Movtement type 101: Reason for movement made mandatory

We have made reason for movement made mandatory for movement type 101.
Now, we go for posting 'Service Entry Sheet', system does not allow it to post.
While posting service entry sheet, can we enter 'Reason for movement'.

Hi Rajan,
You can set "reason for movement" field to either required entry or
optional entry in customizing for the transaction MIGO. You can do this
here in the IMG:
-> Materials Management
-> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
  -> Settings for Enjoy Transactions
   -> Settings for Goods Movements (MIGO)
    -> Field Selection per Mvt Type
Select the entry for movement type 101 and field GRUNG, set to
required' and save.

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  • Reason for movement text

    Hello gurus
    I have to develop one report which gives Vendor wise reason for rejection. for that In the materials cube I have used movement type (0MOVETYPE), reason for movement (0MATMREA). But I want to display the texts related to each reason for movement. Since 0MATMREA is a NUMC field there is no master data maintenance for texts etc. I checked on R/3 side the texts are residing in table T157E which is not present in my dictionary. So how can i get the texts from R/3 side?

    you can think of following options -
    Change 0matmrea , turn 'with text' on.
    create Z_datasource based on table T157E and load text
    create ZMATMREA with text and add it to your infoprovider
    keep 0matmrea in your cube.  Create Zmatmrea with text. create Infoset based on cube and zmatmrea - joined on 0matmrea from cube joins to zmatmrea. In your query based on infoset , use zmatmrea
    steps to create z datasource for text at r/3
    1. sq01 - create infoset query based on T157E
    2. rso2 - create z datasource based on above query -(extraction from SAP query )

  • Restriction of Selecting Reason for movement based on the movement type

    Defined Reason for movements for the movement types and made the field as " mandatory" in the control reason for the movement type.
    So, during the Goods movement transaction it becomes mandatory to enter the reason for movement code.
    But during the Goods movement transaction, it is possible to enter any reason for movement for any movement type. It needs to restricted with subject to the movement type.
    Defined the Reason for movements 0001 & 0002 for the movement type 561.
    Defined the Reason for movements 0003 & 0004 for the movement type 563.
    During MB1C, now it is possible to select 0003 or 0004 for 561 as well as , it is possible to select 0001 or 0002 for 563.
    it needs to be controlled the movement type.
    that is, if the movement type 561 is entered, then system should only allow the reason for movement either 0003 or 0004.
    Is it possible to control, the selection of "reason for movement" based on the movement type ?
    thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Sundar,
    Check the transaction OMBS.Here you can make the entry of reason for movement mandatory check:controls and in reasons for movements you can maintain the allowed reasons for movement for the perticulatr movement type.
    Hope this help.

  • Account assignment for Movt type 101 and 501

    All SAP Gurus,
    We want to do the account assignment for movt types 101, 102, 122, 123, 201, 202, 261, 262 accourding to the movement types.
    We are aware that the Transaction Key is 'GBB'.
    But how to know that which 'General Modification' is used for which movement types.
    (in short where we can find this link between movement types and Transaction Key and 'General Modification')

    To know this first you have to know what does the different general modifications means for GBB:
    AUA: for order settlement
    AUF: for goods receipts for orders (without account assignment)
    and for order settlement if AUA is not maintained
    AUI: Subsequent adjustment of actual price from cost center directly
    to material (with account assignment)
    BSA: for initial entry of stock balances
    INV: for expenditure/income from inventory differences
    VAX: for goods issues for sales orders without
    account assignment object (the account is not a cost element)
    VAY: for goods issues for sales orders with
    account assignment object (account is a cost element)
    VBO: for consumption from stock of material provided to vendor
    VBR: for internal goods issues (for example, for cost center)
    VKA: for sales order account assignment
    (for example, for individual purchase order)
    VKP: for project account assignment (for example, for individual PO)
    VNG: for scrapping/destruction
    VQP: for sample withdrawals without account assignment
    VQY: for sample withdrawals with account assignment
    ZOB: for goods receipts without purchase orders (mvt type 501)
    ZOF: for goods receipts without production orders
    (mvt types 521 and 531)
    You can also define your own account groupings. If you intend to post goods issues for cost centers (mvt type 201) and goods issues for orders (mvt type 261) to separate consumption accounts, you can assign the account grouping ZZZ to movement type 201 and account grouping YYY to movement type 261
    Then go and check OMWN.

  • Reason for Movements for selected movement type in MB1A/B/C

    When a user goes to MB1A, MB1B, MB1C and selects a movement type is there a way to show only the reasons for movements for that selected movement type?
    Currenlty, when the users clicks F4 or wants to view the options available for reasons for movements, it shows them EVERYONE movement type and its associated reason for movement. The list is HUGE. So, I want to know to shorten the list to show only the applicable ones for the movement type the user has selected.
    I know the user can enter the movement type and the list gets filtered but this is a manual step the user must perform. Is there any way the system can restrict the reasons for movements based off the Movement Type already selected by the user?
    Please let me know how to show only those reason codes for the selected movement type in transactions MB1A, MB1B, and MB1C.
    Thanks for your help in advance!

    To shorten the list you can select the movemnt types the user requirs and make his/her personal list so when he.she do f4 onlt personal list will be displaed.
    U can create personal list by doing the F4 and put cursor on movement type and below will be icon to add into personal list.after selecting all the movement types. close the window and adain do f4 u will only see the entries of u r personal list.

  • QA32 or QA11 - reason for movement field enable to QA32 ,inspection screen

    Hi friends,
    while doing goods receipt MIGO 101 quality stock. material document posted.
    i added field(Reason for movement ) for 101 mov type.
    When i want try at QA32 for quality to blocked stock i need to enter reason for blocked stock like pending or waiting for approval.
    here system not appeare reason for movement field in QA32 screen.
    how to enable reason for movement at QA32 inspection stock screen.
    Edited by: sivasankar cherukuri on Jul 7, 2010 11:53 AM

    Issue closed. my self

  • QA32 or QA11. Reason for movement

    Hi friends,
    while doing goods receipt MIGO 101 quality stock. material document posted.
    i added field(Reason for movement ) for 101 mov type.
    When i want try at QA32 for quality to blocked stock i need to enter reason for blocked stock like pending or waiting for approval.
    here system not appeare reason for movement field in QA32 screen.
    how to enable reason for movement at QA32 inspection stock screen.
    pls explain me.

    Hi Swarnali
    thanks for ur  advice.
    i maintained reason codes all mov types releated QA32 like 321,343,350.
    but system not shown at QA32. (At the time of MIGO goods receipt shows same field.)
    In qa32 select line item for UD code enterd and inspection lot stock tab i entered un-rest stock, blocked stock , rejectd stock
    system shows only reasson for rejected stock like 122 mov.type . like same way
    i need blocked stock also reason for movement . howw ll i get at in thiss screen reason field.(when i click material document tab.

  • Report with Reason for movement for GR

      I want to make a report  to show the qty. of material  recived  in a particular period  for GR ref. to PO we have reason for movement  1001   & for GR rwef. to prod. order we have 1002,  so is there any transaction to see the material list ref. to reason for movement.
        How to configure Move. type  and trnsaction relation like  which mov. type is allowed for a particular transaction.

    Try t-code MBGR

  • Reason For Movement

    Dear all
    I have a Query regarding Stock Posting MB1C when i am Trying To post the Stock With 561 movement type its asking for Reason For Movement How to remove this or Hide this With Out Asking Please help me
    with Regards

    Dear All
    Thanks for Replying Me But I Did All the Things The Same Error is Coming
    Fill in all required entry fields
    Message no. 00055
    You have attempted to update data or start an action. However, not all required information was specified.
    System Response
    The system could not execute the action.
    Enter all required information. Fields in which you must enter data are prefilled with a checkmark or question mark ("?") by the system. If the current screen contains tabs, check all tabs to make sure you have filled in all required fields. Then restart the action.
    with Regards

  • Text while entering reason for movement

    Dear all
        When we are doing rejection say 10 out of 50 , then it is asking for reason for movement ..and also the text to be entered
    i want to know which table this text will be populated ,
    thanks in advance

    Hi dear
       Thanks for the reply , but i am bit confused , here you are passing qave to structutere field , but this ia table (QAVE)
    this is my code
    SELECT * FROM zs_mkpf_mseg
               WHERE lifnr IN p_lifnr
                 AND matnr IN s_matnr
                 AND budat IN s_budat
                 AND werks IN s_werks
                 AND bwart IN ('101','102','122','123')
                 AND lifnr NOT IN (' ').
      SELECT * FROM qals
               FOR ALL ENTRIES IN itab
               WHERE mblnr = itab-mblnr
                AND lifnr = itab-lifnr.
              AND ebelp = itab-ebelp.
      SELECT * FROM qave
              into itab-vbewertung
               FOR ALL ENTRIES IN it_qals
               WHERE  prueflos = it_qals-prueflos.
    LOOP AT itab.
        READ TABLE it_qals WITH KEY mblnr = itab-mblnr
                                    ebeln = itab-ebeln
                                    ebelp = itab-ebelp.
                                   matnr = itab-matnr.
        IF sy-subrc = '0'.
          MOVE it_qals-prueflos TO itab-prueflos.
          MOVE it_qals-ersteldat TO itab-ersteldat.
          MOVE it_qals-lmengeist TO itab-actual.
          MOVE it_qals-lmenge07  TO itab-inward.
          MOVE it_qals-lmenge01  TO itab-return.
        READ TABLE it_qave WITH KEY prueflos = it_qals-prueflos .
        IF sy-subrc = '0'.
          MOVE it_qave-vbewertung TO itab-vbewertung.
        SELECT SINGLE name1 ktokk
               FROM lfa1
               WHERE lifnr = itab-lifnr.
        SELECT SINGLE mtart matkl
               INTO (itab-mtart , itab-matkl)
               FROM mara
               WHERE matnr = itab-matnr.
        MODIFY itab TRANSPORTING name1 ktokk mtart matkl prueflos ersteldat actual inward return vbewertung.
        CLEAR itab.

  • Document Type - Object link to be made mandatory

    hi All,
    We are having a requirement that - For a particular 'Document Type' Object link shall be made mandatory.
    Ex: For Doc. Type: ABC - 'Sales Document - Item' is MANDATORY
          For Doc. Type: XYZ - 'WBS Element' as Object link is MANDATORY
    How do I achieve this?. Pl. advise.

    Hi ,
    In DC10 define document type and assign sap object links . To make fields as mandatory its an risky in DMS customization it will effect on other sap object links like BOM item,BOM header. why beacuse for an BOM item you cannot assign values directly on CV02N.So that you need to create DIR  first and than assign BOM item from user t-code . 

  • QA32 - for 102 -- mvt we want to add Reason for Movement

    Dear all,
    How to add  user defined reason codes ( there r 100 reasons for QC inspection in our case )  while doing QA32 - 102 reverse movement.
    e.g. we have reasons for varience in CO11.

    In OMJJ transaction
    For a given movement type,
    In the Change view - Movement type screen
    Double click on "reason for mov type" option
    here you define the reason for mov type
    It will do the job for you.
    And you can do it in SPRO-MMInventory Management-Goods Receipt-Record reason for movent for diffent mvt type..

  • How to entries reason for movement in MI07 with difference quantity equal 0

    I founding that in transaction MI07 can't be able to entried reason for movement if difference quantity equal zero.please help to advise on how to set up config of "Field selection for physical inventory" (Transaction code "0MJU")  to allow to entries either difference quantity has zero in base UoM

    at least you have to enter a . for optiinal next to the movement types 701 to 708 for physical inventory in OMBS.
    And then you have to customize reasons for the movement types 701 to 708.
    It is not possible that the user can enter free text as reason.

  • Block material at material type(HIBE) level for movement type "261" & "261"

    Block material at material type(HIBE) level for movement type "261" & "261".
    Requirement: This material type should not issued to the PM orders using above mvt types.
    Venkatesan Anandan

    As per standard it is not possible. go for ABAP development

  • Change "Reason for Movement" on Material Document

    I've posted a Material Document.  I now need to change the Reason for Movement.  I've tried this via MB02 but only the Goods Recipient and Text appear to be updatable.  Is it possible to change the Reason for Movement after the Material Document has been posted?  If so, how?

    Hello David,
    Except "text field" & "unloading Point", you can not modify any other field in Material document change mode (MB02 t-code)
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri
    Reward if answer is helpful.

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