Multiple class types for material master classification display default.

We are running on R/3 4.7.  We use several different class types for our material masters (001 and Z01).  The problem this creates is the end user having to constantly tell the system which class type to use when going to the classification screen for different materials with different class types.  If a user views one material's classification page with a particular class type (001) then looks at another material with a different class type (Z01) the system tries to pull in information from the last materials class type (001).  The system tells the user there are no assignments for the class (001) in the material their viewing but there is one for class type (Z01).  The user then has to select the class type that applies to the material master their trying to view.  Is there a way for the system to automatically see when a material has only one class type assigned to it for it to automatically default it in without the user having to specify the class type?

Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
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  • Multiple Class Type for Material Master

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to ask where in configuration can I setup Classification so that for each Material Master it can have Multiple Class Type. (such as 001 - Material Class, 023 - Batch, 300 - Variants).  Because currently I can only see 023 - Batch whenever I create a new Material Master.

    Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
    Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
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  • PM : Does PM support multiple  Class types for Equipment classification

        Do  Plant maintenance support multiple class types for the classification for the equipments.
    Our  Customer has created his own class type other than 002(Equipment) for the classification and wants to know weather PM supports such class types or not.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Edited by: Anuj Goyal on Mar 13, 2008 10:16 AM

    i think you can use the your own class type provided you have done all the settings related to the standard class type 002,also if you have create your class type your standard class type will be changed to either the newly created one or 002 based on settings made by you

  • Need to create a Store Business document type for material master and store a sharepoint link

    I need to create a Store business document type for material master and store a URL link . How do I do that?( or is there any functionality to upload a document for a  store business document that it will automatically saves to sharepoint?)

    dhayes12 wrote:
    > A)  When I do the (Material Backflush) MFBF for the 04 type, the Inspection Lot gets created OK.  I then can go into QA32 and assign the correct Inspection Plat by clicking the Inspection Lot button.
    > B)  When I do the MIGO via the Purchase Order (type Z01), it will not create the Lot if I have the Multiple Specs selected in the QM Material Master MM02.  If, I turn off the Multiple Specs in the QM Material Master and create a new PO and MIGO, it will create the Lot, however, it automatically assigns the lot to the wrong Inspection Plan (2nd Plan see above)  I need to be able to select the plan like I can with the 04 type.
    > Is their some setting that can be changed in Config or somewhere that acts the same way as example A above?
    For case A, create insp plan with usage "1- production" If you have one IP with this usage for given material then system will assign Plan to lot automatically. In your case for second plan update usage as 1.
    For case B, system should assign 1st plan make sure for both plan udage is correct. for 1st plan usage should be 5 while 2nd plan usage should be 1. Now if your 1st have status 4 and key date before lot date then system will assign plan auto.

  • Message Type for Material Master Data Changes

    Hi all
    I'm managing Message Types for Material Master Data extraction from R\3 system to BW system, in order to load on BW only the changes done to some fields of MARA table that are delta relevant.
    Now from R/3 BD50 Transaction I can see that there is a message type that refer to changes done on MARA fields: RS0044.
    I would like to replace this message type with another one (RS0020) in order to align different systems.
    Now changes to material master data in R/3 system are recorder with both message types but only those with RS0044 message type are processed and loaded into BW system.
    So I would like to know:
    1. How is the message type related to the DataSource 0material?
    2. is it possible to replace a message type for BW?
    3. if yes, how can I do it?
    Thanks in advance.
    mail: [email protected]

    Hi Oscar!
    At the moment I'm using Delta queue of 0MATERIAL. I know that in the queue there are all the new and changed records.
    But I would like to be able not to load all the changed records, but only those that refer to some fields of MARA table.
    E.g. if the gross weight of a material is modified I don't want to load this change on BW with Delta loading .
    I've seen that from R/3 Transaction BD52 you can set only delta relevant fields referred to a specific message type and to delete the other fields.
    As I'm able to do this directly in the Development system and Test System, I haven't got the authorization of doing it in the Production system.
    That's why I need to include this setting in a CR and then ask to transport it from Test to Production system.
    But message types referred to MARA field changes are different between the two systems.
    And it seems they are automatically created.
    Is it true?

  • Could sap do mass craete/update for material master classification?

    Hi Expert,
      Now we craeted new classifcaiton for material master. It need be assigned to related many parts. May I query Could sap do mass craete/update for material master classification? How to do this ? 

    Another option is using LSMW, please refer to below thread for more details:
    Classification view in MM01 with LSMW

  • Batch Determination in SD - Need for Material Master Classification View

    Is it mandatory to have the classification view of the material maintained to enable expiry date based batch determination at delivery creation?
    I have configured BD for the delivery. When testing with a material for which the classification view is maintained, the batch is determined. When testing with a material for which the classification view is <b>not</b> maintained, the batch is not determined.
    Appreciate that this may seem like a strange question given what the testing shows but I am working with a colleague who is adamant that the classification view on the material master is not required.
    Any casting votes would be much appreciated and rewarded accordingly. Thanks, Duncan

    Classification of batches is mandatory if you want to use the batch determination feature.

  • Maintain Text Types in Material Master

    Is it possible to maintain different text types in the materials master "Sales text" tab just like we can maintain at the sales order header and item levels.
    In VOTXN there is no option for configuring text types for material master (text object MVKE) so I was wondering that if it is possible at all. Please let me know if you have any idea on the same.

    Hi Deepak,
    In Material Master you can maintain the "Basic data text". It can be maintained in Basic data 1 view by selecting the Additional data. This text can also be fetched according to your requirement with the help of developer.

  • Change documents of material master classification class type 001 and 300

    Dear guru ,
    I want to see the history of change documents of material master classification using MM02.
    The system allow to see the history only for class type 023.
    For class type 001 or 300 the change document isnu2019t available.
    I must do some settings or the function for these class type arenu2019t available ?

    Dear ,
    changes in values for a characteristic can be monitored in CL20N but as for MM02/MM03 transaction only for class type 023.
    For class type 001 or 300 the change document isnu2019t available.

  • Need  to find the class type for a material

    Hi all,
    i need to find the class type for the material.
    is there any FM or the table where i have both MATNR and KLART fileds.
    Kindly reply asap.

    There can be multiple class types assigned to a material. You can view this in the classification tab in the material master transaction.
    You can pass the MATNR to OBJEK field of KSSK table after using neccessary converison Exit to get KLART(Class Type). It will return you a 3 digit Class type. You can find the description of the class from the class type master table TCLA.
    Hope this helps.
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  • More than one class type for a Material

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement of using a Material for Variant configuration. So we need to assign Class type 300 for that Material.
    But that Material is Batch managed. So Class type 023 is already assigned. I am unable to extend the Material to Class type 300.
    I searched forum, it is given that, it is possible to maintain different Class types for a Material.
    But I tried, I couldn't do that.
    Please help me to extend a Material to another Class type.
    Raja Durai

    Hi Raja,
    You can maintain different classes for same material.
    Go to material master and go to Classification view. Go to Extras->Change class type (F7)
    Now you can add a class of different class type.
    Please see below snapshots for more details.
    Dattatreya N R

  • Custom class type for Plant material

    Is there any way to create a custom class type for plant and material? Any other way to use standard functionality to use classification in material master for specific plan will also work.

    Hi Rahul,
    The Classification data in material master can only be maintianed at Client level and not at plant level.
    The standard Class type 001 can be used to create your own classes. Create a class for each applicable plant. Add the applicable characterstics under every class. That way you will be able to maintain plant spceific details when you are adding Objects for the material master.

  • Classification Table for Material Master

    Hi All,
    I want to identify the materials for which i have maintained the classification in Material master.
    here i need to find out the class as well as characteristic values.
    Any please help me how to get all these values for a material master.
    Thanks in Advance

    if MARA-PSTAT has a C within, then a classification view exists.
    this are the tables that are involved with classification.:
    KSSK Allocation Table: Object (vb.matnr) to Class
    INOB Link between Internal Number and Object
    KLAH Class header data
    KSML Characteristics for a class (internal number)
    CABN Characteristics ( o.a. batch/vendor)
    CABNT Characteristics description
    CAWN Characteristics ( o.a. material)
    CAWNT Characteristics description
    AUSP Characteristic Values
    TCLAO Several class types for object
    TCLA Class types ( vb. lfa1 => v10 en 010)
    TCLAT Class type text
    TCLT Classifiable objects
    TCLC Classification status

  • Is it possible to maintain two class type for a material

    Dear All,
    Is it possible to maintain two different class type for a material.
    If a material assigned with the batch and the material is a part of variant configuration, then how to handle this scenario.
    For Batch Management, class type will be 023, for Variant Configuration class type will be 200.
    How to handle this scenario.
    Please explain.
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    As far as my knowledge, it does NOT make sense to assign a material to more than one class type.
    We can assign many classes to  a single class type of  a material.
    For configurable material, create the material using material type : KMAT.
    & then, activate the 'batch management" control in the material master, for that material.
    Pls revert with feedback.
    Hope, that helps you.
    Consultant/Systems Analyst - SAP SD/MM

  • Kindly give authorization object for mrp type in material master

    Hi friends,
    Kind tell me what is the authorization object for MRP type in material master.
    Your help is considered more important.
    thanks in advance

    check your authorisation objects here:
    Go to PFCG --> Environment (at menu bar) --> authorization objects --> Display...
    Here see for MRP and MM for material managament in the tree structure...

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