MRP Run Problem through MDBT

We are running the MRP based on MRP controller through Transaction MDBT.
As per SAP threads, We insert the User Exit Key as CB1 & User exit parameters as MRP Controller and click on start immediately.
After result come, we see the output from SP02 transaction.
There all the materials showing with 8 number exception (Terminations), means all the material's having the Deletion Indicator when i am seeing in MARC table against that MRP Controller - CB1.
Please tell me how only deletion material's showing. How other material's will display, which display in MARC table except Deletion Indicator.
Plz guide...

Hi Kundan,
STAD to trace combination of User and Tcode, but particular material its diffcult to trace in std sap.
If you want to trace then you need do some enhancements, create customized table (mateial number, plant, date, time, etc) for when user run the mrp in MD02 then save all data's to your own table.
I hope this will help to you

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  • MDBT : MRP RUN Problem

    I have one storeage locaion  for which i want to tun MRP run in backgruond .
    Now i have cerated MRP area (STORE) as stoarge location asssigne th erespective storge location there.
    Now i created  scop of planning & i assigne tthat MRP area as "STORE"to scope of planning.
    Now cerated varaint as "CONSUMPTION"and in scope of plalning i selcetd the scope of planing as my MRP area  and saved the variant .
    Now all material under this area are cinsumption baed material means everyone has MRP type as VB, reordre point and lot siza as HB, max lot qty  and STORE as MRP area in material master.
    NOw in MDBT i selcted the variant and click on start inmmediate i m getting mesage as "Request with variant CONSUMPTION Started"
    If i see MD04 til no requirenment is genrtaed with this Run ??
    1. Please tel ..where i ned to corect
    2. Is there any mesage after background MRP executed ;like in MD02 planning result screen .

    Please check whether planning file entry exists in MD21 also check MDAB & MDRE ?
    or run program RMMRP000.
    Please note With MRP type VB (Manual Reorder Point Planing) system will not consider Dependent requirement or any other reservation.
    It will take care about only Reorder point.
    If You have set reorder point of 100 Nos.
    And dependent requirement is of 35 Nos , and available stock is 90 Nos. then at the time of MRP run system will generate PR of 10 Nos only just to cover that less qty than the reorder point of 100 Nos.So there is nothing wrong in your case.
    If you want to concider Dependent requirement also during Planing run then you have to change MRP type VB to PD then check.

  • MRP run problem

    Hi experts,
    During MRP run for a material , open PO quantity is not considered If delivery date mentioned in that open PO exceeds 110 days from planning date(MRP run date). If it is less , it considers open PO quantity.
    MRP type = V1 (Reorder point planning)
    Lot size = HB
    planned delivery time = 0 days
    What could be the reason for it? Pls help me out.
    Thanks in advance,

    When u keep your planning horizon 100 and in MD02 if ur using NETCH planning then system will consider the planning in between 100 days only If your open PO in out of planning horizon then it will not consider for the same.
    If u want to do the same u have to go for increase ur planning horizon time in OPPQ.
    whatever u required.
    Kind Regards,

  • MRP Run Problem With Shipment Notification

    Hi Experts,
    In MD04 i have 1 shipment Notification,but after MRP Run it should get display in MD05 but in my case it is not happening.CAn anybody tell me the possible causes / reasons why this is happeinig.
    Awiitng for your quick response
    Need any furher inputs please revert back to me immediately.

    Hi karthik,
    Thanks for your reply,even i know Md04 is Dynamic and MD05 is static,also i cant able to clearly understtood what u r telling,
    Kindly check whether shipment notification is updated during the 2nd run then it wont reflect in MD05
    but when i check the same scenario in Q shipment notification getiing updated but not in prdn.
    Pls clarify

  • MRP running problem

    Hi gurus,
    When i try to run the total MRP in MD01, i can see that only certain material is being run, and most of it are not run.
    So, when i go to MD05 to view the MRP list, i can see that the material is still in old date MRP run date where the stock qty is wrong.
    I tried to go to MD02 to run that particular material, then that material is updated accordingly.
    Any one has any idea what had happen?
    Why when I run in Md01 some material is not picking to be run?

    I've check in MR21, i found that planning file entry is there. But i can see some of the material that is not run do not have NETCH set.
    How do i make the material as NETCH set so that when i run the MRP in MD01 it can run it as well?
    Infact i try to create the planning file thru MD20 the entry is created but most of are not set as NETCH, why it can happen in such a way? (My processing key is NETCH when run MD01)
    Does it mean all the materials must have set as NETCH then only it can run the MRP?
    But i found some of the material do not have the NETCH set but when i try the total MRP run in MD01 it still can works?
    What is the reason behind?
    Please help, thanks!

  • MRP run problem in TCode-MD01

    hi experts,
    There were some MRP controllers were assigned for User exit in SPRO for planning run (T code :- MD01 ). Now i have defined additional MRP controllers and also assigned them for user exit (in SPRO) for planning run.
    With old MRP controllers defined as user exits , Planning run is considering materials with only particular MRP controller.
    But for these newly defined MRP controllers , user exit is not restricting planning of materials with only particular MRP controller and materials planning is carried out for all materials with newly defined MRP controllers.
    please help me out
    thanks in advance

    The name of the extension where you can find the user exit is M61X0001
    You have to read the code to find out why it is not working for the new controllers.
    Probably the code is not that dynamic as you thought and the controllers are hardcoded ...

  • MTS  Scena. but after creation of SO & mrp run ,double requiremnt generated

    Dear Gurus and Sir,
    Good morning,
    Client Has Make to order scenario. Scenario is as stated below
    company  is into  making "Machines which manufactures bottles" which is a standard product for client.
    Hence as per experiance, Client manufactures the Machines in adavance for the Stock.
    As and when  sales requirement is observed, machine is assembled with the changes asked by customer.
    For Make to Stock Scenario.
    Standard Machine code (11digit) is avaialble with BOM. The same code is used for Long term planning.
    After receipt of order, customer wise MAterial code is generated. The above stadard code becomes child of This new material code.
    The changes are addressed to customerwise material code.
    This customer wise material code is nothing but dispatchable assembly as per customer requirements.
    The Stratergy used for Stad. M/c code in MRP3 view is 40 and in MRP4 collective indicatior  as 2.
    The stratergy used for customer material code in MRP3 is 50 and w/o collective indicator.
    Hence there is a std. bill of material for standard machine. MD61 plan will run  against the same std. code.
    MD61 is having Consumption indicator stated as 3.
    As soon as Sales order is received, The MRP run is taken with command MD50. 
    During this MRP run, system consideres the Sales order requirement as a seperate Demand apart from Planned demand through MD61.
    The system should not generate double requirement.
    Needless to quote that  raw materials and semi-finish items are planned in advance due to make to stock strategy.
    "I have got one solution presently
    that using MD02  take MRP run for common components
    after receipt of sales order take MRP run  MD50  for final assly.
    system will not generate double requirement .
    When MRP RUN taken through MD01,system generates double requirement. MRP run through MD01 run is required for VB marked items.
    The std user Exit M61X0001 is available in standard SAP.
    What should be the appropriate/correct solution for above stated problem.
    Advance Thanks & regards,

    Hi Vidyasagar,
    In your case, MRP Creates sepearte dep requirements for customer demand.
    As per ur settings, yor are doing procurement for std material before the receipt of sale order of customer material code.
    u need not worry about dep requirements created against custome ordder. Bcz once u issue the std material to production order (while confirming production order created for custmer material from planned order) it will be reduced.
    Please comeback

  • Scheduling the MRP run

    I have configured in the system for a Re-order point planning MRP run. But I have to execute the MRP run manually through MD03 transaction. Is it possible to schedule it ,eans system will execute MRP run automatically at a scheduled day of a month?
    Please advice.
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Aug 18, 2011 12:51 PM

    I don't see any direct solution for it...
    but indirectly,
    Try to remove the line item ie. source from the source ...and try again...
    its not possible to do via changing the dates...nor any source doc...system still create the procurment...
    also try via changing the MRP indicator in the source list to NO MRP...
    let me know updates..

  • When MRP run through background process in MDBT open PR and PO not comming?

    When MRP run through backgroung process in MDBT open PR and PO not coming in MDBT result.
    Pls advise accordingaly.

    Either I am totally misunderstanding your statements, or your business people are misinformed.  
    The output of MD01 (MRP total run in foreground) and the output of MDBT (MRP total Run in Background) ARE IDENTICAL, provided you have selected the same parameters.  
    Neither output contains a discrete listing of open Purchase orders and Purchase requisitions.
    Standard output of both MD01 and MDBT are:
    1.  List of materials processed, with exception messages
    2.  Statistics
    In addition, both of these programs also write MRP records to the MRP databases, provided that the "Display Material List" parameter is set.  In this case, both of these programs will produce data that can be further reviewed and managed in MD05 and MD06. MD06 is the tool that most planners use to process the MRP database info.
    If you wish to see a listing of the entire MRP results (either MD01 or MDBT), then execute transaction MDLD.  This will produce either a spoolfile or a printed document.
    For the PO or PR listings, review my earlier suggestions.

  • Problem with Back ground MRP Run (MDBT) or MD01

    Hello SAP Experts,
    Issue :- Material is not considering during Automatic back ground MRP run ( MDBT or MD01)
    But when we run MRP in forground (MD02) system is considering the material.
    we have checked both the selection parameter are same for MD01 and MD02 .
    can you help us on this issue ?

    Problem is due to entry in Planing File is missing for that Material.
    Go to MD21 and check whether Planing File entry is maintain for that Materiel.
    If not then maintain it by T.code MD20 (Manual) or you can do it by using back Ground JOB - OMDU.

  • Elaborate in MDBT and open scheduling agreement list through MRP Run

    Hi experts,
    After MRP Run in MD02 i had find out the list of Purchase requisition at ME5A , based on the purchase requisition no i will create scheduling agreement  not for PO, so how it is possible for the list of open scheduling agreement list  through MRP Run Only?
    Kindly elaborate the screen short steps at MDBT - MRP Run in background process what are possibilities >  weekly once or daily basis, report run repeated purchase requisition  no or not , update the daily stock status all those things ?
           what are the possibles in MDBT MRP Run > Maintain conditions,type of generate reports, open reports through t.code and report converted   excel or through mail recording MRP  run?

    In MDBT we can create the variant and Schedule as you wish  and execute .and also you can have the status of the schedule whether it is in cancelled or finished .

  • MRP run with MDBT

    Hi all,
    I'm facing a typcial problem
    In MDBT -processing key is maintained as NETPL
    There are 3 materials say
    For all three materials NETCH is marked in the planning file entry & NETPL is blank in MD21
    When i go for MRP run via MDBT then no proposal is raised for A & B,where as for C i'm getting a proposal
    All three has requirement -Exected result is Planned order
    Initially i thought NETPL is not active in MD21 & that is the reason i'm not getting any proposal
    but i'm shocked to see proposal for material C
    MRP is run with processing NETPL
    Will the material marked for NETCH also be included in the run or only those materials which are marked for NETPL only will be included ?
    If yes for 1st question then i feel there is a logical difference
    If yes for 2nd question then why should i get proposal for material C?
    Please clarify me
    Guys pls respond
    Edited by: SVP on Jan 8, 2009 3:55 PM

    Hi Vishal,
    Thanks for pointing out user exit key,i didnt noticed that,In one the variants user exit key is maintained ,MRP controller selection (CTL)
    & user exit paramter also is maintained as 100 in one variant & in another as 001-099,101-500
    How is this normally defined?What doen tis mean
    In first case(100) does it mean that run only for thos matrials which have MRP controller as "100"
    In second case rund for all materials with MRp controller (001-0990 & 101 to 500 I'm not usre on this
    If yes pls let me know where we define this whole thing
    Like MRP controller selection is defined as CTL -but what does it mean,where are the actual conidtions written
    Very basic question may be but i'm not aware fo this,pls let me know
    Once again thanks a lot for giving the lead

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  • Event not getting triggered for PR generated through MRP run

    Hi All,
    Could anyone let me know how to get a workflow triggered for the ReleaseStepCreated event (obj - bus2105) when the PR is created through MRP run. The MD02 control paramters have the value '1'.
    Interstingly the workflow triggers when the value is set to '2' or '3'.

    Thanks Aman,
    I checked field restrictions but there are none there. Actually i checked them for other object 'AOOMARA' which is being thrown as an exception when i am creating the PR through MRP run.
    Exception says -> field not maintained.
    So i guess, i need to maintain the field for Change Document but i am not sure how. COuld you please aid me with that.
    Thanks A lot !!

  • 'Releasestepcreated' not getting triggered for PR generated through MRP run

    I have PR Release strategy workflow configured, working well when i try to create PR manually, triggers workflow.
    PR's created thorugh MRP run, triggers release strategy but not workflow.
    I checked the event trace 'releasestepcreated' event not triggered through MRP run.
    Please respond ASAP.
    Your inputs will be highly appreciated.

    Short Text 
    Workflow with multiple workitems 
    Long Text 
    Refering SAP notes that i came to know that workflow is not supported
    through MRP run (md03/md04).we are not using Planned orders.
    To trigger workflow for Purchase requisitions created by MRP run, we
    have developed a custom report to trigger workflow explicitly.
    1.MRP batch job runs every night. After MRP job,planned to schedule
    another job to trigger workflow for PR's created MRP run.
    2. Used FM 'SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT' to trigger workflow.
    3. PR requires 5 levels of approvals based on release strategy
    4. The issue is PR 'XXX' created and waiting for approval in agent's
    inbox.When 2nd day MPR runs same PR 'XXX' effected, another
    workitem for the same PR in agent's inbox.
    We have multiple workitems for the same PR in agent's Inbox.
    If i execute one of the workitem,releases PR, multiple workitems are
    getting generated for 2nd level approval for the same PR.
    Please give your inputs to resolve this issue.

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