MRP type for two different types requirments( Sale order and PIRs)

Dear All,
We have requirment  some materials we have sales order and PIRs. For sales order we want to consider with "MRP type" as PD and PIR we want to consider "MRP type" as VB manual reorder point planning.
Is there any stadard  solution.
If standard solution not possible also poivde some inputs on enhancement.
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your post is confusing, how you want to different MRP type for same material?
and why its needed?
1) you can use MRP type PD , and incoming sales order will search in existing stock or will create procurement proposal ( depends upon what strategy you are using)
2) If you  are using VB then when ever you stock will fall below the reorder point you maintained in material master , system will create new procurement proposal, here the manual means the value you need to maintained manualy for reorder point and safety stock.
In automatic reorder point planning, both the reorder level and the safety stock level are determined by the integrated forecasting program.
The system uses past consumption data (historical data) to forecast future requirements. The system then uses these forecast values to calculate the reorder level and the safety stock level, taking the service level, which is specified by the MRP controller, and the material's replenishment lead time into account, and transfers them to the material master.
hope it will help you.

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    Will ORDRSP Message type be useful here.
    Thanks ,

    Message type/Idoc type
    "ORDERS / ORDERS04 --For orders
    ORDCHG / ORDERS04 -Order change
    DESADV / DELVRY02 --Deivery
    INVOIC / INVOIC02"-Invoice

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    One finished item F1 having strategy 20. special procurement key as 40( to get from another plant) Its sales order is created for 20 EA on 6 nov.So one line item in sales order.
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    date      confirmed qty
    6 Nov      zero
    10 Nov      13 ea
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    Please guide if there is any config mistake in PP or SD side.

    That is pretty standard.  If you do not meet the customer's requested date when you confirm the sales order, the system assumes that you sitll intend to make the attempt.  MRP will produce a proposal based upon the customer's requested date and requested quantity.
    If you want MRP to consider the confirmed dates/quantities, set the Fix Date Qty flag in the sales order item.
    If your standard business process is that you always wish to plan based on the confirmed date(s) rather than the requested date, you can configure to have the Fix Date Qty flag defaulted; in OVZJ.
    Best Regards,

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    Hi Experts,
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    At the time of billing the value of a line item 10 is increased by 0.02 i.e. 5024.28
    I asked the user cancel that invoice and the post goods issue. He cancelled the invoice and post goods issue. Then he created the PGI and billing now the value of line item decrease by 0.01(5024.27) again he cancelled the invoice and post goods issue. he created the post goods issue and billing. Now the value is correct i.e. 5024.26.
    User is asking me the reason can any one help me in this
    Note: price is copying from delivery to billing

    Morning Sunina
    Now consider this scenario
    Item a - 10
    Item b - 20
    Item c - 30
    and the validity of condition rec for item C is 31st of Jan
    after 31st JAN the record changes or there isn't any.
    In Copy control the pricing type is 'B' i.e., carry out new pricing.
    Now if the document is created in January it will take all the above prices. and this document is then billed in Feb. Now the copycontrol, whilst copying the prices, will predetermine the same.
    Now your task is to check if there was user intervention, check the pricing in order and check what condition types got affected in order and in billing.
    If your scenario is still not amongst the above cases...
    I don't know what to do, if you figure out please let us also know, god know when we would face the same scenario....
    Take care

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    Hi ,
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    Can any one suggest how to get this functionality.
    Ashok S

    Dear Ashok,
    As Rithivika rightly mentioned that in one sales oder you can't get two pricing procedures.
    Because pricing procedure determination will takes place based on these combination
    Sales areaDocument pricing procedureCustomer pricing procedure-->Pricing procedure.
    So If you want different pricing procedure either one of the combination should be different.
    But you try this
    You can maintain service related tax condition types also in the same procedure,but when you maintain condition record you can maintain material wise.
    So when you create sales order system will pick the pricing based on the material(standard item or service item).
    I hope this will help you,

  • Apply different exchange rate types in sales order and invoice

    Dear Experts,
    How to configure different  exchagnes in sales order and invoice?
    For example, use average exchange rate in sales order but current exchange rate in invoice.
    Wang Hui

    Hi all,
    I also need to apply different exchange rate between sales order and Invoice.
    condition type currency (komv-waers)          sales document currency (komk-waerk)         company currency (t001-waers)
    In my example, each of above currencies can be different:
    komv-waers = EUR
    komk-waerk = USD
    t001-waers = GBP
    I tried through VTFL transaction but it is not working in all situations cause VTFL allows me to manage situations where
    komk-waerk NE T001-waers
    But I need to convert condition types where
    komk-waerk EQ T001-waers but
    komv-waers NE komk-waerk
    Can I manage this situation through SAP standard and/or VTFL transaction?
    Is there any other solution?
    I really hope you can help me
    Thanks a lot

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    Yes, the confirguration information on the application server defines which version of the plug ins to us and so the correct one will be loaded.
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  • Brazil: Different sale order and billing document

    Hi all.
    We are implementing SAP in Brazil country. I notice that for Brazil there are special sale order and invoice types but I would like to know if for a normal sale (not consignment, not third party...) it is possible to use the same sale order and invoice types that we are currently using in SAP for other countries (Z types).
    I made the customizing necessary and test one sale flow in Brazil and nota fiscal is correctly generated and test the same sale order in other countries but no nota fiscal was generated.
    My question is: is it mandatory requested to use different sale order/invoice type for Brasil than in other countries or they can be shared?
    Many thanks in advance and best regards.

    The key to your requirement can be maintenance of Excise condition type with proper access sequence and accordingly maintain condition record for them.
    You create an access sequence with following access:
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / Region / Price grp / / Materia
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / Region / Price grp /
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / Region / TaxCl1Cust /
    - Country / Plant / PlntRegion / TaxCl1Cust /
    For export maintain condition record based on any key combination, say for
    Country / Plant / PlntRegion / TaxCl1Cust / - Tax % - Tax Code
    FR / 1000 / KR / 03 (EXPORT) / 04 / 0% / V1
    I hope this can assist you.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Regarding creating a LOOSE LINK between Sales Order and Vehicle

    Does anyone has any idea on how to establish a LOOSE LINK between Sales Order and Vehicle using BAPI_VEHICLE_CREATE or any other Function module.
    Any help will be highly appreciated and rewarded.
    Kind Regards,

    Dear Kumar,
    Strategy - 40
    Consumption of PIR (not Redution)
    1) the first point in strategy in 40 is, incoming sales order consumes PIR
    2 )both sales order and PIR takes place in MRP planning run
    2) this is where it is in mostly used in many indutries
    just a small example how this strategy works
    1) creat PIR for ur FERT- 100Nos
    2) check in MD04- u will get PIR (VSF) as 100
    3) now creat sales order for 120 for same month
    4 )run MRP for that particular FERT
    5) check the result in MD04, here ur PIR gets vanishied and an plan order will be generated for 120 Nos.
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    But customer expecting to flow the values of OLD Sales Order and its items (i.e since 2010) for the above stated new two new characteristics.
    Can anybody throw some light on this as how to bring the values of old sales oredrs and it items.

    Hi SU
    You have created the Characteristics fields now and  you want to effect the data flow in old FY, which may not be possible effect from old fiscal year/periods.
    Can you try use KE21N -repost line items for the current period.

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    Dear Guru's
    We have a real problem with sales orders and service orders and how we treat these. For a project that uses a WBS, it's not a problem to manipulate SAP to give us a list of shortages (orders with no or limited supply) for each order, but for some reason our after sales orders and our service orders do not work this way.
    Thanks and Regards,


  • How I can get the Billing Type for the sales order and its items

    How I can get the Billing Type for the sales order and its items. I mean from which SAP tables and how?

    You need to use two tables.
    First use VBFA. Enter the sales order number in the field Predecessar and the value M in SubCt field. This will give all the billing document number for the sales order items.
    Then use the billing document numbers in table VBRK, where in you can get the billing document type.

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    cs6 is an older version of photoshop.  cc is the latest version.

  • How can I define same Price Conditions for two different Sales Deals ??

    I need to define for the same price condition, lets say ZPMP, two different values or condition records, for two different sales deals and the same valid dates
    For example, Sales deal 1, ZPMP equal to USD 15 and valid dates from 04/15/08 to 04/30/08.
    Another condition record for Sales deal 2, ZPMP equal to USD 20 and valid dates from 04/15/08 to 04/30/08
    How can I do this.
    Thanks in advance.

    While creating condition tables, you have the option to create different key combinations. So if you want the system to take different condition records for different sales deals, there has to be a point of differentiation between those 2 sales deals.
    This can be done in one of the following ways:
    by giving customer specific prices
    by giving material specific prices for a particular customer etc
    All this can be defined as different key combinations while creating the condition tables. For each key combination, you can specify different condition records, so that the system is able to pull prices according to the requirement.
    But if the sales deals are entirely similar (that is even the validity dates, delivery dates etc are also same), and there is no differentiating factor, then you will have to manually input the prices.
    Do get back if you require more clarification. Please reward points if useful.

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