Moving images into the iPhoto library after importing them

I imported all my 4,500 pictures to iPhoto but since I wanted to keep my file structure intact i chose not to import them into the iPhoto library but to keep them in the existing folders. Now, I want to move the pictures into the library. How to do?

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You want to change from a Referenced to a Managed Library?
When you run a Referenced Library iPhoto makes aliases to the files in your folder structure. You can replace these aliases with the actual files using an app such as AliasHerder.

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  • Can I trash iPhoto library after "importing" them into Photos ?

    Hi everybody.
    I have a 157 GB iPhoto library file, with all my photos and videos.
    With the last OS X update, Photos was installed.
    I told Photos, that the iPhoto library, should be  "Use as System Photo library".
    I now have 2 for iPhoto and one for Photos. They seem about the same size.
    My question now is: Can I now trash the iPhoto library?
    Did it import everything from that library, to the Photos library now?
    I need the space...Hope somebody can help with this!
    Thank you!

    HI Bobby.
    Thanks's for the answer
    I'm going to wait until I have everything uploaded to iCloud then. Takes a while.
    Funny thing is, that before the "big import" to Photos, I had about 70GB left on the HD. And the reason why I get suspicious is, that now I have those 2 libraries, each around 157GB. Doesn't make sense to me. Seems like my HD just magically got an extra 100GB , if they in fact are separate libraries.

  • Does iPhoto copy photos into the iPhoto library or move them in?

    I moved about 40GB of photos onto my Macbook when I bought it.  It looks like iPhoto duplicated them because the iPhoto library is about the same size as the folder in my finder.  Does it copy photos into the library rather than move everything?

    Would there be anything in iPhoto that it may not have copied?
    It will only have imported (and copied) only those things you told it to.
    is there anything in iPhoto that won't be somewhere else on my hard drive?
    Anything that was imported directly - from a camera, for instance.

  • Moving pictures in the iphoto library when move them in events

    I don't like iPhoto keeps actual pictures in the old album even if I move them to another event (or album)
    For example - you move pictures from 2007 Boston to 2009 London event or album in iPhoto app
    iPhoto keeps them in the 2007 Boston folder and i don't need that I need that it moves them to the 2009 London folder as well as I move them in the app.
    Do you see the point ?

    So that’s what you mean.
    This was changed with iPhoto 9, and no one outside of Apple knows why.
    However, it does not mean chaos if you edit with another app. You should not be accessing them via the Finder in the first place (and this applies to every version of iPhoto, not just 09. Access the files managed by iPhoto via the Finder or another app is not supported).
    If you use iPhoto with an external editor:
    You can set Photoshop (or any image editor) as an external editor in iPhoto. (Preferences -> General -> Edit Photo: Choose from the Drop Down Menu.) This way, when you double click a pic to edit in iPhoto it will open automatically in Photoshop or your Image Editor, and when you save it it's sent back to iPhoto automatically. This is the only way that edits made in another application will be displayed in iPhoto.
    Then where the files lies in the Finder is irrelevant.

  • How do i get my Nikon photos from viewNX 2 into the iPhoto library?

    1. How do I get my Nikon photos from ViewNX 2 into the iPhoto Library?
    2.I tried by copying them and moving to the iphoto folder. Now the Iphoto applicationwon't open because it is locked. the help item says to open it with command option keys down to get the iphoto library First aid window. it does not come up.

    How did you add the photos to the iPhoto Library folder?  The way to import photos is to drag them onto the iPhoto icon in the Dock or into the open iPhoto window.  
    it does not come up.
    What does not come up?  What happens when you try to launch iPhoto with those two keys held down?
    Try the following again being sure to hold those keys down before launcing iPhoto and until the window opens:
    Apply the two fixes below in order as needed: 
    Fix #1
    Launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and rebuild the library.
    Since only one option can be run at a time start with Option #3, followed by #4 and then #1 as needed.
    Fix #2
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    1 - download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    2 - click on the Add Library button, navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.
    3 - Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the File ➙ Rebuild Library menu option.
    4 - In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    5 - Click on the Create button.
    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments.  However, books, calendars, cards and slideshows will be lost. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.

  • HT2518 Can I drop pictures in predefined folders on PC directly into the iPhoto library, or should I?

    I just purchased this iMac and would like to manually transfer large predefined folders of various things, (pictures, other data) from my PC to my Mac. In the case of pictures, I have them sorted by year, month, and so forth. Can I drop them directly into the iPhoto library and will iPhoto understand any of the folder names or what will it do with them?

    You may indeed drop a folder containing pictures to the left side of iPhoto, and it will keep the original organization, as attached.
    But, if you have them already organized in files within folders, perhaps it is not recommented to put them all there, but you know better what you want to do with them.
    In attache screenshot, folder marked by an arrow was dropped there from another location, and iPhoto created a copy of it.

  • Importing referenced images into the Aperture library

    I've searched and seen related questions but not this one exactly.
    I have images that I unknowingly (new aperture user) imported as referenced files. Now I'd like to import them into the aperture library without loosing ratings, etc so that they are included in my vault. How do I do this without starting over with these images?
    Thanks - Rick

    Consolidate is the word you are looking for:

  • How to Troubleshoot why data is not moving over into the Data Warehouse after Sql Server Agent Job Run

    Here is my problem:
    Data was imported into the staging area. After resolving some errors and running the job, I got the data to move over to the next area. From there, data should be moving over into the DW.  I have been troubleshooting for hours and cannot reslove this
    issue. I have restarted the sql service services, I have ran a couple packages manually, and the job is running successfully. 
    What are some reasons why data is not getting into the data warehouse? Where should I be looking? 
    Your help is greatly appreciated!!

    Anything is possible.
    So, just to reiterate, running the job manually works, running the scheduled job does not result in errors neither data arriving to the DW, right? And it used to, correct?
    If so, the 1st step would be to examine the configuration(s). But not before you inspect the package. Do you have an ability to export it to a file system and open in BIDS?
    Arthur My Blog

  • Changing reference images into the aperture library

    I got a large external HD for aperture. How can I move the referenced images from a different HD into the aperture library? These images are already organized into albums and projects in aperture.

    select the images and then choose
    file -> consolidate masters ...
    structure shall remain ...

  • Is there anyway to import facebook albums into the Iphoto library?

    I would like to import my facebook albums into the library, but I tried to create albums with all the pictures but they still aren't imported in my library. Is that possible?

    i have got the same problem only thing is the albums were never on my macbook just the album covers.
    basically my g/f used my macbook pro and found a picture in iphoto she wanted and uploaded it from iphoto so linked her account to my iphoto. i was doing a bit of cleaning up and thought id just remove the link. well it turns out its deleated all the facebook albums on her profile. ive got time machine back ups but its only got one photo from each album in it.
    can anyone please help.

  • Image in the pdf disappears after importing the pdf in adobe lcd

    1. We are generating certain pdf's from pdf lib (These pdf are also having image ). But, when we open the same pdf in Adobe LCD, the image      disappears.Instead of that, we see an empty box.
    2. When we import any pdf (having image )into Adobe LiveCycle designer, the image object is there, but there is no image in it. i.e image data is not there.
    Need help to resolve this issue. Kindly assist ASAP .

    Embed image is done on Object>>Draw tab to make it visible use Shift+F7 if it is not visible already.
    >>[Gaurav] is it at time of PDF generation ? If so, why are we not able to see image for any other general PDF ?
    at original design time the image object may have been defined as imageField item rather than just image item.
    As I specified in my previous response it is ok to reassign the images as you intend to make some changes to the forms any way. Though it is additional task it works for your situation.
    If you think it is ok to forward copy of PDF you have trouble with I can check the behavior on my can forward me at n_varma(AT)

  • Copying saved photos on dvds into the iphoto library manager

    I am trying to copy photos saved in 2011 on dvds into my library manager. I followed the instructions about copying them on my hard drive first. Now that they have been copied on the library manager, can I delete the folder they are in on the hard drive? it seems to me that we are having to take a lot of space duplicating all those photos.

    What "library manager" is that? Do you mean iPhoto Library Manager? If so, remember that it's not a place. You can't put anything "into" it. It just shows you the Libraries that you have on your HD.

  • Do I *need* to open iPhoto to get Photostream photos into the iPhoto library?

    Hi all,
    I don't really use iPhoto that much but since I started using my iPhone 4S as my principle out-and-about camera rather than lugging my DSLR everywhere I have started using it to archive all my mobile snaps using Photostream so that there's one less reason to physically connect my phone to my iMac.
    The problem I have is that because I don't have much other reason to launch iPhoto I occasionally forget to do so for over a month which means there's a gap in the images that are downloaded as Photostream only stores the last 30 days (or the last 1000 photos) in the cloud. This has happened at least once and it's a bit of a pain.
    I've created an iCal alarm on 'On My Mac' that launches iPhoto overnight once a week, and that's an acceptable workaround for me. However, I wondered if there is a way to have the Photostream constantly downloading to the iMac even when iPhoto isn't running, so that the app can officially import those when I remember to launch it even if I haven't for well over 30 days?

    No. iPhoto can't import if it's not running.
    Your solution with iCal is as good as any.

  • Why I do not have the application code after importing them? This is correct or forgot something?

    Tags edited by: Michael Appleby

    I add in AgentryAndroidClientSolution the package the class MainActivity:
    import android.os.Bundle;
    import android.view.View;
    public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity {
        protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
            View decorView = getWindow().getDecorView();
            // Hide the status bar.
            int uiOptions = View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN;
            // Remember that you should never show the action bar if the
            // status bar is hidden, so hide that too if necessary.
            ActionBar actionBar = getActionBar();
    And it is not working for me. The ActionBar is visible.

  • Can I delete my photos from HDD after importing them to Iphoto library?

    I switched from Windows to Mavericks. I have many photos on my HDD (about 1 5000) structured in different folders with some files. Now I"ve imported all of this photos to my iPhoto library. As a result I got one big file of iPhoto library. The question is what happened if I delete all those old folders and leave only that one library file?

    Are you running a Managed or a Referenced Library?
    A Managed Library, is the default setting, and iPhoto copies files into the iPhoto Library when Importing. The files are then stored in the Library package
    A Referenced Library is when iPhoto is NOT copying the files into the iPhoto Library when importing because you made a change at iPhoto -> Preferences -> Advanced. (You unchecked the option to copy files into the Library on import) The files are then stored where ever you put them and not in the Library package. In this scenario you are responsible for the File Management.
    If you're running a managed library then you can delete those folders.
    Some FYI
    For help accessing your photos in iPhoto see this user tip:

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