Msi eclipse sli 7520 voltage problem above 25x

its all good and well that theres so many beta bios shame none of them make the sli a great bored
it needs a bios where you set your votage in the bios and it stays as you have set
i set 1.51v and get 1.5- 1.2-1.4-1.5-1.2 and finally 1.63v crashing the system,
this only happens above 25 multyplyer anyone got any ideas ?

Okay.  I suggest you contact MSI Technical Support about the issue (both of you for the respective mainboard):
I wanted to make sure the issue is not tied to the Base Clock Frequency.  Now you can base your problem report solely on the Multiplier of the Extreme Edition Processor (whose whole point is that the Multiplier is adjustable).  Evocarlos, maybe you can make another video clip that shows the VCore issue @133 x 25 and post a link here.  You can then point the support to this thread and/or to your video clip. 
Sometimes the technical Supporters have a tendency to consider OC related issues as minor problems that are tied to operating the system beyond specifications and tell you "we suggest, you do not overclock your system for best stability etc.".  However, in this case it is pretty clear that the problem is not tied to changing the actual base clock frequency of the board but to the fact that a supported processor and its officially supported feature (increasing the ratio) is not fully supported after all.  Base your arguement on that and I think they should be willing to take a look at this immediately. 

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  • MSI Eclipse Sli and Asus 6950 Direct CU II problem

    I’ve recently bought the Asus 6950 Direct CU II 2GB. After I installed it a weird buzzing sound started coming from around the area, where the big heat sink below the cpu socket sits. That only happened when the graphics card was on high profile and particularly when I was in any game.
    About a month later my card stopped working properly so thinking it was its fault I used the warranty and got it replaced. However with the new card the system won’t even start. My monitor goes from “Please check signal cable” to “No signal” and apparently the system is not even moving past the bios checks.
    The weird think is that when I use my old card (MSI R4870 1GB) the system seems to work properly!!! I tried the 6950 in two different systems and it seems to be working….
    I’ve tried resetting the bios removing other devises to test the power supply etc., but nothing works, I can only think that something is wrong with the motherboard.
    Any ideas on what might be wrong???
    My system is:
    MB: MSI Eclipse Sli
    CPU: Core I7 920
    RAM: 3 x CORSAIR TR3X6G1600C9 Triple DDR3
    HDD: WD Velociraptor 150GB for the OS

    Thanks for the timely reply HU16E.
    I don't have another psu available right now but I will in 3 days so I will try that.
    On the other hand I have mine working as a single rail from the day I bought it (turbo mode switch on the psu), but i am not sure how this can be connected.
    Also while I was playing around with the system it started up, only once, with the 6950, and that happened with everything connected so I still can't figure what the hell is happening!!!! I am thinking that something on the pcie port is wrong so i tried on the other ports too, yet nothing happened.
    I am still leaning towards the motherboard but any other ideas would be welcomed.

  • PC shuts down or reboots spontaneously (MSI Eclipse SLI)

    Starting a new thread to avoid totally hijacking another thread talking about almost the same symptoms here.
    My original post:
    Quote from: Smoke on 05-April-09, 12:43:21
    I get this same situation.. except the event viewer doesnt state anything.
    The system is not bluescreening.. it just hardware powers down and reboots.
    I get the same message as the original poster as well, it is very annoying as it often happens in the middle of doing something.
    I wonder if it could be thermal related to the high IOH temps on the board (often 80-85C, but not sure what happens to them in the middle of playing a game)? Is there any way to log the temperatures to a file so I can check what they were at the time of the crash?
    I get this issue whether I change the default bios settings or not. Ive got a 920 on my eclipse board, my CPU temps are below 30C under load. System temp is about 27C.
    What can I do?
    The following replies:
    Quote from: AaronYuri on 05-April-09, 12:56:57
    That's way too high, even for 100% load.  Reinstall the heatsink.
    Quote from: Smoke on 05-April-09, 20:46:53
    It is? I found another thread on this forum where it was mentioned that intel and msi said the IOH runs hot and to expect temps up to 100C. How do I go about changing the manufacturers heatsink on a board? Ive never done that before and cant find any procedural help thru google...
    Ive been able to replicate the issue by running ram up to high usage. When I get above 98% ram allocation, I spontaneously reboot. So It could be a ram issue as well. Of would that be something possible IOH related as well?
    Quote from: NovJoe on 05-April-09, 23:37:33
    Can you list out your full system spec and PSU spec?
    System Spec:
    Core i7 920 w/ TRUE 120
    MSI eclipse SLI (bios 1.4)
    6x 1gb corsair 1866mhz rated ram sticks (TR3X3G1866C9DF)
    1500w thermaltake psu
    galaxy gtx295 in the primary x16 pci-e slot
    MSI eclipse soundcard in the 1st pci-e x1 slot
    4x 1tb samsung 'UJ' hdd (raid 5)
    O/S (= old winxp 32 bit until I get hold of a 64 bit os) running on 128gb PQI SSD
    lg bluray burner
    All the drives are sata2 and running on the ICHIOR ports.
    For bios settings Ive got the optimised defaults with spread spectrum off and turbo boost on. Once its table then I will OC, but for now its not stable at the baseline yet.
    Temp info:
    IOH temps are as I said, around 80 at startup but rise to at least 87 under load, but not really much further that Ive seen.
    CPU temps are very low with the dual-fan TRUE 120 heatsink. I havet seen it go above 35C with a reasonably heavy processing load. Usually sits about 0-2C above ambient at most when idle.
    System temps get to about 40 under load, or around 27-35 under regular usage, but Im not quite sure what thats measuring the temp of on the board.
    The issue is very frustrating but somewhat intermittent - I can go two days without a crash but then get several in a row. I wasnt previously paying attention to my usage at the time tho so I dont remember what I was doing when it crashed that I wasnt doing when it was fine. I have been able to replicate the crash/reboot/shutdown symptom by running multiple memory intensive apps and loading the ram up to just on the 2.99gb mark (the most winxp 32 bit will 'see') and it goes down. No blue screen though.. its a hardware issue not software I am pretty sure.
    [edit] Updated the ram part number to be correct.

    ok, should I label this possibly as solved?
    I followed MSI's advice and checked through on drivers. Ive got totally up to date drivers, but nvidia just put out a .5  driver update (i mean, its increased the driver version by .50) and so I updated to that. I still got a sft reboot on testing, so no real joy.
    THEN, I did the big change MSI asked me to do - Ive successfully brought my system up to bios 1.5B3 and pow, massive improvements all round!
    Intelburntest runs perfectly now, no crash, no reboot, no errors of any kind. All residuals match. No memory errors. Memtest86 2.11 runs smooth as silk without errors either. PCmark runs out a basic benchmark of almost 19000 (about 3000, or 18.75%, more than the std core i7 920 benchmark without OC'ing) and looks great. Couldnt get that to run previously either.
    The previous methods which 100% of the time would replicate the soft reboot of the system now no longer do so at all (i.e. 0% of the time yet) and for that matter I have not been able to get the box to fall over AT ALL since the new bios.
    I have the same temps on cpu/ioh/system as I did previously. I recall for the same clock speed the cpu was putting out something well under 20 gigaflops... now its a solid 28. I didnt even realise that was a symptom of anything wrong, else the bios does some amazing extras.
    I should note, Im only now using the 'optimised defaults' setting thru the bios. No overclock at all yet.
    I'd love to know what MSI changed from 1.4 to 1.5B3, but whatever it was.. it does appear to have solved my issues. I wont say that conclusively just yet, but I cant bring the system to a crash no matter what I try now where it was rather easy to blow it over with a quiet whistle before.
    Other things Ive noted is that the page file now seems to be actively utilised. Ive pushed it at load up to almost 3gb where before the bios update I was struggling to see 400mb used. Not sure if that was part of it, but if you get simiar issues go straight to MSI and see about getting hold of the 1.5B3 bios or later.
    To quickly address the recent replies:
    1) Ive got to agree with HU16E with my ram. I have no trouble running at the 1333 JDEC spec. And I feel very positive about now being able to achieve the XMP spec with this new bios.
    2) Thanks for the link Aaron. I did end up using the USB flash method from this forum. Worked perfectly. Chalk up another success story!
    3) I did try to swap out the ssd last night, but the system kept soft rebooting while installing the OS on the spin drive. SO I gave up. Seems the ssd isnt a drawback under the new bios tho (assuming it even was a cause earlier).
    4) Ive DL'ed the x64 windows 7 beta and I'll likely as not have a shot installing that and refitting the extra 3gb ram back into the system. I'll let you know how it goes. Theoretically 6x1gb sticks should be as much as 15-20% faster than 3x 2gb sticks (and were about that much cheaper for me at time of purchase) but I'll run some benchmarks now that the benchmarks work and let you know the differences in case anyone wants to build their box the same way.
    I'll stress the system over a bit for the next few days without overclocking and I'll see if I can bring the system to reboot like it did previously through high usage, and if I cant I'll change the thread to solved and write out a proper solution post for the problem, symptoms and solution.
    Id like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all the guys who've given me help and advice. Youve all been really great. Thanks a bundle! I owe you one 

  • Settings for OCZ3OB1600LV6GK on MSI Eclipse SLI (X58) and i7 @ 920??

    Hello everybody! 
    Could anyone suggest me the right settings for the RAM (at 1600MHz), in order to pass memtest (in windows) wih no errors?
    I've managed to setup the RAM at 1333 MHz without errors at all and my sytem stable. All the Dimms have been examined one by one and found healthy (via memtest in & out of windows). Thank you in advance!
    Here are my computer specs:
    MSI Eclipse SLI (MS-7520)
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz + Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU Cooler
    XFX NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 (1024 Mbytes - GDDR3)
    OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 /1600MHz /Value Series /Obsidian XTC Heatspreader /Core i7 Ready /2GB Module /6GB Triple Channel
    Corsair HX620W Modular Power Supply

    Henry thank u for answering! 
    First image settings (in bios): 9-9-9-24 (1T), Memory Ratio 1333Mhz - Uncore Ratio 2666Mhz, DRAM Voltage -Auto (1.50V), Spead Spectrum Disasbled. PASSES MEMTEST
    Second image settings (in Bios): 9-9-9-24 (1T), Memory Ratio 1600Mhz - Uncore Ratio 3200Mhz, DRAM Voltage 1.65V, Spead Spectrum Disasbled. FAILS MEMTEST
    I have tried a lot of different timings to stabilize at 1600Mhz but no luck  I tried also to icrease the QPI Voltage at 1.35V (as i was suggested by a friend) but i can't read anywhere the default voltage in order to increase it 
    The CPU-Z SPD tab 1st and 2nd image shows some sets of timings which are the same. They differ a lot than the manufacturer's settings (9-9-9-24 1.65v). Which of these should i use? Could you help me a little by being more specific? 
    p.s: Hope you can see the images as they are my first (pic) uploads!
    (Click images to enlarge)
    I made your images clickable.
    -- Mark

  • GTX 470 AND MSI Eclipse SLI

    I got a msi eclipse sli  mobo and i going to upgrade my sapphire hd 4870 512mb to a gtx 470.
    but why should i buy an msi gtx 470, does the card make a special connection with the mobo so it performs better than when i would put in an EVGA card ??

    but why should i buy an msi gtx 470
    Probably because it is cool to have as much MSI Components in the system as possible (it is a corporate identity kind of thing). 
    does the card make a special connection with the mobo
    Not really.
    so it performs better than when i would put in an EVGA card
    The performance depends on the cards specs.  If the MSI Version has better specifications (more memory, slightly overclocked etc.), it may perform better than the EVGA Card.  If the cards are identical there is no reason to believe that one would be faster then the other.

  • MOVED: MSI X58 eclipse SLI CPU throttling problem

    This topic has been moved to Overclockers & Modding Corner.

    Quote from: goofazoid on 03-October-09, 15:03:29
    If you turn EIST off you should be able to put the multiplier to a specific number between 12 and 21 (or higher if you have an unlocked Extreme CPU) and that is where it will stay.
    I believe that is exactly what i did, i disabled EIST, C1E and set multiplier to 21, however, when i run a stability test(Prime95 or Linx) it always drops the multiplier down from 21x to 20x.
    It seems to me turbo mode is still working when it is supposed to be disabled when you set multiplier to 21(or maybe it is just simply won't allow x21 multiplier to be used at full load anyway, turbo mode on or off).
    Very good point Jack. There you go ravescar & others, give that a try & see if it makes a difference. smile
    I experimented a bit with Overspeed Protection enabled and disabled, however i did not notice any difference in this regard, the multiplier still drops to 20 on high load for me.
    However this problem do not happen if i set multiplier to 20, it is only the 21 multiplier that have this issue.
    This is on a MSI X58 Eclipse SLI Motherboard + i7 920 D0 stepping + 6gb GSKILL Trident 16000 CL9 RAM.
    BTW. I've read of a couple of cases where DO stepping 920's getting 22x with Turbo enabled but I'll remain skeptical regarding the validity.
    Maybe it is just earlier version of cpu-z mis-reporting multiplier?


    This is my first topic.
    Wincheaster 3200+ 90nm
    Aspire 520watt 35amp
    Point of view 6800ultra
    2*512 crusial BallistiX pc4000
    My problem is that the pc will not boot after 235 FSB. I have tried with 2*512 pc2700 memory with same result. I have tried diferent memory timing but it wont help, i have add more voltage to the memory and cpu but it wont work either. Im open for any idea.
    I hoped to at least overclock the cpu to 2,6 ghz watercoold
    Plz HELP

    Quote from: filleCarpet on 25-April-05, 09:36:05
    Maybe i need to add more electric power for my memorys. The spec says 2.80 volt on 250 mhz but i start to suspect that this is just an minimum requirment, maybe i need more than 3.0 v to operate the memorys on high performance(beyond 230 fsb), but the thing is that BIOS allows me only too add 2.85v maximum.
    Im trying to find a newer version of BIOS version 3.1 if there is any....
    v5.0 Beta 4 allows to give 3.10V to the memory but i don´t think it´s going to help you, you probably have the CBBID issue.

  • [ Eclipse SLI Memory Slot Problem ]

    I get my motherboard back from internal no display problem [repaired] but now I got a new problem with my Eclipse SLI board.  I have a Corsair 3Gb  (3x1Gb DDR3 Triple Channel) 1333 XMS3 memory, the problem is this, every time I insert 1 memory on slot 3 and check on my Memory-Z inside the BIOS, the BIOS hang, but if I continue loading and boot with Windows, Windows will load like there's nothing wrong, when I insert 1 memory on slot 5 and check the details on Memory-Z inside my BIOS, it shows details about my memory, but if I continue loading and boot with Windows, Windows crash with BSOD.
    I try my memory to my brothers motherboard [Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5] and all of my memory works good even in he's BIOS, we can check or view all of my memory details. I also try to use my brothers memory [G.Skill Ripjaws 6Gb (3x2GbDDR3 Triple Channel) 1600 ] to my Eclipse SLI and the same problem happen. Every time we insert memory on slot 5 Windows crash with BSOD but we can check details on BIOS and slot 3 hangs every time we check detail on BIOS but load Windows fine.
    As part of the rules here in MSI Forum, here are my specs
    Processor : Intel Core i7 920 [stock]
    Memory : Corsair 3Gb (3x1Gb Triple Channel) DDR3 1333 XMS3
    Video Card : Inno3D GTX460 1Gb 256Bit
    Power Supply : Corsair 1000w PSU
    CPU Cooler : Xigmatek Dark Knight
    Neo Genesis

    Probably, you can log a ticket with MSI and check on it?
    how can i have a ticket?
    Just a guess, but I have the feeling they don't have a like replacement available, & they don't have an upgrade board such as an E. Plus or a BB X to give you. If you like having a PCI slot, trust me, you probably wouldn't like a BB X anyway. An Eclipse Plus would be nice though.
    that's also what i am thinking. they don't have extra Eclipse to replace my old one

  • MSI K8N SLI Platinum sound problem

    I've recently installed Windows vista anda i have a problem with my onboard sound, in this case the SB lIve 24! that comes with the msi k8n sli platinum board, i've tried the soundblaster beta drivers but they didn't work, so if anyone knows where i could find a driver to solve this problem, it would be nice
    Thanks for your help!!
    This is the 32bit version of the driver of k8n-sli Platinum mainboard (I have one)... if you want the 64 bit version, just search in the creative support site.  Enjoy!

  • MSI P6N SLI Platinum Voltage regulator cooler size question

    I have a question about MSI P6N SLI Platinum's Voltage regulator cooler. Is it the same size of K9N SLI Platinum? The reason I ask is I plan to use water cooling on it. But the only regulator  waterblock I can find is desgined for K9N SLI Platinum from aqua computer So can I use this one on P6N SLI?

    I guess not... P6N is much thinner, if your K9N VR cooler is as thin, then it can fit in. But I guess not.

  • MSI P6N SLI Platinum Sound problem

    M using MSI P6N SLI Platinum (MS-7350), i am having problem with sound, i have attached 5.1 sound system all speakers are working fine accept front right, may i know what the problem is ? I've Tried everything thet was possible, Head phone, Speaker Wire, etc. etc.

    What if you switched the speakers around? Does the signal from front right still missing?


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    Quote from: filleCarpet on 25-April-05, 09:36:05
    Maybe i need to add more electric power for my memorys. The spec says 2.80 volt on 250 mhz but i start to suspect that this is just an minimum requirment, maybe i need more than 3.0 v to operate the memorys on high performance(beyond 230 fsb), but the thing is that BIOS allows me only too add 2.85v maximum.
    Im trying to find a newer version of BIOS version 3.1 if there is any....
    v5.0 Beta 4 allows to give 3.10V to the memory but i don´t think it´s going to help you, you probably have the CBBID issue.

  • Msi Eclipse SLi / Newest Beta Bios

    Anyone here got a link to the ftw, cant access ftp now.
    Msi Eclipse.

    1.4B2:  Using this file is of your own risk


      i want to know is my mobo MSI ELCIPSE SLI support intel new processer Corei7 2600K or not?

    i want to know is my mobo MSI ELCIPSE SLI support intel new processer Corei7 2600K or not?
    No. The i7 2xxx series are 1155 socket & the X58's are 1366.

  • MSI Eclipse SLI don't detect X-FI on vista x64 sp2, but XP detect it right

    Why my X-Fi Extreme Audio detect as High Defenition Audio in windows, but in Everest it detect X-FI?
    I can't install drivers for X-Fi. "Supported device not found"

    Hell it aint even a real EAX card. Couldn't even activate EAX 2.0 with on my old MSI Eclipse. All the games i tried it on simply said the card did not have EAX capability. What a crock >.<
    Well, you knew what kind of X-FI Card you would get:  A Creative X-FI Extreme Audio.  This is a full featured Extreme Audio Card which has precisely the same features (and limitations (!)) of the retail version of this particular model:
    X-Fi Xtreme Audio
    The entry-level model of the X-Fi series, the Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio, does not actually have the EMU20K1 chip but is a re-branded Audigy SE, using the same family of chips (CA0106-WBTLF), and even the same drivers.[9] Thus, not only is all of the X-Fi–related processing performed in software, but it also lacks basic hardware acceleration just like the SB Live! 24-bit, the Audigy SE and other budget Soundblaster models. The X-Fi Xtreme Audio does not use the same drivers as the rest of the X-Fi family, some games do not recognize it as being "X-Fi capable hardware", and the device's hardware profile resembles that of older Live! and Audigy cards.
    Furthermore, users have reported that it slows down some applications and games, and that rear sound in games (all) is muffled and of profoundly low quality.[16][17][18] Thus, even if the card is marketed as part of the X-Fi line, it does not belong to it technically, just like the Audigy SE doesn't technically belong to the Sound Blaster Audigy series. The card is not marketed as supporting the "X-Fi Gaming Mode" (but is still marketed as "X-Fi"), and there are no official implicit or explicit statements regarding its having hardware acceleration or not.
    This applies to all X-FI Extreme Audio Cards.  What you are actually saying is:  The card is bad because the card (you knew you were getting) is bad.  This is a tautology of no argumentative value AND it has nothing to do with the board. 

Maybe you are looking for

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