MSI K8t NEO + Audigy Boot Problem only when power is unplugged on the PSU

I ran into a really weird problem today.
I switched the ps off by reaching back and pressing the button. I repress the button to power on the ps, then I click on the button in the fron of the case to power up the machine. System keeps rebooting itself every 1 sec. Bracket shows 4 red lights. In the manual, it says it means bad cpu. I remove the audigy and it boots fine. I install the audigy, 4 red lights.
So, This time instead of turning the puter off by using the button on ps. I used the button on the case by holding it down for 5 seconds. I reboot and puter boots normally.
So the problem is, if i turn the puter off by using the button on the PS and with audigy in the syste. Nothing on screen, and puter keeps rebooting itself every one second. Solution is to turn the puter off by using the button on the case.
Has anyone ran into this problem? I have never had this kind of problem. It is really weird. Any feedback is apreciated.
Oh and it is only with audigy. I tested this with original live, and also other PCI cards like nic, and another cheap sound card. Non of these cards showed this problem.

I never knew you could shut down the computer by holding down the start button for 5 seconds.... well I've never really had the need to...until I got this K8T Neo job. I wondered why it wouldn't turn off when I just pushed it. I've been using the PSU switch with these problems.
Yep! She booted right up. Audigy back in action. I also realized I had my PC hooked straight in the wall (while checking to see if my surge protector was working this weekend), so turning off the surge protector wasn't cutting power to the cheapo PSU.
So put me in your camp!
I'll just plug the PC straight into the UPS and keep power fed to the Enermax. I hope that was the cause of my keyboard/mouse cold boot problem also.
I'll assume the cheapo PSU will behave similarly. I don't really want to go through the swap again.  
I wonder why that happens!
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  • AMD64 3200 + MSI K8T Neo FISR2 memory problem

    I've had one KVR400X64C25/512 and it have worked like a charm. Now I've bought another one (total 1gb).
    When I've inserted it and start the computer I only get the CoreCell logo scren, it do not boot correctly.
    AMIBIOS is version 3.21a
    I've tried the following:
    * run only the new memory [works]
    * run only the old memory [works]
    * DIMM1 + DIMM3 [only CoreCell screen]
    * DIMM1 + DIMM2 [only CoreCell screen]
    * DIMM2 + DIMM3 [only a black screen]
    what should I do?

    Quote from: Tiresmoke on 22-August-05, 21:48:12
    A PSU is rated to run at +/-5% and that is well within it's rating. As for wether ists big enough there is no way we can say as you still did not give full system specs.
    If it won't run with the third stick of RAM then pull it out for the moment and see if the system will boot again. If it does then during post you will see a Bios version listed. That board only supports Bios versions to 2.2 at the moment so please also list what actuall Bios version you have.
    Ok, have booted with one instead of two sticks (one works, two don't, do not have three sticks)..
    AMIBIOS A6702VMS v2.2 released 030405. The autodetect settings (at startup): Clock = 400Mhz, CAS 2.5 which seems correct.
    More info:
    AMD64 3200
    MSI K8T Neo FISR2
    AMIBIOS A6702VMS v2.2
    Seagate 120GB SATA (no ides)
    CD rw + DVD-r combo drive
    floppy drive
    Saphire GF6800 (no GT or Ultra)
    Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Ex
    that's whats running in it

  • MSI K8T NEO-FIS2R: RAM problems

    I have the motherboard K8T NEO-FIS2R with AMIBIOS 2VMS V2.0 010505.
    I tried these DDR-RAM:
    DDR-RAM 512MB PC400 CL3 Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512
    DDR-RAM 512MB PC400 CL3 Samsung
    but the motherboard recognizes only 256 MB for both. The RAM are good: I tried them in an other pc!
    Now I have installed an A-DATA ram 256 MB and the motherboard recognizes 256 MB!
    Do you think that my motherboard is defective?
    Thank you in advance.
    P.S. I'm sorry for my bad english.

    No the memory controller is onboard the CPU so in any case the MB is not defective. However the CPU revision may hold you back on some RAM especially if you mix make and model RAM on the same channel. A socket 754 CPU only has one channel so all RAM must be matched to work properly.
    If those Sticks can only be seen as a wrong value when used by themselves it is likely that either they have errors or the timings in Bios are improperly set to azllow them to work. In this case you can normally find out what is going on by running memtest86. If you get errors on test 5 or 7 then you have timgs timed improperly and any other errors would show bad RAM.
    Another case is not having enough power for everything to work properly together. Usually this happens when you don't have enough 12v amps for these newer rigs.
    Post complete specs and test results and maybe we can help you further.

  • MSI K8T Neo FIS2R - Memory problem???

    I have bought myself a second stick of ram for my computer, being careful to make sure it was exactly the same brand and model.
    In spite of this I now get random bluescreen errors of varying types, the first was PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and the latest:
    STOP: 0x00000050 (0xC5AD0D7C, 0x0000000, 0x8050298A, 0x0000000)
    Is the new ram incompatible?? this makes no sense though.....   ???

    I have tried switching ram sticks around but no luck there
    Got three BSOD's yesterday, no specific error just STOP: blah blah blah when trying to burn a CD and then after that just when using IE.....
    ........and then I played call of duty 2 for 3hours without a single problem 
    Today when trying to run FS2 open I got two IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL errors (with no driver mentioned)
    Anyway, I have been doing some research on socket 754 athlon 64's, and I found some interesting info from AMD:
    Where MSI says that the board supports that config at DDR400. so the board supports it but the CPU doesn't! what is the point of that??
    I tried running at DDR333 but the CPU stuck at 1.8GHZ (150FSBx12) according to everest 
    Is it possible at all to run two sticks of Double sided ram at DDR400? surely someone has done it and has it working....
    Another thing, after the first IRQL error my computer hung at detecting the CD-RW drive and I had to turn off and on again  ???

  • MSI 848P Neo-V boot problem

    Boot problem still persists. First I thought it was due to the lack of CPU microcode support (tried to use Celeron D 325, I didn't get confirmation for this support from anywhere, a bit disputed thing). Now tried with a 2GHz northwood Celeron with no success. All parts are unused. Maybe my memories (2 x TWINMOS DDR-400MHz 256MB with m-tech chips) are not compatible with the motherboard.
    Just came to my mind, does P4 systems require a heatsink for a POST operation, mean is there some sensors which make the CPU to refuse to work if no cooler is attached to mainboard? I tried to make things work traditionally without heatsink for a quick lookup...

    I did not understand. Is heat sink mandatory? At least P3 and earlier did not require heatsink. Once a boxed P2 (buil-in fan) required to attach the fan cord to the mainboard to boot up, so I also did this.

  • MSI KN8 Neo first boot problems

    This is my first build.  I assembled everything (listed in my signature) and fired it up; this is what came up on the screen:
    Verifying DMI Pool Data ..............
    Boot From CD :
    Boot From CD :
    Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)
    For Realtek RTL8110s/8169s Gigabit Ethernet Controller beta v1.00 (030811)
    PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable
    PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM
    Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and press enter
    I have looked at all the posts in the forum with "PXE-E61" in them, and didn't find any answers.  I Google searched "PXE-E61", and didn't find any thing either.  This is what I've tried so far.  I checked all of the cable connections, they're good.  I swaped out the IDE cable with one I know works, no luck.  I tried both IDE ports and I tried booting from both DVD drives( may be one was bad), same result.  I tried different jumper settings for all the drives, no luck.  Current jumper settings: DVD-Rom Master/ DVD-RW Slave/ WD Raptor Master plugged into SATA 1/ Seagate HD open plugged into SATA 2.  No RAID
    The bios shows all of the drives and I have tried different boot sequences with all of the drives, same thing.  Current boot sequence: Floppy, HD, CD ROM.  I went into the secret menu in the bios[shift+F10], and made sure it wasn't trying to boot from a network, it wasn't.  I unhooked one of the HDs and tried, I hooked it back up and unhooked the other one and tried, no luck.
    Is this a bios problem, or a mobo problem?  I wanted to try everything I knew before posting on the forum.
    Extremely Frustrated   

    Tuirn off the Realtek NIC and set the boot order to a drive that you will actually boot from. One of the best ways to set up Windows is with just two drives attached to the system. The optical you are using for your CD and the HDD that you are going to install it on. Then after Windows is installed you can plug your other drives back in. This just simplyfies what Windows is seeing and makes sure you don't stick Windows where you don't actually want it. It also helps the system find the CD easier. Sometimes it will even help to turn other stuff off in Bios that you don't absolutely need to boot such as sound or other devices until after Windows is installed.

  • MSI K8T NEO-FIS2R Sound Problem

    Why does the sound cut out after a period of about 5 hrs or more it completely stops in windows XP havent tryed any other OS,  i keep having to restart the computer to bring the sound back!
    Any help on this would be greatly Appreciated

    Originally posted by joshr45
    Why does the sound cut out after a period of about 5 hrs or more it completely stops in windows XP havent tryed any other OS,  i keep having to restart the computer to bring the sound back!
    Any help on this would be greatly Appreciated
    Do you have LiveUpdate installed (or whatever it is called)? When I was using the onboard sound (moved to an Audigy2 ZS) the sound would go once Live Update had searched the web for available BIOS/Driver updates.  I only had mine set weekly but sods law meant that I ended up with no sound for a Rugby World cup I had recorded on my AIW pro (aaaarrgghh). It would only come back with a reboot.

  • MSI K8T-NEO: Two small problems

    1) I can't get the HDD activity LED to work.  I have the connector (2pin) plugged into pin 1 and 3 of JFP1.  I have disabled both SATA controllers in the bios and have reversed the HDD connector on the board.
    2) I have the PSU fan monitor connected to the PFAN1 connector.  However I do not see the result in Core-center or anywhere else.
    AMD 64 3200+
    512 MB PC-2100 ram
    Maxtor 40GB (IDE1-master)
    WD 20GB     (IDE1-slave)
    LG CD-RW (IDE2 master)
    Antec TruePower 430W PSU
    SB Live 5.1
    Powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro

    Originally posted by Ycore
    1) I can't get the HDD activity LED to work.  I have the connector (2pin) plugged into pin 1 and 3 of JFP1.  I have disabled both SATA controllers in the bios and have reversed the HDD connector on the board.
    2) I have the PSU fan monitor connected to the PFAN1 connector.  However I do not see the result in Core-center or anywhere else.
    AMD 64 3200+
    512 MB PC-2100 ram
    Maxtor 40GB (IDE1-master)
    WD 20GB     (IDE1-slave)
    LG CD-RW (IDE2 master)
    Antec TruePower 430W PSU
    SB Live 5.1
    Powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro
    Update:  I was wrong about the PSU fan speed showing in BIOS.  I just checked to be sure, but it's not there either.

  • Will Gainward 6800GT fit my MSI K8T NEO FIS2R?

    Horror picture on a ABIT NF7-S
    I saw this picture and saw that the card i extremely long!
    Anyone here on the forum that can guarantee that my Gainward 6800GT card (with a red gainward cooler) will fit on my MSI K8T NEO FIS2R?

    I think I have found out the problem  
    Using my old Enermax (350) I was able to boot up the AMD 64 2800 every time but the PSU made this weird electrical sound - I think because it was being overloaded (I think as it doesn't make this sound when used with my XP 1800). I then reverted back to my new X-Pro (460w) and after a few attempts I managed to get the ram module and CPU powered... slowly adding more fans it became harder to boot and eventually the GPU fan wouldn't run once I plugged another fan in... I'm guessing this is because my PSU is too weak to power the juice guzzling AMD  
    I'll need to break the bank once again I suppose  

  • MSI K8T-NEO won't post from a cold boot

    Alrighty here is my strange problem.  I have my system connected to a surge protector powerstip.  When I power my machine down I also shut off the powerstrip which cuts wall power off from the machine.  When I turn the power back on the and then fire up the computer every single time it will not POST on the first try.  The drive lights cd-roms come on but the HD's never start.  So I hold the power button in for 6 seconds, then hit it a second time, and it boots every time.  Shutting down and restarting is no problem, so long as the power is never disconnected from the system.
    Here is my configuration
    MSI K8T NEO Bios version 1.2
    Athlon 64 3200+ not overclocked
    1 512meg stick of Geil Ultra PC3200 slot 1
    1 512meg stick of Coarsair XMS3200 slot 2
    memory is running at 333mhz 2-3-3-7 all setting are set to auto
    Radeon 9500 in the AGP slot
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    Promise 100 TX4 Raid controller
    2 WD 80 gig SE HD's connected to promise controller
    1 Pioneer PD-115 16X DVD drive
    1 Liteon 411-s I believe 4x DVD Writer
    1 Zip Drive
    Using AMD boxed CPU fan
    Powered by an Antec true 430 +3.3V 28A +5V 36A +12V 20A
    According to core center +3.3 is at 3.31V, +5V is at 5.03V, +12V is at 11.76V
    So anyway its prime stable etc.  But when ever the system has been powered off, and unplugged the first time I power on it always fails to post with the d-link indicator lights indicating a CPU failure.  Hold down the power button and it reboots.  Power the machine off, but don't disconnect wall power powers back on just fine.
    This is strange, since I use the surge protector to turn off speakers, etc!  Its also annoying, I used to have a MSI K7D-L Master 2xXP CPU's with the same hardware witht eh exception of the Geil RAM, and of course cpu, and mobo and never had any problems with a cold boot.  any suggestions?

    Yeah I tried having only one stick of ram in the machine, and it hangs on a cold boot when its been unplugged/or powersupply switched off.  Reboot again and no problems.  I tried just having the geil installed, and the corsair stick installed same problem.  I have ordered a second Geil Ultra PC3200 stick so I'll have matched sticks and will be able to run at 400mhz FSB.  The lack of a manual memory speed setting overide in the bios is frustrating.  Yes I know the speed is more or less set by the CPU but there must be some override mechinism if you can slow it down....  
    I have also tried with just a video card installed, and one stick of ram to see if the problem would go away.  No GO.  One thing to mention is I had a Radeon 9700pro that I got from new egg refurbed that I had to send back becasue the card would not power on when the system was booted, unless you disconnected the power lead got the warning message, and then powered off and reconnected the power lead.  Possibly this card may have damaged something else?  OR the mobo was bad and damaged the card?  The mobo was new, the ram (geil), CPU, and 9700pro were all refurbs.  Everything else was from a previous dual processor system and was working fine.
    Both of the Western digitals are set as masters and each are on their own seperate ide channels.  The Promise FastTrack100 TX4, has 4 IDE channels and the HD's are connect to channel 1 and channel 2 on the FastTrack controller.
    Specifically what happens is if the power has been off, I turn the power on, hit the power button.  Lights come on, the cd-rom drives lights start blinking, fans come on, and I hear this kinda of poping sound out of the speakers like the kind of sound you get when you first power on the machine but it happens a second time about 2 seconds after powering on the machine, and it just sits in this kind of hung up state, hitting the reset button does nothing.  Then I power off power back on and it POSTS, and back to normal.  So long as the system is never disconnected from the power source while it is off, it will power back on the first time.  This is really strange I've never had a system do this before.  I'm beginning to wonder if I just have a bad/faulty board and ought to RMA it?

  • Msi k8t neo fis2r problems part 3

    sometimes when the computer is turned on it just turns the fans and leds on but doesnt boot up...
    most of the time it loads up and i boot to the windows xp cd and i install the drivers for sata and then when it reaches the point of copying the files it will give me a bsod and say that there is a problem with the irql driver and then force me to shut the pc down..
    sometimes it makes it past that and will begin to copy files onto the hard drive, like somehow the data is becoming corrupted..however it will start to say that the files cant copy randomly and it will allow me to retry..they will copy the 2nd time usually..i can keep hitting retry and it will usually go gets to 30 something % and then crashes to bsod just giving me some random error..for some reason the files keep screwing up that go on the sata drive....I just replaced the old power supply that wasnt working with an antec true watt 430 watt power supply, so i know it isnt that..
    i just cant figure out what the heck is going on..any help would be specs are
    athlon 64 3000+ cpu
    msi k8t neo fis2r motherboard
    mushkin special cas 2.0 2-2-2-5 512 mb pc 3200
    western digital 8mb cache 80 gb sata hard drive
    sapphire radeon 9800 pro 128 mb 8x agp

    fyi look an your cd sticker ity will show power, consumption, but they are way lower than you would think, hard drives,can be only 10 watts, less then some case lights , and fans, cd are  similar.. your video, is the biggy somewhere between 90~150 watts..yikes .next to the cpu..and the mobo can use 50 or so (not sure about new mobos)  not to mention the ram 1024 is @40 watts or so., dont forget about 25watts per pci card, not counting the sound card which can be double....
    ergo the need for a big psu..
    the combined total ratting on a psu is not the max number that the psu is rated, that is surge value.. so a 500 may only hold 400 sustained , and that will drop as the machine heats up, so in the end your 500 may onlyy pull 366 @50'c...

  • [Athlon64] TV tuner problems on MSI k8t neo

     I used [email protected] Master. Since beginning it worked.
    After graphic card reclamation (MSI GeForce 6800 LE) I tried another graphic cards (at first Legend 64 [1 MB, PCI], later Riva TNT 2 vanta [16 MB, AGP], GeForce 5600 VIVO [128 MB, AGP]). With this Legend graphic card at first my PC beeps for a while, but Windows XP started (even without graphic drivers). I tried another graphic cards (with correct graphic drivers), but since then there was no video on my TV tuner (channels were recognized, sound was possible to hear, but only black screen). I got new GeForce 6800 LE card, but the problem was the same also with this card.
    I reinstalled windows XP several times, but always with the same behavior.
    Maybe similar as it is mentioned here: ([email protected] Master sound but only black picture.)
    I tested TV tuner at my friend's PC and it worked, so TV tuner is not broken.
    So I bought new TV tuner card (Sapphire theatrix 550), but this card was not even detected under Windows device manager.
    When I tried to install ATI drivers, I got BSOD and my PC was restarted.
    (there was no problem at my friend's PC [athlon xp 2200, nforce 2 chipset])
    Is it problem with PCI slots of my motherboard?
    My system:
    MSI k8t neo (k8t800 chipset)
    Athlon 64-3000+
    512 MB DDR
    MSI GeForce 6800 LE
    Windows XP SP2

    Just to note:
    there was also problem with network (not detected).
    Reclamation was necessary.
    There was no similar problem with returned motheboard.

  • Problems with OC in MSI K8T Neo FIS2R!!!

    I have faced problems when making OC in my Athlon 64 3400+. I do not obtain to increase the FSB for 213Mhz more than without that they occur stopped or reset. I am using 1Gb (2x512) of Ram (Corsair CMX 3200LL PRO).
    In the internet many stories exist that chip VIA K8T800 is not good for OC, because the AGP/PCI cannot be stopped with fixed values.
    Exists some form to obtain with stability in this Mobo one overclock descent, with FSB of at least 220Mhz? The lack of stability in overclock limits the processor very, what it finishes in forcing to who knows to abandon the K8T Neo, passing to a Mobo that uses Nforce3 250, for example.
    If somebody will be able to help with tips to try one overclock for FSB in 220mhz with stability would be very grateful, friends!
    my system
    Athlon 64 3400+ (cooler venus 12)
    MSI K8T Neo FIS2R
    1Gb Ram (512x2) Corsair CMX 3200LL PRO
    ATI Radeon 9800XT 256Mb
    120Gb SATA Maxtor 8mb buffer
    Audigy 2
    420W Thermaltalke
    Case Lanfire Thermaltalke
    Monitor LG Flatron 17 700P
    LAN (adsl 400k) + Fax Moden (56k)

    Take your sata drive off and you can overclock higher. There is no PCI/AGP lock so the speeds are affecting your sata drive. 210 mhz. system clock is about the limit before the sata drives start to act up.
    The problem is with that particular VIA chipset. No way around it has been found to work in a practical manner.

  • MSI k8t neo booting issue

    First of all....
    AMD athlon 64 3200+
    Antec 400w PS
    2x Corsair 512mb Valueram
    Samsung 160GB SATA
    Gainward 5700FX Ultra 128mb Golden sample
    Samsung DVD-rom
    SAmsung DVD/RW
    i think thats everything... anyways
    i have an odd problem. When i first turned it on, the HD was on the Promise Controller. tried installing XP, hit F6, ect, setup would not recognize HD. so i put it on the Via, disabled the promise, installed XP. computer reboots, POST's,  blank screen.
    tried several times, but each time after the Bios and raid stuff, i get a blank screen. now, if i try and reinstall XP, it hangs on the "Setup is checking your hardware configuration..." and just stays there. any ideas?

    Originally posted by Nevyn
    well, its 18A actually. after a while, i tried aa IDE HD, same problem. then after even more fiddling, i got it too boot. it seems it refuses to get past POST if there is anything connected too USB. and if i plug in a usb mouse after, it just doesn't work. also, the D-led thingy was NOT lighting up during boot. and guesses?
    18 is the minimum of what people recommend, but you should be ok.
    In BIOS make sure emulation and legacy USB are disable, and set USB ports to 8.

  • MSI K8T Neo Boot Trouble

    I just got the MSI K8T Neo, once it passes the splash screen, RAID, etc.  It will just restart.  
    MSI K8T Neo
    Athlon64 3000+
    Muskin Blue 3200
    Radeon 9800 Pro
    Maxtor 40GB (7200rpm)
    This is the minimum i tried to boot with still won't work.  I also have 2 Maxtor 160 GB HDD, Samsung DVD-R/CD-RW, Sony DVD+/-RW.   My case PS is Antec 300 Watt.  I've read in a lot of other posts that this isn't nearly enough.  Is this an obvious problem and i should swap up to Antec 430 or something?  Or could it possibly be something else?

    I upgraded my PSU to Antec 430 (Specs in Sig), figured that would be enough.  I guess it may not have been the problem.  I'm still just trying to boot with just Graphics card and 40 GB HDD, windows xp sp1.  Everytime it boots it passes the Corecell screen, the raid screen, and goes into the "computer did not safely shut down."  I've tried safe mode, regularly, booting into command prompt.  As soon as i select the option the computer just reboots.  Checked for shorts and didn't find any.    Anyone else have any ideas of what it may be, i just can't seem to think of any other possibilities.  

Maybe you are looking for

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