suggestion is to try out Edge Animate for yourself and see if it's right for you. I know I fell in love with it as soon as I started using it. : )

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    I recommend that you use the Sun Tutorial here
    It has detailed instructions and will expose you to some of the details of Java that you will sooner or later have to learn.
    Using NB is ok, as long as you use it in an intelligent manner. That is, don't use it as a crutch, to hide the guts of Java from you - you'll never learn Java that way. Use it when it helps you do something, not because it'll do something for you that you can't do for yourself. Be aware that using an IDE will incur a greater learning curve, as you have to learn both the IDE and Java. I recommend using Nb only as a program editor until you are somewhat proficient in the basics of Java syntax and language rules.
    In my experience, there's very little said here that relies on knowledge of other languages - other thatn general programming concepts. What you're seeing is probably just that.

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    No there is nothing you can do to correct it. It is a hardware fault and only Apple can correct it by replacing parts in your Mac. More then likely the Logic board has failed. Specifically the GPU which is soldered to the Logic board so the complete logic board must be replaced.

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    Moved the whole lot from TalkTalk at the end of July following a catalogue of cusromer service disasters.
    Now BT has:
    1. Taken the wrong amount direct debit 2 months running (BB & Calls charges on free offer for first 3 months and charged)
    2. Following bedding in period Broadband was good and stable until yesterday. Appointment made for engineer to investigate this afternoon. Took afternoon off (unpaid) NO ENGINEER. No courtesy call to cancel. Just didn't appear.
    Manners please BT
    Appointment made for tomorrow. I wonder what will happen?
    Am I going to be let down yet again.
    This industry stinks,
    Go to Solution.

    I think you have it right.
    I posted this elsewhere a couple of months ago:
    My experience is, for what it's worth, that the broadband providers are about as equally bad as each other. Yesterday I felt like picking two of them up and banging their corporate heads together.
    Here I am talking about the industry in general. We have to remember that we have something here which is in its infancy and therefore suffering from growing pains. As it matures it will surely find out that cutting costs to the bone by exploiting overseas call centres with staff whose first language is not that of its customers is a false economy; that being honest in advertising and with customers will make a positive contribution to customer satisfaction; that making false or unachievable promises will drive people away; that putting people on hold for anything up to 45 minutes and forcing them to listen to inane music will put them in the wrong mood for a meaningful telephone conversation. I could go on.
    I am sure that anyone here who is in business will agree that if they treated their customers/clients as badly as the broadband suppliers do, they would soon be out of business.
    Come on, all of you. Pull your socks up and give your industry a better reputation.
    Rant over

  • About This Mac/Storage/Other - what's the starting point?

    I have a very new MacBook Air.  After a fairly abortive migration (it carried over lots of stuff from my iMac which I didn't want - I only wanted settings, not files) I scoured the discussions and picked up a thread that suggested setting up a new administrator profile and deleting the old one, thereby getting rid of all the files and so on.  (now why didn't I think of that?).
    However, I've made the mistake of checking the "About This Mac"/storage info, and it shows as follows:
    Audio 656.8MB
    Movies 42.3MB
    Photos 112.7MB
    Apps 3.73GB
    Backups zero
    Other 9.45 GB
    Now it's bugging me enough that I can't track down the audio, movies and photos (although I concede that these are very small and may be system related?).
    BUT the "Other" section is really annoying me.  What is it? 
    I'm aware that I might reinstall OS and start again only to discover that I STILL have 9.45GB in Other.
    Can anyone who knows about these things help?
    Does anyone have a brand new MacBook Air on which they haven't yet done anything at all and can check what it says under their "Other"?

    Hi Margo:
    Ultimately, you may want to perform a complete do over--which given your circumstances might require you to perform a clean install. More on that later if you want to do so eventually.
    I am assuming you transferred your data, etc., from your iMac using either Firewire Target Disk Mode for over a network. It doesn't matter much, but which did you do.
    Regardless, for now, I would do a repair install of Lion and see how things look after doing so. A repair install should leave installed apps, files, and settings alone. And, such an install very well sort out any issues of how much of what you have where. There are several ways of doing so. first, if your Lion Recovery HD partition is present or you have set up a Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, then either will work. Let's see if you can do either of these before going any other route.
    Try starting up holding down the option key. Once done, see if there is a "recovery" option. If yes, then I would choose it and ultimately choose to reinstall Lion from the Apple site. If you have unbacked up files, etc., then be sure and back them up to your iMac before doing any kind of install.
    If you want to read more about what I am talking about, then go here (read from the top).

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