Moving Multiple Albums & Album Sort Order Questions

Hopefully this is a really easy question to answer, but I just can't figure out how to do this.
1. Can you move multiple albums around in Aperture? I just imported my iPhoto libraries and I'd like to groups a set of the albums that I have into one project. The problem is that I can only move one album at a time.
2. Can you specify the sort order or manual set the order that albums appear in projects or folders? It seems that Aperture automatically sorts them alphabetically.

1. Can you move multiple albums around in Aperture?
unfortuantely, as far as i am aware you can only move one at a time
2. Can you specify the sort order or manual set the
order that albums appear in projects or folders? It
seems that Aperture automatically sorts them
you are correct, automatically alphabetically only ... i haven't been abble to change this at all ... the only way to force something else is by adding a ~ or other character that is ahead of 0 ...

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  • "manually manage music..." missing songs when moving multiple albums at once

    Since updating to iTunes, when adding songs to my iPhone (iPhone 4, iOS 5.1) it does not fully copy every track/song.
    I have it set to "manually manage music and videos" ...when I am moving multiple albums to the thing at once, the earlier albums only copy the songs started before I select the next album. Consequently, I find that I only have partial albums for almost everything. I suppose I could be patient and wait for each album to download before selecting another album, but this used to work before and took a lot less time. (I would drag multiple albums into my iPhone and it would queue up all of the tracks(songs) and correctly download asynchronously.)
    Is this a known bug or is there something I am doing wrong? (As always, I did some searching for answers but came up empty on this one...)
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    The order iTunes is showing the tracks can be changed. Select the album column heading to get tracks list in album order. Normally within an album the tracks will list in track order when viewing this way.

  • Album sort order missing

    I want to use 'Recently Added' in album view while hiding all rated albums.
    I do not understand why the new 'album' sort order is restricted to only a few fields, while the 'songs' sort order doesn't have the two-level; sorting that the album sort order has. Both of these views have half the functionality I want.

    Figured it out. I added "Various Artists" in the Album Artist field for every track and it then sorted them all together.

  • Album sort order PSE11 - is it by design ?

    When experimenting with the sort order of albums in PSE11, I was surprised to see that in some albums, changing the sort order from 'oldest' to 'newest' did not produce any effect.
    The reason of this probably lies in the menu /preferences/general :
    If you have only pictures taken the same day, the above setting will still show 'oldest first' even you choose 'newest first' for album order.
    I believe that the most used order is 'album order' and that the 'newest first' is very rare.
    I can understand the option to browse 'oldest first within each day' when in 'newest first' in thumbnail view.
    However, I wonder if that option makes sense to sort an album ?
    Was it by design ?
    If it were me...
    I would not use that preference for an album,
    I would add the option to sort by filename and caption.

    Figured it out. I added "Various Artists" in the Album Artist field for every track and it then sorted them all together.

  • How do you change the album sort order in itunes

    It seems that Itunes sorts albums by Artist then Album... How can you change sort order to Album name only. 

    I've been playing with this and discovered it has to do with your personal ratings (ie stars) for albums and songs - seems iTunes now selects the highest rated album to use for the Artist icon. If you have no ratings it seems (but not always) to select the most recent album/song to use fo rthe display.
    I've been able to get iTunes to use specific album artowk by rating both the album and all individual tracks as 5 star. You may need to restart iTunes for the changes to take effect.
    But I'd be much happier just telling iTunes which image to use - like we used to be able to do. Yet another step backwards for iTunes 11 (one of many).

  • Iphoto album sort order issue.

    Stadard iphoto album (iphoto 11) being manually sorted suddendly reverted to what appears to be a random sort order.  The order now is not by date, camera, keyword, or any other.  It appears to have set its own manual order.  How can this happen? Is there a way to revert back to the previous sort order?  Even if I had mistakenly reset the manual sort, wouldn't it default back to one of the standard sort criteria?

    want to replace the original photos in the event
    You don't have to.  If you look at the photo in the Event that tghe photo came from you'll find that it has been edited. 
    The photos in albums are only pointers to the original photo in the Event.  There's no file duplication in the process of adding a photo to an album. 

  • Album sort order suddenly gone crazy iTunes

    G'day people
    For some reason, the last couple of albums I've downloaded from the iTunes store, to my iTunes, displays those albums groups by artist instead of album. Even when I select them an manually change the sort order it makes no difference.
    Pre-existing albums already in iTunes are not affected, just newly downloaded. This is also happening with albums I purchase directly from the iPhone and sync back to iTunes on my Mac.
    Has anybody else come across this problem and have any suggestions on how I can fix it?

    Figured it out. I added "Various Artists" in the Album Artist field for every track and it then sorted them all together.

  • Browser window album sort order change?

    do you know if there's any way to change the sort order for albums on the browser window?
    I'd like to view the album list for each artist sorted by release date order (as in discography) rather than alphabetically.

    Change the View option to include Year then click on
    the column heading.
    that works on the main window, not in the browser window.
    No matter what column I click in the main song window, the browser windows remain alphabetically sorted.

  • Sort order question

    Hello, all.
    I have a client who would like to have the ability to change
    the order in which sub navigation items appear on their site.
    I've got it to the point where if the SO is changed in the
    database, that change is reflected on the site. But currently the
    change has to be manually done via Enterprise Manager.
    The next step is to set up the CMS so that the SO can be
    changed. I'm looking into a javascript solution that displays all
    items in a select object (size=number of records in recordset) and
    the items can be "dragged" to whatever position in the list the
    user wants.
    My ideas end, there. Any suggestions on how to pass that
    information to the database for the update? Should I use an array?
    Where do you recommend I go, from here?

    This is for a CMS, the part that allows an admin to change
    the sort order of sub-navigation items associated with a particular
    top-navigation item on the pages that the public can access. (The
    sub-navigation items are articles.)
    Currently, the idea is that each top navigation item uses js
    to display all sub-nav items associated with that top-nav, and at
    the top of the list of sub-nav items is a link for changing the SO
    of those sub-nav items. When the top-nav clicked is for, say,
    "About", then all sub-nav items (clickable for editing) under the
    heading of "About" appear with a link at the top of the list that
    says "Change Sort Order for: About"; when clicked this will open a
    page that (ideally, if I can find the js for it) contains a select
    box that has a size equal to the number of sub-nav items so there
    is no scrollbar, and contains all sub-nav items in the current sort
    order from top to bottom; the js allows the user to click-n-drag
    the items to the order they want them in, then click a submit
    button to make the changes in the database. Each sub-nav item in
    the database has a sortOrder column, datatype int; this is the
    column that needs updating. I'm just not sure how to make sure that
    the ID associated with each sub-nav item gets the correct value in
    the sortOrder column.
    So it will be more than just "click this header to sort data
    according to this column" (which I'd use CF for that, not js). The
    client wants a customisable sort order for the sub-nav items (first
    item = 1, second item = 2, etc.; change the way the items appear on
    the public side pages.)

  • Album Sort Order in iTunes vs iPod

    WIth the newer Versions of iTunes, albums are sorted in alphabetical order ignoring the word "The". (i.e. On iTunes the following albums would be in this order: Sub Songs, The Super Songs, Suzy Music where on my iPod, the following albums would be placed in this order: Sub Songs, Suzy Music, The Super Songs lumping all "The" titles amongst the Ts.) Does anyone know why this sort feature is not the same on iPod AND iTunes? Please advise.
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   14"

    Sorting has become a complete mess. Though, it's quite logical from Apple to sort albums by ignoring the because it makes searching for albums a lot easier since there are numerous albums (and artists) beginning with that word.
    But I guess that an answer to your question can only be given by an Apple engineer who makes iPod software.
    from Apple's website
    Seamlessly sync your iPod with iTunes – guess not, huh?!
    PowerBook G4 (15-inch Aluminum)   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   1.5 GHz, 1 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, Combo, Mighty Mouse, iPod 30 GB

  • Please explain how to change Album sort order

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I've looked everywhere and can't find a solution.
    Itunes appears to be sorting my albums by year. For instance on my iPad under Dave Matthews the first album is Remember two thing from 1993.
    I want to change the album order displayed on my iPad for everything under Dave Matthews Band. How do I do this?

    Arrange roughly translates to "group the items in the folder." Sort is how each group is ordered. If you have arrange set to none, you can sort by anything. However, there is no way in the Arrange/Sort menu to choose the direction. The only way to do that is in the List View, and you must have Arrangement set to None.
    I've submitted an Enhancement Request to allow choosing sort direction from the Arrange/Sort menu, but I haven't ever gotten a response, which is good and bad. Good because they will often respond that they have considered it and don't plan on implementing. Bad in that they've haven't implemented it.

  • Album sort order

    When I had my music collection sorted by album in iTunes it sorted all the tracks from the same album in Track order.
    iTunes 7 does not behave in the same way, it sorts them alphabetically by Artist instead.
    I'd like iTunes to behave it did in version 6. If I play my music collection i Album order I want the tracks to play in the correct order.
    Please fix this!
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    You can click on the Almum column heading, it will change.
    Album by Artist
    Album by Year
    Album by Artist will give you what you want

  • IPhoto sharing - album sorting order?

    I share my entire iPhoto library using sharing in the iPhoto prefs.
    When I'm on my other mac, I can see all the shared albums, but they are sorted in a random order ?!?
    Not the same way I sorted them, not alphabetical and not by date?

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    How can u identify which pics in iphoto are not jpeg?
    Create a smart album with the following criteria: File Name does not contain jpg.
    That will show you all non jpg files in your library.

  • 'All Photos' Album Sorting Order

    I have 16.683 photos appearing under 'photos'. 16.853 under the Album 'All photos' and the order is not chronological (i.e.: sometimes a pic from 2009 is among those taken in 2013). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    On my system at least, All Photos shows the most recent photos at the bottom, not the top.
    Sorry, yes, they are also sorted ascending. Must have been wishful thinking on my part.
    But at least the most recently imported moments are more or less isolated at one end of the album and can be accessed there without searching for them.
    If we only can sort by capture date, we have to know the capture date to find recently imported old photos.
    But I just noticed, that Photos seems to remember, how an album has been scrolled. If I close Photos with the Moments scrolled all the way down, it will open them again scrolled to the most recent moment. And I do not have to click the scholar to get there.
    While that order does indeed reflect the date & time when I import new photos from my iPhone, with the last imported ones at the bottom of the window, for the photos migrated from my iPhoto library during the initial setup of Photos, the order seems random -- it is definitely not the order those photos were added to iPhoto, nor are they sorted by the date the photo was taken, or by any other date-related criteria I can determine.
    This has been the case which other major upgrades of iPhoto or Aperture.
    The Masters folder is organized by the date of the Import session, and all older  imports to iPhoto and Aperture are now showing the import session 2010, when I upgraded iPhoto to the iLife '11 version. It looks like the Import season date may be discarded, when a library is rebuild for an upgrade or a migration.
    I've seen similar with itunes. I like to listen to the music sorted by the date added, the most recent items first, but it happened several times, that all all songs were showing a changed "date added".

  • IOS 8 Photos App - Events Album Sort Order is Screwed

    When I sync my photos (that are grouped into Events) from my Mac iPhoto Library, to my iPhone and view them in the iOS 8 Photos App, all the events are no longer sorted in order - they used to be sorted chronologically in 7.1.
    To try and find the event photos that you are looking for is now impossible.
    Does any one known how to fix this or is it a regression bug that they have introduced with iOS 8?

    This is such a cluster-f*ck.  I was stunned when I found the change to iOS 8 brought this mixed up order of my events from my iMac's iPhoto.  Having them in Events by month/year was the only way I could keep a reasonable handle on where everything is.  This is completely unacceptable from Apple.
    Then again, it seems from what I read around the Internet, those of us using iPhoto as our managing software AND using it to sync pics to our i-devices are a clear and dwindling minority.  Maybe Apple just didn't think it important enough to bother, but they need to fix this. 
    What would have been completely helpful and awesome with iOS 8 would be the importing of keywords (and descriptions, but at least keywords) for those of us syncing from iPhoto.  I can understand why Apple wouldn't have done so years ago (memory onboard our i-devices), but today there's no reason for this.  Those tiny, tiny bits of data should come over with the photos to make them searchable by keyword.  I'd care less about the Events being out of order if I could search by keyword on my iPhone or iPad. 
    Come on Apple... we have enough storage space to make this happen.

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